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The Cricket World Cup 2023 – Pakistan’s Quest for a Semi-final Spot

The Cricket World Cup serves as a platform for our cricketers to showcase their remarkable skills and for our nation to demonstrate unity, resilience, and a strong spirit of togetherness. Cricket South Africa (CSA) expresses its gratitude to President Cyril Ramaphosa for his unwavering support for the Proteas in the ICC Men’s CWC 2023 and for uniting all South Africans in backing the team’s journey to success in India.

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The power of sports in uniting a nation is undeniable, and the President’s encouragement reaffirms the crucial role cricket plays in nurturing national pride, diversity, and a collective spirit. As the Proteas gear up to face New Zealand in Pune, let’s show our solidarity with the team to boost their chances of reaching the semi-finals and regaining the top spot in the Cricket World Cup standings.

The strength of unity is remarkable, and when we stand together in support of our team, we send a powerful message to the world that we are one, despite our differences, bonded by our love for cricket and our national pride. Proteas captain Temba Bavuma shared, “We drew inspiration from the Springboks winning the Rugby World Cup for a fourth time.

How ECB Contracts Affected England’s CWC Campaign

Their success encourages our success.” Just as the Boks were fueled by the unwavering support from South Africans, the Proteas will find inspiration in the overwhelming backing from fans at home. Our cricketers represent our nation’s aspirations and dreams, and we must stand behind them as they proudly carry our hopes onto the Cricket World Cup stage. Our cricketers are not just athletes; they are ambassadors of our nation.

CSA recognizes the transformative potential of the Cricket World Cup in uniting South Africans from all walks of life. Enoch Nkwe, CSA Director of Cricket, emphasizes that the tournament serves as a platform for both cricketers to showcase their skills and for the nation to embody unity, resilience, and togetherness. Together, we can create a wave of support to uplift our Proteas and make South Africa proud.

Michael Vaughan places blame on the ECB’s handling of central contracts for England’s disappointing Cricket World Cup campaign. England’s performance, with one win and five losses in their first six games, is a stark contrast to their defending champion status. Vaughan suggests that the ECB’s announcement of central contracts for 2023 during the tournament has disrupted their campaign.

This year, central contracts changed, introducing multi-year deals to counter the threat of franchise cricket. Test captain Ben Stokes opted for a 12-month offer, while Jos Buttler reportedly chose a shorter contract. Vaughan believes this contract confusion has affected England’s performance in the Cricket World Cup and suggests that it should have been addressed before or after the tournament.

Unite for the Proteas: Support South Africa in the Cricket World Cup

Join us in supporting our team in the Cricket World Cup and be the 12th player on the field, whether you’re watching from India or your home. Show your solidarity and make this World Cup a memorable journey for our Proteas. Let’s celebrate our diversity and cherish the pride of being South African.

Michael Vaughan’s assessment of England’s Cricket World Cup struggles puts contract negotiations at the forefront of the team’s challenges. With discussions about contract lengths and terms ongoing during the tournament, the players have been unable to escape this distraction, affecting their focus on the matches.

Vaughan contends that the timing of these negotiations amid a Cricket World Cup in India, a challenging cricketing environment for England, has only compounded their difficulties. While Vaughan recognizes that England may not have been the strongest team in the competition, he believes that the contract situation prevented them from using their potential to intimidate other teams.

England had the capabilities to pose a threat with their lineup, but the distractions surrounding contracts hindered their performance and competitive spirit. Shifting the focus to Pakistan’s journey in the Cricket World Cup, they find themselves in a precarious position, needing a series of favorable outcomes to secure a spot in the semi-finals.

Despite their initial victories against the Netherlands and Sri Lanka, Pakistan faced four consecutive defeats – a rare occurrence in World Cup history for the team. This downturn has left fans wondering if Pakistan can replicate the miraculous 1992 comeback to reach the semi-finals in this Cricket World Cup. As Pakistan’s campaign hangs in the balance, they look to the remaining matches with renewed determination, hoping for favorable results and relying on their skills and resilience to turn their fortunes around.

Cricket’s Unpredictable Nature: Pakistan’s Glint of Hope in the CWC

While the road to the semi-finals is challenging, cricket has a history of surprises and underdog victories, and Pakistan remains optimistic about its chances. The Cricket World Cup’s unpredictable nature means that anything is possible, and Pakistan is determined to keep its hopes alive until the very end.

As it stands, Pakistan’s campaign in the 2023 Cricket World Cup is in a precarious position. Their performance so far has been inconsistent, with a promising win against the Netherlands and Sri Lanka at the beginning of their campaign, followed by four consecutive defeats.

This sequence of losses is unprecedented for Pakistan in Cricket World Cup history, leaving their tournament hopes hanging by a thread. To realistically secure a semi-final spot, Pakistan needs to win all three of their remaining matches. However, even with these wins, they can accumulate a maximum of 10 points. Their fate now largely hinges on the outcomes of matches involving other teams in the tournament.

In particular, they are closely watching Australia, who currently occupy the fourth spot with eight points from six games of CWC. For Pakistan to have a shot at the semi-finals, they must hope for an Australian downfall. Pakistan needs Australia to lose all three of their remaining matches against Afghanistan, England, and Bangladesh. This would limit Australia’s points tally to eight, giving Pakistan a chance to surpass them.

Pakistan’s Complex Path to Cricket World Cup Semi-Finals

Additionally, Pakistan must look at Sri Lanka’s performance. Sri Lanka has three more matches to play against India, New Zealand, and Bangladesh in the ongoing Cricket World Cup. Pakistan’s hopes rely on Sri Lanka losing at least two of these matches, which would restrict their points to a maximum of six. Another avenue for Pakistan involves New Zealand. The Black Caps currently have eight points and three matches remaining.

To keep New Zealand from advancing, Pakistan needs them to stumble in at least two of these games. If New Zealand can’t exceed 10 points, Pakistan might still have a chance. While these scenarios provide a glimmer of hope, Afghanistan’s remarkable victory over Sri Lanka in Pune has made the equation more complex for Pakistan in CWC. In addition to the scenarios mentioned earlier, Pakistan also depends on Afghanistan’s results.

Pakistan desperately needs Afghanistan to lose two matches, preferably against the Netherlands and South Africa and beat Australia with a margin that doesn’t surpass Pakistan’s net run rate. In essence, Pakistan must maintain a positive net run rate while ensuring the margin of victories in their remaining matches contributes to this goal. The race for the semi-finals remains challenging, and Pakistan’s journey in the Cricket World Cup is fraught with uncertainty as they await the results of critical matches.

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At Cricket World Cup: Kusal Mendis’ Struggles and Sri Lanka’s Innings Collapse

In the Cricket World Cup occasion, Kusal Mendis became the next casualty as he attempted his favored slog sweep. A shot he had played repeatedly in four consecutive games. Disappointment awaited him as his shot found the fielder strategically placed for such an attempt. What was more striking for observers, however, was Mendis’ uncharacteristically cautious approach during his innings, facing around 49 deliveries for a modest 39 runs. Despite the pitch lacking any significant challenges, Mendis, like his teammates. Appeared restrained by a reserved batting strategy, resulting in only three boundaries throughout the innings.

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Mendis’ dismissal, following a 50-run partnership with Sadeera Samarawickrama in the Cricket World Cup. This triggered a minor collapse for Sri Lanka, with their score plummeting from 134 for 2 to 185 for 7. Samarawickrama, who had maintained his usual industrious approach during his 40-ball 36. Fell victim to a quicker delivery from Mujeeb. Which angled in and found him stuck in his crease. Dhananjaya de Silva, after adding 28 runs with Charith Asalanka, fell prey to a brilliantly set-up Rashid Khan googly, marking Rashid’s 100th ODI appearance. Asalanka later mishit a pull shot to mid-off. A chaotic and avoidable run-out occurred when Angelo Mathews called for a run that would have kept him off strike for the next over. Leading to Dushmantha Chameera’s dismissal.

Sri Lanka managed to post a somewhat respectable total thanks to a rearguard partnership of 45 runs from 42 balls between Mathews and Maheesh Theekshana. Theekshana showcased his batting skills with some expansive stroke-play through the offside. However, their efforts fell short against a formidable Afghanistan side on a true pitch. Highlighting that their total was insufficient to pose a significant challenge.

Cricket World Cup Final Success: Afghanistan’s Remarkable Turnaround

Afghanistan’s incredible journey in the Cricket World Cup has seen a remarkable transformation. Going from zero wins in 2019 to now being within striking distance of the top four teams in the CWC 2023. Their newfound success can be attributed to their simple yet structured batting strategies. Which has turned their World Cup record on its head.

During a crucial moment in a match against Sri Lanka. Mohammad Nabi showcased his fielding prowess by taking a clean and, importantly, legal catch at the long-on boundary. This catch sent Angelo Mathews back to the pavilion with just nine balls remaining in the Sri Lankan Cricket World Cup innings, keeping the pressure on.

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Nabi’s contribution was particularly crucial, as just a few overs prior. A powerful shot from Maheesh Theekshana had evaded him, going for a boundary after a yorker from Azmatullah Omarzai had gone awry. However, Afghanistan’s ground fielding came to the rescue, preventing Sri Lanka’s lower-order batsmen from running away with the game. Despite losing their wicketkeeper early in the match due to a dislocated finger, Afghanistan’s fielders remained energetic and committed.

Key moments included Pathum Nissanka’s struggle to get the better of Mujeeb Ur Rahman. Substitute fielder Najibullah Zadran’s excellent cover fielding, and Ibrahim Zadran’s brilliant one-handed pick-up and direct-hit throw caught Dushmantha Chameera short of his crease.

Afghanistan’s ability to chase down totals has been on display in previous encounters. But in this critical match, they were focused on reducing their workload. Even though Gurbaz, their regular wicketkeeper, struggled as an opener and was dismissed for a duck, Ibrahim Zadran held the fort until the 17th over.

In the high-stakes Cricket World Cup final. Afghanistan’s careful and structured approach to batting has been a key factor in their impressive turnaround. Showcasing their potential to make a deep run in the CWC tournament.

Cricket World Cup Final Strategy: Afghanistan’s Batting Game Plan

In the lead-up to the crucial Cricket World Cup final. Afghanistan finds itself in an unusual but promising situation. Unlike their previous victories in this CWC tournament. Which were anchored by century-opening partnerships, this time, they’ve adopted a different approach. The key lies in their ability to transform what, on paper, appears to be a strong batting lineup into an effective unit.

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Afghanistan’s leading ODI run-scorers. Rahmat Shah and Mohammad Nabi, have the experience and talent, although Nabi’s primary role has shifted towards his exceptional skills with the ball. Additionally, players like Hashmatullah Shahidi, Azmatullah Omarzai, and Ikram Alikhil have contributed with vital half-centuries during the tournament. The transformation in their batting approach has evolved from sporadic performances to a more systematic and methodical style in three out of five games leading up to the Cricket World Cup final.

While they faced setbacks against Bangladesh and New Zealand, Afghanistan showcased their batting prowess by crossing the 270-run mark against India and reaching 280 against England and Pakistan. What stood out in these matches was their consistent and measured approach. Even during a phase where boundaries were hard to come by between the 10th and 20th over in the chase, they remained resolute.

An example of the effectiveness of this strategy was seen when Hashmatullah Shahidi momentarily lost focus and attempted a reckless pull shot in the 21st over. Fortunately, he regrouped and, along with Rahmat, focused on rotating the strike, contributing to a crucial 58-run partnership. This reaffirmed the efficacy of their method, particularly in high-pressure situations like a World Cup final.

