At today’s press conference to promote Joshua vs Jermaine Franklin fight, Anthony Joshua made headlines by informing the media that he was in boxing for the money. Anthony Joshua vs Franklin fans can buy Anthony Joshua Vs Jermaine Franklin Tickets from our website.

Joshua then clarified the context of his bullish statement. Added that he wanted to share his fortune with others who were less fortunate than himself. And with individuals he might not be able to interact with personally but who he could still aid.

Joshua clarified that it wasn’t about the bling. Whatever the case, Joshua’s mention of money has people talking about him and his “New Dawn”. When he challenges Michigan opponent Jermaine Franklin on April 1 at the O2 Arena in London.

Franklin, who has a record of 21-1, was accompanied by his promoter Dmitriy Salita. Who claimed that Franklin’s narrow defeat to Dillian Whyte last year demonstrated both his ability to compete overseas and the underdog status he enjoyed. Salita also predicted that “the critics are going to be quiet.”

Anthony Joshua informed the media that he was in boxing for the money
Anthony Joshua informed the media that he was in boxing for the money

Eddie Hearn, the promoter, acknowledged that any opponent would view defeating Joshua as their own pot of gold. But Salita attempted to sow doubt in Joshua’s mind at today’s press conference by drawing comparisons between Franklin and Andy Ruiz, the first professional to defeat Joshua.

Salita then discussed Franklin’s relationship with coach Jesse Addison. Who the boxer has been with since he was a little child while giving a mention to Joshua’s new coach Derrick James.

Salita remarked, “Derrick James is an excellent trainer.”

“But you can only accomplish so much in three months.”

Anthony Joshua vs Jermaine Franklin

Franklin said he defeated Whyte by a score of seven rounds to five. And he felt his victory over Whyte had won him the opportunity to face Joshua, moving him ahead of Dillian in the line.

“I think I can defeat anyone,” Franklin asserted.

“You’re playing the wrong sport if you don’t have confidence in yourself.”

James retorted, “Jermaine is a really talented fighter, so we’re absolutely taking him seriously.”

“ It’s about Anthony being the best version of himself by becoming the fighter he needs to be as well as the boxer he wants to be.”

Joshua said he had never been more focused than at this point in his career and that joining James in Texas has limited his distractions. Joshua Vs Franklin fans can buy Anthony Joshua Tickets from our website.

“The former heavyweight champion claimed, “I still feel young and fresh.

“I’ve learnt lessons from everything I’ve experienced, both good and bad, and I’ve carried those lessons with me throughout my career. Distractions were eliminated so that I could refocus on the game. I’ve dedicated all of my heart to boxing. Boxing affects your heart as much as your mind.”

After being questioned about his motivations and responding. “Money, money, I like making money, straight up, I’m a prizefighter,”. He later explained that it was about amassing wealth that he could share with others. Rather than using it as a means of severing ties with friends, families, and communities.

Anthony Joshua acknowledges that the incentive behind his comeback bout against Jermaine Franklin is money, calling it “a prizefighting sport.”

Joshua said he is more focused at this point of his career
Joshua said he is more focused at this point in his career

Prior to his bout with Jermaine Franklin, Anthony Joshua was open and honest when he said that money is what drives him. After suffering two straight losses to champion Oleksandr Usyk, the former two-time unified heavyweight champion hopes to restart his career by defeating Franklin on April 1.

Eddie Hearn, a boxing promoter, questioned “AJ” during a press conference to advertise his fight with Franklin about what was driving him during this critical period in his career.

Before Hearn had even finished his inquiry, Joshua repeated, “Money.” “I enjoy earning a living. Straight ahead Like, this is a sport of prizefighting. I once had no money. My family has experienced financial hardship.  I do it because I’m skilled at it and work really hard, even though I know what this s*** implies.

“When all is said and done, nobody will think anymore about me. I must take advantage of my time here while I still have it.”

Joshua, who has been a professional boxer for ten years, has built a £38 million fortune, according to Forbes, making him one of the sport’s biggest stars.

Joshua is a professional boxer since ten years
Joshua is a professional boxer for ten years

Joshua has moved to Texas where he is being coached by new coach Derrick James. He says that he is taking his forthcoming fight at London’s O2 Arena very seriously.

