The Chile RWC Store opened its doors on February 18, the same day Selknam made his Super Rugby Americas debut by defeating the American Raptors 45-10. The Chilean Rugby Federation’s visibility is to be improved via this effort. Rugby World Cup fans can buy England Vs Chile Tickets from our website.

All of this comes following Los Cóndores’ successful year last year. A group of National Team athletes came up with the concept in August of last year, and after presenting it to the organization in charge of the Chile Rugby World Cup; they received approval to move forward. official Federation goods.

England vs Chile - Rugby World Cup 2023
England vs Chile – Rugby World Cup 2023

Cóndores and Selknam are the specialities of the Chile RWC Store

One aspect of this project worth highlighting is how the proceeds from sales will be put to use: All funds generated from the license to market these products are used for the players’ benefit, whether through food or implementation.

According to José Ignacio Larenas, a member of the founding group and a player for Selknam, Cóndores, that is the major goal of the Chile RWC Store initiative. Additionally, he adds that since players who are currently a part of the federation system have supported it, this may also mean a source of employment.

He adds that while the greatest flow occurs in person, one of the short-term goals that this group of players sets is to be able to increase the visibility of online sales through the website. Long term, they aim to broaden the selection of products in the collections and make them more frequent.

Additionally, Larenas predicts that they will soon have a line of World Cup merchandise: we are going to produce something outside [the country], so a significant line of Chile RWC Store is coming, and we are wrapping up adjusting the designs.

Dogos XV beat Selknam 19-11 in Chile for Super Rugby Americas

The Cordovan team kept the second position in the regional competition, despite Pampas, their next opponent, having played one more game. Pampas bites more than he plays, so he will need more rugby in the “classic” on Friday. Agustin Moyano, the scrumhalf for the Dogos XV, makes a start.

 In the intensely contested Cordovan victory over Selknam for Super Rugby Americas in Chile. The Argentine team made a difference in the first stage, but in the second, they gave up on offense and were more characterized by the defense, in line with what was happening in the competition.

It is worth the same even when it is more fought. After a difficult loss to Selknam the previous weekend, Dogos XV battled back and defeated Selknam 19-11 in Santiago, Chile Rugby World Cup 2023 team go back on the winning track. With numerous players fighting, the game came to an end.

Evidence of how fiercely the win was contested. The Cordovan team is evolving into a more combative version and isn’t as offensively unbalanced as it was in the first round, which is sufficient for the time being to keep them among the top contenders in Super Rugby Americas.

Hernández made a defensive contribution

In addition to scoring, Hernández made a defensive contribution when Dogos was outplayed in possession, as it was for the majority of Chile RWC Store. The victory over the runner-up, who suffered their sixth straight loss, allowed Dogos to maintain second place, one game ahead of their pursuers and fellow-countrymen Pampas.

When the Argentine rugby teams meet on the Tala pitch 48 hours after the River-Boca football match, it will be a sort of classic of the still-novel regional rivalry, as the Cordovan squad hits a plateau and the Buenos Aires team finally faces off against each other next Friday.

The decisive factor in Dogos’ victory was the tenacity with which they defended for the whole 80 minutes, particularly in the second half when they had virtually no possession. The game-changing move was made by Julián Hernández in the first half, which resulted in a try. Rugby World Cup fans can buy Chile Rugby World Cup Tickets from our website.

Chile Rugby World 2023 squad
Chile Rugby World 2023 squad

The opening from Mendoza scored all the points of his set 

According to coach Nicolás Galatro, the team’s bravery is what caused them to win. Specifically, he praised the lads’ hearts for their determination and grit on the field. However, we only completed 25 of the 40 minutes of the second half after losing the captain and receiving a red card. Despite this setback, the team’s resilience and fighting spirit prevailed. As Galatro noted, the players are very young boys, so we have been focusing on the discipline issue.

