Javed Miandad, a former captain of Pakistan. Pakistan has strong opinions about Babar Azam’s team’s trip to India for the ODI in October and November. Javed Miandad is a well-known Pakistani figure. He has had strong opinions about India and urged Babar Azam’s team not to play games in India. Cricket World Cup fans can book any upcoming Cricket World Cup 2023 matches tickets online Platform on our website at exclusive prices.

Until the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) agrees to send the Indian team to Pakistan first. Which includes the upcoming ICC ODI Cricket World Cup. Pakistan is scheduled to play India in a highly anticipated match on October 15 at Ahmedabad’s Narendra Modi Stadium. According to the ICC’s preliminary schedule. In any case, the 66-year-old previous chief demands that it is currently India’s liability to visit Pakistan consequently.

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Miandad stressed Pakistan has been to India in 2012. It is the Indians’ chance to come now. I would never go to India to play any game, not even the Cricket World Cup 2023. If I had to choose. We are always prepared to play India, but they never react the same way. Pakistan cricket is bigger, and we continue to produce good players. Miandad lamented, so I don’t think it will make any difference for us even if we don’t go to India.

Miandad, a vocal critic of India, expressed his displeasure with this decision. Due to persistent geopolitical tensions between the two nations, bilateral cricketing relations have been suspended ever since. Miandad strongly supports separating politics and sports. He stated, I always say that one cannot choose their neighbours, so it is better to live together.  Miandad’s new analysis came after it reportes the Cricket World Cup. It will be held in a crossover design, with India playing all their matches in Sri Lanka.

This conclusion dissatisfied Miandad, a frank criticizer of India:

It was anticipated that they would not send their team to Pakistan for the Asia Cup once more. As a result, it is time for us to adopt a resolute position, he asserted. Javed Miandad opposes Pakistan’s 2023 ODI Cricket World Cup India tour. He says Men in Blue should come first Javed Miandad criticized India for choosing to play. While Pakistan is hosting the tournament in a hybrid model.

Pakistan will face India in a highly anticipated Cricket World Cup match on October 15 at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. According to the ICC’s draft schedule. Nonetheless, previous cricketing legend Javed Miandad communicated solid disdain towards India. India proposing that Pakistan shouldn’t go to India for any matches, including the impending ICC ODI Cup. Except if the BCCI consents to send the Indian group to Pakistan first.

The former Pakistan captain, Miandad, believes that India should tour Pakistan in response. Pakistan travelled to India in 2012, and now, in 2016. It is the Indians’ turn to visit, Miandad stated. I would never go to India to play any match, even the Cricket World Cup 2023. If I had to make a choice. Pakistani cricket is bigger, and we continue to produce high-quality players.

Therefore, even if we do not travel to India, I do not believe it will have any effect on us. He continued. Pakistan was India’s last stop during the 50-over in 2008. Due to persistent geopolitical tensions between the two countries, bilateral ties suspend since then, and it’s better to live together at Cricket World Cup.  Additionally, he stated, I have always maintained that cricket is a sport.

The Pakistan team is suspicious of a rival against definite Cricket World Cup teams.

He can remove misunderstandings and grievances between nations and bring people closer together. Miandad made the remarks after Pakistan is forced to use a hybrid model to host the upcoming Cricket World Cup. With India playing all of their matches in Sri Lanka. He stated it is time we also take a strong stand now.

It was on the postcards that they would over not direct their team to Pakistan. Pakistan is now predictable to fly to India in October and November. They are wary of playing Afghanistan in spin-friendly Chennai and Australia in Bengaluru. During the ODI 2023 in India. For more about Pakistan Cricket World Cup Tickets.

The Pakistan cricket team reportedly does not feel comfortable taking on certain other teams, such as Australia in Bengaluru and Afghanistan in Chennai. As the dispute over holding. Pakistan is now expected to fly to India for the Cricket World Cup in October and November. Pakistan’s eagerly anticipated match is expected to take place on October 15 in Ahmedabad.

Before announcing the Cricket World Cup 2023 schedule. The International Cricket Council (ICC) consulted one of the member bodies, the Pakistan Cricket Board PCB. The statistics, analytics, and team planning experts on the board have been given the responsibility of approving the sites. Where Pakistan’s matches for the 50-over mega event will take place, according to a PTI report. The report also said that the PCB sent the team’s tentative schedule to selectors and experts.

Some of these people don’t seem to be happy with the games and places. The Pakistani team plans to play, like when Pakistan plays Afghanistan in Chennai and Australia in Bengaluru. Afghanistan would face Gujarat Titans’ Rashid Khan and Noor Ahmad in Chennai. A spin-friendly venue, in the 2023 Indian. Given that the conditions at the Chinnaswamy Stadium are frequently favourable for batting. It is difficult to understand why Pakistan would be hesitant to play Australia there.

A board member can push for a new location for safety reasons:

According to a PCB source. They had asked the board not to accept Chennai as the location for the game against Afghanistan. It had historically and statistically been a venue that suited spinners and selectors. They are also members of the team management. The report says that the PCB will probably ask the ICC and BCCI to change Pakistan’s schedule so that the Cricket World Cup 2023 team can play Australia in Chennai and Afghanistan in Bengaluru.

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According to a BCCI source, it is common practice for the ICC to consult with members regarding suggested itineraries, and there must be a compelling justification for changing the venues, according to the report. A member board can advocate for a new venue for reasons of safety, as Pakistan did in 2016 when they travelled to India. It becomes very difficult to finalize the schedule. For more about Zimbabwe and West Indies win their initial match.

If you start expressing reservations about a venue based on your team’s strengths and weaknesses on the field. In other words, no changes make as far as the venues are concerned. A BCCI source told PTI, referring to the 2016 Indo-Pak match. Mickey Arthur, director of the national men’s Cricket team. Chief Selector Haroon Rasheed has stated that the selectors. He will heavily rely on statistics and analytics to create a team strategy before any match.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) reportedly stated that it had been pretty much decided upon. The government would make the final decision. When asked if Pakistan would be willing to host their championship match against India in Ahmedabad. The Pakistani team’s primary two qualifying Cricket World Cup 2023 games plan for October 6 and 12 in Hyderabad. In addition, it anticipate that Pakistan will play in Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru.

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