Paris 2024: The format of the competition will remain the same, with both individual and team events. Each team will consist of three horse-and-rider combinations, with the top two scores counting toward the team total.

Olympic Equestrian will take place from August 7 to 10, 2024. At the Versailles, Equestrian Center will also host the equestrian events of the Paralympics. There will be provision for around 20,000 spectators for the Olympic dressage. And also for showjumping and up to 60,000 for the event. Para-dressage will have seating for 12,000.

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And The individual competition will consist of a Grand Prix test, a Grand Prix Special, and a Freestyle test. The team competition will also include a Grand Prix test and a Grand Prix Special. with the top eight teams advancing to the Freestyle final. The dressage tests will be designed by FEI 5* judges and will be based on the new FEI Dressage Tests. which came into effect in January 2022. There will be 75 combinations allowed to compete in the Olympic showjumping, 65 in Olympic events. and 60 in Olympic dressage, with the team and individual medals for all three disciplines.

The New scoring system for Olympic Equestrian

For this time the judges will also use a new scoring system called the “Total Equestrian Judging System” (TEJS). which was developed by the FEI to increase transparency and consistency in dressage judging. Under TEJS, each movement will be scored on a scale of 0-10. and the scores for each movement will be displayed on a screen for the audience to see. In addition to the dressage tests, there will also be a Dressage Derby competition. which is a new addition to the Olympic program.

Dressage Derby will feature a course of jumps and other obstacles. which the riders will have to navigate while performing dressage movements. The Dressage Derby will take place in a separate arena and will not count towards the team or individual medals.

The welfare of the horses during the competition

Here The FEI has also introduced new rules to ensure the welfare of the horses during the competition. Horses will be inspected by veterinarians before and after each test. and any horse showing signs of stress or discomfort will be immediately withdrawn from the competition.

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There will be a cooling zone where horses can be cooled down after their tests. The FEI has also made it mandatory for all horses competing in the Olympics to have a microchip for identification and traceability. The FEI has stated that it is committed to sustainability. and will be implementing measures to reduce the environmental impact of the event. such as using renewable energy sources and reducing waste. The dressage competition is expected to be highly competitive. with riders from around the world competing for a spot on the podium.

Some of the top riders to watch include Germany’s Isabell Werth. who has won six Olympic gold medals in dressage. and Great Britain’s Charlotte Dujardin. who won two gold medals at the 2012 Olympics and a gold and a silver at the 2016 Olympics. Other riders to watch include Netherlands’ Edward Gal, Spain’s Beatriz Ferrer-Salat, and United States’ Steffen Peters.

Overall, the dressage competition at the Paris 2024 Olympics promises to be an exciting. and unforgettable event for riders and spectators alike.

How to qualify for Olympic Equestrian at Paris 2024

Olympic Equestrian is a highly competitive and prestigious event that showcases the highest level of equestrian skill and mastery. It is a sport that requires the utmost discipline, training, and dedication. as well as a deep understanding and bond between the rider and their horse. In order to qualify for the Olympic Equestrian in Paris 2024. athletes must meet a number of criteria and compete in several qualifying events.

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First and foremost, athletes must be registered with the International Equestrian Federation (FEI). which is the governing body for equestrian sports. This requires that athletes have a valid FEI Passport. which is a document that confirms the identity of the horse and provides information about its vaccinations and other health-related details.

In addition, athletes must have a current FEI Registration. which is a requirement for participation in FEI-sanctioned events. including the Olympic Equestrian. learn how to qualify for the Olympic Cycling Track in Paris 2024.

Rule and Requirements for qualifying step by step at Paris 2024

To qualify for the Olympic Equestrian, athletes must also meet the minimum eligibility requirements as set out by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

These requirements include being at least 18 years of age. being a citizen of the country they represent, and having not been found guilty of any doping or other prohibited substances.

further next step in the qualification process is to compete in a series of qualifying events. The FEI has established a set of rules and guidelines for these events. which are known as the FEI Olympic Qualification System (OQS).

The OQS is designed to ensure that the best athletes in each discipline have the opportunity to compete, at the Olympic Games. while also providing a fair and transparent process for selection.

The OQS for the Olympic Equestrian at Paris 2024

For the Olympic Equestrian includes several stages, beginning with the Continental Championships. These events are held in each of the FEI’s seven regions and provide athletes with the opportunity to earn points toward Olympic qualification. Athletes must finish in the top two of their respective regions to earn a qualification spot for the Olympic Games.

In addition to the Continental Championships

In additionally to the Continental Championships, athletes can also earn qualification points by competing in designated Olympic Qualification Events (OQE). These events are held throughout the world and provide athletes with the opportunity to earn additional points toward Olympic qualification. Athletes must finish in the top six of the OQE to earn a qualification spot for the Olympic Games.

FEI Olympic Rankings of Equestrian at Paris 2024

Finally, athletes can also earn qualification spots through the FEI Olympic Rankings. These rankings are calculated based on a points system. that takes into account an athlete’s performance in FEI-sanctioned events over the previous 18 months. The top six athletes in the Olympic Rankings who have not already qualified through the Continental Championships. or OQE will earn a qualification spot for the Olympic Games.

Maximum Number of Athletes for Equestrian at Paris 2024

It’s worth noting that each country can only send a maximum of three athletes to compete in the Olympic Equestrian. This means that even if an athlete has earned a qualification spot, they may not be guaranteed a place on their country’s Olympic team.

The final decision on which athletes will represent each country is made by the National Olympic Committee. in consultation with the relevant equestrian federation.

In summary, qualifying for the Olympic Equestrian at Paris 2024 requires a combination of skills and dedication. and a bit of luck. Athletes must be registered with the FEI, meet the eligibility requirements set out by the IOC. and compete in a series of qualifying events, including the Continental Championships, OQE, and FEI Olympic Rankings.

While earning a qualification spot is a significant achievement. athletes must still be selected by their NOC to compete in the Olympic Games. With so much competition and such high stakes, the road to the Olympic.

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