The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Executive Board of the FIH have given their approval to the qualification standards. The qualification requirements for the men’s and women’s hockey competitions at the Olympic Paris were released by the International Hockey Federation (FIH) on Tuesday.

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The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Executive Board of the FIH have given their approval to the qualification standards. The Olympic hockey competitions will have 12 teams, each for men and women. Each with 16 competitors as they have done since Beijing 2008’s Games.

The qualifying standards announced by the FIH from its Lausanne, Switzerland, headquarters are listed below

Olympic hockey host nation Paris

Host Nation: 1 team (based on the fact that both the men’s and women’s teams from France have met the FIH requirement of attaining a ranking of 25 or better in the World Rankings since the conclusion of the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

Five teams are required for the continental qualification process. The winners of the Pan American Games, Asian Games, Euro Hockey Championship, and Oceania Cup will all be eligible. These activities are all scheduled for this year.

It was also made clear that, should France win the Euro Hockey Championship as well, the second-place team would not qualify as a result and that spot would instead be given to the FIH Olympic Qualifying Tournaments.

FIH Olympic Hockey Qualification Tournaments: 6 teams

Early in 2024, there will be two FIH Olympic Hockey Qualifying competitions, one for each gender, with eight team’s altogether. The number of teams from each Continent competing in these competitions is based on quotas established in accordance with the FIH World Rankings as of 31 January 2023, as was previously declared. Here are the continental quotas based on that.

Olympic Hockey Quotas

Women’s Olympic Qualifiers

Africa: 0, Asia: 4, Europe: 8, Oceania: 1, Pan America: 3

Men’s Olympic Qualifiers

Africa: 1, Asia: 5, Europe: 7, Oceania: 1, Pan America: 2

The teams that fill each quota and are subsequently invited to compete will be chosen depending on how well they did at the Continental Championships. Each of these Olympic Qualifying Tournaments will determine whether teams advance to the OlympicParis. In a few weeks, the bidding process for hosting the Olympic Qualifying Tournaments in 2024 will be made public.

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The first carbon-free hockey field will be used at the Olympic Games in Paris.

Olympic Paris’s environmental objectives are helped by Poligras Paris GT zero.

Carbon-free hockey field

80 percent biobased materials

Made with renewable energy

Added support for improved CO2 balance

Fewer waters

Every Olympic Games is an opportunity to improve. Poligras has committed an additional two years of R&D to the Green Technology that was created for the renowned Tokyo Olympic hockey grass as the competitors prepare to up their game for Olympic Paris.

The end result is the first carbon-zero hockey pitch, which will host the world’s top teams at the Olympic Games in Paris. It establishes a new benchmark for athlete and environmental performance in the Olympic.

Olympic Paris: Made with 80% Sugarcane

The breakthrough bioplastic I’m GreenTM polyethylene from Braskem is used in Poligras’ Paris grass technology. The majority of plastics are produced using fossil fuels, however I’m GreenTM polyethylene is a plastic produced using ethanol from sugarcane that has been sustainably farmed.

The Poligras Paris GT zero grass reduces its carbon footprint by 73 tons when compared to a normal turf by using sugarcane as the bio-raw material for the turf’s fibers.

Olympic Paris: Water Reduction Technology

Since the 2000 Summer Olympic in Sydney, less water is now necessary for optimal play. For instance, the Rio 2016 Olympic turfs needed 39% less water than the turf during the Tokyo Olympic.

With the advent of Turf Glide, a novel and exclusive technology that lowers surface friction, Polytan Paris GT zero further this development. Less water is need with this technique to lubricate the turf for quick and fluid play. 

Olympic Paris: A Step Change for Hockey around the World

Paul Kamphuis, the Global Head of Hockey for Sport Group, is in charge of constructing hockey fields all over the world and is in charge of the Olympic Paris turf project.

In creating fields for eight Olympic Games, we have observed how the Olympic field sets the bar for innovation. With more than 50 installations, Poligras Tokyo GT turf proved to be very popular in all of the main hockey countries and that the hockey community is choosing a more sustainable future for their sport. With Poligras Paris GT zero, this dedication is elevate. It is an amazing lawn created with innovative production by people who are passionate about the game and excellent science. Not just for Olympic Paris but for clubs, colleges, and communities elsewhere in the world, it will make carbon-zero hockey a reality.

The Thierry Weil, Olympic Hockey federation CEO

“We are thrill that the Olympic Games in Paris will have hockey zero. In addition to the ongoing decrease in the amount of water used for pitches, this innovation by our dependable partner Polytan reaffirms hockey’s commitment to fully support and contribute to the Olympic Paris sustainability targets. CEO of FIH remarked.

Carbon Zero Hockey is the Future for Olympic Olympic Paris

In Germany, where the first Poligras Paris GT zero turf put at the Hamburger Polo Club in October 2022. The carbon zero legacy is already being lived out. All club members—veterans and juniors—will use the evolving turf for Bundesliga matches. As FIH Sport Director Jon Wyatt explains following his visit to the club:

Hockey is a dynamic sport, and one of our top priorities is to find a sustainable solution that will enable both the game and the communities who play it to prosper in the future. The development of green turf technology for the Olympic Games in Paris. Which I personally witnessed in Hamburg, is a crucial milestone in this process. Through it, hockey goes above and beyond to support the environmental goal of the Paris Games.

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46 Years of Olympic Hockey-First Innovation

A long-term strategic engagement with the sport that started in 1976 led to the turf evolutions for Paris. “Paris will be our 11th Olympic and the 8th Olympic using Poligras, our global hockey turf brand,” says Stephen Niven, CEO of Sport Group Asia Pacific. It is our duty to continue innovating on behalf of the sport as the FIH’s Olympic and World Cup partner, and our Paris grass is the next step in our revolutionary Green Technology. We are thrill to be a part of a more sustainable future for the game as well as one of its oldest partners through sustainable advancements in carbon and water reduction, recycling, and portable technology.

Olympic Hockey and Gold winning teams in Olympic Paris.

About the International Hockey Federation (FIH)

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) recognizes the International Hockey Federation (FIH) as the global regulatory body for the game of hockey. Since its founding in 1924, FIH has grown to include 140 National Associations.

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