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We are overjoyed that The Girl with the Pearl Earring from the Mauritshuis will visit our Vermeer Exhibition Rjks museum. She will be on display at the show through March 30. She will then go back to The Hague’s Mauritshuis. Vermeer exhibition fans can buy Vermeer Exhibition Rjks Museum Tickets from our website.


In Delft, Johannes Vermeer (1632–1675) lived and worked. His peaceful, introspective indoor settings, ground-breaking use of vivid, colourful light, and convincing illusionism are what is most recognisable in his work. Vermeer left a fairly tiny body of work—about 35 paintings—compared to Rembrandt.

Johannes Vermeer (1632–1675) left almost about 35 paintings
Johannes Vermeer (1632–1675) left almost about 35 paintings

Vermeer paintings are rarely lent out Because they are typically regarded as the most valuable pieces in every museum collection. A show that is more valuable than pearls features the Absolute Vermeer.


The Girl with a Pearl Earring (Mauritshuis, The Hague), The Geographer (Städel Museum, Frankfurt am Main), Lady Writing a Letter with her Maid (National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin), and Woman Holding a Balance (National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC) are just a few of the masterpieces that will be on display.

The recently restored Girl Reading a Letter at the Open Window from the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister in Dresden. Will be among the works never previously seen by the general public in the Netherlands. In 2023, the Rijksmuseum will host the largest Vermeer exhibition ever, which will feature The Girl with the Pearl Earring.

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The exhibition’s preparations are still in progress. The study focuses on Vermeer’s artistic ability, his compositional decisions and inspirations, as well as the development of his paintings.

We collaborate closely with the Mauritshuis in The Hague on this show. a group of curators, conservators, and natural scientists to thoroughly investigate the seven Vermeer paintings that are in Dutch custody. Vermeer artwork from other collections is also included in this endeavour.

An online exploration with Stephen Fry called “Closer to Vermeer”

This online tour of all 37 of Vermeer’s paintings brings the artist’s enchantment to life. Allow Joy Delima or Stephen Fry to lead the way past the most lovely details and captivating tales. Alternately, get to work and learn the tales that inspired the artwork.

Compare, zoom in, and compile your own data. What new information will you learn?

Vermeer paintings are the most valuable pieces in every museum collection
Vermeer paintings are the most valuable pieces in every museum collection


There has been a lot of interest in the Vermeer display. Ammodo, Bockbusterfonds, the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science, the Rijksmuseum Fonds, the Rijksmuseum International Circle, and the Rijksmuseum Patrons all contributed to making the Vermeer exhibition possible.


There has been a lot of interest in the Vermeer display. both globally and domestically.


At the Rijksmuseum, connections, reflections, and vibrations between paintings will sparkle like never before. This is a show worth dying for or even during, like the Proust character who passes away in front of Vermeer’s View of Delft. Once, Proust was ecstatic to attend a Vermeer exhibition where he collapsed.

So if you get to witness this collection of almost all of his masterpieces, take it easy. Even just looking through the catalogue gave me chest pains. This is a miracle rather than merely a display. Vermeer Amsterdam fans can buy Vermeer Amsterdam Tickets from our website.

One Vermeer painting is like diving into a crystal-clear blue lagoon filled with lemon-yellow fish and glittering pearls; however, 82% of his paintings are on display at the Rijksmuseum, which is absurd. It surpasses virtual art experiences as an immersion in a great artist because, rather than using projections, it will surround you with the originals in all their mirror-like brilliance.

He holds a special place in the contemporary, camera-obsessed mind since he created the best images in history using his eye and brush. But he is also similar to the lacquerer in The Lacemaker, who works meticulously while fusing threads of vivid colour like fiery red and pearl white.

His perspective on women is liberating since these musicians and labourers are so self-reliant and conscious of their inner feelings. We can’t help but finish the stories he overhears mid-sentence in our minds: what is the Officer telling the Laughing Girl, and what news does the Maid bring her Mistress?