As Afghanistan gears up for the Cricket World Cup final. Their methodical and systematic approach to batting is a testament to their progress and their commitment to chasing glory on the grandest stage of them all.

From T20 to Conventional Cricket: Afghanistan’s Remarkable Shift

In the high-pressure atmosphere of a Cricket World Cup final. Afghanistan’s batsmen adopt a distinct strategy that revolves around setting smaller targets during a chase. This method not only enhances communication within the team but also makes the daunting task of chasing a target more manageable, as highlighted by Rahmat Shah during a post-match press conference. He emphasized that breaking down the target into smaller goals creates a sense of accomplishment and reinforces the team’s confidence.

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While Afghanistan’s batsmen did take some calculated risks during the chase. Their approach primarily focused on careful and controlled cricket. This might not be the flashy, boundary-laden style that garners the most applause, but it’s an approach that’s gaining momentum under the guidance of coach Trott.

Trott acknowledged the team’s hard work on improving the fundamentals of their batting and fostering a sense of responsibility among the players. He noted that Afghanistan’s cricketers have always possessed talent. But now they’ve added structure and a well-defined game plan to their arsenal. The team’s transition, from having predominantly played T20 cricket to concentrating on building solid Cricket World Cup innings, has been particularly impressive. This shift in focus has enabled them to rely on conventional cricket shots, resulting in effective scoring.

In a Cricket World Cup where spectators have witnessed record-breaking scores and the fastest centuries, calling slower scoring “exciting” might seem unconventional. However, for Trott’s team, this approach has yielded favorable results and unveiled a new star in Azmatullah Omarzai. His impressive performances, including a second half-century in the tournament. He has garnered high praise from Trott, who describes him as an exceptional natural striker of the cricket ball.

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In the Cricket World Cup Semifinal Standings Benchmark

Sri Lanka finds themselves in a precarious situation with just four points from six games of the Cricket World Cup. A position shared with Pakistan and the Netherlands. While the odds appear stacked against them, there’s a mathematical glimmer of hope. It’s conceivable that two teams could finish with 12 or more points, and up to seven teams could be vying for two remaining spots with eight points.

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Sri Lanka, though facing an uphill battle, can still accumulate 10 points, keeping them in contention. However, given their inconsistent performance thus far and the formidable opponents of India and New Zealand in three of their remaining matches. Their chances of progressing to the CWC semifinals appear exceedingly slim.

On the other hand, Afghanistan’s recent triumph was orchestrated by their bowlers. Who effectively stifled Sri Lanka’s batters on a pitch seemingly tailored for high scores. Subsequently, Afghanistan’s batsmen chased down the target without much difficulty.

What Lies Ahead for Pakistan in Their Game Against Bangladesh?

Pakistan’s campaign in the Cricket World Cup has been lackluster. But mathematically, they remain in the hunt for a top-four finish, or even third place. If other results align favorably. While they cannot catch up to India’s 12 points. The scenario could come down to run rates if New Zealand, South Africa, or Australia fail to exceed 10 points in the coming matches. Even if Pakistan faces defeat, they could still be part of the intense eight-point competition mentioned earlier.

Is 14 Points the Magic Number for Semifinal Qualification?

Indeed, a tally of 14 points is sufficient for qualification. Only India, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia have the potential to secure 14 or more points. Therefore, a victory against Sri Lanka on Thursday would secure India’s spot in the Cricket World Cup semifinals.

In a Cricket World Cup: Afghanistan’s Victory Boosts Their Top-Four Prospects

How Does Afghanistan’s Recent Victory Impact Their Top-Four Aspirations? Afghanistan’s triumph over Sri Lanka has propelled them to six points from six games in the Cricket World Cup. If they manage to win their three remaining matches. They will reach a total of 12 points. With only four other teams capable of attaining 12 points or more. Afghanistan stands a credible chance of securing a top-four spot. Nevertheless, their path is fraught with challenges. Their upcoming matches include the Netherlands, Australia, and South Africa. Even accumulating 10 points could potentially keep their hopes alive if favorable outcomes materialize.

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It’s worth noting that Afghanistan’s current net run rate of -0.718 may work against them if NRR becomes the deciding factor. The teams currently in the top four all maintain NRRs of over 0.95.

The backdrop for this game was established from the start, as Sri Lanka, opted to bat first. Displayed a discernible sense of uncertainty, a departure from their previous five matches. This transformation could be attributed to the tantalizing opportunity of a Cricket World Cup semifinal berth. No matter how improbable, it is within reach. Sri Lanka had shed their inhibitions in an improbable chase against South Africa, and that newfound aggressive intent carried forward into their subsequent encounter against Pakistan. Even against Australia, they exuded confidence until an unforeseen collapse halted their momentum.

Perhaps it was this potential Cricket World Cup semifinal scenario that prompted Sri Lanka to adopt a more conservative approach. However, a discernible shift in intent was not evident in matches against the Netherlands and England, where the context called for caution rather than aggression in a pair of middling chases.

Pitching Fear Against Afghanistan In CWC: Sri Lanka’s Bold Decision                                                                                                      

Against Afghanistan in the Cricket World Cup. On a pitch touted as a “batter’s paradise” during the pitch report, the decision to include Dimuth Karunaratne exposed Sri Lanka’s apprehensions. While Kusal Perera’s performance had been lackluster. Except for his 78 against Australia, this particular surface could have potentially addressed his batting woes. Instead, Sri Lanka found themselves frustrated as his replacement, Karunaratne, grappled with a series of short and wide deliveries on either side of the wicket. These were rare loose deliveries within otherwise disciplined opening spells by Fazalhaq Farooqi and Mujeeb Ur Rahman. Sri Lanka managed a mere four boundaries in the initial ten overs. Marking their lowest score at this stage in the entire CWC tournament.

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Throughout the Cricket World Cup innings. Here lack of ambition was evident as they sporadically reached a run rate of five per over. Falling short of the more common sixes and sevens seen in the CWC tournament. Their cautious approach during the middle overs sharply contrasted with their aggressive approach in the initial games against South Africa and Pakistan.

Consequently, when Afghanistan’s bowlers delivered their quality deliveries. Sri Lanka’s batsmen were ill-prepared to capitalize on these opportunities. Karunaratne was the first to depart, falling victim to an LBW decision from a delivery that darted in from Farooqi. This call was overturned upon review. A partnership of 62 runs between Nissanka and Mendis followed.

But their momentum was halted when Omarzai delivered a back-of-length delivery outside off. Inducing Nissanka to edge the ball to Gurbaz behind the stumps. This marked the end of Nissanka’s streak of fifty-plus scores. Gurbaz was temporarily filling in for Ikram Alikhil. Who was off the field receiving treatment for a dislocated finger on his right hand, sustained while keeping.

In the Cricket World Cup 2023: A Plan by Jonathan Trott

In a rather curious turn of events, both Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. Despite being presented with a true surface lacking lateral movement and substantial turn. Struggled to maintain a scoring rate exceeding five runs per over. However, the reasons behind their struggles differed significantly.

Sri Lanka’s lack of intent and ambition during their CWC innings could be criticized. Leaving their performance open to scrutiny. On the other hand, Afghanistan was executing a predetermined plan laid out by head coach Jonathan Trott. Throughout the Cricket World Cup innings, television cameras often panned over Trott’s whiteboard. Displaying 10-over markers such as (50 after 10″ and “100 after 20).

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While Dilshan Madushanka managed to dislodge Rahmanullah Gurbaz’s middle stump early in the chase. Afghanistan adhered meticulously to its game plan. Even when wickets fell. They swiftly extinguished any momentum Sri Lanka hoped to build. Crucial partnerships of 73, 58, and 111 runs between Ibrahim Zadran and Shah, Shah, and Shahidi, and Shahidi and Omarzai formed the backbone of Afghanistan’s chase. Boundaries were not aggressively pursued; rather, they were accepted when offered. Demonstrating their contentment to wait for loose deliveries without taking unnecessary risks.

Conversely, Sri Lanka appeared increasingly dispirited as the innings progressed. Running out of ideas and energy on a surface that provided them with no advantages. Their struggles continued against Afghanistan, a team equally unyielding in their approach.

Before this fixture, Afghanistan had achieved their most successful Cricket World Cup campaign in the fifty-over format. Although their previous performances had set a low bar. In their two previous appearances, they had secured just one victory and suffered defeats in all nine matches during the 2019 edition. The sole win came against Scotland in 2015.

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Cricket World Cup – India’s Dilemma with Hardik Pandya’s Return

At the ongoing Cricket World Cup, India has emerged as the team to beat. However, the injury sidelining Hardik Pandya has prompted some crucial decisions for the Indian team. Without Pandya, India faced Bangladesh and showcased their strength, with Virat Kohli and their bowling unit playing pivotal roles in securing victory.

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The absence of a like-for-like replacement for Pandya poses a significant challenge for India in the Cricket World Cup tournament. Finding an ODI-quality all-rounder who can reliably contribute with both bat and ball is no easy task. Players like Washington Sundar, Axar Patel, Tilak Varma, Shivam Dube, and Vijay Shankar are in contention, but they are considered significant downgrades compared to Pandya.

To cover for Pandya’s absence, India could have opted for R Ashwin, but this would have necessitated shifting Ravindra Jadeja down the order to number six, followed by Shardul Thakur and Ashwin. This would have weakened India’s batting considerably. Therefore, the team decided to bring in Suryakumar Yadav to maintain their batting strength while depleting the bowling attack with one full bowler. To address this, they replaced Thakur with the experienced fast bowler, Mohammed Shami in CWC.

In the following matches, Shami made a stunning impact, taking nine wickets and becoming a standout performer at the 2023 Cricket World Cup. With the likes of Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammed Siraj, Shami, Jadeja, and Kuldeep Yadav, India now boasts one of the most formidable bowling attacks at the World Cup.

Challenges and Choices: India’s Path to CWC Success

India’s unbeaten record of six wins in as many matches has placed them firmly at the top of the Cricket World Cup points table. However, they remain vigilant, acknowledging the presence of at least two challenges that lie ahead in the tournament.

India faces concerns at the Cricket World Cup, primarily regarding their lower-order batting and the lack of bowling options within their lineup. Mohammed Shami, batting at No. 8, is possibly higher in the order than ideal. In a crucial chase against New Zealand, India found themselves at 191-5, perilously close to exposing their tail, but Virat Kohli and Ravindra Jadeja averted the situation. A similar scenario occurred against England when they lost six wickets within 41 overs.

A more significant issue is India’s shortage of batting options with bowling skills. India consistently fields only five bowlers in each match, leaving them vulnerable if a bowler gets injured early in their spell, as seen with Hardik Pandya against Bangladesh. Such situations could leave India exposed when facing stronger teams in the Cricket World Cup.

Up to this point, India has managed to compensate for this lack of balance with remarkable performances either with the bat or ball in the ongoing Cricket World Cup. However, a single off day could jeopardize their campaign. Hence, the return of Hardik Pandya to the XI becomes critical. The challenge arises when Pandya is ready to make his comeback.

The question is whom he should replace. Replacing a bowler would help strengthen the lower order but diminish the bowling resources. Therefore, it might not be a worthwhile trade-off. A straightforward solution would be to bring Pandya in place of one of the batters. Ideally, he would replace Shreyas Iyer, given his form concerns at the Cricket World Cup.

