Just months away from competing in their first FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2023. The Philippines women national team is failed to begin their quest for SEA Games triumph. But what is the secret to their recent success? The Philippine women’s national team will make history on July 21. Women Football World Cup fans can buy Philippines Vs Switzerland Tickets from our website.

The Filipinas will represent their country on the most prestigious football platform. The FIFA Women’s World Cup, for the first time ever. A thrilling shootout victory over Chinese Taipei in the Women’s Asia Cup quarterfinals in January 2022. Earned the team entry into the event in Australia and New Zealand.

Although they were defeated 2-0 by the Republic of Korea in the semifinals. They had already secured their berth in the first global competition. The Filipinas will compete for gold at the Southeast Asian Games in Cambodia before concentrating on their trip to New Zealand.

the Philippines women national team is failed to begin their quest for SEA Games triumph.
The Philippines women national team is failed to begin their quest for SEA Games triumph.

Following recent victories over the reigning champions Vietnam and last year’s runners-up Thailand. They have the top step of the podium in sight after capturing bronze two years ago. Matching their third place in 1985. This group of players will be more motivated than ever to make a mark with the World Cup just around the corner.

What has been the key to the Filipinas’ recent success, from the players to the new coach?

The Philippines: A change in outlook

The Philippines have a solid case to be the best team, having struggled for years to compete with surrounding rivals.  The shift in perspective is evident to observers as well as to the players themselves.

According to Philstar, keeper Inna Palacios told local media that

“our mentality as a team is winning the moment.”

“We constantly want to improve, therefore we always want to win the next game. We wish to test our collective potential.”

The majority of the Filipinas, who will play in their first World Cup in 2023, were born in the United States, but they are determined to leave their mark on the international scene. One of the team’s few native players, Palacios, who was placed in Group A alongside Norway, Switzerland, and co-hosts New Zealand, described the criteria she and her teammates are searching for this summer.

“We’re going to keep riding that wave until the very end because we really want to get out of the group stage. We’ll need to put in a lot of effort and hope, but that’s where our attention is right now. The Philippines captured their first-ever trophy by winning the AFF Women’s Championship in Manila last July on home soil.

They defeated the defending champions for the first time in 17 tries, shocking Vietnam 4-0 in the semifinals. Then came a 3-0 triumph over Thailand, a team they had lost to in the group stages and had only defeated once in their previous 16 encounters.

Philippines women National Team

They defeated Bosnia and Herzegovina 3-0 a month earlier to record their first victory over a European opponent before falling to them 2-1 the following week. The Filipinas lost to Wales and Scotland by an odd goal each in the Pinatar Cup in Spain at the beginning of this year before losing to Iceland 5-0.

Alen Stajcic is the best coach of Philippines Women Football World Cup Team
Alen Stajcic is the best coach of the Philippines Women Football World Cup Team

The team suffered a rare setback with that last performance. But they quickly got back on track in the first round of the Olympic qualifiers in April. To easily advance to the second round, they defeated Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Hong Kong. China, scored 16 goals without receiving a response.

However, the SEA Games are up next, where the team will try to win a second trophy in a year. Women’s Football World Cup fans can buy Norway Vs Philippines Tickets from our website.

Australia’s Influence on Alen Stajcic

The Philippines were rated 68 in the world when Australian Alen Stajcic assumed leadership in October 2021. And they had never visited Europe. Stajcic, who oversaw Australia’s Matildas from 2014 to 2019. Faced a crucial opening encounter against Thailand in the Women’s Asian Cup group stages. Chandler McDaniel’s goal nine minutes from time gave Stajcic a fairytale start to his term even though the Thais had won all 14 of their previous encounters.

The Philippines defeated Indonesia 6-0 to advance to the quarterfinal against Chinese Taipei. Earning them their first-ever World Cup berth after losing to Australia. The Philippines are now rated 49, which is their highest spot to date.

According to Stajcic,

“the players recently had a conversation and they all agreed that this is just the beginning of a journey.”

“They are only now beginning to see that we can accomplish this and improve.”

Recent performances have demonstrated that belief, but the coach is not yet jumping to conclusions.

“I don’t know how good we’ll be at the World Cup, but I know we’re going in the right direction. In my example, Southeast Asia is the small hill that we have just scaled and conquered.

“The difficulties that lie ahead will be considerably greater: trying to rule the rest of Asia and then the entire world.”

