Olympic 2024, the dates and venues for the forthcoming World Olympic Boxing Qualifying Events have been unveiled, prompting National Federations. To gear up for these pivotal competitions. Italy and Thailand have secured. The rights to host the two editions of the World Olympic Boxing Qualifiers in 2024. National Federations have three qualification avenues to pursue. In their quest for spots at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The qualification process is set to conclude in early June 2024.

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Nearly two months prior to the Olympics’ commencement. The European Games in Poland marked the initial Olympic qualifier. With seventeen countries clinching at least one quota for Paris. France, Turkey, and Ireland stood out. As the most successful nations, securing seven, six, and five tickets, respectively, to the French capital, which will host the next year’s Olympic 2024. Following this, the African Olympic Boxing Qualifier is scheduled to take place in Dakar.

Senegal, from September 9 to 15, replacing the postponed All African Games. Rescheduled to 2023, the Asian Games will be a significant event in September. The first Asian Qualifier is slated to occur in Hangzhou, China, spanning from September 23 to October 7, with 34 available quotas. Concluding the continental qualifiers, the robust Panamerican Games will take place in Santiago de Chile. At the end of October, the Pacific Games in the Solomon Islands will bring the sequence to a close this.

Olympic 2024: Focused Training for Qualifiers Nigerian Boxers’ Aims for Paris Olympic

Olympic 2024 Boxing Qualifiers Dates, Locations, and Preparations. The inaugural World Olympic Boxing Qualifier is scheduled to take place in Northern Italy, specifically in Busto Arsizio, situated close to Milan, from February 29 to March 12. This event will be pivotal in awarding 49 quotas, distributed among 21 for women and 28 for men. Subsequently, the spotlight will shift to Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, for the second World Olympic Boxing Qualifier, slated to occur between May 23 and June 3.

Bangkok will host the allocation of the remaining 51 quotas, distributed across six women’s and seven men’s weight categories. In preparation for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games African Qualification Tournament. The Nigeria Boxing Federation (NBF) has established a training camp in Lagos. This intensive training initiative aims to equip Nigerian boxers. For the upcoming qualifying event set to transpire in Dakar, Senegal’s capital, from September 6 to 16.

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The NBF’s steadfast determination to excel in this tournament stems from their previous shortfall in qualifying. Any boxers for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic 2024 boxing competitions. A group of 14 Nigerian boxers, spanning seven weight categories, will undertake focused training. At the National Stadium in Lagos, aspiring to secure coveted spots at the upcoming qualifiers. The NBF’s commitment to achieving success in this crucial event underscores. Their ambition is to rectify their previous absence from the Olympic boxing arena.

Olympic 2024: Acknowledging Nigeria’s Olympic Boxing Achievements for Olympic Paris

Resolute Pursuit of Olympic Qualification Nigeria’s Boxing Ambitions Determined to rectify their absence from the 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan. The secretary general of the governing body, Dupo Akinyele, expressed their unwavering commitment, stating. We have a mandate to ensure that we are in the Olympics this time around. The organization has diligently assembled its finest athletes for a focused training camp. With a resolute expectation for results.

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Akinyele emphasized the need to employ all necessary measures to secure qualification, underscoring Nigeria’s rich talent pool. And historic achievements in boxing events at the Olympics. Akinyele reiterated, that Nigeria is not lacking in terms of talents, we have them in abundance. The aspiration to qualify for the Olympics is paramount. And the organization is keenly aware of the significance of achieving this goal. Nigeria’s performance.

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At the recent Africa Boxing Championships in Cameroon, they secured one gold, and one silver. And two bronze medals, underscored their boxing prowess, positioning them seventh overall. Coach Anthony Konyegwechie acknowledged the challenges faced during the Championships. But anticipates a stronger showing in Dakar. Especially with a subsequent training camp planned in the United Kingdom following the Lagos meet.

France Olympic: Boxing Readiness and Expansion-Focused Training for Olympic Paris

Konyegwechie highlighted the team’s dedicated preparation, stating. We are training well ahead of the qualifiers and the boxers are all responding well. The team’s spirit is buoyant, with rigorous morning and evening training sessions in place. Morning training runs from 7 am to 9 am, followed by an evening session from 4 pm to 6 pm. As Nigeria earnestly strives for qualification, its commitment and rigorous training regimen reflect. Their unwavering pursuit of success on the Olympic stage.

Comprehensive Training Strategy: Nigeria and UK Camps Bolster Boxing Preparations. To ensure thorough preparation, we are implementing two training camps one in Nigeria and another in the UK. Boxing ranks as Nigeria’s third most successful Olympic sport, boasting. An impressive tally of three silvers and three bronze medals. Notably, the most recent accolades were achieved by David Izonritei and Richard Igbineghu, both securing runner-up positions at Barcelona 1992.

World Boxing’s pursuit of Olympic recognition has gained momentum with the inclusion of six new members, bolstering its position. This breakaway governing body, established in April, aims to uphold boxing’s presence in the Olympics. And fill the void left by the suspension of the International Boxing Association (IBA) by the IOC in 2019. The newly welcomed members encompass federations from Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Honduras, and Sweden.

Olympic Paris: World Boxing’s Rise Attracting Support and Challenging the Status Quo

Chief Simon Toulon, representing World Boxing, emphasized the growing support, stating, World Boxing continues to attract high-caliber national federations. They want to emulate our principles and endorse our policies to put the boxers first and operate with rigorous governance practices. The federation experiences a consistent influx of interest and inquiries. From National Federations and boxing organizations, reflecting the appeal of its approach.

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World Boxing’s emergence was prompted by persistent concerns surrounding the formerly IOC-recognized governing body, IBA. Which faced governance challenges and allegations of corruption, leading to its suspension. This suspension jeopardized boxing’s status as an Olympic sport. Following its establishment, World Boxing garnered the support of numerous federations.

Including GB Boxing, England Boxing, New Zealand Boxing, Boxing Australia, the Dutch Boxing Federation, and USA Boxing. While boxing is slated for the Paris 2024 Olympics, it has not yet been included in the initial program for Los Angeles 2028.

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