Inspired Georgia RWC 2023 team chef Levan Maisashvili has not a minute to lose. It’s not like he’s never lived his life to the fullest. It has brought a lot. It’s just that every moment feels so precious now since he miraculously returned to pure health after a horrific battle with COVID-19 in South Africa in 2021. He deftly pulled the wind ahead of the upcoming Rugby Europe campaign in his home country. Rugby World Cup fans can buy Georgia Vs Portugal Tickets from our website.

Just 18 months ago, he had a 2% chance of surviving when he was being ventilated in a Johannesburg hospital with severe lung damage. He lost 25 kg in a months-long coma, then surprisingly defied all odds and began to recover from the illness he contracted while touring with the Georgia RWC 2023 team. Having won that brave fight brilliantly and now in the past tense, Maisashvili patronized Tbilisi from what looked essentially like a rugby school lab.

Levan Maisashvili
Levan Maisashvili

His desk in the upper-left corner of the room looked like a shop, and behind it was a large chalkboard covered with notes from a year ago that the coach wants to do with the Georgia RWC 2023 team like never before. Winning the Rugby World Cup title in the next few weeks would not be a big deal. After all, Georgians are better at winning this title 14 times when they were champions, including the last five in a row.

Maisashvili was then assistant coach to Milton Haig

Instead, 2023 is the RWC in France and Georgia and there they will appear with the acknowledgment of having passed last time out. Maisashvili was then assistant coach to Milton Haig but the campaign in Japan never caught fire as the eastern Europeans lost three out of four games in an unmanageable 19-day fixture list.

Only Uruguay was beaten in that unfortunate away game, but the devilish aspect of what awaits us in this year’s September/October fixture list is a four-game schedule spread over 28 days, including clashes against Australia, Fiji, and Wales, three Teams that quietly had their numbers in the Far East four years ago. As a barometer that accurately measures your progress over time, meetings couldn’t look better.

All the more encouraging ahead of the final when the Georgia RWC 2023 team beat Wales just 10 weeks ago in Cardiff, having also won the scalp of another Six Nations country, Italy, a few months earlier, who rebounded against Australia in the Nations Series last autumn. With two big scalps taken, there is a burning need to take many more, starting with the Wallabies in Paris on September 9 before the show moves to Toulouse, Bordeaux, and Nantes for the Georgians.

Milton Haig
Milton Haig

That will certainly be heard at their base in La Rochelle, home of the current European Cup winners, another good omen of the generally good mood around them. But Maisashvili is angry. While Wales and Italy have every reason to up the caliber of warm-up games in their dance cards, starting with next weekend’s opening round of the Guinness Six Nations, Georgia is on hold despite its recent improvements.

The quality of the tournament dropped with a shift to eight teams

They indeed play Scotland in Murrayfield on August 26, but that’s all the rage at the moment. Opponents are yet to be won for two more friendlies in preparation for France 2023, while Rugby World Cup revised format is a cause for concern. Previously, the six participants had once met in a league structure that mirrored the Six Nations. And now? The quality of the tournament dropped with a shift to eight teams split into two four-way pots.

Georgia RWC 2023 team will play Germany home and away in February, and Spain and Germany in February, but there’s no guarantee they’ll meet FIFA Cup finalists Romania and Portugal in two knockout rounds. It’s a game, to be honest, it’s not good for us because we’ve always said we need more competitive matches than this year, Maisashvili explained. If you ever checked, we had a chance to play against Romania, Portugal, and Spain as well as Russia before they were disqualified.

Now we don’t have a chance to play against every team and these are games against each other weakest teams. We played five games and out of five, two or three were competitive because Portugal got off to a good start, Romania has a strong squad, and Spain is competitive too, but who knows? We don’t know whom we’re going to face in the semifinals and the final that I hope to reach. Rugby World Cup fans can buy Wales Vs Georgia Tickets from our website.

Ben Morel
Ben Morel

Maisashvili is asking Georgia to enter

I don’t think it will be good for us because there is a huge gap between the top countries and the competitions we compete in. In terms of the game plan, and the intensity of our game, I don’t think revision is a good idea. It’s not like Maisashvili is asking Georgia to enter the Six Nations at the expense of any of their current teams. Instead, he would prefer an expansion of that tournament, which outgoing Six Nations CEO Ben Morel hinted last week was not on the cards.

We never wanted anyone’s place in the Six Nations, Maisashvili insisted. We’re not saying we need a place in Italy or Wales. We don’t need one. We need more good games and people need to start thinking about it. I don’t know. Maybe seven nations. Eight nations. If you remember 2020, the [Fall Nations Series] was a great tournament and it helped us a lot. We showed that we can play RWC well, that we can play against the best nations, and that we can beat them.

It was the first time in Italy, the second time in Wales and there will be a next time, but. Of course, I’m frustrated. Everyone talks about it, but nobody does anything. I don’t know who is responsible for this. But what is Rugby World Cup? Is it a small group? Is this a 10-country game? What is it? We also need our participation, our challenge, and our opportunities. It’s a lot of trust for the coaching team, for the players, for everyone: not many teams can beat the Welshman in the Furstenstadion.

It’s a very good strong team with a great manager

If we talk about Italy, there is also one of the big teams that have the opportunity to take part in the Six Nations. Their team will grow and grow they beat Wales in the Principality and they beat Australia too. It’s a very good strong team with a great manager Kieran Crowley who made history. See also Benetton and their game in URC. So for us, for Georgia, Italy was a historic game. This will help us in our future development and plans for the RWC. It was a good occasion for us.

There’s a lot of trusts and a lot of trusts, but that’s our biggest problem. If you want Georgia Rugby World Cup to get better, we need more games. Every time I talk about it, I hear the same answer: we need more. More Games, more competition, stronger teams, and more Tier 1 countries. It’s so hard, so hard. Very good, everyone said: Well done Georgio, we are happy for you.

Kieran Crowley
Kieran Crowley

The big shots have started to like Georgia more but they are more prepared for us. We are not surprised anyone, everyone will prepare for us better and we like them. But from November to August if we are lucky Playing La Scotland Edinburgh is not normal. Georgia at least had the Black Lion franchise to keep them around eight games of the winter. The professional team, also coached by Maisashvili. Lifted the Super Cup on December 17 with a final win over Tel Aviv Heat in Tbilisi.

They were joined by nine players

Eighteen of those homegrown players were included in Georgia’s 34-man Autumn Nations Series squad. Resulting in a 13-12 ambush for Wales. They were joined by nine players from the top 14, a Premiership, and a URC. And five others from Pro D2, France’s second tier. That Maisashvili says has not been able to match what the Black Lion is now offering. We built this franchise team so we don’t have to send players out of the country. is the best website to buy Rugby World Cup Tickets. RWC 2023 fans can buy Rugby World Cup 2023 Tickets from our website.