Paris 2024 The Speedy Tigresses are set for a challenging task at the upcoming women’s hockey Olympic Qualifier in Valencia. Spain, scheduled from Jan 13-20 next year. Ranked 18th in the world, Malaysia finds itself in Group B alongside formidable opponents. Great Britain (No. 7), Spain (No. 8), and Canada (No. 16). Meanwhile, Group A consists of Belgium, Ireland, Ukraine, and South Korea, the silver medalists at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

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Having finished fifth in the recent Asian Games. Malaysia faces Spain on Jan 13, Canada on Jan 14, and Great Britain on Jan 16. Notably, the Malaysian women’s team has never qualified for the Olympics Paris 2024. Coach Nasihin Nubli emphasizes the need for preparatory matches against European teams, citing a five-year gap since their last encounters.

The last match against England in 2018 resulted in a 3-0 loss. Their 2017 encounter with Spain in the World League Semi-finals ended in a 3-1 defeat. The team also faced Canada in the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games. Drawing 2-2 in the seventh-placing match but securing a 3-0 victory in a penalty shootout.

Despite being placed in a challenging group, we are determined to give the three tes a tough competition. Martin Brodeur, the renowned goaltender for the New Jersey Devils, concluded his illustrious hockey career with a myriad of achievements. His impressive list includes three Stanley Cups, two Olympic Games gold medals, one Calder Trophy, and four Vezina Trophies.

Paris 2024: The Elusive Vezina Trophy unfulfilled Quest

This archived story transports us back to the winter of 2003. Brodeur, though not yet a recipient of the Vezina Trophy was making waves. In the National Hockey League (NHL) the goaltender “adjudged to be the best at his position.” In a typical mid-season game, amidst a 3-2 victory a common. Sight for the Devils Brodeur etched his name in history by becoming the first. NHL goalie to secure 30 or more wins in eight consecutive seasons.

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Following this milestone, he expressed his desire to continue pursuing excellence, emphasizing the importance of consistency in winning hockey games. The Meadowlands, with its unchanging backdrop reminiscent of Pat Burns’ scowl or Lou Lamoriello’s perennial white shirt. Served as the constant setting for Brodeur’s remarkable achievements.

Parking in this cement tract required noting the nearest pole number. Lest one risk losing their car while Brodeur continued his exceptional career.

Despite his undeniable prowess, Brodeur’s quest for the Vezina Trophy remained unfulfilled. Reflecting on his journey, he admired the consistency of General Managers who. Despite his two Stanley Cups and Paris Olympic Games gold medal, never bestowed upon him the coveted Vezina Trophy. Brodeur, acknowledging the significance of statistical achievements, understood that they didn’t tell the entire story.

In his own words, he highlighted the consistency of fellow goaltender Patrick Roy and expressed a certain admiration for it.

Beyond Retirement and Unveiling the Truth

 Despite having statistics that could have warranted the Vezina Trophy. Brodeur remained philosophical about the accolade that had eluded him. recognizing the enduring value of his contributions beyond mere numbers.

It is easy to suggest that if more of these GMs had done as much for their clubs as Brodeur has done for his. They would have stayed employed long enough to learn how to vote. Jim Carey-Jim Carey!!!!-won a Vezina, and Brodeur has not.

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Olympic Hockey Tickets| Paris Olympic 2024 Tickets| Olympic Paris Tickets | France Olympic Tickets | Olympic Tickets | Summer Games 2024 Tickets

Of course, since Brodeur made the NHL for good in 1993. Roy hasn’t either, largely because Dominik Hasek has been named five times. But it has even been four years since Brodeur was a runner-up. And bridesmaids during this time, such as Roman Turek and Roman Cechmanek, have yet to catch any bouquets projecting them. The Next or even earning the right to take Brodeur’s athletic supporter to the cleaners. where the balloting probably takes place.

Thus, Hasek’s retirement last June is not the only reason this injustice has gone on long enough. Unless the GMs blow a blooper from center ice this spring, Brodeur’s cover may be blown so badly that when they pull the cover off the trophies, his name will be on the Hart as well. Think about it. On the NHL’s most successful teams this season, have Markus Naslund, Todd Bertuzzi, or Mike Modano clearly shown to be more valuable than the goaltending leader in wins?

Paris 2024National Perspectives on Goaltending Greatness

In the last 12 months, the Devils have let go, Bobby Holik, Jason Arnott, and Petr Sykora, three critical players on their 2000 Stanley Cup team, and are still neck-and-neck with Ottawa for the best record in the East.

“It has been a double-edged sword for Marty, said defenseman Ken Daneyko. He has always been mentioned in the top three or four goalies, but because we’ve had a lot of depth and have been perceived as starless and defensive-oriented, he didn’t get enough accolades”.

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“But he is starting to get recognized more as the cornerstone of our franchise. And maybe now as the best goalie in the world.” Let’s face it: most of the people who think it’s important that there be such a thing as the world’s best goalie live in Canada. And, after Brodeur beat the U.S. 5-2 last February in Salt Lake City, Roy, who hissed away his latest, and probably greatest, opportunity to play for his country, became yesterday’s news.

 “I would love to win it at some point, but it’s not something I will lose sleep over,” he said. “The two Cups is where I try to put my mind when people talk about this. There are great goalies who had great seasons the same years I did and played on teams centered by their (goaltending) performance every night, making them more of an eyecatcher.”


We’re not so sure about that. Brodeur has the best eyes since Bette Davis’s, a terrific glove, and unprecedented puckhandling skills. Any student of the goaltending arts understands there is no hard relationship between the number of saves and the difficulty of victory. The 18-shot, 2-1 win leaves no margin for error enjoyed by the goalie, who kicks out a number of screamers in a 34-save, 5-1 success.

In fact, on a typical night, Brodeur prevents three to eight potential shots by clearing the puck himself. One cannot quantify the wear and tear he saves Scott Stevens and Daneyko, both still going amazingly strong at 38, as living, breathing celebrations of their goaltender, as well as his celebrates.

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“Having a third defenseman back there makes the game much easier,” Daneyko said. “And Marty is so easy to be around.”“A lot of goalies are hot-headed and blame you, but he has never really done that. He takes the young guys out, gets the team together, and does the little things that don’t get seen by the media.”


If three straight early-round defeats from 1997-99 and a mediocre Brodeur performance when the Devils lost to Roy in defense of their Cup in 2001 slowed the stream of clues, the people who know Brodeur best have long known just how good he is.

Lamoriello, without his usual Soprano-styled. piano-wire contract negotiations gave Brodeur a five-year. $40-million deal last season, in a package making the New Jersey goalie the second highest paid next to Roy.

The contact takes Brodeur, still only 30, past unrestricted free agency. “I committed myself to stay in Jersey. because I know we are going to have a chance to do really well here,” he said.

“The (individual awards) are fun to get, and any recognition is flattering, but they don’t change much in my life. Winning a game is something I can do something about. The other things, I don’t get to vote.”

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