The team’s top goal threat is Australian-born Sarina Bolden, who also has Red Star Belgrade attacker Quinley Quezada and Swedish-born Katrina Guillou on her roster.

Unification of junior and senior teams

The harmony between their youth and senior teams may be yet another important element in what the Filipinos are currently constructing. In an unusual move, Stajcic and his coaching staff began managing the first team. The Under-17 and Under-20 minor teams, and both in January.

According to Nahuel Arrate, an assistant coach,

“It’s an opportunity to align the senior national team along with young players coming through.”

“Hopefully we can learn from some of the success we’ve seen on the national team; but ultimately, the national team is about winning and about development that is playing a big foundation in the success of this team.”

Philippines vs Vietnam South East Asian Games
Philippines vs Vietnam South East Asian Games

In advance of the SEA Games, a number of young athletes have already advanced to the senior team. Including Malea Cesar, 19, Carleigh Frilles, 21, Isabella Pasion, 16, and Isabella Flanigan, 18.

Along with making it easy for him to include talent. Stajcic and his crew who monitor the young groups also foster a sense of oneness. Players in the U17 and U20 levels get a taste of what their own futures might hold, which strengthens the team’s relationship.

SEA Games 2023: Despite defeating Vietnam, the Filipinas were denied a semifinal spot

Despite defeating the defending champion Vietnam 2-1 on Tuesday at RSN Stadium in Phnom Penh. The Filipinas were unable to advance to the semifinals of the women’s football categories of the 32nd Cambodia Southeast Asian Games.

The Filipinas defeated Vietnam in their first match since the semifinals of the ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Women’s Championship in Manila last year thanks to a goal by Hali Long in the 83rd minute. FIFA commends the Philippines and the other 7 nations making their World Cup debuts.

In honor of International Women’s Day on Wednesday, FIFA General Secretary Fatma Samoura praised the eight nations making their tournament debuts and urged the athletes to be proud of their capacity to motivate others. Women Football World Cup fans can buy New Zealand Vs Philippines Tickets from our website.

The international women’s football showcase will feature debuts by Haiti, Morocco, Panama and Philippines. Portugal, Ireland, Vietnam, and Zambia from 20 to August 20 in Australia and New Zealand.

“I’m glad to see all of you women who are mothers, sisters, students, and athletes. Women they can relate to doing well on the pitch,” according to Samoura.

“This will inspire a new generation of young ladies and girls to aspire large and high. to speak up for themselves and strive for success both on and off the pitch.”

On International Women’s Day, which has its roots in the US socialist and labor movements of the early 20th century when many women were battling for improved working conditions and the opportunity to vote, a number of other sports icons supported women and praised advancement.

England Women Football World Cup Team

The national women’s team of England has been advocating for this cause ever since they won the Euro 2022 championship in August. The Lionesses hailed the UK government’s announcement that every girl in Britain will have equal access to football in schools.

Schools must provide a minimum of two hours of physical education each week and guarantee that all school sports, including football, are open to females on an equal basis.

The Lionesses issued a statement that read,

“An announcement that will change women’s football in England forever, and the beginning of something truly special.”

“We believe that this is just the beginning.”

Four-time Canadian Olympic hockey champion Hayley Wickenheiser complimented her parents in a happy Instagram post.

“My dad was an amazing male role model who believed a little girl could do anything a little boy could do, and my mom was an amazing female role model who advocated for women’s rights,” she said.

“They contributed significantly to my ability to overcome obstacles and complete medical school.”

FIFA General Secretary Fatma Samoura praised the Philippines women's national team making their tournament debuts
FIFA General Secretary Fatma Samoura praised the Philippines women’s national team for making their tournament debuts

David Haggerty, president of the International Tennis Federation, urged males to take the lead in the fight for gender equality.

“The importance of men cannot be understated”, according to Haggerty.

“We must all work together to find the most effective solution to address gender inequality.”

As part of its Advantage All gender equality strategy, the ITF introduced the Men as Allies program.

Haggerty, a United Nations HeForShe Champion, declared,

“It’s time to start championing the champions.”

“We invite all male tennis leaders to join us as Advantage All Male Allies.”

Gender Equality in Football

The ITF states that allies will be required to pledge to contribute significantly to the cause of gender equality. In a Twitter video, Sebastian Coe promoted female leadership. Arguing that having women in powerful roles makes for a better organization.

Coe said, “I’ll be maybe a little controversial,” and argued that the issues might not have been as severe if World Athletics had more women in leadership positions during some of the organization’s more troubling earlier years.

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