Breaking is a style of dance that created in the United States in the 1970s. It took practice in the lively block gatherings in the Bronx. Developing from hip hop culture, and is branded by acrobatic movements, formalised footwork . And the main role played by the DJ and the MC during clashes. International competitions of breaking  were first held all over the world in the 1990s . Olympic breaking is like spreading the dance form hip hop communities and the general public.

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At the Paris 2024 Games, the breaking competition will include two events .one for men and one for women  . Where 16 B-Boys and 16 B-Girls will compete in spectacular solo battles. Athletes will use a mixture of power moves .it includes windmills, the 6-step and freezes . As they adjust their moves . And create to the beat of the DJ’s tracks in a bid to confident the judges’ votes. And winning the first Olympic breaking title.

Brief overview of Break Dancing Rules

But, before we dump into the breaking rules . Let’s take a look at the 3 basic fundamentals that make up breaking . Top rock, down rock and freeze.Top rock mentions to all moves that are done while standing up . Generally a blend of stylish hand actions and footwork whereas freeze is when the breaker comes to a halt in an uncommon position . Which is on their head or hands in the mid of their repetitive.

But the most vital and often the climax of the performance is the down rock . Which includes all moves complete on the floor. It structures spins, footwork, transitions and, most prominently, power moves.Power moves are a multipart set of actions the breakers display case by spinning their whole body on hands, elbows, back, head or shoulders. The gravity-defying, gymnastic movements need greater strength, balance and elasticity.

For case in point, the air flare power move needs dancers to revolve their body. Whilst upside down, while interchanging their balance on either arm or moving in a round track. In the meantime, flare is a common gymnastic move that is also done by acrobats. It includes balancing the trunk on alternating arms and wavering the legs beneath in circles.

Breakers combine all three fundamentals in their routine on beats in case by a hip-hop DJ. When facing each other in an individual competition called a battle.

Breaking battle format

Breakers, as they are called, go up in contradiction of each other in a 1 vs 1 battle .And take alternate turns or throw downs to do their routines. A battle generally structures a fixed number of sets from all breakers. Most major rivalries, like the Red Bull BC One, have also two or three throw downs until the last, which has 3 or 5 throw downs.

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Moreover, each throw down cannot be lengthier than 60 seconds .But there are no consequences for performing too short or too long.Each battle is showed in front of a panel of judges. Which usually includes appreciated dancers from the breaking public. The judges rate each presentation on clearly flawless criteria.

Breaking judging criteria

A minimum of three or more uneven number of judges score the fights on six criteria .Creativity, character, method, diversity, performativity and musicality.

Each parameter has different weightage in a clash. With technique, performativity and originality constituting 60 per cent of the total score while diversity, musicality and character make up the remaining 40 per cent. The judges give in to their votes after each round and the breaker with the highest points is acknowledged the winner. At the 2018 Youth Olympics, the judging panel contained five judges.

Breaking at Paris 2024

Breaking was added to the 2024 Paris Olympics medal agenda. Along with other youth centric events similar skateboarding, surfing and sport climbing .Which form a vital part of today’s culture. There will be separate rivalries for men and women. Where the best 16 B-Boys and 16 B-Girls of the world will contend in solo battles. And certainly, we will get to see the novel generation of Olympic stars rise in Paris from a drive that started half a period ago in New York.

After a bright entrance at the Youth Olympic Games, breaking is on the way to the Olympics. Said Jeftic at the Urban Sports Summit here .We are starting with finalists and on-going with the Olympic Qualifying Series next year. The attention of Paris will show the full possible of the sport. And it will be the first time that the world can see the enthusiasm of breaking on the main stage.

Olympic Breakdancing Tickets |Paris 2024 Tickets | Olympics Packages | Olympics Hospitality |
Olympic Breakdancing Tickets |Paris 2024 Tickets | Olympics Packages | Olympics Hospitality |

Our sport has been around for 65 years so people are conscious of it .But they are just not used to seeing dance sport competitively. Breaking will open the entrance for new instructions in the Olympics, allow it to grow and attract a new audience .And also current a new viewpoint on sport which is greatly needed to keep the Games pertinent.

How many athletes will compete in breaking at Paris 2024?

A total of 32 athletes will contest for the first-ever awards in Olympic breaking. There will be a maximum of four athletes per NOC.While host country France has tenable two and the Three-way Commission will assign four Universality place.

