According to Japan RWC Captain Sakate, the Brave Blossoms’ preparation for the Rugby World Cup in France later this year will benefit from the increased standard of the Japanese professional league. Rugby World Cup 2023 fans can buy RWC 2023 Tickets from our website.

The Japan Rugby World Cup team will have less time to prepare than it did in 2019 when it hosted the Rugby World Cup and advanced to the quarterfinals by defeating Scotland and Ireland. The Brave Blossoms won’t be assembled under Jamie Joseph’s leadership until June, and the players for the national squad will instead concentrate on how their teams are doing in Japan Rugby League One.

Japan RWC Captain Sakate says League 1 gives Japan a boost for Rugby World Cup
Japan RWC Captain Sakate says League 1 gives Japan a boost for Rugby World Cup

In 2019, the Japan RWC team assembled in February and stayed intact till the start of the World Cup in September. Japan RWC Captain Sakate is certain that despite a more condensed preparation schedule that includes matches against the New Zealand XV, Fiji, Tonga, and Samoa, the Japan team will still be well-prepared.

He claimed that the JRLO, which made its debut last year, was an improvement over the old Japan Top League and that this season’s standard has increased once more thanks to the numerous top international athletes who are now participating in the competition. League One’s physicality and game speed in Japan.

However, since we will be coming together in June for the first time to begin our campaign, League One’s physicality and advancement are crucial for the players. I genuinely believe League One is helping the national team’s season and tournament preparations thus far.

Japan RWC Captain Sakate cares about the fitness of the team’s players

Japan RWC Captain Sakate claimed that Jamie Joseph, the head coach of the Japan national team, was in regular contact with League One team coaches and therefore able to keep tabs on the shape and fitness of the team’s players. The Japan team management has excellent interactions with each club and maintains regular contact with them, he said, occasionally seeking criticism.

They are developing, which is encouraging for us as we prepare for the Rugby World Cup later this year in France, Japan RWC Captain Sakate remarked through an interpreter. In 2019, the Japan squad began their campaign in February and stayed together for a significantly longer time before their first game in September.

Even though I have stated that we won’t get together until June of this year, the coordination between the Japan coaching staff and the clubs has already taken place, which gives me great hope for our readiness for the major event in France later this year. Japan RWC Captain Sakate thinks that Japan League One has reached a level of excellence that will allow test players to keep their form.

Teams can still play in a fast-paced manner, but the physical aspect of the game is becoming more prevalent in Japan. He remarked, “If you look back at last season, I can tell with certainty that the level had increased and improved from the season before. Every time I played a game, my body took a far bigger physical hit than it did the year before.

The contact area of the Rugby World Cup stadium

The scrum, the maul, and the contact area of the game are all significantly higher now. Another point I’d like to make is that one of the appealing aspects of League One is that each club has a unique aspect of their style of play. As a result, several distinct styles might be seen in one league.

Samoa, England, Argentina, Russia, and Japan make up Japan’s World Cup group. It is under pressure to deliver another giant-killing performance against England after defeating South Africa in 2015 and Ireland and Scotland in 2019. Sakate emphasized that having a very specific goal for every game was essential and that Japan’s fast-paced approach set them apart from other teams. RWC fans can buy Japan Rugby World Cup Tickets from our website.

Japan Rugby World Cup 2023 squad
Japan Rugby World Cup 2023 squad

With this type of play, I think we can also be extremely competitive against other teams. We now know who our Rugby World Cup 2023 opponents will be, so we need to be clear about what aspects of our rugby style they want to play against. Knowing this will help us be more ready.

Changing priorities for Japan Rugby World Cup recruitment, according to the Wild Knights GM

After the Rugby World Cup in France later this year, rugby union competitions all over the world are preparing for a potential exodus of star players to Japan. Some players in England and Wales appear to be looking to Japan RWC 2023 team for safe and lucrative future contracts, where some clubs are cash-strapped and players face an uncertain future.

But Hitoshi Iijima, general manager of Japan League One’s most successful team, the Panasonic Saitama Wild Knights, has said there are restrictions. Iijima claimed that the Wild Knights would find it difficult to pass on some of the top players in the world if they become available after the World Cup.

However, he asserted that the team owed loyalty to its current high-profile imports, which included Australian Marika Koroibete, South Africans Lood de Jager and Damian de Allende, and South African Lood de Jager. We are going to seek worldwide to improve our team, and England, Australia, and New Zealand all have excellent players,” he stated.

De Jager, de Allende, and Koroibete do exist, though. Because they are all elite players of the highest caliber and committed to us, we have a great deal of respect for each of them. He claimed that with the club’s stars already shining, it would be challenging to go further afield.

Impressive performances in test matches

After his impressive performances in test matches for the Wallabies while on leave from the Wild Knights, Koroibete was recently named Australia’s top international player for 2022. Under Rugby Australia’s exemptions for a select few elite stars, the former National Rugby League star from Fiji is permitted to represent both Japan and Australia.

Japan team management has excellent interactions with each club and maintains regular contact with them
Japan team management has excellent interactions with each club and maintains regular contact with them

Scott Robertson, who will take over as head coach of New Zealand after the Rugby World Cup, has said he would be open to selecting New Zealanders living in Japan for his All Blacks squads. That would be a significant change from current practice, and many observers think it might be detrimental to New Zealand rugby.

There wouldn’t be much-keeping players in New Zealand if they could accept the enormous earnings offered in Japan and still play international rugby for the All Blacks. Iijima has a neutral opinion on a similar policy shift occurring in New Zealand or anywhere else.

If that kind of policy reform occurred, League One clubs would have more opportunities to hire top-level players than they currently do, and we might be able to have more national representative players, he stated.

In contrast, I think we need to exercise caution if we make that kind of policy change. It occasionally weakens the player pool for that nation when players are free to play abroad while still being able to play for their national team.

Changing policy

Therefore, I believe that every nation or union that is considering a change in policy needs to proceed with caution. Iijima predicts that Japanese teams may begin to put more of an emphasis on finding younger, development players who might commit to the Japan RWC 2023 squad for a longer length of time rather than luring top test players in the future. Additionally, he thinks that the cultivation of homegrown talent will receive more attention.

Long-term, Japanese rugby should develop, according to Iijima. When we look at the near and midterm timeframes, we may make some adjustments to accommodate the balance. Longer term, he added, “We have to look at what will be best for Japanese rugby itself because the player (development) is vital in Japanese rugby.

The Japan Rugby World Cup team will have less time to prepare
The Japan Rugby World Cup team will have less time to prepare

The optimum blend “should be the hot topic in the future in League One,” Iijima remarked, as more foreign players join. While having star players is crucial and contributes to the success of our league, we also need to consider how we can grow our local players.

Some foreign athletes immigrate to Japan as children and raise their families here, he added.  We must all consider these various viewpoints and maintain a healthy balance between them. is the best website to buy Rugby World Cup Tickets. RWC 2023 fans can buy England Vs Japan Tickets from our website.