Chile, Portugal and Tonga are the up-to-date teams to thrive for the 2023 Scotland RWC Squad. The next tournament resolve be held in France and the swarms will face New Zealand in a blockbuster initial match in Saint-Denis. . Rugby World Cup fans can buy Scotland Rugby World Cup Tickets from our website.

The finals work the like way as the 2019 contest by the first two sides in each pool continuing to the quarter-finals, which willpower be doubtful by knock-out competitions. If we suppose the top-ranked sides each win their ponds and the second-ranked sides finish runners-up formerly the quarter-finals in 2023 could appearance something similar this.

Tim Visser concedes Scotland cannot think about defeat in Italy  Rugby Union News  Sky Sports
Tim Visser concedes Scotland cannot think about defeat in Italy Rugby Union News Sky Sports

As a consequence of the ‘kind’ draw, former boss Sir Clive Woodward has sponsored England to grasp the semi-final. He inscribed in his column for the Mail Online. Convincingly, England will have to weary Argentina to top their pond and then either Australia or Wales to spread a semi-final.

That is very achievable. However, to do so England essential to become their star players backbone to their finest. That did not occur in the Six Nations.


Australia vs Argentina

South Africa vs France

England vs Wales

New Zealand vs Ireland

The 2023 contest will take place amid 8 September and 21 October 2023.

World Rugby chairman Sir Flier Beaumont said. The lodestone is a key finding on the journey to Rugby World Cup France 2023, and the though when the happening truly originates to life for players and players analogous.

It allows key operational rudiments to be assumed such as venue distribution, optimal match timetable expansion and the ticketing programmer.



New Zealand






8 September : France vs New Zealand Pool A – Stade de France, Saint-Denis

9 September : Italy vs Namibia Pool A Stade Geoffroy Gui chard, Saint-Etienne

14 September : France vs Uruguay Pool Stade Pierre Maurey, Lille

15 September: New Zealand vs Namibia Pool A – Stadium de Toulouse, Toulouse September 20: Italy vs Uruguay Pool A Stade de Nice, Nice

21 September: France vs Namibia Pool A Stade Velodrome, Marseille

27 September: Uruguay vs Namibia Pool A Parc OL, Lyon. Rugby World Cup fans can buy Scotland Vs Tonga Tickets from our website.

September 29: New Zealand vs Italy Pool A Parc OL, Lyon

October 5: New Zealand vs Uruguay Pool A Parc OL, Lyon

6 October: France vs Italy Pool A Parc OL, Lyon


South Africa




Scotland handed tough start as Rugby World Cup fixtures are revealed The Scotsman
Scotland handed tough start as Rugby World Cup fixtures are revealed The Scotsman


9: Ireland vs Romania (Pool B) – Stade de Bordeaux, Bordeaux

10 September : South Africa vs Scotland

16 September : Ireland vs Tonga

17 September : South Africa vs Romania Bordeaux

23 September : South Africa vs Ireland

24 September : Scotland vs Tonga

30 September: Scotland vs Romania

October 1: South Africa vs Asia / Pacific 1

7 October : Ireland vs Scotland

October 8: Asia / Pacific 1 vs Romania

23 May 2023 

Rugby Rucker






Final qualifier winner


October 9: Australia vs Georgia.

10 October: Wales vs Fiji.

October 16: Wales vs Portugal.

17 September: Australia vs Fiji.

23 September : Georgia vs Portugal

24 September : Wales vs Australia

September 30: Fiji vs Georgia

1 Oct : Australia vs Portugal

7: Wales vs EU

8: Fiji vs Portugal








9 September : England vs Argentina Stade Velodrome, Marseille

10 September : Japan vs Chile Stadium de Toulouse, Toulouse

17 September : England vs Japan Stade de Nice, Nice

22 September : genus Argentina vs Samoa Stade Geoffroy Guiscard, Saint-Etienne

September 23: England vs Chile    Stade Pierre Mauro, Lille

September 28: Japan vs Samoa   Stadium de Toulouse, Toulouse

30 September : Argentina vs Chile Stade de la Beaujoire, Nantes

Oct 7: England vs Samoa   Stade Pierre Mauro, Lille

Oct 8: Japan vs Argentina Stade de la Beaujoire, Nantes

Brand Scotland’s World Cup

The outsize underdog trying to brand Scotland’s World CupIf there was a astonishment in Scotland’s Rugby World Cup training squad publicized earlier this week, it was that here were no astonishments. Or very scarce.

Sure, the lapse of the knowledgeable Fraser Brown and his associated Glasgow hooker – and try marking engine – Johnny Matthews amongst the four named elevated a few brows.

But on the Richter gauge of Gregor Townsend squad declarations, this one scarcely registered for shock wave price. The ‘Toony Tombola’ was nowhere to be gotten.

Rwc Six Nations group.

Only two opened players made the 41-man gathering, and both had contained in Scotland RWC Squad earlier. Leicester lock Cameron Henderson, promoting this time perhaps from the early injury suffered by Jonny Gray, was helping of this year’s wider Six Nations group.

As was Stafford McDowall, who needed also been complicated in the fall. In fact, the Glasgow Centre first appeared in a Scotland group as a 20-year-old in 2019, once around was talk – untimely, as it curved out – that he power be a likely World Cup ‘bolter’ progressive that day.

Now 25, McDowall’s vocation has been somewhat of a slow-burn so far, but it has tardily caught fire this period. He may still be opened, but that could alteration in the pending calendar month. Rugby World Cup fans can buy Scotland Vs Romania Tickets, from our website.