To be qualified for a Universality place, athletes must contribute in the Olympic Qualifier Series .And finish in the top 32 in the final ranking of the OQS.That leaves 26 quota places available, which will be allocated to sportspersons by name during the requirement period. Although breaking is known as a young sport. Not every break dancer is qualified to compete at the Games. Among other standards, B-Boys and B-Girls should been born on or before 31 December 2008.

Paris 2024 breaking competition format

There will be two breaking events at Paris 2024 .The men’s and woman solo competitions. In each, 16 B-Boys and 16 B-Girls will fight to move to the next rounds. Or for the gold medal in the final in face-to-face solo battles.

The debut of breaking at Paris 2024 will be long-awaited, not only because of the hope it brings, but also because it will take place at the end of the Games. The whole breaking rivalry will take place between the 9 and 10 of August 2022.The iconic Place de la Concorde will be the site in which breaking will make its Olympic entrance. It will be the epicentre of city sports during the next Olympic .As it will also host the BMX Freestyle, skateboarding and 3×3 basketball rivalries.

Olympic Breakdancing Tickets |Paris 2024 Tickets | Olympics Packages | Olympics Hospitality |
Olympic Breakdancing Tickets |Paris 2024 Tickets | Olympics Packages | Olympics Hospitality |

B-Boys to watch at Paris 2024

Historically, the USA Japan and France are capitals of breaking. But little by little other countries have exposed that their sportspersons are also prepared for the battle. B-Boys and B-Girls from Latin American countries, Belgium, Spain and Italy .To name just a few are also among the preferences when they contest in international competitions.

The current world champion is B-Boy Victor (USA). The American won his first major title when he was 14 years old when he outdone the podium at the 2011 Red Bull BC One Tampa Cypher. Since then, Victor’s career has been all about achievement, counting winning the world crown in 2021, the 2019 World Town Games title and the fresh World Games title in 2022.

He won the gold medal in the World Championships in Paris fast of Phil Sorcerer. Who came second, and B-Boy Amir. At the World Games in 2022 he fought against his national Jeffrey Louis in the final.

At Buenos Aires 2018 and the last World Championship, which happened in Paris in 2021, the medals were feast among athletes from numerous countries. And since the 2020 statement that breaking would be a new Olympic sport, the NOCs have put more effort into emerging the sport, meaning the rivalry in Paris 2024 is even more open.

B-Girls to watch at Paris 2024

In the World Championship 2021, female Japanese break dancers were again dominant.B-Girl Ayumi (Japan) topped the women’s podium, after beating compatriot B-Girl Ami in the final.Who couldn’t defend the title she won in 2020. B-Girl Jilou (Germany) captured the bronze medal after a strong battle against B-Girl Anti (Italy).

At Buenos Aires 2018, B-Girl Ram of Japan was the star of the sport, winning every round she competed in during the women’s competition to take gold. Her first medal came when she topped the podium in the mixed competition alongside B-Boy B4 (Vietnam), beating a team formed by B-Boy Broly (Argentina) and B-Girl Lexy (Italy) in the final.

However, Ami proved she is still among the B-Girls to watch after winning the gold medal at the recent World Games in July 2022, beating the American Sunny Choi.Other B-Girls to take into account on the pathway to Paris 2024 are Madmax (Belgium), Sunny (USA), Paulina (Poland) and Furia (Spain), among others.

Olympic history of Breaking

Breaking made its Olympic entrance at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires in 2018. Next its outstanding success. Breaking has been chosen to feature on the Paris 2024 Olympic sports agenda as a new sport .Along with surfing, skateboarding and sport uphill.

Breaking was shaped by African-American and Latino youths in the Bronx borough of New York City in the 1970s.When hip-hop culture was pending to life. A DJ called Kool Herc was flinging area parties. Where he saw young people would go off on the dance ground, moving with more irregular and dynamic energy. Whenever the break of the paths he was playing would come in. The break being the part of the song where all lyrics and other tools would drop out. Only leaving the percussion section.

Seeing this, Kool Herc started to play two copies of the same record. Mixing between them on two turntables with a technique called the ‘Merry-Go-Round’. This was so that he could extend the break and the dancers would have more time to showcase their moves. This is what inspired the creation of the dance of ‘breaking,’ . Because the B-Boys and B-Girls would dance to the break of the track.

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