Midway through the Cricket World Cup, the PCB called on fans to support the Pakistan team and its captain Babar Azam. With two wins from five matches, Pakistan are now fifth on the CWC 2023 points table and still have a chance of reaching the semi-finals. However, there remains a strong sense of discontent among the cricket fraternity, while voices suggesting the potential sacking of captain Babar Azam are also growing.

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You can understand why. Pakistan’s two wins came against Sri Lanka, whose only win was against the Netherlands, and the Netherlands, after which they lost consecutive matches against India, Australia and, for the first time in this format, Afghanistan.

To qualify, Pakistan may have to win all four matches against second-placed South Africa, third-placed New Zealand and defending champions England, as well as Bangladesh, who finished above Pakistan at the Asian Cup in September.

On October 26, the Pakistan Cricket Board issued a statement acknowledging the emotions and sentiments of cricket fans following the national team’s three consecutive defeats at the Cricket World Cup 2023.

PCB’s Hope for Continued Support

They also expressed hope that “the cricket community and fans will continue to support captain Babar Azam and the entire Pakistan cricket team.”

The report notes that the team still has four crucial round-robin matches remaining” and expresses optimism that they will regroup, overcome setbacks and perform positively and effectively in the upcoming matches.

Cricket World Cup Tickets | CWC Tickets
Cricket World Cup Tickets

Reminding everyone that success and failure are part of the game, the PCB also confirmed that Babar and chief selector Inzamam-ul-Haq had freedom and support in forming the Cricket World Cup team.

The PCB also assured everyone that looking into the future, the board will take decisions in the best interest of Pakistan cricket based on the team’s performance at the Cricket World Cup. It is unclear whether they were hinting at the future tenure of Babar or Inzamam or a roster revamp.

However, for now, they have asked fans, former players and stakeholders to rally behind the team as they aim to make a triumphant return to the mega event.

Babar’s Stature in World Cricket

Babar Azam is not just any cricketer; he’s among the top batsmen globally and an essential pillar of Pakistan’s cricket team. His elegance and technical proficiency with the bat have drawn comparisons to modern greats like Virat Kohli and Joe Root. His performance in ODIs over the past few years has been consistently exceptional. Underneath all this is a talented leader who has been entrusted with captaining the national side.

Cricket World Cup Roller Coaster

The Cricket World Cup is a roller coaster for any cricketing nation. There are highs and lows, sudden upsets, and moments of brilliance. It’s a stage where cricketing legends are born, and where even the most formidable teams can falter.

As Pakistan’s captain, Babar has a lot on his plate. He not only has to lead with the bat but also manage a diverse group of players, each with their unique talents, challenges, and aspirations. The enormous weight of a cricket-obsessed nation’s expectations adds to the pressure.

The Ongoing Cricket World Cup

The Cricket World Cup has had its share of drama and surprises. Pakistan’s journey, like that of many other teams, has been filled with ups and downs. It’s a tournament where any team can defeat another on their day, as seen in the shocking results. While Babar has had some excellent performances, he, like every other player, is also susceptible to failures.

Cricket World Cup Tickets | CWC Tickets
Cricket World Cup Tickets

The Need for Support

Now, more than ever, Babar Azam needs the support of his team, management, and the cricketing community. Rushing into decisions about his captaincy or form during a major event like the Cricket World Cup is unwise. The future of Pakistan’s cricket should be discussed and planned after the tournament, in a comprehensive and thoughtful manner.

In the Hands of the Experts

Determining Babar’s future as a captain and player should be the responsibility of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and cricket experts who can evaluate his performance and captaincy in the larger context. Cricket World Cup outcomes are pivotal, but they shouldn’t be the sole criteria for major decisions.

Focusing on the Immediate Goal

For now, Babar Azam should be focused on leading Pakistan through the Cricket World Cup, giving his best, and rallying his team to perform well. After the tournament concludes, the necessary evaluations and decisions can take place. For the time being, support for Babar is what Pakistan’s team needs to excel in the CWC.