Not that you’d get a intelligence of it from the man himself, diffident as they derive. But it is not stiff to imagine his mushrooming talents, unchecked this period by Franco Smith, prosperous on a sophisticated stage.

His call-up to the World Cup training squad wasn’t rather I was thinking around too much, he speaks, until he got the call since Townsend. I just required to focus on singing as much as I can for Glasgow. But to get that prize is pretty special and rather I am really look forward to.

Companies to fill the midfield

Playing – and preliminary – for Glasgow is somewhat he has done extra than any other center at the bat in this most inspiring of periods at Scotstoun. No mean feat after you consider the supplementary four companies to fill the midfield blouses are all Scotland matches – Sione Tuipulotu, Huw Jones, Sam Johnson and Kyle Steyn, The last a Test wing but also a additional than handy worker at outside Centre.

The much-heralded ‘Tuipulotu’ mixture of Jones and Tuipulotu happening all five of Scotland’s Six Countries matches, while Chris Harris was typically a fixture at 13 for the preceding three years. The additional centre in the World Cup edge is Cam Redpath, whose brief Test career to date has included moments of high potential, sandwiched by injury bad luck.

RWC 2023 Spotlight Scotland  Rugby World Cup 2023
RWC 2023 Spotlight Scotland Rugby World Cup 2023

Brand the plane to France

It is probable only four of them will brand the plane to France, so McDowall distinguishes he has his work cut out once the squad folds for the first of a sequence of summer exercise chunks on 29 May.Obviously, the rivalry is pretty tough, he admits with a wry smile.

You consume got Huw then Sione who were incredible in the Six Nations and are both implausible players. Then you have developed Chris Harris who’s a British Lion, and Cam Redpath who’s amuse yourself really healthy for Bath and added massively able player who can protection a few sites as fine.

Maybe for greatest people I’m the unknown from that collection to make the last squad but all I cannister do is go in, grow my head down, work as hard as likely and if I get a casual to play, try to revenue that chance and make a push. I know the race is tough but I’ll just bounce it my best potshot.

If the upsurge in Scotland RWC Squad group sizes from 31 to 33 troupes for the approaching global meeting gives teachers slightly more writhe room, flexibility is still likely to be a high-quality strength. McDowall ongoing his Glasgow career at full-back, by the occasional visit at Centre.

Warriors’ 26 competitions

This period he has started 18 of Warriors’ 26 competitions, eight in the amount 13 jersey – all together with Johnson – and 10 at amount 12, with Tuipulotu (seven times), Steyn (twice) and Jones (once) outside him. His flexibility has served Warriors fine.

Allied to his commanding running in spell, a finishing expertise which has bore nine tries, a educated left-footed kicking willing and rock-solid defiance, McDowall’s 6ft 4in edge has also been cleverly used at times as a obverse lineout jumper, unclear the opposition and foremost to some well-crafted attempts.

Versatile package was not sufficient

If that versatile package was not sufficient, last week he added extra string to his crossbow. When Tom Jordan was directed off 25 minutes into their URC quarter-final final against Munster and through no fly-half amid the replacements, McDowall slid into the pivot role in a six-man backline.

He couldn’t recollect the last time he’d amuse yourself at 10, only that it would have stood a while ago It was the primary time he’d ended so for Glasgow, even if through a six-two split on the pew, he saw he would be the one cover the role if the state dictated.

profitable into the game

It wasn’t like I got quit in there naively. But maybe 55 minutes was a bit extended than I expected profitable into the game! he supposed. Clearly it was tough having to go in here with a man miserable, but the backs about me are all worldwide players with a lot of involvement and they assisted me through the ready, specially the scrum-halves [George Horne and Ali Price] who grabbed a lot of the weight off.

The scheme we run, you are jump in and out of 10 a bit anyhow in phase play, so that be situated too new. It was additional trying to get grip of the set-piece paraphernalia, what to call in what zones of the pitch, particularly with a man unhappy in the backline warning our options of come again we could go to. That was perhaps the toughest share.

Such flexibility in adversity may demonstrate invaluable down the path. Glasgow’s URC hopes whitethorn have nibbled the dust against Munster, but they still consume another shot at magnificence to peak their re-emergence under Metalworker.

European Challenge Cup

With Jordan barred for Friday’s European Challenge Cup concluding against Toulon in Dublin, the skull coach has decisions to kind on his midfield trio. While McDowall speaks he would happily  fill slightly role asked of him at the Aviva Arena as Warriors aim to develop the first Scottish lateral

To win a European cup, at 10 Smith will extra than likely go to Domingo Miotti, the Pumas playmaker who consumes only ongoing six games this period but impressed when given his head. Duncan Weir, a marginal figure this time, is the other choice.

2019 Rugby World Cup Scotland 61-0 Russia Rugby World
2019 Rugby World Cup Scotland 61-0 Russia Rugby World

A Respectable Kicking Game

Domingo is a countless guy and a enormously talented player, supposed McDowall. He turns the game really well. Has a respectable kicking game, countless skills. If he trimmings up at 10. All and sundry will have massive self-confidence in his ability and what he carries. Hopefully if he gets a casual, he will take his occasion.

It is what McDowall has stood doing all season. Being gave the captaincy in Steyn’s absenteeism, ahead of more knowledgeable alternatives, was additional boost to his rising self-assurance.

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