Taylor Swift, a global superstar, not only breaks records with her music, but also makes history with her ticket sales. With Taylor Swift tickets sales of over $13 million per night, Taylor Swift is on her way to the highest-grossing tour in music history. To celebrate her iconic career and showcase the evolution of her music, she embarked on the highly anticipated Taylor Swift Eras Tour.

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Taylor Swift Tickets  | Taylor Swift Eras Tour Tickets
Taylor Swift Tickets | Taylor Swift Eras Tour Tickets

Unprecedented Revenue Generation

Taylor Swift’s Eras tour, has been a remarkable source of income, earning over $13 million overnight. While a significant portion of the revenue goes to production costs, it’s worth noting that the staggering figure doesn’t even take into account the millions of dollars generated from the sale of merchandise. This extraordinary success cemented Swift’s position as the world’s highest-grossing female artist and marked the pinnacle of her touring career.

On Track to Break the Billion-Dollar Threshold

Based on current projections, Taylor Swift is expected to earn over $1 billion, a feat that no artist has ever achieved before. After 22 tours, Eras has already amassed $300 million, according to the respected trade publication Pollstar. Swift was scheduled to play more than 50 shows in the US before heading to the international leg of the tour. The industry estimates that Eras’ total revenue could top an astounding $1.3 billion, further solidifying Swift’s position as a powerhouse in the music industry.

Soaring Cost of Concert Tickets

Along with Taylor Swift’s record-breaking Eras tour, there has been a notable rise in ticket prices, especially in a year marked by concert inflation. The average ticket to a Taylor Swift show costs an impressive $254, which proves that the Swifts are willing to spend money to witness her live performances. In addition, seven of the top 25 best-selling bands charge over $200 a night in the first half of the year, a sign of the changing landscape of the concert industry.

Taylor Swift Tickets  | Taylor Swift Eras Tour Tickets
Taylor Swift Tickets | Taylor Swift Eras Tour Tickets

Taylor Swif Tickets Prices Rising Faster

Just five years ago, only two performers had tickets worth more than $200: Britney Spears and Celine Dion. That same year, the highest paid artist, Ed Sheeran, had an average ticket price of $89. Fast-forward to the present: the average price of the top 25 best-selling tours is up $37. Even adjusted for inflation, this increase is about $13.60, indicating that ticket prices are rising at a faster rate than consumer prices in general.

Swift’s Last Tour Was a Turning Point

Notably, 2018 was the last time Taylor Swift went on tour. Since then, the concert industry has undergone significant changes, characterized by rising ticket prices and a wider price gap among top performers. Prior to 2018, most tickets cost between $75 and $130, with only a few performers charging higher prices. However, today there are more established artists who charge more than $200 per ticket than those who charge less than $100.

Unwavering Demand for Taylor Swift

Despite a significant increase in ticket prices, more than 1.1 million fans happily purchased tickets to Taylor Swift’s live performances. This demonstrates the unwavering dedication and loyalty of her fans, who are willing to invest in the opportunity to see their favorite artist in person. Demand for Taylor Swift’s concerts remains exceptionally high, further pushing her to record-breaking financial success.

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour predicted to become the first ever to make $1B in sales

Breaking records is nothing new for Taylor Swift, and now the pop star’s Eras Tour is about to break another milestone, with forecasters predicting a record $1 billion in sales. According to the Wall Street Journal, the $1 billion mark has never been reached by any artist on tour, and Elton John’s farewell tour was the closest a musician has ever reached. The total will include gross revenue from tickets, merchandise and sponsorships.

Taylor Swift Tickets  | Taylor Swift Eras Tour Tickets
Taylor Swift Tickets | Taylor Swift Eras Tour Tickets

Billboard Boxscore, known for tracking concert tour data, did not receive daily revenue from Taylor Swift Eras tour, so the exact amount is still unknown. However, last December, the company estimated that Swift’s original 52-show tour would bring in $590 million.

Swift has now doubled the number of concerts in Latin America, Asia, Australia and Europe through 2024, bringing the total to at least 106 so far. According to Pollstar, the added concert dates will bring Swift over a billion dollars in gross revenue as the data tracker about concerts estimates that the Eras Tour will earn $1.4 billion.

Total Cost of Attendance: Expenses Beyond Taylor Swift Tickets

Compared to other big earners, this would put Swift in first place and make her the first to break the billion mark. At the top of the all-time list is Elton John, whose Farwell Yellow Brick Road Tour earned $853 million; Ed Sheeran, whose The Tour made $776 million; and U2, who made $736 million from their U2 360° Tour.

Eticketing.co shared that on the first day of ticket sales, the Eras Tour sold over 2.4 million tickets, the most ever sold by an artist in a single day. Tickets also cost between $50 and $899 when they were originally sold, but Axios reports that in the resale market, the cheapest seats cost $1,000.

A recent survey by QuestionPro found that the average concert goer needed to spend about $1,300 to attend the tour, including expenses other than tickets such as travel, hotel accommodation, clothing, and more. Billboard reports that Swift’s total tour spending in 2023 is expected to be around $5 billion.

Taylor Swift Tickets  | Taylor Swift Eras Tour Tickets
Taylor Swift Tickets | Taylor Swift Eras Tour Tickets

Taylor Swift’s Eras tour: Tips for getting Taylor Swift tickets

Taylor Swift has announced 14 additional European dates for her Eras Tour, including three in the UK. The pop star will play additional nights in Liverpool, Edinburgh and London in addition to the 10 shows she has already announced.

However, the new shows rule out the possibility of Swift headlining the rumored Glastonbury 2024. The star will now play at Dublin’s Aviva Stadium on all three days of the festival next year.

Previously there was a break on Sunday 30 June, the night of the closing of Glastonbury. Swift also revealed that American rock band Paramore would be the opening act for her shows in Europe. The announcement came on the day British fans who had pre-registered for tickets were supposed to find out if they would receive an access code allowing them to buy tickets for the highly anticipated tour.

But even for these lucky ones, the fight for the show will be intense. When part of the Taylor Swift Eras tour went on sale in the US last year, demand was so high that Ticketmaster’s systems failed. In Australia, four million fans competed for 450,000 tickets. The mismatch between supply and demand is likely to be the same in the UK.

Taylor Swift Tickets  | Taylor Swift Eras Tour Tickets
Taylor Swift Tickets | Taylor Swift Eras Tour Tickets

With that in mind, here are some tips to make sure you avoid a Cruel Summer and achieve your Wildest Dreams.

  • Thursday 15 August – London, Wembley Stadium
  • Friday 16 August – London, Wembley Stadium
  • Saturday 17 August – London, Wembley Stadium

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