Paris 2024 Tickets: In the exciting world of trampoline gymnastics, there’s a young champion making waves – Tuba Bade Şahin, a 14-year-old powerhouse. Recently, she proudly earned a silver medal at the Trampoline Gymnastics Junior World Championship. This championship is like a big competition where talented athletes from around the world show their amazing skills.

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But Tuba Bade Şahin isn’t stopping there. She’s dreaming even bigger – she wants to win a medal at the Olympic Games! The Olympic Games are super special events that happen every four years, and in 2024, they’re going to take place in Paris, France. Imagine that – competing with the best athletes from all over the world on the Olympic stage!

Tuba Bade Şahin did an awesome job at the Junior World Championships in Birmingham, England. She got second place not just in one event, but in two events – one where she did her routine all by herself and another where she teamed up with her friend Ada Kanat. That’s called synchronized gymnastics, where two people perform their routines together, like a perfectly coordinated dance.

Olympic Tickets: Champion Tuba Bade Şahin Eyes Paris 2024 Olympics

After her fantastic success, Tuba Bade Şahin talked about her journey to victory with Anadolu Agency (AA). She must have felt so happy and proud! Winning a medal is a big deal, and it shows how hard she worked and practiced to be so good at trampoline gymnastics.

Now, as she sets her eyes on the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024, we’ll all be cheering for Tuba Bade Şahin. The Olympics are like a huge sports party where athletes from different countries come together to compete and make new friends. It’s a really special event, and winning a medal there is like winning the biggest prize in sports!

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So, let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope to see Tuba Bade Şahin flying high and winning that Olympic medal in Paris. She’s not just a rising star; she’s a shining example of hard work, determination, and the Olympic spirit!

“Getting ready was really important for us in the championship in England. I made sure I was prepared, and it worked out well. I won the silver medal in the individual competition and did the same in the synchronized event with my friend Ada Kanat,” Şahin happily shared.

Paris 2024 Tickets: Bade Şahin’s Gymnastics Journey Artistic to Trampoline Olympic Dream

Tuba Bade Şahin’s journey in gymnastics started when she was only four years old. At first, she did artistic gymnastics, a type of gymnastics that involves doing cool and creative moves. Later, she switched to trampolining, where she showed amazing skills and dedication. She won championships in Turkey and even got medals in Europe along the way.

“I got into gymnastics because of my active childhood. My parents signed me up for gymnastics when we lived in Isparta, and later we continued in Samsun because my dad got a new job there. I’ve been doing gymnastics for ten years now, and it has been a really fun and rewarding journey,” she added.

Now, Tuba Bade Şahin is aiming for something even bigger – the Olympic Games in Paris 2024! The Olympics are like the biggest sports party, and winning a medal there is like winning the most special prize. Imagine competing with athletes from all over the world in a city as amazing as Paris, in the country of France. It’s a dream for many athletes, and Tuba Bade Şahin is working hard to make that dream come true.

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Olympic Games Tickets: Beyond Paris 2024, Tuba Bade Şahin’s Ambitious Journey Towards the 2028 Olympics

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So, as she continues her exciting journey in gymnastics, let’s cheer her on and hope to see her shining bright at the Paris Olympic Games in 2024! She’s not just a great gymnast; she’s an inspiration to all of us.

But for Şahin, this is just the beginning of her exciting journey in gymnastics. Looking ahead to the future, she shared, “I have my sights set on the 2028 Olympics, and I’m determined to work really hard to make that dream come true. I’ll be working closely with my coach, Çağdaş Keşkür, to achieve this goal.”

Speaking about her coach, Keşkür, the person who has been guiding Şahin to success, expressed immense happiness at the realization of years of hard work. “Our athlete earned the second spot globally, which is a huge source of pride for Samsun, the place where Şahin is from. This success shows the dedication and effort we’ve put in over the years. But our journey is not finished yet; we have more challenges ahead, like the Olympic quota competitions and European championships. Our big dream is to win an Olympic medal,” Keşkür explained.

So, Tuba Bade Şahin is not stopping here – she’s reaching for the stars and aiming for the 2028 Olympics! The Olympics are like the biggest sports celebration, and winning a medal there is like winning the most special prize in sports. With hard work and dedication, who knows, maybe we’ll see Tuba Bade Şahin shining even brighter at the future Summer Games 2024! Let’s cheer her on for her big dreams!

Paris Olympic Tickets: Coach Keşkür’s Trampoline Vision, Inviting Young Talent to Soar

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He said, “We have many talented young athletes in our team, and we believe they can achieve great things. Trampoline gymnastics is a super fun sport, and we’re excited to help these kids reach new heights of success. But to do that, we need a bigger place to practice and some new equipment to make our training even better.”

Imagine having a larger playground with cool equipment to bounce and flip on – that’s what they’re hoping for! Keşkür wants more kids to join in the fun of trampoline gymnastics and work together towards achieving success, just like Tuba Bade Şahin. Keşkür, the coach who has played a crucial role in Şahin’s success, has also extended an invitation to kids who dream of becoming athletes, especially in the exciting world of trampoline gymnastics.

So, if you’re interested in trampoline gymnastics, there might be a chance for you to join the team and aim for big dreams, like maybe participating in the Paris Olympic Games 2024 or even the 2028 Olympics! It’s like being part of a big sports family, having fun while learning and growing together. So, who knows, you might be the next rising star in the world of trampoline gymnastics!

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