In a significant announcement, it has been revealed that two Welsh Rugby World Cup referees have been chosen to participate in the upcoming RWC. Craig Evans has been appointed as an assistant referee. While Ben Whitehouse is among seven match officials. Rugby World Cup fans can buy Wales Rugby World Cup Tickets­­­­­ from our website.

Who will serve as TMO during the tournament held in France later this year? Notably, Ben Whitehouse will be following Nigel’s example. Who previously fulfilled the roles of an assistant referee and TMO during the 2003 Rugby World Cup?

Nine nations have contributed a total of 12 referees, 7 assistant referees, and 7 TMOs for the Rugby World Cup. World Rugby has emphasized that these officials have been selected based on their individual merit.

Taking into account their collective experience of over 630 Test appearances. In a groundbreaking moment, Joy Neville. Who previously officiated the final of the Women’s Rugby World Cup in 2017.

Two Welsh Rugby World Cup referee selected for RWC 2023
Two Welsh Rugby World Cup referees selected for RWC 2023

Has achieved a historic milestone by becoming the first woman to serve as a TMO in a men’s Rugby World Cup. Wayne Barnes, on the other hand, will lead as the referee for the fifth consecutive RWC.

Displaying his remarkable consistency. Additionally, Nika Amashukeli will create history as the inaugural Georgian referee to participate in the tournament. The announcement of referees.

Assigned to the pool-stage fixtures will take place once the Rugby Championship and World Cup warm-up matches have concluded? Georgia’s Nika Amashukeli is on the list of appointed referees.

Andrew Brace from Ireland, Wayne Barnes from England, Nic Berry from Australia, and Matthew Carley from England. Ben O’Keeffe from New Zealand, Angus Gardner from Australia, and Karl Dickson from England.

Craig Evans from Welsh Rugby World Cup Selected

Luke Pearce from England, Jaco Peyper from South Africa, Mathieu Raynal from France, and Paul Williams from New Zealand. Chris Busby from Ireland, Pierre Brousset from France, and James Doleman from New Zealand.

Craig Evans from Welsh Rugby World Cup, Andrea Piardi from Italy, and Christophe Ridley from England. And Jordan Way from Australia make up the group of assistant referees during the RWC.

Craig Evans from Welsh Rugby World Cup Selected
Craig Evans from Welsh Rugby World Cup Selected

Brett Cronan from Australia, Tom Foley from England, Marius Jonker from South Africa, Brian MacNeice from Ireland, and Joy Neville from Ireland. Brendon Pickerill from New Zealand and Ben Whitehouse from Welsh Rugby World Cup make up the panel of television match officials.

Former RFU council member banned from Tw Ickenham for racist remark

Following the acknowledgment of making racist remarks during a Six Nations match last year. A former council member of the Rugby Football Union (RFU) has been prohibited from entering Tw Ickenham.

This development arises shortly after the release of a highly critical report commissioned by the RFU. Which highlights the presence of racism throughout various tiers of professional rugby in England.

As per the RFU’s case summary, Alex Murphy allegedly made a racist statement to an unidentified volunteer. While they were en route to the council box during the England vs. Welsh Rugby World Cup game in 2022.

The reported comment was, you understand that they do not allow individuals of African descent in the Royal Box. A comparable remark was subsequently uttered in the bar area.

And the volunteer and their spouse, causing distress to the latter, evidently heard both instances. Having admitted to the charge, Murphy acknowledged that his conduct had violated the code of conduct set by the RFU council.

Which outlines the expected behavior of council members, distinguished members, past presidents, and other volunteers. Consequently, the RFU has implemented a stadium ban on Murphy for a specified period. Rugby World Cup fans can buy Wales Vs Georgia Tickets­­­­­ from our website.

Revoked his distinguished membership status, along with the accompanying privileges and benefits. Following the incident, the volunteer confronted Murphy through WhatsApp and subsequently received a phone call from him.

