Spain Women Football players could make their way back onto the Spain women’s national team roster. Spain’s last World Cup roster could include some notable surprises in terms of the individuals chosen. In the national team, a new countdown has started. Women Football World Cup fans can buy Japan vs Spain Tickets from our website.

The roster for the forthcoming international break in April. During which the team will play Norway and China in Ibiza, will be made public in just two weeks. However, it differs from a typical international break because it is the last opportunity. Before the squad departs for the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

Spain won’t meet up again until June when Jorge Vilda releases the preliminary team and final roster for the tournament. Therefore, there is no time to waste when it comes to the “15” case. Some of Spain’s top athletes are uncertain about their futures. For them and their nation, it’s all or nothing as they prepare for a World Cup.

Spain Women Football players could make their way back onto the Spain women Football World Cup team
Spain Women Football players could make their way back onto the Spain women Football World Cup team

There’s hope at the end of the road.

With fewer than 5 months till the World Cup, the situation involving the 15 players that turned down the Jorge Vilda-led national squad is still being kept under wraps, But there is a recent development: There is a probability that a message will be sent to inform them that they are once more open to selection.

The entire scenario would change as a result of this. Certain puzzle parts are already being shifted, according to El Pas and AS, respectively. Several players have demonstrated through agents and reps that they are getting closer to rejoining the team, which would make them ready for selection in April.

It is accurate to say that the ‘team’ dynamic has shifted in relation to the decision’s nature. Since several participants are still unsure of the situation. It would no longer be a group email or choice but rather an individual one. In any event, there have been appeals to the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) regarding modifications because the players do not feel comfortable returning for free.

Improvement requests have been made

They are aware that they will have to work with Jorge Vilda and his team. But they have requested improved travel, rest, and training circumstances; they have not yet received a response. Other athletes are considering sending Jorge Vilda a message that would make them quickly and directly accessible for his team.

For everyone concerned, time is running out because the squad list will be made public in only two weeks, There is no time to waste with “the 15,” therefore the RFEF must receive the information that you wish to be made available for selection. This means that April’s decisions are no laughing matter.

Some of the best Spanish footballers’ futures are at stake, as was previously mentioned. Women Football World Cup fans can buy Spain vs Costa Rica Tickets from our website.

The chronology of “The 15”

Three of the team’s heavyweights called the RFEF a few weeks after Spain’s Euro 2022 ambition was crushed in June by eventual champions England to voice their displeasure with Jorge Vilda and his staff. Vilda is not progressing, said RFEF leader Luis Rubiales. In September, the players returned to the team, but the atmosphere had entirely changed.

Jorge Vilda Spain Women Football World Cup Team Coach
Jorge Vilda Spain Women Football World Cup Team Coach

Even though it seemed like everyone had come together to express their unhappiness at first, the group disintegrated.  The RFEF received an email from 15 international players in October requesting that they not be made eligible for selection with the national squad. They haven’t come back since that time.

The strange case of Alexia, Jenni, and Irene

Things are different for Irene Paredes, Jenni Hermoso, and Alexia Putellas. Regarding the latter, she was hurt and hence would not have participated. It was just that the other two, who were also team captains, approached things in a more straightforward manner.

They didn’t take part in the letters that were given to the Federation, Therefore they won’t need to send one in order to be considered for selection.  In February, Jenni Hermoso, a striker for Pachuca, cautiously and carefully rejoined the team. She accomplished this without the need for any letters or emails to anyone, just in an internal way.

Alexia will experience the same thing. She wasn’t one of the 15 players and didn’t want to be left off the roster, She was kept out of the way and far enough away from the action by an ACL injury. Every day she gets closer to playing again, and by the time the World Cup rolls around. She might even be back to her best, ready to lead Spain as a Ballon d’Or winner ought to. Without a doubt, she is the show’s star side.

In a few days, it will be official whether or not several prominent players are returning. The light at the end of the tunnel is (finally) starting to appear after five months of problems. Disputes, irate news conferences, leaking information, secret messages, and dejected expressions. Others, though, will always have missed the train.

As the Spain player uprising persists, Jorge Vilda claims to have his “best team”

Spain women’s football coach Jorge Vilda on Wednesday fortified his tired squad as the best. He wants and stiffened at questions about a rebellion that saw 15 players frozen out of the nationwide setup for nearly 5 months. After intimidating them to quit in September if Vilda was not fired months.

The 15 had threatened to leave the team in September, according to the Spanish FA. And they would not be invited back until they admitted their error and begged for forgiveness. Vilda dutifully left the group out of his team for two friendlies against Sweden and the United States. And led Spain to a surprise 2-0 victory over the Americans and a 1-1 draw against the Swedes.

Vilda took offense when a reporter questioned why his “best team” had been left behind prior to the Cup of Nations competition in Australia. He cited the results and pointed to the results. So I am asking for respect for my squad,” he said, speaking through a translator at a press conference in Sydney.

 “Our team is getting ready for the World Cup, so your inquiry seems a little insulting.”

Spain women football team is hopeful for WOmen Football World Cup 2023
Spain women’s football team is hopeful for Women Football World Cup 2023

When asked if he had the best team at his disposal, Vilda responded, “I want to train the best team. There is nothing else.”

According to people with knowledge of the issue. The exiled players complained to the Spanish FA about Vilda’s handling of team selection. And training, the locker room environment, and the management of injuries.

In September, the group claimed on social media that they had not called for Vilda. To be fired but had instead offered suggestions on how to raise performance.

Cup of Nations

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