Wales head coach Warren Gatland has announced the good health of his team members at the Rugby  World Cup ahead of the decisive match against Fiji. Captain Dewi Lake and No. 8 Taulupe Faletau were among the few players treated for injuries during RWC warm-up tests in Wales.

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Wales Vs Australia Tickets | RWC Tickets
Wales Vs Australia Tickets | RWC Tickets

No. 8 Faletau did not feature in these matches due to calf problems and Hooker Lake left the field with a knee injury during Wales’ loss to England at Twickenham. Ryan Elias, Daffyd Jenkins and Gareth Anscombe have also recovered and are ready to take part in Sunday’s Group C match in Bordeaux.

“The last couple of weeks we’ve had a few issues with eight or ten players not fully participating in training, Gatland said. Nothing serious, just a few hits. They all went through rehabilitation, and now they are all healthy. fits and it’s a positive place for us.”

Faletau’s Recovery for Rugby World Cup

He (Faletau) has fully involved in training for the last three weeks. There is no doubt that in the first week he blew very hard in terms of some of the standard activities that the boys performed for several weeks.

“It took a little while, but we kept a close eye on his GPS data and it turned out to be excellent for him. Even though he didn’t run, he trained a lot without legs. Some jobs on the field are harder than on the field, and he’s definitely in contention for the weekend.”

Lake left in the first half at Twickenham and the prostitute added: It always comes to mind when you get injured in the 20th minute of a game. I am very grateful to be sitting here and to the medical staff who helped me get through this three weeks at home and the coaching staff who chose me after the injury.

A lot of hard work has done behind the scenes to get me ready for this weekend. Wales trained in temperatures in excess of 30 degrees on Tuesday, while the forecast for Sunday’s kick-off match is predict to be 28 degrees, although the game won’t start until 9pm local time.

Wales Vs Australia Tickets | RWC Tickets
Wales Vs Australia Tickets | RWC Tickets

Water Breaks Considered

It is understood that Rugby World Cup organizer consider water breaks during the first round of the pool competition. We would like to play in the park as often as possible. We think we are in pretty good physical shape, Gatland said.

“From this point of view, we are not going to give up water breaks if so decided. We will not argue with World Rugby over this decision.”

This will be the fifth consecutive Rugby World Cup for Wales and Fiji to meet in the pool stage, and Sunday’s winners will take a significant step towards the quarter-finals. Fiji just picked up a remarkable away victory against England and many believe they have beaten the Wales side with just three wins in 13 Tests.

“I think they did an excellent job at Twickenham, added Gatland. They have great athletes, we know that. Now they are much more structured as a team than they have traditionally been in the past.”

We must also impose our game on them. We know they are a good team at the moment and most of their team plays in Super Rugby and also in France. It will be an exciting challenge. They always had world class individual athletes who could open the game. But having such an organization and structure makes them more dangerous.

I think that from a coaching point of view, the world championship is the highest achievement. This is the only time in the international windows when you are fully prepared. It feels like you’re working with the club team on pre-season pre-season. Over the past few months, we have managed to work on many things in terms of detailing and strategizing.

Wales Vs Australia Tickets | RWC Tickets
Wales Vs Australia Tickets | RWC Tickets

Rugby World Cup: Wales not keeping up with Joneses in 2023 squad

Tom, Catherine Zeta and Alan Veen – they all have one thing in common. The name Jones is synonymous with famous Welshmen, but for the first time in the history of the Rugby World Cup, the Wales team will not have a single person on their team.

Although at one point in 2004 the Wales team had six Jones starting in the game, nearly 20 years later they are not keeping up with the Joneses at the Rugby World Cup in France. This name introduced in Wales as biblical names force on the Welsh about 500 years ago.

There have been 77 male Joneses on Welsh rugby jerseys over the years, with former captain Alan Wyn Jones being their highest scoring international and making the most World Cup appearances with 21 in four tournaments. For more about Wales Rugby World Cup Tickets please visit our website.

Who are the Joneses’ in Welsh Rugby World Cup squads?

Former midfielder Stephen Jones has also appeared in four Rugby World Cups, while props Adam and scrum half-back Robert have played in three, and Rob was Wales’ first Jones at the RWC in the first tournament in 1987. Wyn Jones, Derwyn Jones, Daffyd Jones, Mark Jones, Duncan Jones, Ryan Jones, Hugh Williams-Jones and Jason Jones-Hughes round out the list of 12 Welsh Jones to grace the Rugby World Cup.

In 2003 there were four – Adam, Daffyd, Mark and Steven, and in 2007 – five – Adam, Duncan, Alan Wien, Steven and Mark. While there were four in 2011—Adam, Ryan, Steven, and Alan Veen—in 2015, only the evergreen second row arrived, and in 2019, along with prop Vinom.

Wales Vs Australia Tickets | RWC Tickets
Wales Vs Australia Tickets | RWC Tickets

It is in 2000s when the Wales men’s rugby teams seem to be fill to capacity with Jones boys. There were five of them at the 2007 Rugby World Cup in France and six in one game against South Africa in Cardiff in 2004 – that’s 40% of the starting lineup!

Rugby historian Hugh Richards said the Joneses have a huge legacy in Wales and the Welsh see themselves as a team. Generations will have their favorites, he said. The 77 red jersey Jones outnumber those named Davis and Williams, according to Mr Richards – along with senior internationals Ken, Cliff and Lewis Jones, who are all in the Wales sports hall of fame.

Why so many Joneses in Wales?

It was not until about 500 years ago that the Welsh began using fixed surnames before using ap, meaning son, to define patronage, according to historians at the National Museum of Wales. When they told they needed to use fixed names, they used their father’s name. If you were John and your father was Gruffydd, you would be John Griffiths. If your father was John, you would be John Jones and so on.

At the same time, across Europe, there was a period of streamlining and simplification of Christian names, which meant that hundreds of ancient pagan names such as Llivarch and Gvalhmai lost, and people called their children safe biblical names.

Thus, people forced to take fixed surnames at the same time that hundreds and hundreds of fathers received the name John, which meant many John Jones. Perhaps the most famous Jones to play for Wales is Alan Wyn Jones, who retired earlier this year.

Wales Vs Australia Tickets | RWC Tickets
Wales Vs Australia Tickets | RWC Tickets

The 37-year-old has played 158 times for Wales and also made 12 Tests for the British and Irish Lions in four rounds. He is captain of Wales 48 times, including the 2019 Grand Slam when he named the Six Nations player.

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