There has been a lot of interest in the Vermeer Exhibition 2023
There has been a lot of interest in the Vermeer Exhibition 2023

Vermeer produced so few works because he toiled like The Lacemaker to build his lavish interiors. Only 34 remain, and 28 are shown in this exhibition. He may have even thought about the possibility of seeing all of his accomplishments at once.

Vermeer Exhibition Rjks Museum Amsterdam

Since his women are all in the same few rooms, with the same problems and tasks in the same tiny city, he condensed his existence into paintings that connect to create a world. In this exhibition, connections, reflections, and vibrations between his works will shine like never before. Vermeer’s relationship with the modern world is officially over, and he will never look the same.

Vermeer exhibit at the Rjks museum: The Big Review

This blockbuster is a success thanks to a “less is more” approach to the largest-ever show of Dutch Old Master paintings. Less can be more.  Although Mies van der Rohe, a Modernist architect, originated the statement in the 20th century, Johannes Vermeer might have easily said it in the 17th century.

In addition to concentrating mostly on a single straightforward room corner, the Dutch painter produced only 45 to 50 pieces throughout his lifetime. (He passed away at the age of 43, leaving his widow with 11 kids and a hefty debt.) Although there are differences of opinion among experts, 28 of the 37 paintings that we are aware of are on display in this stunning Vermeer exhibition at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Vermeer Exhibition Amsterdam fans can buy Vermeer Exhibition Amsterdam Tickets from our website.

Even though it was a logistical miracle to fit 28 paintings into a huge exhibition hall. 3 quarters of Vermeer’s production had to be condensed into one show. We are fortunate that the curators Gregor J.M. Weber and Pieter Roelofs maintained their composure and believed that “less is more.”

Making a virtue out of what may have been a problem, they have hung each painting with substantial amounts of space surrounding it rather than reducing the number of galleries or filling the available space with the works of other contemporaries or information about the world outside of Vermeer’s workshop.

Some paintings even have their own galleries and separate walls.  Having so much room has the effect of slowing down guests, allowing us to give time spent on each painting. We start to see more because we have less to look at and more time to think about what is there.

Vermeer exhibition 2023 organisers will learn from this show
Vermeer exhibition 2023 organisers will learn from this show

Vermeer exhibition rjks museum

For years to come, exhibition organisers will learn from this show. Hats go to designer Jean-Michel Wilmotte as well for having the rooms. Painted in sombre (but not gloomy) dark reds, blues, and greens. And outfitted with matching floor-to-ceiling drapes that soften and warm the rooms and give the exhibit a dignified theatricality.

Absolutely glowing from the walls are the artworks. The viewing areas have elegant semi-circular balustrades in the same hues. Since the design is burdened with the difficulty of crowd control. For such a popular show in addition to exhibiting the Vermeers in the greatest possible light.

The curators’ view of Vermeer and his art similarly takes the ‘less is more’ stance. What a relief that is as well. A well-written paragraph or two regarding Vermeer’s life and style may be found in the majority of rooms, The little labels by each painting, which frequently served only to annoy, distract, and patronise, have been removed.

Here, only the painting’s title, date, and lender are stencilled on the wall in plain sight, The difficult dance between the art and label that so frequently disrupts the flow of gaze is not required when we glance. The curators have given us the freedom to establish our own opinions while letting the Vermeers speak for themselves. Take note, curators are everywhere!

It’s really uncommon to accomplish what the curators and designer did: they have used Vermeer’s personal aesthetic to tell his story. Every creative, whether a painter, writer, or curator, aspires to create something that marries what they say with how they say it, but few succeed in doing so.

Vermeer Amsterdam

Never before have I seen a show accomplish this so well. The display itself has evolved into a piece of art. For years to come, exhibition planners will benefit from this display. Vermeer’s sole landscapes serve as the background setting for the exhibition’s opening.

