Ireland coach John Fogarty expressed confidence that the authorities will scrutinize a potential stamp on Josh van der Flier. During Saturday’s Rugby World Cup match at the Stade de France. South Africa replacement Ox Noche was captured on camera seemingly standing on the Irish player. Despite a challenging night, South Africa suffered a 13-8 defeat in Paris.

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Rugby World Cup tickets | Ireland Rugby World Cup Tickets
Rugby World Cup tickets | Ireland Rugby World Cup Tickets

Ireland has now triumphed in their first three Pool B encounters.  However, the match may be remembered for the incident involving Nche. Television footage seemed to capture him standing on Van der Flier’s hand for a brief period during a ruck. Fogarty emphasized the importance of fair play and expressed his hope that such incidents would be thoroughly reviewed by the relevant authorities.

He acknowledged that the victory was significant for Ireland. The incident involving Nche was not reflective of the values and sportsmanship expected in the game of rugby. Ireland’s strong start in Pool B should not be overshadowed by such contentious actions on the field, and Fogarty highlighted the team’s focus on playing the game with integrity and respect for opponents.

Fogarty didn’t find the alleged stamp but is sure it will be split if there was any misconduct. He said: “I’m not sure if there was a stamping or not. I’m sure World Rugby will be looking crossways all. Referees will be looking across all, Now in time, I’m sure there is (a mechanism available) if we necessary to.”

Ireland Rugby World Cup Stance After Impressive Victory in Over South Africa

Fogarty mentioned that there had been no official communication or updates from their side regarding the incident. He anticipated that the disciplinary board responsible for reviewing such incidents would be assessing the situation. Fortunately, Josh appeared to be in good physical condition with no apparent injuries immediately following the match.

The team was relieved to emerge from a highly physical game with all players in good health. Medical evaluations were currently underway. But at this juncture, there were no apparent injury concerns.  Fogarty emphasized the importance of maintaining player welfare and ensuring that any incidents on the field were thoroughly reviewed and addressed by the appropriate authorities.

The coach expressed confidence that the disciplinary process would take its course. The team would await any decisions or actions resulting from the incident. In the aftermath of their impressive 13-8 victory over South Africa. The Irish team remained focused on their upcoming matches in Pool B. With three wins in the bag, they were eager to build on their strong start in the Rugby World Cup.

Rugby World Cup tickets | Ireland Rugby World Cup Tickets
Rugby World Cup tickets | Ireland Rugby World Cup Tickets

As they continued their campaign, the team hoped to maintain their momentum and secure a successful tournament while upholding the values of sportsmanship and fair play. Fogarty stressed the importance of keeping their focus and not getting carried away with their victory over South Africa. For more about Rugby World Cup Quarter Final 4.

With their sights set on securing the top spot in Pool B. They recognized the need to stay grounded and maintain their preparations for their upcoming match against Scotland on October 7. The coach emphasized that while they celebrated the win, they remained composed and kept their celebrations in check.

Prepare For Our Next Challenge Against Scotland

Ensuring they stayed on track for the challenges ahead in the Rugby World Cup 2023. We understand that there’s still work to be done, Fogarty continued. Our next match against Scotland is crucial. We need to approach it with the same determination and focus that we showed in our previous games. The players are in good shape.

We’ll continue to fine-tune our strategies and preparations to perform at our best when it matters. Fogarty’s measured approach reflected the team’s commitment to staying grounded and maintaining their momentum as they aimed for a successful campaign in the RWC 2023.

The dressing room is typically the most enjoyable place. Where we all come together without any external distractions. There were several moments when I had conversations with all the front-row players. Discussing their opponents and how they performed in the match. It’s a great way to bond and share insights after a game.

It’s about taking those moments to reflect and learn from each other’s experiences on the field. We also discussed the things that went well and areas where we can improve, always striving to get better as a team. The mood was positive, but there’s a lot of work ahead of us. We’re staying focused on our next match against Scotland.

Rugby World Cup tickets | Ireland Rugby World Cup Tickets
Rugby World Cup tickets | Ireland Rugby World Cup Tickets

It’s important to savour the moments of victory. But we also know the competition isn’t over yet. We must stay composed, keep working hard, and prepare for our next challenge against Scotland. The boys have shown great character and determination. We want to carry that forward in the tournament. To read more about England Players Advised to Remain in France During Rugby World Cup ‘Rest’ Week.

Savour The Moment, Especially With Families Around

We’re taking it one game at a time, and that means focusing on our upcoming match against Scotland. They’re a tough opponent, and we need to be at our best to secure that top spot in the pool. The dressing room is generally the best craic. You’re there together, and there are no outside distractions. We had some great moments.

Discussing our performances and enjoying each other’s company after the match. It was a late kick-off, so we didn’t go overboard. But it was a memorable night. We didn’t delve too deeply into the next game. We wanted to savour the moment, especially with families around. It’s been nice having our wives and kids here. We wanted to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

“We’ll gradually shift our focus to the next game as the week progresses. Right now, it’s about recharging, spending quality time together, and making the most of this incredible journey we’re on.”

John Fogarty, the coach of the Irish rugby team, believes that the incident involving South African replacement Ox Nche allegedly stamping on Josh van der Flier during their Rugby World Cup match will be investigated by the authorities. Despite Ireland securing a remarkable 13-8 victory in Paris and winning all three of their Pool B matches.

The night may be marred by this incident.  Television footage seemed to show Nche standing on Van der Flier’s hand for a brief period at a ruck. Fogarty mentioned that he hasn’t received any updates yet. However, he anticipates that the disciplinary board will examine the incident.

Ireland’s Post-Match Focus and Preparations for Scotland

He confirmed that Josh van der Flier seems to be in good health now, with no apparent injuries immediately following the game. Ireland can secure the top spot in Pool B with a victory over Scotland in their final pool match on October 7. Fogarty emphasized the importance of not getting carried away with the recent victory, even though there’s a significant gap until their next game.

Rugby World Cup tickets | Ireland Rugby World Cup Tickets
Rugby World Cup tickets | Ireland Rugby World Cup Tickets

The team celebrated together in the dressing room after the match, enjoying each other’s company and discussing their performances. They’re currently focused on recharging and spending time with their families before gradually shifting their attention to the next game as the week progresses.

“We’re well aware of the threat that Scotland poses. They’ve been improving consistently year after year. They have upcoming matches against Romania, and they’ll be determined to secure a victory in those games,”

Fogarty added.

Looking ahead, our focus is squarely on the Scotland game. As We know it won’t be an easy task, and we’ll need to be at our best to secure a win. We must maintain our momentum and continue building on our performances in this tournament, Fogarty emphasized.

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