Sweden Women Football Team once again ended up in an overtime drama. After losing in overtime against Denmark on Thursday, we had to settle for a draw against Norway. Norwegian 3-3 in the final seconds of the match – but with a Swedish 3-2 that also came in overtime. Women Football World Cup fans can buy Sweden vs Italy Tickets from our website.

The margins weren’t with Sweden this time either, but it was a better effort than against Denmark. A stable Swedish effort in the first half (1-0) unexpectedly turned Norway into 1-2. And then Sweden came back with 2-2 towards the end and 3-2 in overtime. But Frida Maanum was able to deny Sweden the victory in the fifth additional minute of the match.

Sweden losing in overtime against Denmark on Thursday
Sweden lost in overtime against Denmark on Thursday

It was two teams that took advantage of each other’s mistakes which led to a 3-3 draw at Gamla Ullevi. And there were also two teams that came to the match a little tired after losses in the first games of the April window. Sweden fell to Denmark after a late goal and Norway had to travel home from Spain with 2-4 in the bag.

Seven new names in the Sweden Women Football Team:

Peter Gerhardsson had made seven changes in the starting eleven compared to in Malmö on Thursday. Among other things, Hammarby’s Matilda Vinberg was found from the start in just her third appearance in blue and yellow.

Sweden’s opening minutes offered a spirited offensive. They pressed high up on the edges and used the surfaces effectively in wide turns that Norway had difficulty covering.

In the 17th minute, the Swedes broke the deadlock. Fridolina Rolfö took advantage of a sloppy Norwegian set-up attempt and stole the ball ten meters outside the penalty area, advanced further past challenging defenders, and was able to poke in 1-0 with the extreme toe of the left. 

Careful and effective use of the high Swedish pressure – prevailed. Sweden continued to win the ball high and made the match difficult for the Norwegians. In the 24th, most probably counted on a Swedish 2-0, but the offside flag came up when Rebecka Blomqvist found the net. 

The situation came after a brilliant play from Jonna Andersson toward the box where both Sofia Jakobsson and Blomqvist ran deservedly. Norway managed to equalize the game in the final phase of the half, which still went clear on points to Sweden.

Norway’s turnaround

Norway got off to a good start in the second half when former Linköping player Frida Maanum was able to score 1-1 nicely assisted by Vilde Bøe Risa after a few minutes.  Ten minutes later, the Norwegian turnaround was a fact. In a beautiful attack, Karina Sævik was able to score 1-2 on Julie Blakstad’s precise cross. 

FIFPRO says that Spelarföreningen is the official players' authorised representation in Sweden
FIFPRO says that Spelarföreningen is the official players’ authorised representation in Sweden

The half-time break had obviously been good for the Norwegians, who came back with a message. Another Swedish setback came when Caroline Seger, substituted in the 62nd, was forced to change after less than ten minutes with an injury. Women Football World Cup fans can buy Argentina vs Sweden Tickets from our website.

Worrying of course and Norway had suffered a corresponding setback when Ada Hegerberg had to step off in the first half in a similar way. Two leading figures back from injury layoffs who were both forced to make an involuntary exit this evening. However, Sweden plucked up courage, regained momentum, and pushed for an equalizer, two derby defeats in a week would hurt.

In the 83rd, Nathalie Björn was able to head into Jonna Andersson’s right corner and the joy was redemptive for Sweden which was frustrated at having invited Norway into the match. The joy was no less when Olivia Schough scored 3-2 in overtime.

A cold shower in the final seconds

Match turn two felt complete but with seconds left, Frida Maanum (brilliant in the second half) was able to force a Norwegian 3-3. A very big disappointment, of course, but I think we made a very good effort today. We are also turning the downside and it is strong. But we concede three goals and we obviously have to take that to heart, said Fridolina Rolfo.

– We concede a goal again in the closing stages. Incredibly disappointed. The last goal is far too simple, the ball slips through three players, far too passively. We have to raise our lowest level in everything we do going forward, says Nathalie Björn, right back for the day. Which also reflected on challenges in the offensive game before the WC.

– Many teams have great respect for us back home, as Norway did today. We can’t get as much out as we got before from what we were best at in the counterattack because the surfaces are not that big. We have to work on creating scoring chances against teams that play much lower, that’s something we have to develop.

Union captain Peter Gerhardsson:

– We have to get better in overtime. In terms of the game, there is a lot that is better today, even if we let them counter us at times. We had to balance offensively very well, but we have to be able to close. It felt unnecessary to let this go, said national team captain Peter Gerhardsson afterward.

Sweden ended for a 3-3 draw against Norway
Sweden ended in a 3-3 draw against Norway

According to a FIFPRO statement, Spelarföreningen is the players’ authorized representation in Sweden.

A new collective bargaining agreement is currently being negotiated for Swedish women’s football, and according to several reports, the employer counterparts to this negotiation are attempting to weaken Spelarföreningen’s once-respected position, despite the players’ resounding support for their union and their status as a FIFPRO member union.

“FIFA recognizes FlFPRO as the sole body representing the employment interests of professional footballers at a global level, on the basis of its current statutes, and its members, which are properly constituted and recognized under FIFPRO Statutes, as the representatives of professional football players at the national level,” according to the FIFA/FIFPRO Cooperation Agreement.

As the only organization authorized by FIFPRO to represent players in Sweden in negotiations, Spelarföreningen is recognized by FIFPRO as a member. You may see the entire text of the letter, which was signed by Division Europe General Secretary Joachim Walltin and FIFPRO General Secretary Jonas Baer-Hoffmann.

F17 European Championship drawn

At 9 a.m. Thursday morning, the EC finals for F17 were drawn in Tallinn. Sweden was paired with Poland, England, and France in Group B.

The lottery

Group A: Estonia, Spain, Germany, and Switzerland.

Group B: Sweden, Poland, England, and France.

“We can win against any opposition”

The good or bad draw is difficult to comment on when a long qualifier resulted in seven well-qualified teams and a host nation of possibly lower caliber.

It’s only good teams that are here, so when like in Estonia possibly then. Says confederation captain Lotta Hellenberg, satisfied that the draw is over and the opposition is clear.

Sweden is in Group B with Poland, England and France for F17 European Championship
Sweden is in Group B with Poland, England, and France for F17 European Championship

– My analyst starts work now immediately. We can see the teams from the matches in Qualifier 2. We will be very precise in the analyses. It has been our success factor during this trip that we did that job and were able to prepare the girls in the best way for how to win the matches.

France has met Sweden last summer, but Poland and England will be the first time this Swedish team. But we have good self-confidence in the squad. We can win against any opposition, but it is clear that it will be very tough, concludes Hellenberg. Who now has two weeks before the Swedish European Championship squad is to be presented.

The EC tournament

Played in Estonia in May. The group stage matches will be played on 14, 17, and 20 May, the semi-finals on 23 May, and the final on 25 May.  Match arenas are Kadriorg and Lillekula. Both in Tallinn, as well as Tamme Stadion in Tartu and Voru Stadium in Voru.

The proximity to Sweden and the ease of getting to Estonia means that it can hopefully be a nice “home” support for Sweden in the EC. We hope to supplement with ticket information shortly.

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