Suryakumar Yadav’s Emergence and India’s Bowling Dilemma in the World Cup

Suryakumar Yadav, on the other hand, displayed his capability with a crucial 49 on a challenging pitch against England. If Iyer sits out, Pandya, Suryakumar, and Jadeja can occupy positions five to seven in the batting order, effectively resolving India’s bowling dilemma by providing a sixth bowling option. During the Cricket World Cup, India confronts a dilemma as they consider the replacement of a proficient batsman like Iyer (with an average of 45) with Pandya (whose average stands at 34).

Even if Suryakumar retains his place and Iyer continues, this change implies the substitution of a dependable late-innings batsman with an all-rounder returning from injury, expected to contribute six or seven overs of pace bowling in CWC. This situation raises concerns about a potential compromise in the team’s batting strength.

To resolve this issue, a shift from a four-batter tail to a three-batter tail seems necessary. This could be achieved by incorporating Shardul Thakur or R Ashwin based on the conditions and opposition. However, this tactical adjustment might result in Mohammed Siraj making way, despite being the leading wicket-taker in ODIs between 2022 and the Cricket World Cup.

Shami’s exceptional performance in the Cricket World Cup further complicates the decision. Nevertheless, what if Pandya remains unfit for action until the conclusion of the league stage? In such a scenario, alternatives are available. While not as effective as Pandya, the team management can address this challenge when the need arises.

Cricket World Cup Impacts 2025 Champions Trophy Race

In other Cricket World Cup developments, Afghanistan’s surprising victory over Sri Lanka has significant implications for England’s prospects in the 2025 Champions Trophy. Qualification for the Champions Trophy will now depend on performances in the ongoing World Cup. The top seven teams from this tournament (excluding Pakistan as hosts) will secure spots in the 2025 Champions Trophy, set to take place in Pakistan.

This revelation has created uncertainties, particularly for England, regarding their chances of qualification. The interplay between the Cricket World Cup and the Champions Trophy qualification adds an intriguing dimension to the current cricketing landscape.

As the Cricket World Cup unfolds, the race for a spot in the 2025 Champions Trophy remains uncertain, particularly for teams outside the top eight. Currently, England finds themselves in the tenth position with just one win. Bangladesh shares a similar record with one win, while Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and the Netherlands have two wins each. Afghanistan leads the pack with three victories.

If England secures wins in all three of their upcoming CWC games, it’s highly likely to secure a top-eight finish. However, various result combinations could see the top nine teams all achieving at least four wins, making net run rate the deciding factor. This scenario necessitates the current top four teams, all with four wins, to lose to the current bottom six, including the Netherlands beating India. In most cases, four wins would suffice.

Cricket World Cup Drama: England’s Battle for Champions Trophy Qualification

Even two wins might be sufficient for England in the Cricket World Cup, assuming other games follow the expected outcomes. However, today’s match has increased the likelihood that the ninth-placed team will finish with just three wins. This scenario arises because Afghanistan faces the Netherlands. If the Netherlands defeats Afghanistan, a possibility considering their prior performances, and Sri Lanka triumphs over Bangladesh, it would leave seven teams, excluding England and Pakistan, with three wins, making net run rate the deciding factor.

England’s journey becomes more challenging, given their previous struggles. Their match against Australia is an uphill battle, potentially leading to their Cricket World Cup exit. In such a case, their game against the Netherlands could turn into a de facto Champions Trophy decider. If England triumphs over the Netherlands, while the Netherlands loses to Afghanistan and India, and England loses to Australia and Pakistan, and Bangladesh’s fortune remains unchanged, the Champions Trophy spot would become a contest between England and the Netherlands.

Conversely, if England loses the crucial game against the Netherlands, they would need to either defeat Australia and Pakistan or beat one of them, hoping that Pakistan and Sri Lanka falter in their matches. It appears that England’s path to the Champions Trophy remains challenging and uncertain, with critical matches yet to be played in the Cricket World Cup.

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Cricket World Cup – Pakistan’s Challenges On and Off the Field

In a concerning development at the 2023 Cricket World Cup, Pakistan’s former captain Rashid Latif revealed that Babar Azam had reached out to multiple PCB officials regarding unpaid dues, but received no responses. The Pakistan Cricket Team is enduring a challenging phase, losing four consecutive matches in the 2023 ICC WC.

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Their recent defeat against Afghanistan, coupled with losses in the 2023 Asia Cup and against South Africa, has added to their woes. Rashid Latif’s claim about unpaid salaries has only exacerbated the situation. Throughout their six matches in the 2023 ICC ODI Cricket World Cup, Pakistan started with wins against Netherlands and Sri Lanka. However, their fortunes took a turn for the worse as they lost the next four matches, dimming their prospects of reaching the semi-finals.

In the aftermath of the defeat to Afghanistan in the Cricket World Cup, Mickey Arthur, the Director of the Pakistan Cricket team, addressed the press. He defended Babar Azam and Inzamam-ul-Haq against criticism from fans and the media, highlighting the unfairness of initiating a witch-hunt against them and the coaching staff.

Arthur also expressed optimism, considering the team’s improved bowling performance against South Africa despite failing to bowl them out. He emphasized the potential for a comeback in the Cricket World Cup. Pakistan’s upcoming match against Bangladesh at Eden Gardens, Kolkata, on October 31 remains crucial, with matches against New Zealand and England still to come.

Dinesh Karthik and Harsha Bhogle Analyze Pakistan’s World Cup Struggles

During the South African innings, Shadab Khan suffered a head injury while diving to stop the ball, leading to his replacement by Usama Mir as a concussion substitute. Experienced Indian wicketkeeper-batsman Dinesh Karthik and renowned commentator Harsha Bhogle didn’t hold back in their comments about Pakistan’s struggles in the 2023 Cricket World Cup. Karthik suggested that Pakistan’s recent woes could be attributed to their victory over a second-string New Zealand team earlier in the year.

Despite beginning the 2023 Cricket World Cup with two initial wins, Pakistan has now faced four consecutive losses, placing them on the verge of elimination. Their surprising defeat to Afghanistan, where the Afghans chased down a target of 283 in Chennai, has added to Pakistan’s woes. Their other defeats came at the hands of India, Australia, and South Africa.

Karthik commented, “They played New Zealand when half of Kiwi players were in IPL. Before Cricket World Cup they have been playing some ordinary teams and not full-strength sides. Hence their ranking went to No. 1. But they struggled against New Zealand’s B team too. In the end, they managed to win the series, but it was a convincing win. So you can see why they are struggling.”

Harsha Bhogle humorously remarked on the current state of Pakistan’s cricket administration, where different individuals seek to change the decisions of their predecessors frequently. The comical nature of this situation is akin to various officials running the Pakistan Cricket Board on different days of the week, leading to debates and constant changes. To have a chance at reaching the semi-finals, Pakistan must win three of their remaining matches in the 2023 Cricket World Cup.

Babar Azam’s Century Drought: Will Bangladesh Be the Turning Point?

Their performance in this tournament has been a stark contrast to their pre-tournament status as one of the favorites to win the title. After opening the competition with victories against Netherlands and Sri Lanka, Pakistan has now experienced four successive defeats, a historic first in their cricket history, leaving their Cricket World Cup campaign in jeopardy.

In cricket, nothing is certain, and several variables could impact Pakistan’s chances of progressing to the next round in the Cricket World Cup. They must win all their remaining matches, starting with their upcoming game against Bangladesh at Kolkata’s Eden Gardens. Interestingly, Bangladesh faces a similar predicament, making this a crucial clash in the CWC.

Abdullah Shafique has been a consistent contributor for Pakistan, providing solid starts in CWC matches. He has accumulated 264 runs at an impressive average of 52.80 against various bowling attacks. However, Shafique aims to convert his promising starts into more substantial innings, a goal he’ll undoubtedly have in mind for the upcoming match.

Imam-ul-Haq has faced criticism for his slow batting style, which is his preferred approach. In this Cricket World Cup tournament, the left-hander has struggled and managed just one half-century, a departure from his career batting average of over 50. Nevertheless, Imam is determined to silence his critics and deliver a significant performance.

Babar Azam, the captain, has recorded three half-centuries in six innings of CWC but has yet to convert them into centuries, a characteristic that Pakistan is missing. Babar Azam, aware of this, maybe on the verge of producing a substantial score against Bangladesh. Thus far, he has accumulated 207 runs with an average of 34.50.

Rizwan’s Run Machine: Pakistan’s Key Player in the World Cup

Mohammad Rizwan has exhibited consistent form and intent, making him a crucial asset for Pakistan. With 333 runs in Cricket World Cup matches at an impressive average of 66.60, Rizwan’s performance will significantly influence Pakistan’s fate in their upcoming game against Bangladesh. Given his current form, expectations are high for another strong showing from Rizwan.

Despite Pakistan’s overall struggles, Saud Shakeel has showcased a positive approach in the middle-order. His ability to handle spinners effectively and maintain a brisk scoring rate has been an advantage for Pakistan. Shakeel has amassed 212 runs with a strike rate of 101.43, exerting pressure on opposition bowlers in the middle overs of Cricket World Cup matches.

Iftikhar Ahmed is a versatile player who has adapted to different batting positions for Pakistan. He often plays the role of a finisher, excelling in the task of scoring quick runs. So far in the Cricket World Cup, he has accumulated 122 runs with a strike rate of 118.14. Pakistan should utilize his dangerous batting skills more effectively.

In this tournament, Shadab Khan has been a disappointment for Pakistan. As the team’s primary spinner, he has managed only two wickets at a high average of 90, contributing to Pakistan’s struggles. While he has scored 117 runs at an average of 29.53 with the bat, his primary role as a bowler is crucial. Khan may find conditions in Kolkata more favorable and can make a significant impact by taking wickets in the middle overs of Cricket World Cup matches.

Shaheen Afridi’s Lethal Bowling: A Key to Pakistan’s Success

Shaheen Afridi has been a standout performer with the ball, ranking as the joint third-highest wicket-taker in the CWC tournament. Despite not striking early with the new ball, he has excelled in his second and third spells, capturing 13 wickets in six innings at an average of 22.76. He poses a considerable threat to Bangladesh, especially when bowling with the new ball.

Mohammad Wasim Jr. made his Cricket World Cup tournament debut in the absence of Hasan Ali against South Africa and showed immediate effectiveness. He consistently bowled tight lengths, keeping pressure on the batters, and concluded with figures of 2/50. Wasim aims to replicate this performance against Bangladesh and make inroads into their batting order.

Haris Rauf, known as the fastest bowler, can capitalize on Bangladesh’s struggles against pace. Despite conceding runs, he has taken crucial wickets. With ten wickets in six games in the Cricket World Cup, Rauf can be a significant threat if he maintains a good length and pace in his bowling.

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Cricket World Cup 2023: The Emotions of a Balanced ODI Score

Why Moderate Scores Shine in the Cricket World Cup Final. High-scoring matches can sometimes stifle the competitive spirit. But when team scores hover just below 300, the excitement reaches its peak. The allure of a thrilling chase cannot be denied. It’s the constant intensity of the pursuit, the ever-present risk, and, of course, the exhilarating big hits. Whether the ball soars into the sky or races across the turf. There’s an undeniable sense of possibility slowly evolving into anticipation and then tangible expectation. Hope, as sweet as it is, can also be a heartbreaker.

