When two Ferns Football Forwards players from her newest team scored in the A-League Women over the weekend. Ferns coach Jitka Klimková celebrated as if she were on the bench. Women Football World Cup fans can buy New Zealand vs Philippines Tickets from our website.

Now that the Ferns are facing Iceland and Nigeria in their final matches before she must choose her World Cup squad. She is hoping they will do the same when she is really sitting on a counter in Turkey next month.

In 1770 minutes of play for the Ferns, Sydney FC, and Wellington Phoenix. Paige Satchell scored her first goal, and Hannah Wilkinson, who had been benched by Melbourne City. Recovered by scoring twice since the national team was last together.

Milly Clegg is named into New Zealand Women Football Team before Women Football World Cup 2023
Milly Clegg is named into New Zealand Women Football Team before Women Football World Cup 2023

The two most seasoned forwards in the 24-man team that will meet in Antalya are Wilkinson. With 27 goals from 111 appearances, and Satchell, with two from 40. They will be hoping to snap streaks of eight games without a win and 617 minutes without a goal.

The pressure is now on New Zealand’s women’s national team to do the same as they get ready for a Fifa Women’s World Cup on home soil in July after the All Whites men’s national side ended their goalless streak after 582 minutes against China in Wellington on Sunday.

Ferns Football Forwards

The other forwards are Gabi Rennie (2 in 23), Grace Jale (2 in 15), Jacqui Hand (1 in 10), Indiah-Paige Riley (0 in 7), and Milly Clegg. Who is making her entrance built-in call-up aged 17 after a robust first season with the Phoenix.

The 17-year-old comes into the fold a window later than she maybe should have, though Klimková has been persistent in wanting her to first finish her first A-League Women campaign, which ends this Saturday, and she said it had been pleasant giving her the good news.

“I always Skype my contacts so I can hear their expressions as well as see their looks. When I told her she made the team, it was lovely to see her bright eyes and beaming smile. They always have the first call-up, which is unusual.

The seven forwards will split about 540 minutes if the Ferns continue to play in the 4-4-2 formation they’ve primarily employed over the previous 12 months with midfielder Olivia Chance probable to play close to 180 on the left side across the 2 bouts in April.

Former Football Fern Maia Jackman during draw of FIFA Women Football World Cup 2023
Former Football Fern Maia Jackman during the draw of FIFA Women Football World Cup 2023

The best options for the Ferns up front and on the right flank are still up for debate. And if first-choice fullbacks CJ Bott and Ali Riley wind up playing in advanced positions like they did the last time the Ferns won. Against Mexico and the Philippines in Los Angeles last September, things could get even murkier.

Ferns Women’s Football Team:

Will all of the candidates, particularly Hand, who has been out since September and has been plagued by illness and injury throughout 2022 after making a strong impression towards the end of 2021, and Clegg, who only has these matches to prove himself, has a chance to demonstrate what they’ve got? show what she can do in a competition state before the World Football World Cup squad is decided near the end of June?

While stating that “the aim for us is truly to focus on our top performance with top athletes on the pitch,” Klimková withheld more specific information about her motivations. FIFA Women Football World Cup fans can buy Switzerland vs New Zealand Tickets from our website.

“You can get the most out of the players if there is competition on the team for each position, she continued. In the future, we want to handle things in a way where students realize they don’t have the starting position given to them but instead must earn it.”

Katie Rood, who has five goals in 15 international matches and five goals for Heart of Midlothian in the Scottish Women’s Premier League this season, continues to be the most notable omission from the Ferns’ forward ranks.

Klimková stated, “I communicate with her coaching staff. “We’re watching her. I believe that her performances need to be more consistent if I am to like her.”

After the matches next month, assistant coach Michael Mayne. With whom Klimková had spoken before choosing the group on Tuesday, was scheduled to visit Rood and other Ferns based in Scotland.

New Zealand Player Milly Clegg

“She is actually traveling to Auckland in June to train with us. She was not chosen at this time, but she is still under consideration since we want to make sure we are not overlooking any players for selection.”

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern addressing at Women Football World CUp 2023 Draw
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern addressing at Women Football World CUp 2023 Draw

Soccer Ferns: April’s international period


Goalkeepers: Vic Esson, Anna Leat, Erin Nayler

Defenders: Mackenzie Barry, CJ Bott, Katie Bowen, Claudia Bunge, Michaela Foster. Meikayla Moore, Grace Neville, Ali Riley, Rebekah Stott, Kate Taylor

Midfielders: Olivia Chance, Daisy Cleverley, Betsy Hassett, Malia Steinmetz

Forwards: Milly Clegg, Jacqui Hand, Grace Jale, Gabi Rennie, Indiah-Paige Riley, Paige Satchell, Hannah Wilkinson

Fixtures [NZ time]

Saturday, April 8, 1am: v Iceland; Mardan Sports Complex, Antalya, Turkey

Wednesday, April 12, 1am: v Nigeria; Mardan Sports Complex, Antalya, Turkey

Football Despite their “average” performances, the Ferns only made one significant roster change.

For the upcoming friendlies against Iceland and Nigeria, Football Ferns coach Jitka Klimková has only made one significant alteration to her team. She has added Wellington Phoenix starlet Milly Clegg for a potential debut.

Vic Esson, the starting keeper, Anna Leat, the top backup, and attacker Jacqui Hand have all returned from injury and were not initially part of the team that fell to Portugal and Argentina.

The Phoenix star Michaela Foster’s efforts at left back in February earned her the nod alongside captain Ali Riley in that position, with her teammates Mackenzie Barry and Kate Taylor preferred as defensive depth. Defender Liz Anton is the most notable omission.

Football Ferns coach Jitka Klimkova

Klimková said, “There were a lot of performances that were very average in February,”

Referring to how various players performed in the 5-0 defeat to Portugal, and the 2-0 defeat to Argentina in Hamilton. And a 1-0 defeat to Argentina in Auckland, which concluded a dismal fortnight. Klimková was speaking prior to the squad announcement.

“I believe [Phoenix midfielder] Betsy Hassett is the one that really stood up, is very consistent, and in her performances lately,”

“That person has been performing her work pretty well lately and is quite consistent.”

The Ferns have dropped two spots in the Fifa rankings following their losses in February. Reached a new low of No. 25, and would have fallen one spot had North Korea not been eliminated from the rankings the list for inactivity.

Only this month’s games on neutral ground in Turkey remain before the Ferns must name their squad for July’s Fifa Women’s World Cup on home soil. The Ferns have gone 617 minutes without scoring and have lost all eight of their games.

Football Ferns coach Jitka Klimkova speaking at Press Conference
Football Ferns coach Jitka Klimkova speaking at Press Conference

Klimková claimed that after thinking back on the Ferns’ efforts from February. She had come to the conclusion that they lacked “grit” and had not fought as hard as they should have.

New Zealand vs Portugal

We lost our grit throughout those three games against Portugal and Argentina, and that is something that must be compromised. That kind of competition is fiercely competitive. This is what we need to see on the pitch and it’s something we can actually control gritty and courageous.

Being the most creative team in the world is not our greatest strength. But what we are is that we are the ones that will be fighting and that’s what we need to see again. We want to get back to our basics. We want to go back to who we genuinely are and how we want to be seen,” the team said.

“If we don’t see those values or if we don’t see those beliefs on the pitch, that this is who we are, then we will have outcomes like we had in February.”

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