Spanish Women Football player Alexia Putellas is a prominent player for both Barcelona and the Spanish women’s football team. He has commented on the ongoing dispute between the team and the Spanish Football Federation. She rejects the label of a rebel for the players. Who has made themselves unavailable for selection? Women Football World Cup fans can buy Spain vs Zambia Tickets from our website.

And emphasizes the need for the team to focus on football. Patellas herself has been recovering from an ACL injury sustained before the Euros. But the national team is still in turmoil after 15 players withdrew from selection.

Citing issues with the team. Jorge Vilda, the manager of the Spanish women’s football team, has still not included the 15 players. Who made themselves unavailable for selection citing the team’s situation.

While Spanish Women FootballplayerAlexia Putellas did not initially make herself unavailable. She has voiced support for her teammates and urged the Spanish Football Federation to resolve the situation.

Spanish Women Football Player Putellas criticizes Spain's federation
Spanish Women Football Player Putellas criticizes Spain’s federation

Patellas rejected the notion that the players were rebels and stated that constantly asking for improvements is tiring. According to Spanish Women FootballplayerAlexia Putellas, the issue is between the players and the federation.

The leaking of private conversations is not helpful. She emphasized the need for players to focus entirely on their performance. Stating that it is tiring to have to keep asking for improvements.

Patellas believes that leaders should work towards enhancing their conditions without the players having to ask all the time. France’s national women’s football team has also faced a similar problem.

key players of Spanish Women Football

Some key Spanish Women in Football making themselves unavailable for selection. However, their manager Corinne Diarce was dismissed from her position on Thursday. Spanish Women FootballplayerAlexia Putellas is eager to regain her top physical condition and performance level.

Before the upcoming Women Football World Cup, and she expressed her desire to participate in the Champions League before the season’s conclusion. She hopes to play in the semi-finals against Lyon if her team, Barcelona, advances.

key players of Spanish Women Football
key players of Spanish Women Football

Spanish Women FootballplayerAlexia Putellas expressed her desire to face Lyon in the upcoming Champions League. Stating that the previous encounter was a disappointing memory. As it was their worst game of the season and Lyon played exceptionally well.

However, she emphasized the importance of taking their upcoming game against Roma seriously before focusing on the Lyon match.

Spanish Women Football Team Set for talks over Clash, but no cooperation in Sight

The Athletic is documenting the progress of six female players. As they work towards qualifying for the Women Football World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

On a different note, the conflict that caused the Spanish women’s football team to fall apart last year is taking a new turn. Several players had previously made themselves unavailable for selection.

The national team is planning to hold discussions with officials. After experiencing months of ambiguity and dissatisfaction with the situation. The group has decided to address the issue individually with the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).

Because no progress has been made through their collective efforts. The players had already informed the RFEF via email in September. That they would not be available for selection until changes were made to the national team’s structure.

According to anonymous sources familiar with the situation, the majority of the 15 players. Those who previously made themselves unavailable for the Spanish women’s national team are likely to return. Women Football World Cup fans can buy Japan vs Spain Tickets from our website.

Despite the ongoing dispute with the Spanish Football Federation. However, some players still have reservations and doubts. They will be comfortable without the desired changes being made.

The dispute has caused dissatisfaction within the group, with some players unhappy with the leadership of senior players. And all parties are believed to have managed the conflict poorly due to communication issues.

With the Women Football World Cup approaching, there is a sense of urgency to resolve the situation. The modifications the group demanded were related to matters both on and off the pitch.

Spanish Women Football Player Who is the Part of the Team

Six of the players who were part of the Spanish team also play for Barcelona, and sources from the Barcelona team informed. The Athletic that some of these players believed.

Spanish Women Football Team Set for talks over Clash, but no cooperation in Sight
Spanish Women Football Team Set for Talks over Clash, but no cooperation in Sight

That the training sessions of the national team were not as effective as those they were used to at their club. Some of the issues that led to the players’ dispute were related to the manager’s tactics and preparation for matches.

According to sources, during the European Championship last year, the team allegedly did not receive any video analysis of opponents in England. Before losing to them in a quarter-final.

Some players also complained about the manager’s controlling style, which they felt had been an issue for a long time. During the initial years of Vilda’s tenure as the coach of the Spanish women’s team.

He imposed strict rules on the players, such as keeping their room doors open during team gatherings until midnight and checking. Who was in each room. Additionally, upon returning from walks.

Players were questioned about their company and asked to show the contents of their shopping bags. The Spanish Football Association acknowledged that such practices took place before 2018 when new leaders were elected.

Following the European Championship, senior players informed Vilda that they would be speaking to Luis Rubiales. The president of the Spanish FA, about their concerns.

The news of this conversation was leaked to the media, and on September 1, the players held a press conference to clarify their position. During the conference, players including Irene Paredes, and Jennifer Hermoso.

Press conference of Spanish Women Football player

And Patri Guijarro denied reports that they had called for Vilda’s resignation. Instead, they stated that they wanted to express themselves. Their general discomfort and believed that the team had the potential to achieve great success.

After the players’ press conference, Vilda held his own press conference. He expressed his surprise at the situation and made it clear he had no intention of resigning.

The Spanish FA then received letters from the 15 players stating that they would not return to the national team. Unless their concerns were addressed, as the situation was affecting their health.

The letters were all identical in their message. When the Spanish FA received letters from the 15 players stating. That they wouldn’t return to the national team unless their concerns were addressed.

The federation issued a statement in response, saying that they will not permit the players to challenge the coach’s position and would only consider players who are fully committed, even if it means fielding young players.

In November, Spain won a match against Argentina 7-0, in which seven players made their debut for the national team. The federation stated that the 15 players who resigned would only be allowed to return to the national team.

If they admitted their mistake and apologized. The players who sent the letter were listed as Guijarro, Bonmati, Moraza, Garcia, Ouahabi, Leon, and Batlle. Aleixandri, Pina, Pereira, Caldentey, Panos, Gallardo, Eizagirre, and Sarriegi.

Paredes, Hermoso, and Spanish Women FootballPlayerPutellas were also involved in the situation. With Paredes feeling singled out at the press conference and Putellas not signing the letter due to injury.

Spanish Women Football Player Who is the Part of the Team
Spanish Women Football Player Who is the Part of the Team

Real Madrid players who were part of the Euro 2022

All seven Real Madrid players who were part of the Euro 2022 squad did not send a letter. Sources familiar with some of these players previously claimed that they were pressured by their club not to send the letter.

However, Real Madrid has denied this. The situation has created tension between Real Madrid and Barcelona players. And this tension has been noticeable in the Clasicos played by the two teams since then.

According to sources, there is a possibility of tension arising in the Barcelona dressing room. Due to the ongoing conflict, the six Barcelona players involved have decided to honor each other’s personal choices.

Regarding their return to the Spanish national Women Football World Cup Team. Since the conflict emerged, none of the 15 players who resigned from the Spain national team have returned after being called up.

Nonetheless, Paredes and Hermoso have played for the team. Spanish Women FootballplayerPutellas, who won the Ballon d’Or, has been injured since July. But she is expected to be called up once she is fully recovered.

Despite the dispute with the 15 players, Vilda remains the head coach of the Spanish women’s national football team, and his contract will expire in 2024. The Spanish Football Association has expressed full support for him.

And he will lead the team in the upcoming Women Football World Cup scheduled from July 20 to August 20 in Australia and New Zealand. The coach is yet to announce the players for the tournament. is the best website to buy Women Football World Cup Tickets. Women Football World Cup fans can buy Spain vs Costa Rica Tickets from our website.