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By the time the match concludes, especially if it goes the full distance. You’re left physically and emotionally drained. You’ve wholeheartedly invested in every moment, every twist in the game. Depending on your allegiance, you’re either basking in the warm afterglow of victory or wrestling with the anguish of missed opportunities.

As a sports enthusiast, you’re acutely aware of the emotional weight of the conclusion. Watching a player like Jimmy Neesham, a late addition to the New Zealand XI. Making a desperate lunge for a second run, only to fall short, evokes a shared sense of disappointment. That run could have kept him at the crease, preserving the hopes of his team. Which he valiantly bolstered in the final overs. This moment brings to mind the unforgettable evening at Lord’s in 2019 when Neesham was on the other end, and his partner in that Super Over. Martin Guptill, found himself in a similar predicament, allowing a maiden World Cup Trophy to slip through their fingers.

Dramatic Cricket World Cup Final: A Thrilling Five-Run Showdown

In the serene setting of Dharamsala, the cricketing spectacle reached its zenith as the Cricket World Cup final ball was bowled. Resulting in Australia clinching a narrow five-run victory. In a match that produced a staggering 771 runs. Setting a CWC record, it’s worth noting that the ultimate impact came from a bowler. Mitchell Starc, who had been relatively expensive, conceded 89 runs in nine wicketless overs. Found himself defending 13 runs from the last five balls, despite having given away five wides with his second delivery.

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What an incredible CWC match it was, culminating in a thrilling finish that breathed new life into the World Cup. Two exhilarating encounters in just as many days – a welcome turn of events.

However, it’s essential to recognize that the perfect One Day International (ODI) match is something of a rarity, a near-miracle. The truth is, once a team batting first has launched the ball into the stratosphere. The chase often remains in the same realm, leading to a somewhat hollow experience. In many instances, the most enjoyable approach in such games. Like the clash between South Africa and England, both formidable power-hitting teams.

At the batsmen-friendly Wankhede Stadium, is to savor the batting spectacle in isolation. Watching Heinrich Klaasen and Marco Jansen that day was nothing short of breathtaking. Despite the challenging conditions and England’s struggles. The sheer force and elegance of their striking left spectators in awe.

Yet, as is often the case when a team is tasked with chasing nearly 400 runs. The rest of the evening becomes a foregone conclusion. The silver lining is that England mercifully wrapped up their innings in just 22 overs. Unlike Bangladesh’s prolonged ordeal against the same opponents a couple of days later, which extended into the 47th over.

Statistical Reality: When Huge Scores Lead to Dull Cricket Contests

This is why I’m a fervent advocate of simmering thrillers. While there’s an undeniable allure in watching a low score being defended as the Netherlands did against Bangladesh on the same day as the Australia-New Zealand run-fest. Or India did against England a day later, it’s the One Day Internationals (ODIs) Cricket World Cup featuring moderate scores on pitches that provide a balanced contest that truly captivates me. Consider another thrilling encounter from last week. South Africa’s nervous pursuit against Pakistan. Where even the No. 11 displayed commendable resilience. Blocking out a few thunderbolts before the No. 9 secured the win with a delicate shot.

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For me, the true delight lies in the broader spectrum of experiences that these ODI Cricket World Cups offer. It’s not just about powerful hitting it’s about the artistry of skillful bowling, earned wickets, and well-crafted runs. It’s about the finesse of hard-run twos. Where players showcase their ability to place the ball precisely into the gaps. Rather than relentlessly pounding it for boundaries.

This texture within ODIs adds depth and richness to the format. Setting it apart from the sometimes monotonous nature of Twenty20 cricket. When bowlers are in the spotlight. It often ensures that the match remains a competitive and riveting affair.

That’s why I was a bit perturbed when certain voices suggested that the Chennai pitch during the India-Australia Cricket World Cup match wasn’t suitable for one-day cricket. It had the potential to be an exciting contest had Australia knuckled down to set a challenging target or if Mitchell Marsh had held onto Virat Kohli’s miscued pull shot in the eighth over. As it turned out, India’s chase was packed with tension for nearly 30 overs. Witnessing batsmen first struggle for survival and then strive for runs can be far more absorbing than witnessing boundaries being dispatched with ease.

Cricket World Cup: The Quest for Close Encounters

Even with a generous margin of 25 runs as the benchmark for defining close games. Only four out of the 29 matches with targets exceeding 350 manage to meet this criterion. That translates to a mere 14% of high-scoring games. However, when we narrow down the score band to 300-324, the proportion of close matches increases to 40%.

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The real sweet spot, though, resides in scores ranging from 250 to 274. Not only do they yield a notably high percentage of closely contested finishes 42.6%. But they also offer nearly equal chances, with the chasing team winning 49% of the time and the defending team prevailing in 51% of cases.

While the One Day International format might at times feel overshadowed. It shouldn’t attempt to mimic the dynamics of T20 cricket. Instead, there’s a need to foster conditions that allow the ODI Cricket World Cup to flourish in its unique, competitive essence.

For Mohammed Shami, the game was straightforward. England’s fast bowlers had demonstrated that the most effective way to bowl with the new ball on this particular surface was by targeting a good length at the Cricket World Cup. Often erring on the shorter side. In a noteworthy shift. India’s seamers were operating with the new ball during the twilight hours. When the ball tended to exhibit even more movement. Batters may struggle to read such deviations effectively under floodlights.

Shami’s first delivery to Ben Stokes found a good length and was safely left alone. The second was nearly identical, but Stokes advanced down the pitch. Attempting to create room for an early boundary through the off-side. The ball, however, moved away off the seam, eluding Stokes’ outside edge and landing in KL Rahul’s gloves. Shami’s reaction was evident as he placed his hands on his head. Embodying the drama and intensity of the moment.

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India maintains perfect record at Cricket World Cup with defeat of England

Reigning champions England were all but eliminated from the tournament after losing to unbeaten India on Sunday. India maintained their unbeaten run at the Cricket World Cup with a 100-run win in a low-scoring encounter over title holders England, who are facing an early exit after suffering a fifth defeat in six group matches on Sunday.

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Rohit Sharma saved India from embarrassment by scoring a captain’s 87 for a total that initially appeared to be below par 229-9 on a difficult surface at the Ekana Stadium in Lucknow, India. As a result, the hosts slumped to 40-3 in the 12th over before Rohit formed a 91-run partnership with K.L. Rahul (39) to stop their fall.

Suryakumar Yadav contributed a quick 49 and India’s tail players made some useful runs towards the end to cross the 225-run mark. England were reduced to 52-5 in 16 overs in a remarkable capitulation and were eventually bowled out for 129 in 35 overs, with Mohammed Shami declaring 4-22 for India.

“All the experienced players stood up on time and won the game for us.”

Holders England came into the match as the bottom-placed team, with only a mathematical chance of reaching the semi-finals after just one win in their previous five group matches. In India they faced the only unbeaten team of the tournament, who looked invincible at home.

Buttler’s Toss Triumph and India’s Early Woes

Jos Buttler elected to bat after winning the toss and he had reason to feel vindicated as India slumped to 40-3 in the 12th match. David Willey (3-45) started with a maiden and sent groans around the stadium in the seventh over when he dismissed Virat Kohli for a nine-ball duck.

The early setbacks forced Rohit to abandon his natural batting and he teamed up with Rahul to stop their slide. India crawled to the 100 mark halfway through their innings but still had plenty of overs left, as well as significant firepower, to compensate for the loss.

Willie dismissed Rahul and Adil Rashid sent back Rohit to dash those hopes, but Suryakumar’s audacious knock took India past 200. England started brightly but were soon shaken out of their complacency after Jasprit Bumrah (3-32) dismissed Dawid Malan and Joe Root with successive deliveries in the fifth over of the innings.

Like Root, Ben Stokes also failed to open his account and Shami broke his stump as England started worse than their opponents. Kohli dropped Jonny Bairstow at slip but the batter pulled Shami’s delivery onto his stumps and departed as England reeled at 39-4 in the 10th over.

Buttler’s dismissal was emblematic of England’s disorganized batting in the match. The England captain was completely deceived by Kuldeep Yadav’s shot, which went beyond off-stump, spun sharply and sneaked through a gaping gap in the batting pad to hit middle stump.

“Very disappointing, Buttler said. Halfway through the 230 chase we introduced ourselves. But it’s the same old story.”

England all but out of Cricket World Cup after 100-run defeat to tournament favourites India in Lucknow

England are on the brink of elimination at the Cricket World Cup after their fifth defeat in six matches; Jos Buttler’s side, crushed by India, slumped to 129 in 34.5 overs, chasing 230 after a dismal top-order collapse of 5-22; Tournament favorites Ranking India with six wins out of six

England’s dreadful Cricket World Cup hit a crushing new low as they suffered a 100-run defeat at the hands of unbeaten tournament favorites India, leaving them needing a miracle to qualify for the knockout stages.

A fifth defeat in six games did not mathematically end the defending champions’ hopes of retaining their title, but they will need a fantastic set of results to reach the semi-finals after another abysmal performance in a competition riddled with them.

After smashing South Africa for 170 over the weekend and Sri Lanka for 156 on Thursday, England fell to 129 chasing 230 in Lucknow during a fog of frantic and uncertain batting as they failed to cope with a ruthless and arrogant India . great bowling attack, especially Mohammed Shami (4-22).

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Liam Livingstone (27) scored the highest score for England at the top of the table. India have made it six wins from six and left their opponents, who have now lost their last four matches, shackled to the bottom of the standings, trailing Bangladesh on net runs.

Promising Start Turns Into a Collapse

England reached 30–0 inside five overs only to lose four wickets inside nine runs amid a wider slump of 5–22; The collapse began when Dawid Malan chopped Jasprit Bumrah to the stumps and a restless Joe Root was pinned to the thick lbw for a golden duck one ball later.

Shami also took two wickets in two innings amid a highlight-reel spell, castling Ben Stokes for a skittish 10-ball duck at the end of the eighth over and then bowling Jonny Bairstow off inside edge and leg early in the 10th over.

Jos Buttler was cleared by Kuldeep Yadav’s superb delivery from the first ball of the 16th over, leaving England reeling at 52-5 and the innings finally ending in 34.5 overs when Bumrah splashed ball stumps Mark Wood.

England could move out of the top four before playing their next game against Australia on Saturday, and the chances of them beating each of the Baggie Greens, the Netherlands and Pakistan look slim given the way they have played so far in the tournament. The world title defense was one of the weakest in recent memory. Cricket fans can book Cricket World Cup Tickets on our website at exclusively discounted prices.

Buttler’s team’s main goals now are to regain some pride and finish in the top eight in the standings, as if they finish ninth or 10th they will miss out on a place in the 2025 Champions Trophy in Pakistan. India’s performance with the ball, if not necessarily with the bat, has cemented their status as favorites and they will now be looking to make it seven wins from seven when they face Sri Lanka on Thursday.

England impress with the ball – but wilt with the bat

Rohit Sharma’s side stuttered to 229-9 on a difficult pitch after he brought into play, with the captain making 87 from 101 balls, the only player to make a fifty – Suryakumar Yadav next best with 49. England improved significantly with the ball , especially Chris Woakes, who struck twice during the seven overs lead, bowled Shubman Gill (9) and bounced Shreyas Iyer.

David Willey hit Virat Kohli for a nine-ball duck as India slumped to 40-3 in 12 overs, with the assist going to Malan for keeping Kohli scoreless with a stunning stop at cover. Two balls later, a visibly agitated Kohli tried to ground Willie but could only pick out Stokes midway through the match, with his dismissal silencing the pro-India crowd.