Then, to the side, is The Little Street (1658–59), a typical Delft home with ladies sewing and sweeping, and children playing in the street. First, we have his eminent View of Delft (1660–61), which serves as a reminder of where he comes from and just how accomplished a painter he is. This brings us nicely home, where we shall spend the majority of our time.

Even if the arrangement is not perfectly chronological, Vermeer’s early works in the second room serve as a reminder of how far he progresses from genre paintings and works with religious or mythological subjects. He is learning how to apply colour, control light, and depict fabric folds.

Well-written paragraphs regarding Vermeer's life and style may be found in the majority of rooms of Rjks museum
Well-written paragraphs regarding Vermeer’s life and style. May be found in the majority of rooms of Rjks museum

These are competent journeyman-level works. Even though I can usually identify a Vermeer from a hundred yards away. I myself would not recognise them as being by the Dutch master. But when we get to The Milkmaid (1658–159) and Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window (1657–158), we see the familiar Vermeer.

Light pours in from the window on the left as both women stand alone in a room’s corner. Vermeer has found his mojo—and his perfect scale. As most of his future paintings are smaller and do so successfully—and something has changed in his aesthetic sense. The light brings forth details while the hues are compressed. Vermeer exhibition fans can buy Vermeer Exhibition Museum Tickets from our website.

Vermeer Exhibition Amsterdam

The girl’s letter is sparkling white, and there are gold flecks on the milkmaid’s table of bread. Did Vermeer start looking at these images using a camera obscura to give them colour? Light, and a sense of distance from the viewer? Perhaps. This sense of intimacy, mystery, and veneration for the commonplace is marvellously maintained throughout the show. Where we can plainly understand how he arrived at his hallmark strengths.

The paintings from Vermeer’s middle period are carefully organised into pliable themes. Such as women reading and writing letters, musical interludes, women with male visitors, and women staring out at us. One benefit of having so many Vermeers together is that we can quickly draw analogies and think of the artwork as belonging to family members, with their resemblances and differences.

Through the paintings, we are able to identify specific women, outfits, chairs, and moods. When a window is open or closed, or when a wall is bare or when a painting is hung on it, we can compare the lighting. We can compare our preferred Vermeers to others.

I must admit that my relationship with my personal fave, Girl with a Pearl Earring (1664–67), is tumultuous. Over the past 25 years, I have regularly examined, written about, and discussed this picture. Inevitably, I no longer always “see” it because it has grown so accustomed to me.

Vermeer exhibition museum

However, when I watched it at this exhibition with other Vermeers nearby. It took its position among its sisters, cousins, other relatives and neighbours.  The picture was no longer the “favourite”. Instead, the other pieces developed into works of equal strength that began to work their occult spell.

Vermeer frequently employs red, sometimes as an accent—ribbons in hair or as a tie on a yellow skirt. Thread from a sewing box—or as an item of clothing. I thought I knew his paintings well. So I was surprised to learn new nuances. In our minds’ sight, the Milkmaid is predominantly blue and yellow, but her skirt is red.

The visitors actually catch a glimpse of the artist in this specific masterpiece
The visitors actually catch a glimpse of the artist in this specific masterpiece

Highlights glisten and glow like silent, spangled stars across the galleries. The Vermeer display of the century, this exhibition is so significant that those collectors that are too conscientious to give their Vermeers will regret missing the fun.  I am particularly sad that the Vienna Kunsthistorisches Museum has decided not to lend The Art of Painting (1666–68) to the show.

We may actually catch a glimpse of the artist in this specific masterpiece—at the very least. Of a painter who is engrossed in his subject and his work while turning his back on us and donning red tights. In fact, should Vienna change her mind and permit its painter to make a tardy debut, an empty wall awaits the work. It would be the ideal way to wrap up this beautiful concert. is the best website to buy Rugby World Cup Tickets. Vermeer exhibition fans can buy Vermeer Tickets from our website.