Pia Sundhage recently observed Brazil Women Football generation,

“You never know if they’re ready, but you have to believe.”

The Brazil coach was discussing her team’s next friendlies against Sweden and Denmark, which will be followed by the Copa América. The Brazilian women’s national team has been under the Swedish manager’s management for the last three years. And she has guided them through a process of rebuilding. Women Football World Cup fans can buy Jamaica vs Brazil Tickets from our website.

This will be the first major tournament without any of the veterans in a very, very long time. After they were highly reliant on them to win seven out of eight Copas, including Marta, Cristiane, and Formiga. The baton must now be taken up by younger players like Kerolin, Geyse, Tainara, and Giovana Queiroz.

Aline Gomes of Brazil celebrates after defeating India in the Under-17 World Cup in October.
Aline Gomes of Brazil celebrates after defeating India in the Under-17 World Cup in October.

The 22-year-old North Carolina Courage midfielder Kerolin admits,

“Yes, I feel this responsibility.”

She is anticipating the tournament, and the absence of some of her heroes from the field will inspire her to consider their accomplishments and legacy.

“It boosts us to keep them near, even when we are separate, she lasts. We constantly converse with them and absorb their knowledge. It is only right that we follow their lead in supporting the women’s game.”

Sundhage and Jonas Urias, the manager of the U-20 Brazilian national team. Collaborate closely to ensure that the best players have a clear path to the top senior side.  The key problem, according to him, is instilling in this generation the same level of tenacity that the preceding one possessed.

Brazil Women Football Generation

“He claims that despite having to endure a difficult and biased environment, earlier generations were nonetheless able to triumph. “

“Although younger players now have better working conditions, they still cannot be satisfied.”

Marta, who played against the United States in February, is still an important member of Brazil's team at the age of 37.
Marta, who played against the United States in February, is still an important member of Brazil’s team at the age of 37.

In Kerolin’s instance, her maiden NWSL season has already gotten off to a fantastic start. She and her team won the Challenge Cup, and since moving on from Madrid CFF. Where she played for two seasons, she has already noticed a change in her game. Sundhage has also witnessed it.

“Today, people in the US talk about Kerolin,” she asserts.

“And there are some things she does on the pitch and some attributes she possesses that we want to inspire her to use more. However, it depends on how well Kerolin will get along with Angelina, Duda, or whoever it is.”

The ability of younger players to connect with those who play in Europe. And the United States when they are called up is another crucial benefit. The manager gave 21-year-old midfielder Duda Sampaio, who competes for Internacional in the Brazilian league, the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the seleço.

The coaching staff has faith in Grêmio’s Lorena, a 25-year-old custodian who has played in most of the team’s friendlies this season. Ary Borges, a 22-year-old midfielder for Palmeiras, is another player who is aware that the team’s future is in their own hands.

“She says of her younger coworkers Kerolin and Geyse, “We talk a lot.

“We are young, but we have some life experience. Even the youngest players play for prestigious clubs in Brazil, Europe, and elsewhere. Therefore, having this pressure is kind of good because it inspires me to work more as an athlete.”

Swedish Football Manager Pia Sundhage

For Sundhage, analyzing each player separately is insufficient. She needs to understand that there is a balance involved in the process of reinvigorating a band that has performed together for more than ten years. Women Football World Cup fans can buy France vs Brazil Tickets from our website.

“She explains that working together in juntas is essential and that the process takes time.”

 “Whoever is running things after we leave will be a fantastic team,”

Kerolin at the September Friendlies with Argentina
Kerolin at the September Friendlies with Argentina

Weekly quotation

“When we primarily met, she gave me a wary peek. She questioned whether I supported war and viewed Ukrainians as foes. I needed to sob. I wondered if her friends and family were all OK. Knowing she might lose loved ones was such a terrible sensation. I’m just feeling extremely emotional. Nadya Karpova, a Russian striker for Espanyol, said of meeting Ukrainian teammate Tamila Khimych in March,” I still can’t believe that it is true and that it is happening.

Brazilian football-crazy ladies might dream big, but issues still exist despite advancements.

Being a Brazilian women’s football journalist in the UK at this time is fantastic. And I am savoring every moment of it. When I was an intern at the local website Bahia Noticias about nine years ago. I published my first article regarding women’s football. It dealt with the difficulties of assembling strong teams for the second Brazilian Women’s Football Championship.

The challenges were comparable to what we face today: little funding and low player pay. And disparities in the support and structures given to men’s and women’s teams. Although it could appear that nothing has changed, women’s football in Brazil has advanced significantly. As it gets more and more competitive, the Brasileiro is producing players for the national team.

Brazil Women Football Clubs:

Brazilian clubs Corinthians, Ferroviária, Palmeiras, Santos, So Paulo, and Flamengo are all represented in Pia Sundhage’s side for Thursday’s Finalissima match against the Lionesses. Additionally, there have been advancements in young football. The Under-20 national team finished third at the World Cup last year, which was their greatest performance to date.

Aline Gomes, 17, one of the members of that group, just set a record for the youngest player to score a hat-trick and is soon to make her senior team debut in the Brasileirão Feminino. The 80,000 fortunate spectators who spent hours in an online line to purchase tickets for Thursday’s game at Wembley will watch a Brazil team that is transitioning, including many younger players who may soon be attending their first World Cup.

They will get experience playing challenging games against two of the finest teams in the globe in London and against Germany the following Tuesday in Nuremberg. Of course, Marta is also present. After suffering an ACL injury that sidelined her for 11 months, Marta, according to Sundhage, has come back even stronger.

Despite being 37 years old, Marta is still an important member of this team. Her impact on Brazilian women’s football, both on and off the pitch, is difficult to fathom without her effect on every player in the squad. But not everything is perfect. After leaving Paris Saint-Germain, Formiga returned to Brazilian football in 2021.

She originally joined So Paulo in 1997, when she won her first league championship. And she planned to play her final seasons there.

Brazilian Forward Marta:

However, a few weeks ago, she said that the team, which she left at the conclusion of the previous campaign. Offered very little assistance to wounded players, disregarded the squad’s requests for upgrades, and even restricted the number of jerseys they could wear.

Brazil's Tainara De Souza Da Silva and her colleagues thank the audience after their exhibition match with Australia.
Brazil’s Tainara De Souza Da Silva and her colleagues thank the audience after their exhibition match with Australia.

So Paulo refutes the allegations and maintains that the players have access to adequate medical treatment. And disputes Formiga’s assertions on the uniforms. But one has to ask how serious the issue is for lesser-known players at the top as well as further down the pyramid. If one of the biggest football stars in the nation feels she has been let down by her team.

Formiga claimed, “I’m thick-skinned and used to it, so it didn’t harm me. “

“However, as I saw the females struggle, I found it difficult to believe that this was still going on someplace.”

In Brazil, football should be accessible to all females. They ought to be let to harbor aspirations of dominating the game, But they ought to also be permitted to play for pure enjoyment. And at least now, they have access to inspiration. They may imagine themselves on the pitch, in the stands, or on the radio or television.

Home of Football:

Brazil, the home of football, has attempted to keep them away from the sport for many years. But even this is evolving. I’m walking on a cloud this week because of this. There has been advancement. They may not be in England’s position, but they are not avoiding the issues.

The women’s national squad will experience astonishment at seeing a packed Wembley and will gain optimism that one day it will also happen at home.

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