France Olympic: Chinese break dancer Shang Xiaoyu. Who is notorious as X-Rain in the circle, has made B-Boy top eight in the World Dance Sports. Alliance Breaking for Gold World Series in Montpellier. France Olympic this week, attaining a breakthrough for Chinese B-Boys. This result gave Shang more sureness in getting qualification for the men’s breaking occasion in the Paris Olympics in 2024. When Breaking was about to make its introduction at the Summer France Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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In 2018, Shang uploaded a clip of his presentation for the first tryout of Team China. As the only Chinese breaker in that publication of the France Olympic, he ended as one of the top eight. It will be incredible if breaking converts an Olympic 2024 event one day. I will work hard and grow ready for it Shang said back then. Having completed a series of international and internal tournaments since then. Shang became a sanctioned member of the first Chinese men’s national breaking crew in early 2023.

Too much has occurred in these years. I feel I have always been the lucky one Shang said in a meeting with Xinhua News Agency. I had five teammates at the beginning. It took them two to three days to study a move, but took me a week to do it. They are all more gifted than I am. But I’m the most hard-working one. I’m the only dancer motionless in the team from back then. I have understood too many talented dancers fail to progress well because they rely too much on their gifts he additional.

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Olympic Breaking Canadian B-boy Phil Wizard tops podium at Breaking for Gold in France Olympic

Canadian B-boy Phil Wizard enthused closer to France Olympic qualification with a gold-medal victory on Thursday at the WDSF Breaking for Gold World Series stop in Montpellier, France. The governing world winner from Vancouver delivered a dominant 3-0 performance against Japanese star Shigekix in the final battle to protect his first World Series win. Wizard took home silver at last month’s event in Rio de Janeiro after finishing 10th in February at the first break in Kitakyushu, Japan. The breaking competition in Montpellier was part of the International Festival of Thrilling Sports.

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A week-long event is overcrowded with fans that also features BMX, skateboarding, parkour and more. It fingered great to win my first incident at the FISE in Montpellier. The heaven and energy were great and I really appreciated it all. That’s what’s important to me and why I think the incident ended in my favour. I was really savouring and enjoying the moment Wizard told CBC Sports. This win means a lot to me too because I had some of my closest friends overdue me secondary me. And that’s an honour to have throughout such an important event.

Wizard, whose real name is Phil Kim, earned 1,000 ranking points in the direction of Olympic 2024 qualification. The top 14 B-boys and B-girls in the Breaking for Gold rankings. Will develop to the Olympic Paris Qualifier Series, set to be held next year from March to June. Wizard beat Shigekix in the world contest last October. The sport’s highly expected France Olympic debut in Paris will mouth a men’s and women’s tournament, with 16 contestants in each. offers Olympic 2024 Hospitality for Paris Olympics at the best prices. Olympic fans can buy France Olympic Tickets at exclusively discounted prices.

Olympic Breaking Oudéa Castéra predicting the contagious impact of breaking at Paris 2024 after the FISE effect

French Sports Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castéra is expecting town sports, and in particular. Breaking, to spark a sporting uprising among young people at the Olympic Paris 2024 Games. And has qualified FISE Montpellier for its role in promoting them. The former tennis player is appreciating breaking’s Olympic 2024 presentation next year. When it takes to the capital’s Place de la Concorde. The organizer’s project of the sport in the heart of the city, under the gaze of the Eiffel Tower. Highlights the importance placed on the punishment which has already sold all of its vouchers for the Games. 

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Paris 2024 Tickets |Olympic Breaking Tickets | Olympic Paris Tickets | Olympic Tickets | France Olympic Tickets|

Breaking is wanted to capture the attention of the youth by the International Olympic Board and organizers alike. Paris 2024 will like never before honour road sport. And for the first time in the Olympic Paris breaking is part of it. Oudéa-Castéra said at the Municipal Sports Summit, which is running in parallel to the 26th year of FISE Montpellier. Each time I go somewhere with the President, where there is breaking it is communicable. Something is happening there and a drive is being triggered, which I think will also transpire at the Games.

The combo of music and sport is unbelievably exciting. When we are all looking at our awnings, when kids see breaking they all want to do it. Oudéa-Castéra was full of approval for FISE Montpellier. Which has conventional itself as the premier urban sports event since its inaugural impression in 1997. And even described creator Hervé André-Benoît as an innovator. The 45-year-old cited a 2022 study from Sport Dans le Ville that found difficult results on the impression of FISE.

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