The upcoming 2024 Summer Olympic in Paris, France, have raised. A number of questions regarding the participation of Muslim hijabi athletics. While it is not the first time that hijabi athletics have participated in the Olympic. This is the first time that specific rules have been defined for their participation. In this article, we will discuss the rules that have been defined for Muslim hijabi athletics at the Paris 2024 Olympic.

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Who are Hijabi Athletics?

Hijabi athletics are female Muslim athletics who wear the hijab, a headscarf that covers the hair and neck. Muslim women wear the hijab as a sign of modesty and as a religious requirement. Hijabi athletics have been participating in sports at the national and international level for several years. However, they have faced a number of challenges in the past, including the lack of appropriate sportswear, discrimination, and prejudice.

The Rules for Muslim Hijabi Athletics at Paris 2024

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has defined specific rules. Rules for the participation of Muslim hijabi athletics at the Paris 2024 Olympic. These rules have been put in place to ensure that hijabi athletics can participate in sports. Without facing any discrimination or prejudice. The rules are as follows:

  • The hijab must be made of a lightweight and breathable material.
  • Paris 2024: The hijab must not cover the athlete’s face.
  • The hijab must not pose any safety risks to the athlete or other participants.
  • France Olympic: The hijab must be approved by the IOC before the athlete can wear it during competition.
  • The hijab must be consistent with the athlete’s national uniform.

These rules have been put in place to ensure that hijabi athletics can compete safely and without facing any discrimination or prejudice.

Benefits of Allowing Hijabi Athletics to Participate in the Olympic

Allowing hijabi athletics to participate in the Olympic has several benefits. Firstly, it allows Muslim women to participate in sports without compromising their religious beliefs. This is important because sports provide numerous physical and mental health benefits, and everyone should have the opportunity to participate in them.

Secondly, it promotes diversity and inclusion in sports. By allowing hijabi athletics to participate in the Olympic, it sends a message that everyone, regardless of their background or beliefs, is welcome to participate in sports.

Thirdly, it provides Muslim girls and women with role models. Seeing hijabi athletics participate in sports at the international level can inspire Muslim girls and women to pursue their own sporting dreams.

The rules defined for Muslim hijabi athletics at the Paris 2024 Olympic are designed to promote diversity, inclusion, and safety. Allowing hijabi athletics to participate in the Olympic has numerous benefits, including promoting religious freedom, diversity, and inclusion in sports, and providing role models for Muslim girls and women. It is hoped that the rules defined for Muslim hijabi athletics will pave the way for greater participation of Muslim women in sports at all levels.

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France Olympic: French feminist group call for hijab ban at Paris 2024

The International League for Women’s Rights (ILWR), a French feminist organization, has urged the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games organizers to outlaw the hijab and other Islamic clothing during the Games to ensure that female Muslim athletics can compete without being constrained by their religion.

Annie Sugier argued in a blog post on the ILWR website that it is against the Olympic Charter for Islamic countries to require female athletics to cover their complete bodies while competing.

How Islamism Pervert the Olympic co-author Sunnier asserted that only sports “compatible with Islamic law” were permitted for women to participate in in Islamic countries, where women were prohibited from competing in mixed-gender team events.

France Olympic: Paris 2024 organizing committee

Its past time for the Paris 2024 organizing committee to respond and put all of the [Olympic] Charter’s global values into practice, she declared.

“Yet two nations—Iran and Saudi Arabia—continue to violate the Olympic Charter’s letter. And spirit by subjecting women’s participation in international events to the aforementioned factors, which are completely at odds with the Charter’s provisions.

Such antiquated practices are among the degrading ways that political regimes enforce sexual apartheid on their populations.

Sunnier emphasized that the Olympic Charter prohibits any form of “religious propaganda” in any Olympic sites, stadiums, or other areas to support her claim.

She asked, “How could the IOC (International Olympic Committee) accept such serious violations of the Charter [with regard to Islamic countries] when it excluded South Africa when racial apartheid was in place?”

The organization of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris 2024

“The organization of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris in 2024. Offers a unique opportunity to demonstrate the necessity of a strict implementation of these principles. As stated in the Olympic Charter.”

Ibtihaj Muhammad, a fencer for the United States. Made Olympic history by being the first Muslim American woman to compete while donning a headscarf.

She became the first female Muslim-American athlete to win a medal at the Olympic when she won bronze in the team sabre event.

Olympic Paris

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raised in the United States Sarah Attar competed in the 2012 London Olympic. With her hair covered in accordance with Saudi Arabia’s request that she do so in order to observe Islamic law. She ran for Saudi Arabia because her father was born there.

The ILWR has regularly advocated for more action to be taken to address sexual abuse in sport. And has previously urged Iran to lift its ban on women watching football matches there.

France Olympic: Host country France in past

In the past, France has made efforts to limit Islam’s public expression.

A law prohibiting full facial veils, such as the Niqab, in public was pass by the government in 2010.

A fine of up to €150 (£131/$171) imposed on anyone found in violation.

The restriction was confirm by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in 2014. After the measure generate great controversy and was challenge there.

Sugier requested that the court find in favor of the prohibition in a letter at the time.

Some of the top Olympic Athletics who could potentially participate in the Paris 2024

“The full-face veil, by literally burying the body and the face. Constitutes a true deletion of the woman as an individual in public,” the woman wrote in the letter.

Despite the ECHR’s decision, the United Nations deemed the rule to be unconstitutional last year, warning that it could force Muslim women to remain in their homes.

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