Magdalena Eriksson when coming up towards the Netherlands in their first crew stage suit at Euro 2022. Sweden had been searching for revenge. Back in 2019, a challenging 1-0 loss. Against Oranje marked the cease of their marketing campaign at the World Cup in France. Women Football World Cup fans can buy Sweden vs South Africa Tickets from our website.

The long-awaited rematch, however, concluded in a 1-1 stalemate in Sheffield. It was once Swedish defender Magdalena Eriksson. Who, underneath enthusiastic cheers from the blue and yellow fans. Produced a slide handle in the remaining ranges of the recreation to forestall Jill Roord.

Magdalena Eriksson said I play my greatest football when I'm glad
Magdalena Eriksson said I play my greatest football when I’m glad

From scoring and the Dutch from probably taking all three points. Magdalena Eriksson has been one of the most vital gamers in Sweden‘s squad for a lengthy time. Ahead of the Euros. She spoke to 90min about her function as a defender and her management fashion. And the significance of happiness in her performance.

Playing collectively with this crew and my teammates right here is simply an exquisite feeling. And it‘s the equal each time I put on the yellow jersey, she said. The help from the Swedish followers throughout the current recreation will have bolstered this delight even more.

During the first fan march to Bramall Lane, more than 2,000 fans participated and shouted from the bleachers. With the help of the traveling Swedish followers in England, the defender said. It will supply us with a lot more power over there and it will add to the complete experience.

Magdalena Eriksson, who performed her home soccer for Chelsea in view that 2017

For Magdalena Eriksson, who performed her home soccer for Chelsea in view that 2017, the Euros are a match on domestic soil. That‘s any other component I‘m searching ahead to, she admitted with a laugh. It‘s coming to return to my 2nd domestic and taking part in the place.

I experience it very comfortably. I recognize how matters work there. So of course, that‘s additionally greater than one-of-a-kind to me. The defender has captained the Blues given that the 2019/20 season. And also has a management position inside the country-wide group.

However, has observed variations between being a chief on the pitch for membership and country. I assume it‘s extra hard at Chelsea. Due to the fact, we have gamers from all around the world and unique cultures. Exclusive views on management and how to be in a soccer environment. She reflected.

That‘s something that‘s greater difficult for me. Here in Sweden, we‘re very alike. We have identical views on things, and identical thoughts, and that makes it simpler to be a leader. When discussing leadership, Magdalena Eriksson sees it as something she is continuously developing.

I assume it‘s something that I‘ve labored on, she explained. I constantly choose to enhance all components of my life. So, my management has been something that I‘m consciously attempting to enhance and make higher all the time.

My view on management is, as a chief you ought to empower others. And make others experience empowered to be themselves and be the fine model of themselves. I assume that‘s when a team operates the best.

Magdalena Eriksson transferred to the left lower back as a phase of an again four

When all of us are at ease and anyone can experience their cost in the team. So that‘s the most necessary component for me to no longer make it a hierarchal management the place. I‘m telling all of us what they ought to do. But human beings are coming to me and telling me matters that they think.

Despite their fame as one of the pre-tournament favorites. Sweden had as an alternative gradual beginning to the Euros. The draw towards the Netherlands was once observed with the aid of a difficult-fought 2-1 win over Switzerland.  Women Football World Cup fans can buy Sweden vs Italy Tickets from our website.

The Swedish formation has additionally viewed some changes, with Magdalena Eriksson transferring to the left lower back as a phase of an again four. The 28-year-old has spent a lot of her time at Chelsea as a central defender.

And spent the 2021/22 season both as the center again or left-center and returned in again three. I assume being a left returned in an again three is extra of a hybrid, Magdalena Eriksson explained. You‘re each a center back, and you’re a left again at the identical time.

You‘re greater in between. You have to examine the recreation better. So, it‘s extra difficult in that sense. However, it‘s additionally very exciting and inspiring because you get it right. It‘s absolutely good. It can be irritating now and again if you don‘t get it right. So, it‘s a balance.

Women’s sport is getting quicker and faster, stated Magdalena Eriksson

Another project the squad is going through is the transition-based total fashion of play at the Euros. The women’s sport is getting quicker and faster, stated Magdalena Eriksson. So, we have to boost our way of defending and prevailing battles, and that is how it is on the largest stage.

Magdalena Eriksson transferred to the left lower back as a phase of an again four
Magdalena Eriksson transferred to the left lower back as a phase of an again four

You have to win your warfare and you cannot matter to all and sundry else. The focal point all through massive tournaments can regularly be on strikers. Who furnishes the target market with lovely desires and conflicts for the Golden Boot?

Other positions on the field, specifically those with a protective approach, tend to get overlooked. However, Magdalena Eriksson doesn‘t assume this is problematic. No, it’s why I am a defender, I do not desire to be in the spotlight, and she laughed.

I suppose it is quite first-rate that we all have one-of-a-kind roles. And we recognize that we are equally valued and we understand that. We are aware that it is the way it works in soccer. And we, the defenders, are equally essential in our attacking play as our attackers.

Due to the fact we begin the attack, for example. The persistent upward jab of women’s soccer has been evident at the tournament. The team stage of the Euros is no longer finished, but the match has already attracted a record-breaking audience.

It‘s a first-rate instance to be a women‘s soccer participant at the moment, stated Magdalena Eriksson. I experience so grateful that I‘m enjoying this second in time. And I‘m attempting to in reality and experience all of this at the identical time.

Women‘s soccer is going in the proper direction, Magdalena Eriksson added.

Due to this fact, it‘s so cool to see the transformation. I signed for Chelsea at the final Euro event in 2017. Just to suppose about the place Chelsea has long passed and the place English soccer has long gone.

And women‘s soccer in conventional in these 5 years. It‘s first-rate and it‘s such a massive increase and it‘s going so rapidly on all fronts. So, it‘s very inspiring. The Euros as a match has developed too. With decreased ranked groups upsetting improved groups extra often and outcomes turning into tighter.

Women's sport is getting quicker and faster, stated Magdalena Eriksson
Women’s sport is getting quicker and faster, stated Magdalena Eriksson

I assume it is a signal that women‘s soccer is going in the proper direction, Magdalena Eriksson added. There are extra players, and there may be greater stars. If you can say that, in extra countries. It is no longer targeted to one country.

Does the defender suppose the Euros are the hardest global tournament?

I’ve mirrored on this a lot and I truly assume that they are the toughest, she admitted. Because I suppose the lowest stage and the absolute best degree are the most equal. So it is an extraordinarily massive check and it is an event that we would love to do nicely in.

Since she performs in England, Eriksson especially has an eye on the power of the Lionesses. I seem to be a lot at the English players, she explained. I can see how many notable children they have coming up, so many gifted gamers on their Women’s Football World Cup team.

And they additionally have a correct core of a suitable defense, an accurate goalkeeper, and a proper midfield. So, they have the entire package. Did she set any match dreams for herself in advance of the tournament?

I assume for my part for me, I‘ve been wondering a lot about it all through the off-season, now that we had time to replicate and think. I comprehend that I play my first-class soccer when I‘m feeling good. When I’m happy. And for me, that is the largest factor for this tournament.

It‘s to discover methods to experience good, to revel in it, to be happy, to be confident. And hopefully, at the top of the event. I get to inform myself that I‘ve been truly myself during the total tournament. That‘s my man or woman goal.

Eriksson concluded by reflecting on the team’s method of winning. Collectively, it‘s very vital for us to procedure the way we win. is the best website to buy Women Football World Cup Tickets. Women Football World Cup fans can buy Argentina vs Sweden Tickets from our website.