It is a path of learning. The only solution is to never stop talking about it. The local player in Santiago gained the advantage as there were too many violations and the fixed formations were ineffective, compelling Dogos to play defense for the majority of the game.

Due in part to the weather, which made the game of hands challenging except for the isolated and solitary play of the try, he rarely gained momentum with the forwards and never succeeded in becoming unbalanced with the backs. According to Hernández, the forwards controlled the action of the game and were adept at overcoming obstacles.

We had to alter our game strategy when it began to rain during the warm-up. As a result, the strikers’ play and game with the foot contributed to the victory. However, 13 minutes before the game’s conclusion, Argentine referee Tomás Bertazza made a terrible judgment by ejecting the third-line Efran Elas (second yellow card for a knock-on during an interception attempt).

Cordovan team lost Franco Molina

Who had just unfairly punished Dogos for reaching 22 meters from others and achieving something in the air, he finished tilting the court. Additionally, the Cordovan team lost Franco Molina, its leader, and captain, due to what appears to be a serious injury. The Argentine defense defeated the closure despite Selknam’s discount.

Dogos XV, the pointer throughout the majority of the contest, delivered the first spot in the standings on the penultimate date by losing to the winner, Pearol, in Montevideo 33-15. It was his time to visit the runner-up a week later. He demonstrated grit and perseverance in passing the exam, but he will require more for the “classic” on Friday.

Chile is closer than ever to the first Rugby World Cup
Chile is closer than ever to the first Rugby World Cup

Compact of the victory of the Chile Rugby World Cup 2023 squad

Selknam Synthesis 11, Doges XV 19, and Francisco Urroz, Gaspar Moltedo, Domingo Saavedra, Pablo Casas, Santiago Videla (captain), Rodrigo Fernandez, Marcelo Torrealba, Ignacio Silva, Raimundo Martinez, Clemente Saavedra, Javier Eissmann, Pablo Huete, Esteban Inostroza, Diego Escobar, and Salvador Lues are the members of Selknam.

Chile Rugby World Cup Coach: Nicolas Bruzzone.

Substitutions: ST, 3 minutes, Santiago Pedrero replaces Eissmann; 9 replaces Torrealba; Silva; Inostroza; Alfonso Escobar replaces Silva; and 22 replaces Lues with Vittorio Lastra.

 Doges XV: Mateo Soler; Lautaro Cipriani; Agustin Segura; Leonardo Gea Salim; Ernesto Gidice; Julián Hernández and Agustin Moyano; Efra Elas; Ignacio Gandini; and Aitor Bildosola; Lautaro Simes; and Octavio Filippa; Boris Wenger; and Tomás Bartolini.

Coach: Nicolas Galatro.

Juan Bautista Baronio replaced Cipriani at the 16-minute mark, along with Ramiro Valdés Irribaren for Filippa, Faustino Sánchez Valarolo for Segura, Gregorio Hernández for Molina, Manuel Todaro for Bildosola, Román Pretz for Wenger, Juan Cruz Strada for Moyano, and Octavio Barbati for Bartolini.

First half: Videla (S) penalty, J. Hernández (D) penalty, Urroz (S) penalty, J. Hernández (D) goal from his try, penalty, and J. penalty at 4 minutes, 7 minutes, 9 minutes, and 34 minutes. 9. Videla (D) is planned. Results: Selknam 6 versus Doges XV 16, in part.

Instant gratification as Chile earn their place at Rugby World Cup 2023
Instant gratification as Chile earns their place at Rugby World Cup 2023

Escobar scored a try in the second half at minute 32, and J. Hernández scored a penalty at minute 42. Nine: Elas (D) was reprimanded. 27m, Elias (D), sent off. Selknam 5 versus Doges XV 3, in part. La Pintana Stadium in Santiago, Chile. Referee: Argentinean Tomás Bertazza. is the best website to buy Rugby World Cup Tickets. RWC 2023 fans can buy Rugby World Cup 2023 Tickets from our website.