Rohit and Rahul’s Rescue Act

Rohit and K.L. Rahul rallied India to make 91 off 111 balls for the fourth wicket before Willie broke that partnership when Rahul sent him to Bairstow midway through the 31st over. Rohit followed six overs later, caught on the run by Livingstone at deep midwicket after a googly attack from Adil Rashid, with the same bowler catching Ravindra Jadeja (8lb) in the 41st over.

Although Suryakumar, who hit Wood’s superb six through fine leg, and tail-enders Bumrah and Kuldeep  took India past 200, the chase looked achievable for England, especially as Malan and Bairstow had set up some early borders.

But then England wilted and Stokes’ delivery proved truly puzzling – he charged and hit Shami as he seemed to have no idea how to play the talented Indian seamer before being clear while attempting a cross-shot. Cricket fans can book England vs Pakistan Tickets on our website at exclusively discounted prices.

Meanwhile, Root moved to the stump, trying to hit Bumrah on the leg side but missed and out – he reviewed, perhaps believing he had stole the delivery, but the UltraEdge showed no spike and the Yorkshireman trudged off in a rage.

Livingstone and Moeen put on 29 for the sixth wicket – the second-highest partnership in a dismal innings – but after Moeen bowled the impressive Shami behind on the run, Woakes (10) and Livingstone quickly followed, losing to spinner Kuldeep and Jadeja respectively. Willie (16th) and Rashid (13) reached double figures before the latter bowled by Shami and Bumrah and then castled Wood to end the game and inflict more misery on Buttler’s beleaguered England.

Buttler: Same old story for England

England captain, Jos Buttler:

“We imagined we were chasing 230. But it’s the same old story [with the bat], so we’re very disappointed. We are far from our best results. We kept the ball just as well throughout the tournament – we created good pressure, bowled well and took wickets.”

Woakes: Lack of confidence breeds rash shots

England all-rounder, Chris Woakes:

“If we could buy some confidence at the moment, we would spend a lot of money on it. It’s hard to contain it. When you lack confidence, you tend to take rash shots or make half-hearted decisions. Looking back, perhaps we should have acted more carefully or more wisely. We need to build partnerships to get closer to that outcome, but we haven’t done that.”

Rohit: India showed their character

India skipper and Player of the Match, Rohit Sharma:

“I think our character was in this game. When times were tough, all our experience showed up at the right time and helped us get the game. We just wanted to get to a number we could play with.”

‘A domino effect’: Eoin Morgan dissects England’s Cricket World Cup woes

The former England captain told Al Jazeera that a series of bad decisions had damaged his confidence but backs captain Buttler to stay. Former England captain Eoin Morgan has backed Jos Buttler to retain the ODI captaincy despite reigning cricket world champions India’s dismal performance and believes the management and selectors made poor decisions that undermined England’s title defence.

Morgan’s tenure as captain began with a disastrous 2015 Cricket World Cup campaign when England failed to progress past the group stages, and he was the driving force behind their white-ball transformation that culminated in victory at the 2019 tournament.

He says he shocked by the scale of England’s four defeats in the first five matches: nine wickets against New Zealand, 69 against Afghanistan, 229 against South Africa and eight wickets against Sri Lanka. Cricket fans can book Cricket World Cup Tickets on our website at exclusively discounted prices.

England are on the brink of an early exit as they face unbeaten hosts India on Sunday. They haven’t competed at all and have yet to play the top teams in the tournament, Morgan told Al Jazeera in Lucknow ahead of Sunday’s game.

“In 2015, the team had almost no hope of winning the tournament. But the 2023 team is expected to reach the finals and win, and losses in this way simply very devastating defeats, which probably makes it more dramatic and worse than 2015. It’s not nice to play and it’s not nice to watch.”

Cricket World Cup  – Morgan Laments England’s Loss of Direction and Confidence

England’s ODI success under Morgan has been based on aggressive batting and the belief that they can outdo any opposition, and while nine players from England’s successful 2019 campaign are still in the team, Morgan believes the loss of direction and confidence is the reason for their sharp decline.

“For me, what doesn’t rub off is that everything is out of shape, Morgan said. Given how strong the team is, for me it just doesn’t exist and doesn’t make any sense. I think England have moved away from what worked for them for a long time and for three weeks.”

Morgan noted that just five weeks ago England beat New Zealand 3-1 in the ODI series and the Black Caps were one of the best teams in the tournament. What is missing is confidence, faith. For a team to play well, you need to fairly relaxed and confident, and when your confidence is shaken, you need to calm down. Some of the mistakes they have made so far are not encouraging, he said.

Morgan believes selection played a “significant” role. Drastic changes and changes in different games, as well as not quite knowing your team’s optimal balance, can leave you in the locker room, he said.

“You are talking about very experienced players who have been playing for a long time. They know their game and the team’s game from the inside. They can recognize when things are not going their way and almost need that reassurance, that belief and that confidence booster to get through it.”

‘Debilitating the team’

While Morgan believes Buttler should take some responsibility for the disappointing campaign, he says there are questions for the management team of coach Matthew Mott, selector Luke Wright and managing director Rob Key. Mott took charge of the team in 2022 ahead of a victorious T20 World Cup in Australia, where England confirmed their status as a leading white-ball team.

There is a line of command in the decision making process that has failed. When it comes to infrastructure or structural decisions, you have to question management, Morgan said. It’s a challenge for Rob Key and I would say a bigger challenge for Matthew Mott.

This Cricket World Cup and maybe the next in West Indies and America in 2024 will his two biggest tests because he is in and around the team, he now knows it inside out and his management of people will tested because that this level of expectation will not disappear.

Buttler Acknowledges Wrong Decision in Fielding First at Cricket World Cup match

Having won the toss against South Africa, Buttler decided to field first in difficult conditions. It is a decision he later admit wrong after England suffered a record defeat. I’ve made similar decisions, bad decisions amid other bad decisions. It’s a domino effect, Morgan said.

“Decisions in the draw are usually made the day before and then because you’re under so much pressure, you don’t take in the information that the day gives you: the heat, the pitch or various other things. and you just stick to the same decision.”

Morgan said the combination of poor decisions in that match, including over-tackling, showed England’s confused thinking. Mistakes in the balance of the team, the worst was probably the game in South Africa, where David Willey batted seven balls. Yes, David Willey is a more than capable all-rounder, but he is not like any of the all-rounders who have played before, he said.

“Moeen Ali and Liam Livingstone weren’t even in the team, which was a huge shock to me. He added: Everything has a domino effect, but when you change choices it creates more doubts and questions about what style you want to play. You’re almost weakening the team before they get a chance to play. It is criminal to make such mistakes.”

Morgan backs Buttler to stay

Languishing at the bottom of the table after four defeats in five matches, England must now win every game and hope that other results will help them finish in the top four in the round-robin group stage and reach the semi-finals.

But they likely face the prospect of playing a series of dead rubbers as post-mortem analysis is carried out. Morgan still believes Buttler should remain at the helm. He’s a brilliant captain, a brilliant cricket brain, one of the best white-ball players of our generation and when you look at where England have failed in this tournament, it’s all about decision-making, he said.

“Something is wrong, whether it’s miscommunication, or data influencing intuition, or not using the team’s strengths above all else.”

He said England could change the formation to better support Buttler. I think more support and more structure in his decision making will help him go further and win more world championships.

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Cricket World Cup Drama – Face Off started for Semis

In a crucial clash of the ICC Cricket World Cup, Bangladesh is set to take on Pakistan at the iconic Eden Gardens in Kolkata on October 31. Despite the sub-continent’s reputation for providing favorable conditions for teams from the region, Bangladesh has faced a challenging campaign, securing only one victory out of the five games played in the World Cup. Their recent match against the Netherlands ended in disappointment as Bangladesh fell short by 87 runs.

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The team’s batting woes were evident as they were bowled out for a mere 142 while chasing a target of 229. On the other hand, Pakistan has also encountered a tough run, suffering their fourth consecutive defeat in the tournament, this time to South Africa, thanks to late heroics by Keshav Maharaj. As the Cricket World Cup progresses, Pakistan’s chances of making it to the semi-finals remain uncertain.

While the maximum points they can accumulate in the group stage is 10. The 2019 World Cup showed that 12 points were sufficient for semi-final qualification. However, Pakistan’s hopes of advancing to the last four in this Cricket World Cup hinge on other match outcomes favoring them. Eden Gardens in Kolkata is renowned for its batting-friendly pitches. These pitches are typically prepared using black cotton soil, which ensures good bounce, making it conducive for batsmen.

Semi-Final Race in CWC: Afghanistan and Sri Lanka’s Quest

However, as the match advances, the pitch tends to slow down, creating conditions that favor spin bowlers. Additionally, the pitch’s behavior can be influenced by weather conditions and the time of day. In day matches, the pitch typically offers the best batting conditions during the first innings. While day-night matches may provide some assistance to seam bowlers in the evening. Adding an extra layer of intrigue to this crucial clash in the Cricket World Cup.

The 2023 Cricket World Cup has introduced some nail-biting moments, but it’s also been a stage for unexpected results. While the top-four teams on the points table appear well-positioned for the knockouts. There’s a cluster of teams just below, ready to seize any opportunities. For Afghanistan and Sri Lanka, three wins in their remaining four league-stage games would place them at ten points. Offering a genuine shot at a semi-final berth.

However, Afghanistan is set to face Australia and South Africa, while Sri Lanka still has India and New Zealand on their schedule of CWC. This sets the stage for a crucial match in Pune on Monday. Where a win for either team would allow for some margin of error in tougher matches. A loss would dim their fledgling semi-final hopes. Both sides come into this fixture with a measure of form, given their recent performances.

Afghanistan’s campaign was revitalized by historic wins against England and Pakistan, despite initial losses to India and New Zealand. As for Sri Lanka, they faced a setback with three consecutive defeats to South Africa, Pakistan, and Australia. However, back-to-back wins against the Netherlands and England injected new life into their Cricket World Cup journey.

Pathum Nissanka: Sri Lanka’s Emerging Star in the Cricket World Cup

These two sides have faced each other in six ODIs over the past year, with Sri Lanka winning four of them. Their recent encounter in the Asia Cup served as added motivation for Afghanistan after a thrilling contest in September, making this Cricket World Cup clash even more enticing.

Rashid Khan’s record against Sri Lanka offers further hope. His 11 wickets in six innings at an average of 18.54 make it one of his more successful records against Full-Member nations, surpassed only by his performances against Zimbabwe and Ireland. Notably, he has gone wicketless in just one of those six innings. Given that Sri Lanka has exhibited vulnerability in the middle and lower order specially in CWC. Rashid’s role becomes pivotal in testing their batting lineup.

Sri Lanka, on the other hand, has seen a more consistent top order in the Cricket World Cup, with Pathum Nissanka emerging as an unexpected standout. Nissanka’s journey in the Sri Lankan squad has been marked by substantial improvement. After his debut as a Test specialist in 2021, he was integrated into the white-ball format. During a period when Sri Lanka underwent a youth-driven squad transformation.

While he struggled initially in ODIs, managing only 86 runs across his first nine innings, the selectors persisted with him. Their faith has been repaid in full. Nissanka’s promotion to a regular opener came at the end of his initial struggles, and since then. He has notched 13 fifties and three centuries in 36 innings. His ODI average now stands at 39.97, and in this Cricket World Cup, he’s been exceptional. Accumulating four consecutive fifties at an impressive average of 60.75.