In conclusion, Pakistan’s cricket future is best decided with a measured approach, keeping Babar Azam’s potential and contributions in mind. The World Cup is a testing ground for all cricketers and teams, but judgment regarding their roles should come after the tournament’s dust has settled. For now, supporting Babar and the Pakistan cricket team is paramount.

CricketWorld Cup shocks and India fervour show there is life in ODI format

The slow graphics and empty seats didn’t help, but the hosts are still very interesting and there are plenty of subplots.

The Cricket World Cup reached its halfway stage on Wednesday, with Australia and the Netherlands playing their 24th of 48 matches, and its form and character initially as hazy as if they could see from afar through the blanket of smog that blankets many of its stadiums. begins to become clear – and very convincing. If this is truly the end of days for this increasingly marginalize format, it may have a real death mask.

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It was England that really achieved this. India’s dominance spurred interaction, but the collapse of the champions was its most compelling part of the story. If they achieved nothing else – and indeed they achieved nothing else.

Then by losing to Afghanistan England provided the tournament with a revitalizing defibrillation of its first great shock. By then Australia has lost their first two games and were plunged into an apparently short-lived crisis, India has just play a highly anticipated match against Pakistan and two days later the Netherlands have upset previously in-form South Africa. It took some time, but the tournament took place.

The Cricket World Cup’s Group Stage Format

He hasn’t helped by the tournament’s one-huge group stage format, which takes weeks to create any sense of danger. Even after three terrible weeks – and losing three of their first four games – England manager Matthew Mott was able to insist: I still think we can win” while still clinging, at least by the tips of his fingers, to a lifeline. . rationality. This format is designed to maximize television revenues at the cost of significantly delaying genuine excitement. Signs that this will happen eventually.

But it may be difficult to shake the first impression that formed as the England and New Zealand teams lined up for the anthems at Ahmedabad’s vast Narendra Modi Stadium before the opening game in front of some 125,000 empty seats. The ground filled slightly, never reaching even a third of its capacity, and it seemed that the famous cricket-loving Indian public had limited interest in this particular form of the game.

However, this game alone accounts for about a fifth of all unsold tickets for the tournament. There has been a disagreement between the International Cricket Council, the custodian of the global game, and the Board of Control for Cricket in India over ticket sales.

Cricket World Cup Tickets | CWC Tickets
CWC Tickets

For two weeks the ICC demanded attendance figures and the BCCI refused to provide them, but on Monday, as Afghanistan achieved a second shock victory over Pakistan, organizers announced that the total attendance had passed half a million.

Growing Attendance and Popularity

The maximum theoretical attendance at the time was just over a million people, so the tournament is averaging around 50% capacity, with a total attendance of more than 200,000 people higher than at this stage of the 2019 event.

This is not surprising: India, with a population of 1.4 billion people, must transport more tickets than tiny England with its 56 million souls. But although they start at around £6.50, prices rise quite quickly. It has always been difficult to sell seats costing £60, which is more than a quarter of the average monthly salary in urban India.

Organizers know how to put on a show – a laser board during the nightly drinks breaks in Dharamsala is a particular highlight – but fans report that the area around the grounds can be disorganized and security overzealous.

No matter how many seats sold out, and no matter how poorly the event is advertise in some host cities, the enthusiasm of the Indian people as a whole is evident to everyone present. Of course, it helps that their players have performed brilliantly under enormous pressure and interest continues to grow as a result.

Forty-three million people watched India’s game against New Zealand on Sunday on Disney+ Hotstar – a surprising eight million more than watched their game against Pakistan – and many millions more watched on terrestrial television.

Cricket World Cup Tickets | CWC Tickets
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Cricket Fever Across the Nation

This interest is evident when you travel around the country. The passenger in a taxi whose driver had his phone on the dashboard with the game on and sat ignored in a restaurant while every member of staff focused on cricket and the cooks had long since left the kitchen.

On the morning of the match against Pakistan, at Ahmedabad airport, I watched waves of blue-shirted fans arrive from all over the country, and, leaving Mumbai, subjected to the slowest of security searches because a man with a metal detector wanted to discuss the Tournament. Sometimes it seems to be everywhere, on the tip of every tongue.

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