During which he apologized. The panel responsible for reviewing the case acknowledged that there was a slight attempt to downplay the incident as banter due to the longstanding relationship between the two individuals.

Welsh Rugby World Cup, Murphy was informed by the RFU

However, Murphy sincerely and wholeheartedly accepted his wrongdoing during the hearing, acknowledging the gravity of his actions. When attempting to resign from his position as a ‘distinguished member.

Welsh Rugby World Cup, Murphy was informed by the RFU
Welsh Rugby World Cup, Murphy was informed by the RFU

Murphy was informed by the RFU that it is not a role that can be resigned from, but rather a collection of privileges bestowed upon individuals by the council. The panel responsible for the case deliberated on the possibility of suspending these privileges.

However, concluded that such a sanction would be inadequate as it failed to truly reflect the seriousness of the situation. The panel’s ruling stated that implementing a sanction.

That merely allowed an individual to retain their distinguished membership status but stripped them of the associated privileges. Would not effectively convey the severity of the misconduct coming from someone occupying such a position.

Furthermore, it would fail to convey a suitable message regarding the unacceptability of such behavior. The panel concurs with the RFU’s assessment that the language used by Murphy was both archaic and highly offensive.

Leaving no room for any justifications for not recognizing its deeply offensive nature and persisting in its use. The usage of such language contradicts the fundamental principles of the game and runs counter to the ongoing efforts. By the RFU and the global rugby community to promote change and inclusivity.

Welsh Rugby World Cup, Leicester challenges red card risking Ashton’s play-off absence

Leicester is preparing to challenge the red card shown to Chris Ashton. Which could potentially result in him being unable to participate in the Tigers’ Gallagher Premiership play-off encounter against Sale.

The 36-year-old former England winger received the red card for a high tackle on Cadan Murley from Harlequins during Leicester’s recent 20-17 defeat. Ashton, who currently holds the record for the most tries in Premiership history, is set to retire at the conclusion of this season.

However, if he is subjected to a suspension by the disciplinary authorities, his aspirations of featuring in the play-off. As well as the possibility of participating in the Premiership final on May 27, will be dashed.

Leicester’s head coach, Richard Wigglesworth, stated that they plan to challenge the red card and anticipate the hearing to take place on Wednesday. Wigglesworth emphasized that if they succeed in overturning the decision.

Chris Ashton would be eligible to participate in the playoff. He further mentioned that there were factors such as slipping and dipping in the tackle that should be taken into account as mitigating circumstances.

Making it deserving of a yellow card rather than a red. Wigglesworth clarified that he was not questioning any ulterior motives and acknowledged the challenging nature of the official’s job.

Expressing the team’s desire for transparency and clarity in the decision-making process. The purpose of a red card is to ensure player safety in instances of significant force and danger.

Welsh Rugby World Cup, Wigglesworth expressed confidence

It is the responsibility of the officials to make accurate decisions in this regard. In addition to the official’s duties. Our team must focus on implementing effectively, ensuring our players are prepared.

And striving for accurate decisions to be made. Wigglesworth expressed confidence. That Ashton would be prepared to face the Sale on Sunday if given the go-ahead, within the given timeframe.

Welsh Rugby World Cup, Leicester challenges red card risking Ashton's play-off absence
Welsh Rugby World Cup, Leicester challenges red card risking Ashton’s play-off absence

Wigglesworth commented that Chris Ashton, being an experienced player, is well-prepared and ready to participate if given the opportunity. He mentioned that Ashton will have a training day with the knowledge of his inclusion in the starting team.

And this arrangement wouldn’t pose any issues for the team. In the Premiership play-offs. Leicester, the reigning champions, will face a team that finished one position and 10 points above them in the 20-game regular season.

The other play-off match will feature Saracens against Northampton, raising the possibility of a rematch between Leicester and Saracens. Who contested last year’s final. is the best website to buy Rugby World Cup Tickets. RWC fans can buy Wales Vs Australia Tickets from our website.