Olympic Breaking: also known as breakdancing, they were confirmed as a new sport in the upcoming Olympic Paris 2024. Since its role as an Olympic sport. There have several updates regarding its format, rules, and participants. we will look up all these here.

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The first significant update regarding Olympic Breaking is the confirmation of its official name. The International Olympic Committee has officially announced that the sport will be referred to as “Breaking” in the upcoming Games. The decision was made after discussions with the breaking community, and to ensure that the sport’s identity is not lost in translation.

Breaking will feature 32 athletes in each of the three categories – men’s, women’s, and mixed-gender. The mixed-gender event is a new addition, and it will see teams of two compete against each other in a battle format.

The Olympic Breaking format of the competition

Nest the format of the competition has been confirmed. Breaking will follow a knockout format, with battles consisting of two rounds. In the first round, each athlete will perform a 60-second routine, and the judges will score them based on their execution, creativity, and musicality.

The top 16 athletes from the first round will advance to the second round, where they will compete in head-to-head battles.

The judging system for Breaking undergone some changes. The IOC has announced that the competition will feature a panel of five judges who will score the athletes based on five criteria – creativity, execution, dynamic musicality, personality, and technique.

The judges will use tablets to enter their scores, and the final score will be the average of all five judges’ scores.

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Eligibility Criteria for Olympic Breaking

In terms of eligibility, athletes who are 18 years or older and have competed in international competitions are eligible to compete in the Olympic Games.

The IOC has also stated that breaking athletes who have competed in other Olympic events. such as gymnastics or athletics. Are also eligible to compete in Breaking.

The selection process for the athletes who represent their respective countries in the Olympic Games is also ongoing. The World Dance Sport Federation (WDSF) has been tasked with organizing the qualification events for Breaking. The qualification process will involve a series of events held in different regions. with the top athletes from each region advancing to the Olympic Games.

More Olympic Breaking

The inclusion of Breaking as an Olympic sport has generated a lot of excitement within the breaking community. Many of the top breakers in the world have expressed. their joy and gratitude for the opportunity to compete at the Olympic level. The IOC’s decision to include Breaking in the Games has also been applauded for its efforts to make the Olympics more inclusive and diverse.

Undoubtedly: The latest updates regarding Olympic Breaking at the Olympic Paris. The 2024 Games confirm the sport’s official name, format, rules, and eligibility. The inclusion of Breaking as an Olympic sport is a significant milestone for the breaking community. And the excitement is palpable as the world eagerly awaits the Games. With its unique style, culture, and energy, Breaking is sure to add a new dimension to the Olympics and attract a whole new audience to the Games.

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An overview of the rules unveiled by the Olympic Paris 2024

The breaking competition at the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024 will consist of two events. That is One for men and one for women. In which 16 B-Boys and 16 B-Girls will engage in breathtaking single combat. To win the judges’ approval and win the inaugural Olympic-breaking championship. Moreover, Athletes execute a variety of powerful techniques, such as windmills. And freezes while adapting and improvising to the beat of the DJ’s records.

Olympic Breaking history

Whereas Breaking made its Olympic debut at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires in 2018. Following its outstanding success, breaking was chosen to feature on the Paris Olympic 2024 sports program As a new sport, along with surfing, skateboarding, and sport climbing. 

Olympics Paris 2024 Events

The breaking events will take place on the 9th and 10th of August.

B-Girls (women’s)

B-Boys (men’s)

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Venue for Olympic Breaking

In brief La Concorde: Place de la Concorde is situated at the end of the Champs-Elysées. Today it is famous for the Luxor Obelisk, A 3,300-year-old Egyptian obelisk erected on the square in October 1836. The surrounding prestigious hotels, and the two monumental fountains, Fontaine des Mers and Fontaine des Fleuves.

Qualification System for Olympic Breaking at Olympic Paris 2024

The International Olympic Committee Executive Board has given its approval for Breaking to make his Olympic Games debut in Paris in 2024.

The top Breakers in the world will have three chances to win one of the 32 spots. 16 men and 16 women are available for the Games. Through the WDSF World Championship, which was held in Belgium on September 23–24, 2023 1 man, 1 woman, and a total of 2 athletes.

Via five continental qualifying events—five for men and five for women. totaling ten athletes—with dates and sites to be selected. And via the Olympic Qualification Series, which will take place from March to June 2024. 10 men, and 10 women, a total of 20 athletes including Universality and Host Country quota places. Read What is the Qualification system for Olympic volleyball.

Multi-sport Olympic Paris qualifier

In fact the IOC this week unveiled a new multi-sport Olympic qualifying series that would include BMX Freestyle, Skateboarding, and Sport Climbing. Three festival-style competitions will make up the series. Which will gather the top athletes in an urban park to vie for spots in the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

The festivals will combine sport with music, art, and culture. will provide spectators from all over the world with a new Olympic experience between March and June 2024. They were held over four days in small city-center venues.

WDSF will be responsible for running the competition at Olympics Paris 2024

The WDSF will be in charge of overseeing the competition. Undoubtedly this will increase breaking’s visibility by leveraging the power of the Olympic brand and providing b-boys and b-girls. The chance to share the tales of their own individual adventures leading up to Paris 2024.

Furthermore, the top-finishing men and female Breakers at the 2023 World Championships will each receive a trip to Paris 2024.

finally, the Breaker with the highest finish in each gender for the continental qualifiers will receive one spot. The next-highest-ranking athlete competing in the same continental qualifier will receive the quota spot in the event. That the highest-placed Breaker has already qualified for Paris 2024 via the WDSF World Championship.

Absolutely Qualification is subject to an eligibility criterion and to the maximum quota placed per gender per National
Olympic Committee.

In Fact, WDSF President Mr. Shawn Tay said:

Qualifying for the Olympic Games is something that the Breaking community has never experienced before now. We have provided a number of opportunities for the best b-boys and b-girls around the world to book their tickets to the Olympic Games in 2024, and with the new Olympic qualifier series, Olympic qualifying will undoubtedly attract new audiences and give the athletes greater exposure and opportunities. We look forward to finding out who the host cities will be and will continue to do everything we can to ensure that Breaking’s debut at the Olympic Games Paris 2024 will be an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

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