Paris Olympic 2024, The FIBA Olympic Pre-Qualifying Tournaments, scheduled from 12-20 August 2023. Present a crucial opportunity for men’s basketball teams from Africa, the Americas, and Asia. And Europe to secure a spot in the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris. On 18 April, FIBA announced a qualification pathway for 40 men’s teams. Who were unable to secure a place in the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023?

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The FIBA Paris Olympic Pre-Qualifying Tournaments set to take place from 12-20 August 2023. Will witness intense competition among teams from Africa. The Americas, Asia, and Europe, vying for a chance to participate in the highly anticipated Paris 2024 Olympics.

Scheduled to be held from 26 July to 11 August 2024. Participating in these tournaments are the 28 nations. That competed in the second round of the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 Qualifiers but failed to secure a place in this year’s World Cup.

Additionally, the highest-ranked national teams that did not advance. To the Second Round of the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 Qualifiers will also join the competition. Notably, Great Britain will not be participating in the event, and they have been replaced by Croatia.

Similarly, Russia has been replaced by Bulgaria as the next highest-ranked European team. The selection of hosts for the FIBA Paris Olympic Pre-Qualifying Tournaments is scheduled to take place on 28-29 April during the FIBA Central Board Meeting and the tournament draw will be conducted on 1 May 2023.

FIBA Olympic Pre-Qualifying Tournaments ahead Paris Olympic 2024

Here is a comprehensive list of teams set to participate in the FIBA Paris Olympic Pre-Qualifying Tournaments. Africa Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, Tunisia, and Uganda.

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Americas Argentina, Bahamas, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Panama, Uruguay, and the Virgin Islands. Asia Bahrain, Chinese Taipei, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Republic of Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Syrian Arab Republic.

Europe Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech, Estonia, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Netherlands. North Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, and Bulgaria. To better understand the basketball qualification timeline leading up to the Olympic Paris 2024, here are the key events.

22 September – 1 October 2022 FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup 2022 in Australia. June 2023: FIBA Women’s EuroBasket 2023. August 2023: FIBA Paris Olympic Pre-Qualifying Tournaments. 25 August – 10 September 2023: FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 in the Philippines, Japan, and Indonesia.

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November 2023: FIBA Women’s Paris Olympic Pre-Qualifying Tournaments. 30 November 2023. National Olympic Committees NOCs to confirm the use of allocated quota places to FIBA for women and men’s events.

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FIBA Women’s France Olympic Qualifying Tournaments 2024

February 2024: FIBA Women’s Olympic Qualifying Tournaments 2024. TBC: FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournaments 2024. 8 July 2024. Deadline for Paris 2024 Sports Entries. 26 July – 11 August 2024. Paris Olympic Games Paris 2024.

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These events provide various opportunities for teams and athletes to display their skills. Moreover, earn their place in the prestigious Olympic Games 2024 Games. The FIBA Olympic Pre-Qualifying Tournaments hold particular significance. As they act as a stepping-stone for teams to secure their participation in this global sporting event

Replacement Teams Announced for fRANCE Olympic Basketball Qualification

In the journey towards the highly anticipated France Olympic 2024 basketball event. There have been important developments in the qualification process. The teams that will step in to replace Russia in the men’s Olympic Pre-Qualifying Tournaments officially determined.

These replacement teams include Mali, Chile, Cuba, the United States Virgin Islands, Chinese Taipei, Indonesia, South Korea, and Syria. Their selection was based on their rankings and performance. The Pre-Qualifying Tournaments, scheduled to take place from August 12 to 20.

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Olympics Packages | Olympic Games Tickets | Olympic Closing Ceremony Tickets | Olympic Opening Ceremony Tickets

Will see these teams competing alongside the four European teams. The participants have earned their spots through their impressive rankings and will strive to prove their mettle on the basketball court. Winners of the Pre-Qualifying Tournaments will secure a coveted place in the Olympic Qualifying Tournaments.

19 teams from the World Cup will also advance to this stage of the qualification process. Road to the Olympic Games 2024 is pave with determination and fierce competition. The host selection for the Pre-Qualifying Tournament is set to take place on April 28 and 29, followed by the draw on May 1.

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