The legendary Japan Women Football Team player Aya Miyama talks about Japan’s aspirations for victory in Australia & New Zealand in 2023 and why the tournament’s set-pieces will be so important. According to Aya Miyama, Japan can win the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2017. Women Football World Cup fans can buy Japan vs Spain Tickets from our website.

She thinks set pieces will be important during the competition, and a FIFA+ documentary looks back on Germany’s 2011 victory. The FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023TM, which will feature 32 teams and be staged in two distinct countries, will set new standards when it begins in exactly one year.

Legendary Japanese football player Aya Miyama watches the seconds tick by till kickoff. A crucial midfielder on the Nadeshiko team that won against Germany in 2011 and a three-time AFC Women’s Player of the Year, she spoke with FIFA+ about her hopes for this historic competition.

legendary Aya Miyama talks about Japan's aspirations for victory in Women Football World Cup 2023 in Australia & New Zealand
Aya Miyama talks about Japan’s aspirations for victory in the Women’s Football World Cup 2023

FIFA+: Now that the Women’s World Cup is only a year away, how do you feel?

By Aya Miyama This tournament will feature a lot of firsts. In addition, it will be the first Women’s World Cup that two southern hemisphere countries would jointly host. I’m incredibly eager and can’t wait for the competition to begin.

What groups do you anticipate to be the favorites? What players should supporters pay attention to?

It is difficult to forecast what will happen because this will be the first World Cup with 32 teams.  Every participating country, in my opinion, has a chance to win the trophy. Many athletes my age are still competing for their national teams, but I will be rooting the hardest for Japan.

What are your expectations for the Japanese team at the tournament?

There is still one more year to go, so I think Japan will prepare a fantastic team as they build up to the tournament. Japan has many talented players, so I hope they give it everything and aim to win the World Cup. Nadeshiko Japan always has the ability to stun the football world, so please get along with the games and support the players. FIFA Women Football World Cup fans can buy Zambia vs Japan Tickets from our website.

What aspects of Australia & New Zealand 2023 will appeal most to fans?

Because more countries are participating this time, I believe we will witness some exciting competitions. I hope spectators will appreciate watching these distinctly different approaches to the game since each nation will be showcasing its unique brand of football. Starting with the first match of the qualifying round, I predict that the World Cup will feature a number of exciting contests.

A World Cup will feature a large number of nations competing for the first time.

How will the quality and intensity of the matches at this tournament and the qualifying games vary?

Japan women football team kit for the Women Football world cup 2023 has been revealed
Japan’s women’s football team kit for the Women’s Football world cup 2023 has been revealed

They will be entirely different, in my opinion. Getting past the qualification round proves that a team has the actual ability, but intensive preparation and training over the next year will be crucial to make an impression and surprising the football world at the World Cup. Set pieces and developing a game plan that can withstand an opponent’s attempts to thwart it, in my opinion, will become more and more crucial.

What impact will more participating nations have on the competing teams?

I anticipate that it will be challenging to train to play against every team in this tournament because they all play football in different ways. On the other hand, effective planning will offer every team a chance to win, thus I believe it will be crucial to create and carry out strategies that make use of each team’s particular advantages. Practice in that area of the game will be crucial because set pieces in particular could determine a match’s outcome on the international stage.

The Women Empowerment (WE) League, Japan’s first completely professional women’s football league, was established in 2021.

What effect will this league have as Japan prepares for the World Cup in 2014?

The WE League, in my opinion, is primarily increasing Japanese fans’ awareness of both the women’s World Cup and women’s football in general. People will inevitably become interested in women’s football, which will greatly benefit Nadeshiko, in my opinion. Second, in order to compete in this elite league, the players will need to enhance their abilities.

As a result, homegrown players in Japan will step up their game. I believe that this is giving the national team, which also includes players who play professionally abroad, fantastic depth.

Do you believe that the level of football in Japan is now higher than it was when you were playing?

There is no doubt that gamers are developing their abilities and game management capabilities. Underneath the WE League in Japan is the Nadeshiko League, a semi-pro competition. These leagues, in my opinion, strengthen one another. Of course, there may be potential for improvement, but overall, I think the environment for female football players is simply fantastic.

We have heard that you played for a guys’ team in high school years before becoming a pillar of the Nadeshiko. Has the environment in Japan changed since then for female football players?

Adidas' Japanese National Women's football team 2023 away shirt
Adidas’ Japanese National Women’s football team 2023 away shirt

We haven’t won the World Cup since we did it in 2011 more than ten years ago. Although there have been ups and downs in the public’s interest in women’s football during those years, I think Japan is progressively creating a favorable climate for female football. Women’s football is becoming more and more well-liked all across the world.

Japan Women’s Football Team Kit

That, in my opinion, is one of the contributing factors to Japan’s gradually rising interest in women’s football. Many people now have more opportunities to see women play football thanks to the WE League’s formation last year. This momentum, in my opinion, is increasing football fans’ interest in the women’s World Cup.

Release of the Stunning Japan 2023 Women’s World Cup Away Outfit

Today marked the official debut of the new 2023 away jersey for the Japanese national women’s football team. It will be worn at the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2023 and is manufactured by Adidas. The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup’s Group C will feature Spain, Costa Rica, and Zambia in addition to Japan.

This shirt may be used by the Japanese Men’s team in one official game, although that has not been decided.


The Japanese National Women’s Football Team’s 2023 away Adidas football shirt may be seen below.

Adidas Japanese national football tea shirt apparently takes its inspiration from the sunsets over Mount Fuji
Adidas Japanese national football tea shirt apparently takes its inspiration from the sunsets over Mount Fuji

Although the colors of the Adidas Japanese national football team 2023 Women’s World Cup away football shirt are also strongly linked to another aspect of Japanese natural beauty, the cherry blossoms, they appear to be inspired by the sunsets over Mount Fuji.

Above the Japan crest is a gold star commemorating their 2011 World Cup victory. The shading of the shirt has a cloud-like appearance, and the top portion is lilac before changing to pale pink. On each side of the breast, a black Adidas logo and a full-color federation badge are traditional placements.

Adidas matches lilac shorts and socks with the Japan 2023 Women’s World Cup away shirt. Beginning in March 2023, fans can purchase the Adidas Japan 2023 Women’s World Cup away jersey. produced by Adidas.

What do you think of Japan’s away jersey for the 2023 Women’s World Cup? Please leave a comment below.

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