With the dust relaxing on the 2023 Six Nations, we delve into the national affairs of each of the six squads. FinallyDominant Ireland RWC team win and can stop Andy Farrell’s men? New Zealand strained and failed, South Africa tried and was unsuccessful and most lately the whole of Europe tried and was unsuccessful. Rugby World Cup 2023 fans can buy Ireland vs Scotland Tickets from our website.

They are the amount one team in the world and presented why with a stunning Six Nations triumph. No one became close, not even France, who over just behind them in the positions, as the Irish conquered the recent Contest to finally claim the silverware, giving them somewhat tangible competition their on-field supremacy over the past 12 months.

It still feels like Ireland is refining under Farrell
It still feels like Ireland is refining under Farrell

It was an important attainment for Farrell’s charges, who died into this year with queries being raised over their aptitude to maintain their procedure in a Rugby World Cup year after their preceding failures. In 2018, the Dominant Ireland RWC team continued in fine form title into 2019, but a 32-20 home coup to England in their Six Nations opener stationary any impetus they needed to construct.

A disastrous 12 months was to shadow, culminating in a chastening 46-14 loss to New Zealand. That period arguably had consequences for the first 18 months of Farrell’s time in custody as the new boss writhed to turn things about.


The 47-year-old conservative plenty of censure in 2020 and the early portion of 2021, but they have shown tremendous development since a 32-18 victory over the Red Rose marked the start of a stunning run of results. Unlike the last year of Joe Schmidt’s time in custody.

It still feels like Dominant Ireland RWC team is refining under Farrell. Their leading 34-10 victory over Wales – their first achievement in Cardiff for a decade – at the twitch of the 2023 Six Nations essentially allayed any fears that they would go the similar way as preceding Irish RWC 2023, teams.

By next that up with an impressive 32-19 achievement over fellow name contestants France, the path was very abundant open for them to right just their fourth-ever Grand Slam. And they duly recurrent the heroics of 1948, 2009 and 2018 by thrashing Italy, Scotland and greatest latterly England to engrave themselves into the past books.

While the Irishmen skilled hiccups in each of the three sports, they never seemed out of the switch, and their capacity to regulate the numerous problems they met was incredibly remaining. Most teams would have lost their composure due to the high attrition rate that hindered their game versus Scotland, but if anything, it sharpened their brains.

Farrell’s charges simply found a way to get past those challenges and come out on the right side of the score line despite having both hookers fall, leaving them with flanker Josh van der Flier throwing into the lineouts and Cian Healy in the centre of the scrum.


The Dominant Ireland RWC team is currently powerful and able to handle just about anything that is thrown its the way. In the end, the question is whether they can withstand the pressure of the Rugby World Cup. In the Six Nations championship game against England, there were indications of frailty due to the game’s intense stakes.

The pressure the Red Rose placed on them as well as that took its toll, but once more they came together and found a way to triumph. Freddie Steward’s unjustly received red card undoubtedly helped, but by that moment the Irish had already begun to gain the upper hand and most certainly would have won with ease.

Dominant Ireland RWC team
Dominant Ireland RWC team

Their joint-lowest victory margin was 13 points, which only served to highlight how dominant the Irishmen were throughout the competition. They can therefore enter the World Cup with complete confidence, but there will always be that nagging worry brought on by 36 consecutive defeats in the event. Rugby World Cup fans can buy Ireland Rugby World Cup Tickets from our website.

Never have they touched the semi-finals and to do so in France they will consume to beat also the hosts or the All Blacks in the last eight. Also way, this should still be the finest Ireland side to ever play in the worldwide tournament. Not only do they have excellence throughout the 23, but more highly there is depth in most points.

As evidenced by their aptitude to not suffer abundant, or any, drop-off next injuries to key companies. The age profile is also decent, with only Peter O’Mahony, Healy, Conor Murray, Bundee Aki and Johnny Sexton convincingly looking at France 2023 as their ending Rugby World Cup 2023.

Johnny Sexton conundrum

For all that complexity, though, the issue leftovers as to whether Ireland Rugby World Cup can sufficiently replace Sexton must he go depressed and hurt. As the hits he takes, the fly-half’s durability has been imposing, but the bodily issues are becoming more apparent and, in a rivalry as condensed and penetrating as the global tournament, he has to be achieved well.

Ross Byrne seems to have taken the part of backup and, when assumed the chance, he has filled in nicely, shining in contradiction of France when the 37-year-old was occupied off early in the second retro. Byrne has come an extended way since his frighten at Twickenham in the 2019 warm-up.

Ireland failed at the Rugby World Cup
Ireland failed at the Rugby World Cup

A result and presentation which saw him left at home by Schmidt gaining the World Cup in Japan. It is, however, an altogether different test taking the reins in a quarter-final in contradiction of either France or New Zealand must Sexton go down, which is why so many pivots on keeping the Test centurion fit throughout those September and Oct months.

Such glitches should not occur in other locations, with Ireland well-kept in pretty much each area. As their U20 side has been exposed, by winning back-to-back age-grade Six Nations Grand Slams, there is an overabundance of aptitude coming finished in the republic.


In its current form, Ireland looks irresistible. Previously wounds would have curtailed their movement but not on the indication of the recent Six Nations, with Farrell’s men dealing remarkably with any setbacks that originated their way. The Irish will so go into the Rugby World Cup 2023 as one of the favourites and, make no error.

They have the aptitude to genuinely test for the title this time around. The subject is that so do three other sides on their side of the attraction. It means that an additional quarter-final exit is not out of the query, with the French or All Blacks.

They if stern opposition in the last eight, nonetheless that will be on Dominant Ireland RWC team and their incapability to organise a fair attraction, rather than Ireland themselves. All the cogs are at home for the Irish to have their best-ever worldwide tournament but there will unavoidably be anxieties that it goes the same way as preceding movements.

Andy Farrell Unbelievably proud of Ireland players
Andy Farrell Unbelievably proud of Ireland’s players

We couldn’t surely say a last-exit exit won’t occur, given how threatening their encounter will be in the wow stages, but Farrell’s side has the excellence, as well as the diversity, to reach the latter stages of the Rugby World Cup and, possibly, to win the entire object.

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