Warren Gatland is set to cut his Wales practice squad yet again ahead of the Rugby World Cup. The clock is ticking until the Rugby World Cup in France this fall. Tournament preparations are in full swing for Wales, with players being tested at the Army’s Green Mile fitness camp ahead of a two-week physical trip to Switzerland.

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A two-week stay in the shadow of the Alps has come to an end, and now another camp in Turkey is looming. After a week of warm-weather training, Wales will face three Tests against England (twice) and South Africa before competition kicks off in September.

Warren Gatland’s original line-up went out several times: players like Alan Wyn Jones and Justin Tipurik retired from international rugby, Ken Owens succumbed to injury, and Rhys Webb made the decision to secure the future of his club.

Kiwi will downsize his team again in the coming days as he approaches the 33 souls who will join him on the plane to France. But who will make the cut? Try to choose a group of 33 people to go to the continent on your own. We guarantee you that there will be some difficult calls to make!

If you think my Rugby World Cup training camps are ‘brutal’, you need some perspective

Participation in the stress training to enable them to make better decisions in the midst of the Tests comes from the Welsh players themselves. Mark Twain once said that courage is the resistance to fear, the mastery of fear, not the absence of fear.

Wales vs Georgia Tickets | RWC Tickets
RWC Tickets

As a player, overcoming fear has been a constant challenge for me. Before an important game, whether it was for the Waikato or the 17 no-limit games that I played for the All Blacks, I always had nerves.

To me, it was like a battle. You knew you had to physically dominate your opponent, even if it involved inflicting or receiving pain. Before the start, I was always overwhelmed with emotional intensity. I was the best player for this.

But times have changed, and so has the game. Test rugby is undeniably more physical in terms of clashes because the players are bigger and more powerful, and the ability to change more than half of the starting XV off the bench.

However, when I talk to some of the players in the modern game, it’s noticeable that not everyone is driven by the same emotions as me. When I ask some players if they get nervous before Rugby World Cup games, I’m always surprised when they say no.

The game may have changed since I played, but test rugby is called that because it’s a test of everything: your fitness, your strength, your skill level, your fitness and your mental toughness.

Rugby World Cup  – Evolving Coaching Approaches:

I think part of it has to do with how society has changed and as coaches we need to evolve as well. Sir Alex Ferguson has been known to throw cups around the dressing room to get his point across to the players, but those days are long gone. This aggression no longer works.

But language remains powerful. In the last week of our Six Nations campaign, I was talking to one of our players and he said, We’re all absolutely stuffed. His language could have been a little more colorful than that.

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RWC Tickets

I took him aside and said, Do you know how effective your messages can be with the language you use? If someone asks you how you feel and you say, I’m very tired’. It’s more than likely that they’ll tell you they don’t feel very well either. But if someone asks you and you tell them, I’m a little tired. But I feel pretty good, then they’ll most likely say they’re in good shape too.

The message to my team is that the words they use can have such a powerful effect on people. If you are tired or fatigued and tell your teammate that yes it was a tough session but you better come out on the other side, the psychological impact can be huge.

Negative words can spread like wildfire in a group. Which is why I strongly believe that positive messages should start at the top. When someone asks you how you feel, the common answer is, Not too bad. Not bad? What does this even mean? It is neither one nor the other. If someone asks me how I am, I always try to answer: I’m fine, thank you. It’s amazing how often this confuses people.

There is nothing more powerful than peer pressure’

I recommend it to everyone. Try it and see how the answer you get goes from negative to positive. There are so many little things like that that can make a huge difference in an elite environment.

In my opinion, there is nothing more powerful than peer pressure. If the playing group feels that the coaching group is imposing their will on them or is not listening to them, then negative attitudes can easily take root. For more about Rugby World Cup Tickets.

But if the players themselves believe in the message, then they take responsibility for it and force it on themselves with their own positivity.

And therefore, if a coach or staff member points something out to a player, then it is easier for the player to brush it off, but if the message is approved by the group, it has a much more powerful effect. And that, I think, is the key to managing today’s players when they also deal with the influence of social media.

Wales vs Georgia Tickets | RWC Tickets
Wales vs Georgia Tickets | RWC Tickets

This does not mean that it is not important to copy the mentality of the players of my generation. He said the mind is the strong muscle in the human body. So psychological problems are just as important as physical preparation during the preparation for the Rugby World Cup.

Purpose of Stress Training:

The difference is that the contribution to stress training so that the players are not only in the right frame of mind for the big games. But also able to make better decisions in the midst of a test match came from the players themselves.

“It was hard, but not cruel”

The moment I realized we were making real progress on this came during our visit to the Green Mile Army Fitness Camp in Tuffs Well last month. I saw that some of the activities we carried out there described as “brutal”. It wasn’t cruel. It was hard, but not cruel. I think we need to get some idea of ​​what violence really means.

Creating Uncomfortable Psychological Positions:

The goal was to put the players in an uncomfortable psychological position because there are times during matches when things don’t go the way they should. The best teams are the ones that find solutions under pressure. One of the tasks involved the players swimming about 15 meters underwater when they were already in a “stressful” state after training.

The goal was for the players to be able to control their breathing. People can hold their breath for a lot longer than they might think. But when you’re under stress, the reaction is to gasp for air. If you’ve ever jumped into an ice pool on vacation, you’ll know what I mean.

Our defensive midfielder Nicky Smith really struggled in the beginning with this drill. But he did not give up, despite the failure at the start. The other players, seeing that he was struggling but still coming back for more, gathered around and cheered him on.

Wales vs Georgia Tickets | RWC Tickets
Wales vs Georgia Tickets

On the third try, he completed the task. At first he resisted, and then he mastered his fear. And the way his teammates congratulated him at the end showed me that we are in a good mental state.

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