Cricket World Cup Drama: India’s Certain Semifinal Berth

Moreover, he has shown signs of adopting a more aggressive approach, evident in his higher strike rate during the tournament, which has increased from 83.64 to 91.35. These developments in Rashid Khan’s form and Pathum Nissanka’s evolution add depth and intrigue to the Cricket World Cup, creating exciting storylines to follow as the tournament unfolds.

India, playing at the Ekana Stadium in Lucknow during the Cricket World Cup, faced early trouble at 40-3. However, Rohit Sharma (87 off 101 balls) and KL Rahul (39 off 58) steadied the innings with a 91-run partnership for the third wicket. The pitch offered occasional grip and substantial turn for spinners.

India, with six wins in as many matches, has virtually secured a spot in the Cricket World Cup semi-finals. On the other hand, England, with five defeats in six matches and a net run rate of -1.652, are on the brink of elimination. Nonetheless, the certainty of India’s qualification and England’s elimination is not purely mathematical at this stage.

England’s focus is also on the 2025 Champions Trophy. According to the qualification scenario revealed during their match against India, only the top seven teams in the 2023 World Cup will secure a spot in the 2025 Champions Trophy. England, under head coach Matthew Mott, suffered a resounding 100-run loss to India, further compounding their struggles in the Cricket World Cup.

According to ICC regulations, the top seven teams in the 2023 World Cup league stage will secure a spot in the 2025 Champions Trophy, along with host nation Pakistan. Currently, England finds themselves in a challenging position, occupying the last spot on the points table in the Cricket World Cup. When questioned about England’s chances of qualifying for the 2025 Champions Trophy.

Cricket World Cup: England’s Unpredictable Journey in CWC 2023

Head coach Matthew Mott revealed that he became aware of the qualification scenario. About an hour and a half before the post-match press conference. He stated that the ICC frequently modifies qualification rules and emphasized. That the new information wouldn’t significantly impact the team’s approach in the ongoing tournament.

It’s worth noting that the ICC had approved the qualification process during a board meeting in November 2021. But the details were not publicly communicated until Sunday afternoon in Lucknow. Some participating teams were aware of it, while others, including England, were not. With Champions Trophy qualification on the line, England and other teams positioned in the lower half of the points table. Still have significant motivation to perform well in the Cricket World Cup.

England’s captain, Jos Buttler, acknowledged the Champions Trophy qualification process. During the post-match presentation, emphasizing that they have plenty at stake and much to play for. England’s upcoming Cricket World Cup match is against Australia in Ahmedabad on November 4.

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The 2023 Cricket World Cup Final: England’s Demise and India’s Rise

The Cricket World Cup final is a momentous occasion in the world of sports. Has often been marked by unforgettable moments. We can draw parallels to Stephen Hendry’s victory over Steve Davis in the 1990 UK Championship final, Serena Williams’ first Grand Slam win at the 1999 US Open, and Max Verstappen’s thrilling overtake in Abu Dhabi in 2021. On a Sunday night in Lucknow, another such moment unfolded in the realm of 50-over cricket.

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England’s decline had been apparent. But the Cricket World Cup final result was as clear as the gap between Jos Buttler’s bat and pad. A once-dominant team was decisively dethroned by a formidable adversary. While some transitions in sports are shocking, this one is remarkable for its resounding nature.

India now possesses what England had when they triumphed in the 2019 Cricket World Cup. While England is left with only cherished memories. India’s unwavering focus is on claiming a trophy that has eluded them. Mirroring England’s determination under the leadership of Eoin Morgan four years ago. The cricket powerhouse has gone 12 years without a white-ball trophy, a far cry from England’s agonizing wait for the 50-over title. Which spanned three generations until a sunny day at Lord’s.

India’s meticulous planning over the years positions them to reap the rewards. They’ve played more matches in the format than any other team during the last four years, with 66 games compared to England’s 42. The result is a team that seems capable of easily winning, reminiscent of the England team that preceded them.

The Anticipation of the Cricket World Cup Final: Countdown to Glory

The CWC final is fast approaching, and the stage is set for a battle of epic proportions. India’s star, Virat Kohli, along with the reliable KL Rahul, fills roles crucial to their team’s success. The versatile all-rounder, Hardik Pandya, is poised to make a comeback in the Cricket World Cup semifinals, providing a dynamic force in the Ben Stokes mold.

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India’s formidable bowling arsenal includes the likes of Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammed Siraj, Mohammed Shami, and the revitalized spinner, Kuldeep Yadav. Ravichandran Ashwin is a veteran with 717 international wickets. Has yet to feature in this tournament, much like England’s decision to omit Moeen Ali four years ago. India’s depth in white-ball cricket now mirrors what used to be England’s strength.

On the flip side, England’s bowling lineup faces challenges. As an injury to Reece Topley necessitated the return of Chris Woakes. Even David Willey, the opening partner, missed out on a new central contract. Gus Atkinson, another option, has limited experience with only six 50-over games for county or country.

England is in search of answers, unsure of the root cause of their recent batting woes. Jos Buttler humorously suggests that solutions might be found on postcards. In contrast, India holds a significant advantage as the host nation, a factor that has proven crucial in the last three Cricket World Cup tournaments.

India will play in nine out of ten venues, from the Himalayan city of Dharamsala to Chennai on the Bay of Bengal, Kolkata in the east, and Ahmedabad in the west. Each city will come to a standstill as the cricketing spectacle unfolds. As the Cricket World Cup final draws near, the spotlight is on these two cricketing giants, each with its unique set of challenges and opportunities.

Balanced Scores: The Recipe for Memorable Cricket World Cup Finals

The outcome of the Cricket World Cup final often rests in the hands of the competing teams. While high-scoring runfests can be entertaining, there’s a unique charm in the games where the scores are more moderate, just below 300. The thrill of a challenging chase is undeniable. It’s the relentless pursuit, the ever-present element of risk, and the thrilling big hits that capture our hearts.

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Whether it’s the ball soaring into the sky or racing across the turf, there’s an undeniable sense of improbability that gradually transforms into anticipation and palpable expectation. Hope is a bittersweet companion, capable of delivering ecstasy or heartbreak.

By the time the match concludes. Especially if it goes down to the wire, you’re left physically and emotionally drained. You’ve invested yourself in every moment, every shift in momentum. And depending on your allegiance, you’re either basking in the warmth of victory or lamenting missed opportunities. For the neutrals, it’s a privilege to witness such a spectacle.

As a sports enthusiast, you appreciate the poignancy of the finish. When you watch a player like Jimmy Neesham, a late inclusion in the New Zealand XI. Make a desperate lunge for a second run, only to fall short, you empathize with his desolation. That run could have kept him at the crease, extending the hopes of his team, which he valiantly bolstered in the CWC 2023 final overs.

It brings to mind the evening at Lord’s in 2019 when Neesham and his batting partner in that Super Over, Martin Guptill, found themselves similarly stranded, allowing a maiden CWC Trophy to slip through their fingers. In the context of the Cricket World Cup final, these finely balanced encounters create a unique and unforgettable experience for fans and players alike.

Ben Stokes’ Thoughtful Insights on Cricket Shot Selection

In a heartfelt plea just days before this year’s Ashes. Ben Stokes implored “everyone watching cricket” to understand the fine line between shot selection and outcome. According to Stokes, cricket is a results-driven sport. Where a shot can be seen as good or bad based solely on whether it leads to dismissal. The difference between being praised for a fantastic boundary and being criticized for recklessness can be minuscule. In this high-stakes game, fear of getting out unfavorably can paralyze a player. Making it essential to consider the context leading to a dismissal.

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As Stokes took to the pitch on a Sunday evening in Lucknow. England found themselves at 30 for 2 in their pursuit of 230. They had just lost two wickets to the brilliance of Jasprit Bumrah in quick succession. The earlier optimism of England’s fans waned, while the Indian supporters were in the crowd. Nearly 46,000 strong, came alive, dressed in their vibrant royal blue.

The pitch, a slow one, had already been used in this Cricket World Cup. And it proved challenging for both teams’ batsmen. England’s path to victory, though only a consolation, hinged on one of their top-order batsmen anchoring the innings, similar to Rohit Sharma’s performance in the first innings. They hoped that the evening dew would make it difficult for India in the latter stages of the match.

Jasprit Bumrah had already dismissed two top-order batsmen. Dawid Malan and Joe Root. With only five overs left before the field spread out. England’s chance to accumulate runs and stay in the game relied on taking on bowlers from the South End.

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Cricket World Cup – How Indian fans came to love English players

Although the cricket rivalry between India and England was often bitter and influenced by colonial history, it has changed in recent years. The image of former India captain Sourav Ganguly waving his jersey in jubilation on the balcony of Lord’s Cricket Stadium is deeply etched in the memory of every Indian Cricket World Cup  fan.

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It was July 13, 2002. India defeated England by two wickets in a tense NatWest series finale with Ganguly’s side chasing a powerful target of 326 in the final. The match, hailed as one of the greatest in one-day cricket, was a titanic clash between the golden age of Indian cricket that featured Ganguly, Sachin Tendulkar and Anil Kumble, and an England team that boasted top players like Nasser Hussain, Marcus Trescothick. and Andrew Flintoff.

For India, the win was sweet revenge after England held them 3-3 at home in the ODI series earlier that year. After Zaheer Khan scored the win, Ganguly waved India’s jersey, exposing his torso, and hurled insults, hitting back after Flintoff celebrated topless at the Wankhede Stadium during England’s tour of India.

Changing Dynamics of the India-England Cricket Rivalry

India and England have played over 100 ODI international matches since the 1970s, and tensions have run high during these clashes. There were instances of aggression, moments of good banter and a strong sense of competition between the players.

But as India and England prepare to meet at the Cricket World Cup on Sunday, Indian fans feel their so-called rivalry has softened over the past few years as players from both countries compete together in franchise leagues, including Twenty20 Indian Premier League.

“Certainly the rivalry between India and England has diminished, Chirag Narasimia, a commercial and corporate lawyer based in Bengaluru, told Al Jazeera. Aggression between teams in international cricket has generally subsided due to the IPL and other leagues.”

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English players have been playing in the IPL since its inception in 2008, and many have built a strong fan base in the cricket-loving country. England Test captain and all-rounder Ben Stokes, who has played for IPL teams Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings, is an Indian favourite.

During England’s Cricket World Cup match against South Africa at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai last weekend, Indian fans cheered for him every time he held the ball and chanted his name as he took the field in the second innings.

Jos Buttler and Joe Root, who both played for the Rajasthan Royals in the 2023 IPL season, also received a similar reception from the Mumbai fans even though England suffered a huge defeat. The IPL has allowed fans to get to know many players from different countries, says Ali Taabish Nomani, a Lucknow-based insurance consultant.

Building Bridges Beyond Borders: IPL and Its Impact on Fan Engagement

“Many fans are very aware of our cricket-loving country, so once they see a player doing well, they will support him, no matter what country he comes from. Be it even Ben Stokes from England.”

Narasimia, who also consults on sports law matters, said the IPL is a great tool to bridge the gap between Indian fans and overseas players. The league has opened up the game to many casual fans who don’t really understand or engage with the rivalry. According to him, these fans are happy to just watch the game and enjoy who is playing well.

