Serbia vs England Tickets: In their first matchup of the 70-day Euro Cup Germany, and England are the overwhelming favorites to defeat Serbia. However, facing the football yobs of the opposition is a far more difficult task. The Ultras from Serbia take great pride in being known as the worst hooligans in Europe. Many of them have branched out into murder, drug use, and racketeering, armed with baseball bats, knives, and even guns. offers UEFA Euro 2024 Tickets to admirers who can get Serbia Vs England Tickets through our trusted online ticketing marketplace. is the most reliable source for booking Euro Cup Final Tickets. Sign up for the latest Euro Cup Germany Ticket alert.

Serbia vs England Tickets| Euro Cup Germany Tickets
Serbia vs England Tickets| Euro Cup Germany Tickets

Ivan, a twentysomething Serbian supporter, bragged to me when I was in Belgrade, saying, Off the pitch, it’s not a contest; on the pitch, you will probably win. There is no one we are terrified of. The Italians and the English taught us everything we know, but they are no match for powerful Serbian men.

When I visited Red Star Belgrade, Serbia’s premier football team, I engaged with Ivan and other supporters to uncover insights for fans of the Three Lions ahead of their clash with Serbia on June 16 in Germany. As Red Star’s Ultras filled the 56,000-seat Rajko Mitic Stadium, where they witnessed a 3-0 victory over rivals IMT on Wednesday, an unmistakable aura of anticipation and intensity lingered, foreshadowing the upcoming Euro Cup showdown in Germany.

Serbia vs England Tickets: Ultras Culture and Crime Euro Cup Dark Side Revealed

Children were climbing on a disused Soviet-built tank just yards from the turnstiles, while riot police stood guard with batons and semi-automatic weapons. Fireworks and smoke bombs filled the air as firefighters took up positions and ambulances were positioned close to the pitch. Countless young men, primarily clad in black attire, yelled catchphrases.

Amidst the fervor at Red Star Belgrade’s stadium, diverse sentiments emerged: some proclaimed allegiance to Russia and Vladimir Putin, while others expressed desires to reclaim Kosovo, lost in a bloody struggle for independence. Tihomir Nedeljkov, a devoted Red Star fan, provided insights. As the Euro Cup Germany approaches, such passionate expressions foreshadow the charged atmosphere expected during the tournament.

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Euro Cup Tickets | Euro Cup Final Tickets
Euro Cup Tickets | Euro Cup Final Tickets

There are approximately 10,000 Ultras at Red Star, with 200–300 of them being criminals. They are mostly between the ages of 16 and 45, and they include both aggressive guys and actual football aficionados in addition to criminals. The Ultras have a deeply criminal culture. They battle over land because, as long as you control the stand, you also control the neighborhoods.

However, the environment can pose risks for outsiders due to metal barriers with prongs intended to separate fans from athletes. Additionally, the Delije have historical associations with organized crime, spanning activities such as drug trafficking and money laundering. As the Euro Cup Germany approaches, such dynamics underscore the multifaceted nature of football fandom.

Serbia vs England Tickets: Serbian Ultras and Football: Insights Ahead of UEFA Euro 2024

In recent years, around a dozen well-known Ultra personalities have been killed, most of them as targets of gangland assassinations. Police arrested 17 persons connected to monstrous crimes three years ago after conducting raids on groups associated with Partizan, whose Ultras are known as the Grave Diggers, and Red Star, its fierce local rivals.

Accusations ranging from killings to drug offenses have surfaced amid the ongoing trial, revealing the Ultras’ ties to the criminal underworld. In Belgrade’s working-class areas, ultra-murals and graffiti abound, showcasing the organization’s significant influence, far surpassing that of British football hooligans. As the Euro Cup Germany nears, such revelations cast a shadow on the broader football landscape.

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Euro Cup 2024 Tickets | Euro Cup Semi Finals Tickets
Euro Cup 2024 Tickets | Euro Cup Semi Finals Tickets

After aiding in the 2000 ouster of dictatorial tyrant Slobodan Milosevic, they gained prominence. Furthermore, it is asserted that they continue to serve the state in exchange for being allowed to run their illicit enterprises, including stifling criticism of the government in stadiums.

In addition to their extreme right-wing nationalism, Serbian Ultras are well-known for their anti-LGBTQ+ beliefs. On recent visits to the Serbian capital, fans of Glasgow Rangers, Manchester City, Arsenal, and Liverpool have all been singled out. David James says that while England shouldn’t expect to win Euro 2024, they still have a chance if things go their way.

Serbia vs England Tickets: Life After Southgate England’s Euro 2024 Preparations

James also thinks that the Three Lions will be ready for life after Gareth Southgate. Southgate’s England lost to Italy in a penalty shootout in the postponed Euro Cup 2020 final. In 2018, Croatia eliminated them from the World Cup semifinals. According to FIFA’s rankings, the Three Lions are currently the third-best team in the world, ahead of Belgium, Brazil, and the Netherlands, and behind only World Cup winners Argentina and fellow European team France.

Former England goalkeeper James argues the Three Lions shouldn’t expect to win the competition, but if all goes according to plan, they have no cause to lose hope as Germany prepares for Euro Cup Germany 2024, which begins on June 14. It’s a tough one it’s almost like trying to predict this game a week before the kickoff, he said to Stats Perform.

Reaching the semi-finals, or even the finals, is, in my opinion, a realistic goal for an England side. Like many others, I witnessed the painful Euro 2020 final between Italy and us. Only two penalties are separating us and victory for Italy. In my opinion, that remains a triumph. Everyone wants the trophy, and you naturally want England to win it.

Southgate’s Future and England’s Euro Cup Hopes Insights for Germany

Italy demonstrated that they were the greatest team in the world, even if they were only that good for one tournament and haven’t been back since. They ultimately prevailed in the event because they had the finest strategies. It’s therefore challenging until the competition begins whether it’s Spain, Germany, or something else because everyone always speaks about winning competitions.

Euro Cup Germany |Euro Cup Quarter Finals Tickets
Euro Cup Germany |Euro Cup Quarter Finals Tickets

I simply believe that England enters the game knowing that, with the right circumstances, they have a chance to win even though they are not expected to win. I’m rooting for them all the way. Even though England will aim to advance far into the Euro Cup Germany knockout stages once more, Southgate’s tenure as manager is still up in the air.

With Gareth Southgate’s contract nearing its end in December. Although speculation swirls around his potential move to Manchester United, linked with new shareholder Jim Ratcliffe. However, England remains focused on the imminent challenge. According to James, the Football Association’s readiness suggests a broader preparedness for the future. So indicating that England’s success hinges not solely on Southgate, but on the organization’s comprehensive operational strategies. A vital aspect as they gear up for the Euro Cup Germany.

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