It is imperative to determine which teams from last seasons outside the field and which ones they will replace, given the NFL 2024 playoffs’ high turnover rate. Witness your favorite teams and star players live in thrilling matchups that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Secure your NFL London 2024 Tickets now to be part of this unforgettable experience.

NFL London Tickets | NFL London 2024 Tickets | NFL Tickets
NFL London Tickets | NFL London 2024 Tickets | NFL Tickets

There are roughly six new playoff teams every season, and because of the quarterbacking murderer’s row in the NFC, it is less fungible than the AFC this year. Should Aaron Rodgers and Joe Burrow remain healthy, the readjusting process may take place. While Team X has shown improvement in the off-season, not every team can finish 11-6. The playoff rookies from this season are a terrific place to start.

New York Jets

At the expense of: The Miami Dolphins

Why: In particular, quarterback Tyrod Taylor, who can win close games if Rodgers is hurt once more, makes the Jets’ defence formidable. But Miami’s offence ages over the course of lengthy seasons, and the defence’s efficacy in December and January is in doubt. By 2024, the Dolphins may not have quite as much depth and talent in the Jets’ roster. The Jets are stronger than most people realize, and they have more depth and quality than the Dolphins despite their injuries.

NFL London Tickets | NFL London 2024 Tickets | NFL Tickets
NFL London Tickets | NFL Tickets

Indianapolis Colts

At the price of: Houston Texans

Why: When each of these teams has a healthy quarterback, their season opener against each other should give us a decent picture of how evenly matched these teams are. Houston’s season the previous year was refreshing and included some genuinely outstanding play from C.J. Stroud. That may be valid in addition to the fact that the Texans’ wins came against:

1 Gardner Minshew

2 Joe Flacco

3 Baker Mayfield

4 Ryan Tannehill

5 Kenny Pickett and Mitch Trubisky

6 Derek Carr

7 Russell Wilson

8 Will Levis (in overtime)

NFL London Tickets | NFL Tickets
NFL London Tickets | NFL Tickets

9 Kyler Murray

10 Joe Burrow

11 Trevor Lawrence

Meanwhile, the Colts, still with Anthony Richardson, defeated the Baltimore Ravens in extra by pushing a strong Los Angeles Rams squad into extra time. While it is true that the sample size is tiny, it is worth noting that the Colts gained 19 more goals than the Texans did in the previous season and that there was only one game separating these two teams. You may also like: NFL 2024 preview and power rankings analysis of offseason

Los Angeles Chargers

At the expense of: The Pittsburgh Steelers

Why: Starting with games against the Las Vegas Raiders, Carolina Panthers, and Steelers and concluding with games against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Broncos, Raiders, and Patriots, the Chargers have had a better offseason than last year. As for “rising” teams, scheduling is underappreciated, but the likelihood of three or each of the four teams having lost histories is slim.

There’s no denying that the Steelers improved this offseason, but scheduling is still the problem. Even though his teams are always good, Mike Tomlin knows how to win in the toughest football division by the end of the season. That could be difficult to ask of a physically strong, experienced team.

NFL London Tickets | NFL Tickets
NFL London Tickets | NFL Tickets

Cincinnati Bengals

At the price of: The Cleveland Browns

Why: Similar to the Jets, the Bengals are a team that can bounce back thanks to their resilient and competitive squad even in the absence of their top quarterback. Although our commentators speculate that Burrow’s story might resemble that of Carson Wentz, Burrow leads the Bengals’ offence, running it much as Peyton Manning does. The Bengals are a Super Bowl contender because Burrow has a bigger upside as a player than Wentz does, even with injuries.

Not to harp on the Browns, but they recently lost their head coach, Bill Callahan, who oversaw the team’s second-most crucial unit. He departed to work for his son’s staff in Tennessee. Apart from one encouraging game versus the Titans and one encouraging half versus the Ravens, we still don’t know what Deshaun Watson is capable of. Cleveland, in my opinion, depends on a lot of what-ifs: What happens if Watson excels? What happens if Nick Chubb recovers from a severe injury?

What happens if Jerry Jeudy discovers it? And supposing Myles Garrett ages gracefully? What if, in Year 2, clubs fail to recognize Jim Schwartz? They compete in the most competitive football division in the interim. The Ravens are still difficult to beat even if it can be argued that they didn’t make any noticeable improvements this offseason. Earlier in the season, Cleveland defeated an injured Joe Burrow in Week 1 and then fell short against Jake Browning.

NFL London Tickets | NFL Tickets
NFL London Tickets | NFL Tickets

The squad has one win each versus the Ravens and the Steelers. Do we think there’s a chance they’ll make any progress by 2024? It’s difficult not to like the Bengals a little bit more when we see Burrow play at his best, this Bengal’s defence play at its best, and the team’s skill-position players perform at their best. This is assuming that everyone is healthy and we have to choose between Cleveland’s and Cincinnati’s rosters.

Chicago Bears

At the price of: The Dallas Cowboys

Why: This marks the start of our collection of NFC-side adjustments. To be clear, I believe that the Green Bay Packers, Detroit Lions, San Francisco 49ers, Eagles, and Rams will all return to the postseason. Though I guess a Super Bowl hangover may seep in for the 49ers, the Eagles might struggle under two new coordinators, or an unanticipated injury might doom one of these squads before they make the playoffs.

It’s hard for me to believe in those teams not having successful seasons right now. Nevertheless, I believe Chicagoans are generally rather positive about Caleb Williams. His initial interactions with the team have been encouraging; the Bears have improved their offence, and Shane Waldron is an extremely talented offensive designer. A coach’s blood would boil at the mere thought of any NFL game being easy.

NFL London Tickets | NFL Tickets
NFL London Tickets | NFL Tickets

Yet Chicago’s schedule is peppered with winnable games and what I like to call “breaks.” Even though Williams’s first season would conclude brutally with games against Detroit (twice!), San Francisco, and Green Bay, it will nonetheless end. Theoretically, he will be stronger than when he faced the Tennessee Titans in Week 1.

The Cowboys, despite avoiding a losing season, have not secured a postseason berth due to their underdog status in the NFL, weakened foundation, lame-duck coach, and shaky staff.

New Orleans Saints

At the price of: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Why: Derek Carr has not yet been used in an offence directed by Kyle Shanahan. And I still think Carr is kind of cool. In this offence, Alvin Kamara will undoubtedly get a lot of yardage, in my opinion. I find myself yearning for this antiquated, briny Saints defence and the notion that, with everything going against him in New Orleans, Dennis Allen could have a Todd Bowles-like season.

NFL London Tickets | NFL Tickets
NFL London Tickets | NFL Tickets

Indeed, many things need to work out perfectly, and this is perhaps the one opinion I have that isn’t heavily based on reason. However, each of the six new teams is incomprehensible to at least one person. Just keeping pinballing its way to the finish is one of those six teams. That squad frequently has a lot on the line, both personally and collectively.

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