“I think that has increased over the years and has led to fewer conversations discussing whether a player is from England or Australia. Besides, England players have been touring India and playing in the IPL for so many years that it is nothing new for them. They also make an effort to assimilate.”

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The Emotional Bonds Created by IPL

For Dion George, a Mumbai-based software developer, supporting the Chennai Super Kings made him emotionally invested in the career of England batsman Sam Curran. Curran played for the Chennai-based IPL franchise in the 2020-21 IPL season before joining Punjab Kings this year. But this did not affect George’s support for the Englishman. Cricket fans can book Cricket World Cup Final Tickets on our website at exclusively discounted prices.

Because I have followed him for so long because of my devotion to Chennai, I am so used to supporting him. I still get happy when I see him doing well in Punjab or even in England, George said. Apart from Curran, George is also a big supporter of Buttler and included the England captain in his fantasy team during the IPL a couple of seasons ago.

When you play fantasy games, you subconsciously set yourself up for these players to succeed, and this stays for a long time. Once Buttler is in my fantasy team, I will be looking forward to seeing him do well even in international Test cricket and Cricket World Cups, said 26-year-old George.

“When I attended the England match against South Africa, I was most upset to see him go.”

Colonial history

While India and England have been rivals on the cricket field, the countries also have a long history, with British rule of the Indian subcontinent from 1858 to 1947.

Cricket, which originated in England, was brought to the Indian subcontinent by sailors and traders of the English East India Company in the 17th and 18th centuries and became a very popular sport among Indians when India defeated its former colonizers England on their own soil in 1971 – a victory in three-Test series with a score of 1–0.

In 1983, India won the Cricket World Cup for the first time, lifting the trophy at Lord’s Cricket Ground in London, once called the cathedral of cricket. Then in 2011, India won their second World Cup title and England won the CWC for the first time in 2019, ending an agonizing 44-year wait to become world champions in the sport they invented.

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Britain’s colonial history has not been forgotten, but Indian fans say it does not affect them when they watch a cricket match between India and England. I don’t think about British colonialism because what happened is now in the past and we have to learn from history, said Nomani, who will be attending the India vs England match in Lucknow on Sunday.

“I never looked at it that way, to me it’s just two teams from two countries playing cricket.”

Narasimia said India’s achievements in cricket have proven that it is better than its former colonizers. I don’t think colonial history matters that much to today’s fans, especially in the 20-30 age group. This is because India sort of ‘made it’ by winning the Cricket World Cup before England, he said.

England’s poor form

England go into Sunday’s match against table-toppers India with four defeats from five matches. Mathematically, England are not yet out of contention for the semi-finals, but their hopes hang in the balance as they sit second behind the Netherlands on net run rate.

Dismal batting let England down several times during their Cricket World Cup title defense, while their bowlers also failed to step up. However, India fan Nomani expects Sunday’s clash in Lucknow to be an interesting one.

“I believe it will be a good match because the pitch has been completely changed since the Cricket World Cup was held at this venue. It could be a neutral venue for both teams…and also with England coming into the game with four losses, they could be aggressive and India could be eliminated as they have won all five matches, the 30-year-old said. I would say India will have to lose this match, but it will be an aggressive and competitive game.”

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How Pakistan can still qualify for Cricket World Cup knockouts despite South Africa setback

Pakistan’s future in the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup looks uncertain after recent defeats to Afghanistan and South Africa as the tournament heads into its second half. The 1992 champions have a chance to reach the semi-finals of the CWC, but their qualification will depend on the performance of other teams.

Pakistan, under the captaincy of Babar Azam, started the 2023 World Cup with two wins in a row. Shaheen’s won their opening match against the Netherlands in Hyderabad and then completed a record-breaking Cricket World Cup run against Sri Lanka at the same venue.

Pakistan, however, suffered a major dip in form after facing 2023 Cricket World Cup hosts India on October 14. The poor performance saw them bowled out for 199 against India, who comfortably won the game by seven wickets in 31 overs at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.

Pakistan’s Roller Coaster Cricket World Cup Journey

The defeat to India was followed by Pakistan’s defeats to lower-ranked Australia and Afghanistan, as well as a crushing defeat to South Africa. Pakistan’s net run rate fell to -0.378 after four straight defeats in the ongoing 50-over Cricket World Cup. But Azam’s side are just outside the top four with six points from five matches with three games remaining in the group stage.

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Pakistan will next face Bangladesh in the group stage of the group stage, followed by New Zealand and England. India, New Zealand and South Africa have taken things to another level this campaign and these three teams have already had one foot in the semi-finals. The fourth spot, currently occupied by Australia, is still open.

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In Cricket World Cup Clash South Africa Edges Out Pakistan

In a thrilling match at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, South Africa displayed exceptional resilience to narrowly defeat Pakistan by one wicket. Making it one of the tournament’s most exhilarating encounters. The Proteas faced a challenging target of 271 runs in their chase. Initially appearing comfortable with Aiden Markram’s strong performance. However, a dramatic slide from 235-5 to 250-8 raised the stakes.

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The Cricket World Cup match was on a knife’s edge as South Africa’s lower-order batsmen had to find 21 runs against Pakistan’s spirited bowling attack. Keshav Maharaj and Lungi Ngidi inched closer to the target. Ngidi fell in a stunning catch by Haris Rauf. Leaving South Africa with 11 runs still needed. In a moment of intense tension. Pakistan reviewed an LBW decision against South Africa’s number 11. Tabraiz Shamsi, on the final ball of Haris’ spell. Despite a marginal decision, the umpire’s call favored the batsman.

With their pacers bowled out, Pakistan turned to spin. But Keshav Maharaj sealed South Africa’s victory by hitting Mohammad Nawaz for the winning boundary with 22 balls to spare. This win catapulted South Africa to the top of the CWC table. They share the same 10 points as India but lead on net run rate. Despite having played one more game. South Africa’s only loss in six matches came as a shock defeat to the Netherlands. Victory against New Zealand in their upcoming match could secure their place in the Cricket World Cup semifinals.

On the other hand, Pakistan faced their fourth defeat in six games, making their path to the CWC semifinals extremely challenging.

South Africa’s Roller-Coaster Ride to Victory in CWC 2023

In the realm of the Cricket World Cup final. South Africa has experienced both highs and lows. Often showcasing impressive performances in the early stages. They have occasionally stumbled in bizarre fashion. However, their journey in India has been notable, except for a surprising setback against the Netherlands. This victory stands out as their first successful chase in the tournament. And their first CWC triumph against Pakistan. Whether in the 50-over or T20 format, since 1999.

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The Proteas found themselves on the brink of defeat, teetering at 136-4. But a determined partnership between Aiden Markram and David Miller in the Cricket World Cup offered a glimmer of hope. Their fifth-wicket stand added 70 runs, bringing South Africa back into contention. Yet, when Miller fell, caught behind off Shaheen Afridi’s bowling, nerves crept in, particularly with Marco Jansen’s arrival at the crease.

Markram led a counter-attack, with Jansen briefly joining in with a stunning straight six before getting dismissed. With 36 runs still required, the game hung in the balance. Markram, however, remained composed until he played an audacious shot against leg-spinner Usama Mir. Who entered as a concussion replacement for Shadab Khan. Gerald Coetzee’s dismissal while edging Shaheen without adding to the score tilted the game in Pakistan’s favor.

Keshav Maharaj and Lungi Ngidi had their moments of uncertainty. Missing shots and running between the wickets. At Cricket World Cup Shaheen Afridi expended his full 10-over quota, and Mohammad Wasim battled cramps. Haris Rauf, with energy to spare, had an over-to bowl. When Ngidi chipped the ball back. Haris seized a spectacular catch.

The pivotal moment arrived when Tabraiz Shamsi faced Haris. His second delivery struck Shamsi’s pads, resulting in a fervent appeal. Umpire Alex Wharf initially denied the appeal, a decision supported by the Decision Review System’s ‘umpire’s call.’ Had Wharf decided differently. Pakistan would have emerged victorious.

Pakistan on the Brink in Cricket World Cup Final Quest

In the pursuit of Cricket World Cup glory. Pakistan’s journey has been marked by inconsistency, including a stinging loss to arch-rivals India and an unexpected upset against Afghanistan. Faced with this latest setback, the cricket board issued a statement imploring fans to support Captain Babar Azam and his team. However, this defeat has left Pakistan on the verge of elimination. Their recurring batting weaknesses placed an excessive burden on the bowlers. Despite a wholehearted effort to defend their total.

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Left-arm seamer Marco Jansen proved effective both at the start and end of the innings. While Gerald Coetzee bowled with aggression during the middle overs. However, the true standout was Tabraiz Shamsi in the Cricket World Cup. Who displayed impressive flight, guile, and the ability to extract turn from the pitch.

Shamsi’s pivotal moment came when he dismissed the ominous-looking Babar. Who was on 50, attempting a sweep? Wicketkeeper Quinton de Kock executed a brilliant catch down the leg side. And a strategic review revealed the faintest of contacts.

Saud Shakeel, contributing 52, and Shadab, who scored 43. Formed a crucial partnership of 84 for the sixth wicket. Unfortunately, Shadab’s dismissal marked the beginning of a late collapse. With the last five wickets falling for just 45 runs at Cricket World Cup.

Pakistan appeared to be around 50 runs short of a competitive target. But the nail-biting conclusion indicated they were actually much closer.

South Africa’s Tabraiz Shamsi, named the Player of the Match, reflected on his crucial contribution. Saying, “I knew I had to do a job there, but the guys who bowled before me set it up perfectly. They’re probably the first four runs I’ve scored this year. Keshav Maharaj scored big runs, and Lungi Ngidi before him too.”

Pakistan’s captain, Babar Azam, acknowledged their team’s resilience, stating, “Yes, we had a fightback. We did not finish well or start well, but the bowlers fought very well.”

South Africa Clinches Thrilling Victory Over Pakistan in Cricket World Cup Final Race

In a riveting Cricket World Cup showdown in Chennai. South Africa secured a one-wicket triumph over Pakistan, propelling them to the summit of the points table. Despite being on equal points with India. The Proteas hold the top spot due to a superior net run rate. Even though India has a game in hand.

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The Proteas chased down a target of 270 in a nail-biting finish. With Keshav Maharaj delivering the winning runs in the 48th over. Aiden Markram emerged as South Africa’s top scorer, amassing an impressive 91 runs. Tabraiz Shamsi proved to be their standout bowler, claiming four crucial wickets and earning the title of player of the match.

This defeat marks Pakistan’s fourth consecutive loss. Leaving their hopes of reaching the Cricket World Cup semifinals hanging by a thread. Babar Azam’s squad currently occupies the sixth position in the 10-team CWC tournament.

Opting to bat first, Pakistan established a target of 270 runs for South Africa. Saud Shakeel and Babar Azam both notched up half-centuries in the first innings. Tabraiz Shamsi and Marco Jansen shone with four and three wickets in the Cricket World Cup, respectively.

Despite losing early wickets, South Africa appeared to be in control during their chase. Primarily thanks to Aiden Markram’s brilliant 91. However, a collapse in the middle and lower order injected tension into the match. Ultimately, Keshav Maharaj held his nerve and secured the victory with 16 balls to spare. Marking an exhilarating win for the Proteas in Chennai.

With 10 points from six games, South Africa now leads the table. They surpass India in net run rate, although India has a match in hand. In contrast, Pakistan finds itself in the sixth position with four points from six CWC matches. Facing an uphill battle in its quest for a spot in the Cricket World Cup final.