James is in charge of Jermell Charlo, the undisputed WBA, WBC, IBF, and WBO super welterweight champion, as well as Errol Spence, the undisputed WBA, WBC, and IBF welterweight world champion.

Joshua responded when Hearn questioned him about his enthusiasm for moving to the United States,

“It is not because I ain’t seen anything.”

Joshua Vs Jermaine Franklin

“I’m a serious person, so I’m not there for anything else,” the speaker declares. This is perhaps the most serious I have ever taken it during my career. I’m actually just there to f***ing work; I’m not really there to go out for coffee and talk bulls**t.

If Joshua can defeat Franklin and get back on the winning track, he might face Tyson Fury, or Deontay Wilder. Or even former UFC fighter heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou.

All three would be extremely worthwhile for the thirty-three-year-old and would certainly let him live a life of frill long after his boxing days are over.

The Jermaine Franklin Fight, Says Anthony Joshua, Could Be Harder Than Confronting Oleksandr Usyk

The two heavyweights will square off live on DAZN in April. Anthony Joshua, a former two-time unified heavyweight champion, asserts that his forthcoming contest with Jermaine Franklin may be more difficult than his two previous meetings with Oleksandr Usyk.

Joshua is seeking to make a statement when the two clashes on April 1 live on DAZN and launch his quest to win the world championship for a third time after suffering back-to-back defeats to the Ukrainian.

At the fight’s press conference on Thursday, Joshua said on The DAZN Boxing Show,

“I probably have to take Jermaine Franklin more seriously than I did Usyk, for example.”

“I know better now because of what I’ve gone through and how I trained wasn’t enough, so now I know that I need to put more pressure on myself in order to perform better,” the speaker said.

“Not because I’m comparing. I’ll always have this level of self-expectation to get better as a fighter as long as I keep fighting.

Joshua’s first fight under new trainer Derrick James, who oversaw the careers of middleweight champion Jermall Charlo and WBC middleweight champion Errol Spence Jr., will mark the beginning of what some perceive as a rebuild for the Olympic gold medalist. 

Anthony Joshua pledges not to treat Jermaine Franklin lightly and calls their match “a real contest.”

On April 1, Anthony Joshua will make his comeback against Jermaine Franklin.

Anthony Joshua and Jermaine Franklin both showed up for their first news conference. Before Anthony Joshua’s comeback to the ring, where they will square off. Eddie Hearn and Dmitry Salita, Franklin’s promoters. Spoke for a while before Franklin quickly signaled that he was prepared for the situation.

Anthony vs Jermaine

Franklin declared, “I’ve got the utmost confidence.”

“I think I can defeat anyone. I’ve never had any doubts about that. This isn’t the sport for you if you have self-doubt; switch sports

He is therefore a man in the same way that I am. He bleeds just like I do, which gave me the assurance I needed to carry off this triumph.

“It would be a great opportunity for my career (beating Joshua). I am prepared to go to war as usual because I have the desire and the heart to do so.”

Derrick James, Anthony Joshua’s new trainer, spoke briefly about his initial thoughts on the new job before Joshua gave his own opinions.

It’s a big bout, according to Joshua. “Good opposition. If he had the belts, I would have taken him in the same manner; if not, I must take him in the same manner. Because he is coming to fight, I must respect him, which will help me keep my composure and regard him seriously.

It has taken a lot of time traveling while competing for title belts, defending them, and taking on opponents. It’s been difficult having, what, 12 bouts back-to-back, including title matches. We anticipate April and know Derrick has some tricks up his sleeve with him here.

Joshua also provided a welcome dose of candor when asked what keeps him boxing.

Joshua vs Franklin

“Money. I enjoy earning money, plain and simple. This activity involves prizefighting. Neither my family nor I have ever been wealthy. I do it because I’m good at it and work really hard even though I know what this garbage implies, After everything is said and done, nobody will be interested in me any longer. I must take advantage of my time here while I still have it. is the best website to buy all Aj vs Jermaine Tickets. Aj vs Franklin Tickets fans can buy Joshua Vs Jermaine Franklin Tickets from our website.