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Cricket World Cup Update – Semi-Final Hopes and Net Run Rate Drama

Amid the 2023 Cricket World Cup hosted in India, we find ourselves beyond the halfway point, and the competition is intensifying. With each of the ten teams playing nine matches in the round-robin format, India stands out as the sole undefeated team. Remarkably, this tournament marks the first instance since 1992 where every participating nation has notched at least one victory.

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To secure a spot in the semi-finals, teams aim for six victories. However, statistical anomalies can see some qualify with just three wins, while others with seven victories might surprisingly miss out due to the net run rate, as we witnessed with Australia in the previous year’s Cricket World Cup and South Africa in 2021.

At the moment, the Cricket World Cup standings are incredibly close, with only one win separating the fourth and seventh positions. Three teams, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, find themselves level on four points, their fates hanging in the balance, distinguished primarily by a net run rate of 0.764.

Australia, who faced a challenging start in the CWC, now sees a clearer path to the semi-finals, thanks in part to England’s dramatic downturn. Their upcoming matches against Afghanistan and Bangladesh are expected to yield victories, making the remaining fixtures against England and New Zealand crucial for the five-time world champions.

Australia’s CWC Dilemma: Crucial Matches and Net Run Rate

Losing both of these vital matches could seriously dent Australia’s chances of reaching the semi-finals. However, winning just one of them should suffice to secure their spot in the knockouts. Maintaining a strong net run rate is equally important for Australia, as it will determine their standing against Pakistan and Sri Lanka in this fiercely competitive CWC.

Amid the 2023 Cricket World Cup in India, Australia has set its sights on a perfect record, aiming to secure victories in all five of its remaining group-stage matches. While a loss to New Zealand wouldn’t be a catastrophe, likely, they would still qualify for the semi-finals. Additionally, a decisive win against England next week would spell the end of the tournament for their Ashes rivals.

Of course, the entire scenario hinges on the outcomes of other group-stage matches. A couple of unexpected upsets could entirely alter the semi-final race, adding a layer of unpredictability to the CWC. As the days unfold, the path to the knockouts will become more defined. In the case of India, the host nation, their semi-final spot seems all but secure, even with some challenging games against England and South Africa on the horizon.

Even if they were to lose both matches, probably, they would still finish among the top four teams in the Cricket World Cup. South Africa presently boasts the highest net run rate in the tournament, a potential game-changer as the group stage nears its end. Despite an unexpected loss to the Netherlands, the Proteas must secure victories against Pakistan and Afghanistan to secure a semi-final berth, unless a dramatic shift occurs in their net run rate.

Cricket World Cup 2023: Semi-Final Scenarios for New Zealand and Pakistan

New Zealand finds itself in a similar position, needing wins against Pakistan and Sri Lanka to guarantee a place in the top four, taking into account net run rate. Pakistan’s journey to the semi-finals of the Cricket World Cup, on the other hand, is a bit more complex. They need to make a substantial improvement in their net run rate, and this entails a convincing victory over Bangladesh, alongside wins against South Africa, New Zealand, and England.

Even then, their qualification depends on the assumption that Australia doesn’t suffer any shock losses and that Afghanistan doesn’t continue its giant-killing spree. Lastly, England, the reigning champions, are facing a challenging road in the CWC. They have lost four out of their first five matches, including a surprising defeat to Afghanistan in Delhi.

In the 2023 Cricket World Cup, England faces an uphill battle, needing to win all four remaining group-stage matches, including clashes against India and Australia, to keep their slim hopes alive for a top-four finish. Though challenging, it’s not impossible, but they’ll also need other results to go their way in this CWC.

South Africa currently leads the table, and this year could mark a turning point for them as they aim to shed the ‘chokers’ label. Their dominant form, particularly when batting first, with massive first-innings totals, has been impressive. However, their loss to the Netherlands revealed old concerns about their performance in Cricket World Cup events.

Winning a Cricket World Cup knockout match remains uncharted territory for them. The host nation, India, is in a strong position for a semi-final berth with five wins, all while chasing. New Zealand stands as the only team to truly challenge India, but even they fell short, and a tantalizing match against South Africa awaits in Kolkata.

Sri Lanka’s Cricket World Cup Revival: Angelo Mathews and Renewed Hope

New Zealand, considered the dark horse of this Cricket World Cup, quietly secured four wins, positioning themselves well for a semi-final spot. Despite upcoming crucial matches, including a trans-Tasman clash, they could afford to drop a few and still reach the semi-finals with wins in their final two games.

Sri Lanka heads into their final four Cricket World Cup fixtures with renewed confidence after a resounding victory over England. They have significant games against India and New Zealand on the horizon, and veteran all-rounder Angelo Mathews, making a strong comeback as an injury replacement, adds to their strength. Their fate lies in their hands, especially with three matches against Asian rivals remaining.

Afghanistan faced a setback from the beginning with their opening defeat to Bangladesh. While they struggled against semi-final-bound India and New Zealand, they displayed promise by initiating England’s downfall and chasing down Pakistan impressively. Their upcoming match against Sri Lanka will be pivotal in distinguishing contenders from pretenders in this Cricket World Cup.

Bangladesh is on a four-game losing streak following their initial triumph against Afghanistan in CWC. Their current form reflects regret for not capitalizing against England. Though mathematically they could still make it to the semi-finals, it demands winning all four remaining games and depending on other results. They share a 1-4 win-loss record with the Netherlands, and their upcoming encounter on Saturday will decide elimination from contention.

Pakistan out of Cricket World Cup 2023 Semi-Final

The ongoing Cricket World Cup format entails each team playing nine league games, with the top four progressing to the semi-finals. While the general notion is that six wins out of nine secure a top-four spot, the current standings suggest a scenario where five teams might achieve six wins or more. This could lead to qualification being determined by net run rate.

Pakistan, despite their current struggles, remains in the semi-final race. If they secure four victories in their remaining games, it would place them at 12 points with six wins. However, this might not suffice, as four other teams could also accumulate six or more wins. Anything less would make it exceptionally challenging for Pakistan to contend for a top-four finish in the Cricket World Cup.

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Cricket World Cup – How can England still qualify for semi-finals?

England’s Cricket World Cup hopes hang in the balance as they endure a nightmare defense of their title in India, although there is still a slim chance they will stay on track and make an unlikely late run to the semi-finals.

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The 2019 champions lost four of their first five matches (most recently an eight-wicket rout against Sri Lanka) and finished ninth in the 10-team table with two points, with only the top four teams progressing from the group stage.

England were also crushed by New Zealand in the opening group match, the same two teams who had appeared in the final four years earlier, followed by a solitary victory over Bangladesh and a shock 69-run defeat to Afghanistan.

Next was a dismal 229-run defeat to South Africa, England’s record highest ever ODI defeat, before Sri Lanka bowled them out for 156, leaving them on the cusp of a group stage exit and in need of a few miracles according to their captain Jos Buttler.

What do England Cricket World Cup team need to do?

The round-robin format gives England four more matches to pick up points and move up the table, with toss wins taking them to 10 points and with an outside chance of still making the play-offs – depending on how the other teams perform next match couple of weeks later.

There is a high possibility that the net run score could determine the final qualifying places, which calculated by using the average number of runs per over scored by a team and then subtracting the average number of runs per over scored against them.

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This metric is used when teams remain tied on points at the end of the group stage and then the team has the better net result in that scenario and then qualifies. England desperately need to improve their figure as, after four heavy defeats, it currently sits at -1.634 after five matches.

However, more than half the teams currently have a negative net rating, so one big win for Buttler’s men could make a big difference to that number.

Who have England still got to play?

It certainly won’t be any easier for England as they face tournament-leading India on Sunday.

A fourth defeat in a row, and fifth overall, surely end any remaining slim hope of reaching the Cricket World Cup semi-finals as it would mean they could earn a maximum of eight points in the group stage – with qualifying opponents Australia and Pakistan. , on both sides of the Netherlands, yet to be played.

India may have lost top spot by the time the game played and New Zealand, two points behind and with a better record, faced Australia the day before, although a sixth win in a row would have all but guaranteed them progress to the semi-finals and the Cricket World Cup final.

If England shock Rohit Sharma’s men and remain in the hunt for qualification, their November 4 match against Australia, who are currently fourth with six points and have exited the group stage at every Cricket World Cup since 1996, is likely to be a crucial clash, especially if the Black Caps beat them on Saturday.

England next face the Netherlands in Pune on November 8 and Buttler’s side will hope to avoid elimination when they conclude their group campaign against Pakistan on November 11.

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Can England Cricket World Cup team afford any more slip ups?

Technically no. BUT, incredibly, there is still a scenario where England lose to India on Sunday or the Netherlands later in the tournament making them five major defeats for the tournament and still qualify!

For this to happen, they need a LOT of things to get their way. With India already on 10 points and South Africa and New Zealand currently tied on eight points each, a further loss to England would see eight points as the maximum they can achieve and therefore top three would likely be impossible catch up.

So they must hope the chasing pack of Australia, Pakistan and Afghanistan don’t surpass that eight-point tally, nor Bangladesh or the Netherlands, with whom Buttler’s team currently sit bottom of the table, for that matter. Cricket fans can book Cricket World Cup Final Tickets on our website at exclusively discounted prices.

This is why England could potentially afford to lose to India or the Netherlands and be fine, while defeats in either of the other two games against Australia or Pakistan would be far more damaging and likely to end the tournament.

What happens if England lose to India?

Here is just one of many scenarios (albeit unlikely) for how the results could go in England’s favor, even with a fifth defeat, and they qualify on net performance, provided they significantly improve on their current score.

Records galore as Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 sets new viewership benchmarks

According to BARC, the mega-event generated 123.8 billion minutes of television viewing and stadium attendance increased by 190,000 compared to the 2019 tournament.

The Cricket World Cup sets new records for the number of fans attending the event either on television or directly in the stadium. Some record numbers have released that clearly make the CWC 2023 the biggest yet. Hundreds of millions of fans tuned in thanks to global broadcast partner Disney Star, breaking previous viewership records.

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The first eighteen matches of the tournament generated 123.8 billion minutes watched, up 43% from 2019 in England and Wales. The month-and-a-half-long event attracted 364.2 million viewers who tuned into the live broadcast of eighteen matches. This event also shows the passion for the sport, especially in India, which also results in the numbers breaking records.

The mega cricket spectacle between India and Pakistan, which took place at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad on October 14, saw a peak live concurrency of 76 million on television and 35 million concurrent digital viewers. The digital concurrency record further broken by the 43 million viewers who watched the final broadcast of India’s match against New Zealand in Dharamsala on October 22.

The tournament has just reached its halfway point, with a total of more than 542,000 fans attending matches at the stadium, an increase of 190,000 on the halfway point of the 2019 tournament.

Entities comment on the benchmark viewership numbers

ICC CEO Geoff Allardice said the ICC is pleased to see audience interest and engagement in the mega event, which has seen a surge in numbers on Star Sports and Disney+ Hotstar channels. He further said, “The Cricket World Cup has captured the imagination of audiences across India, breaking records, and hundreds of millions of fans are enjoying the biggest event of the one-day game more than ever before.”

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Sanjog Gupta, head of sports at Disney Star, had a similar view when talking about the incredible number of fans who tuned in to watch the showcase event. He said that the number of viewership on the  Network has reached the mark and also noted the current scenario of teams participating in the event, expecting further growth in the tournament.

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