Paris 2024: Argentina’s successful qualification for the Paris 2024 Football Tournament over the past weekend has significantly enhanced. The prospects of Argentine football icon Lionel Messi participating in yet another Olympic Games. However, the ultimate decision rests with him. The Argentine team’s journey to Paris for the men’s football event was not only triumphant. But also marked by a significant victory over their longstanding rivals, Brazil.

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Paris 2024 Tickets  |  Olympic Football Tickets
Paris 2024 Tickets | Olympic Football Tickets

Following this achievement, the 37-year-old native of Rosario, Messi, promptly showed his support. By engaging with the Argentine national team’s social media page and expressing his enthusiasm. With a resounding vamos, Such gestures are customary for Messi. Reflecting his unwavering support for his teammates across all categories.

When questioned about the likelihood of Messi’s inclusion in the Paris Olympic Games. Coach Javier Mascherano hinted at the possibility, suggesting that both Messi and Angel Di Maria. Could potentially join the squad slated for France at the end of July.

Throughout the transition period leading the U-23 team, Mascherano has consistently advocated for the inclusion of the world-renowned talent in the 18-man squad, alongside the option to incorporate three players aged over 23 a proposition that was previously denied during the qualifying phase.

Intensifying Speculation Surrounding Messi’s Participation in the Paris 2024

However, the situation has evolved, or rather, intensified, following Argentina’s confirmation of qualification for the Paris 2024. The coach himself, Javier Mascherano, with whom Messi shares years of friendship and numerous battles on the field, made a definitive statement after the 1-0 victory over Brazil, affirming his intention to summon Messi for the Games.

Mascherano further disclosed Messi’s reaction amidst Argentina’s celebratory atmosphere, stating. He congratulated us and expressed his happiness. I am thrilled to have him join us at the Olympic Paris 2024. Amidst the jubilation surrounding Argentina’s qualification, Mascherano hinted at future discussions with Messi, yet emphasized that Messi’s immediate response was one of congratulations and not much beyond that.

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Mascherano Reiterates Invitation to Messi for Paris Olympic Games Amidst Commitment Concerns

Coach Mascherano reaffirmed his stance on extending an invitation to the Paris 2024 Games during his arrival in Argentina this afternoon. Addressing the media at Ezeiza airport, he emphasized. The invitation has indeed been extended, but its acceptance will hinge upon Messi’s existing commitments. About the legendary World Cup-winning captain, Mascherano reiterated.

Paris 2024 Tickets | Olympic Football Tickets
Paris 2024 Tickets | Olympic Football Tickets

We will engage in discussions with Leo, as I’ve previously mentioned. While the invitation stands, it will ultimately be contingent upon his pre-existing commitments. With the Copa America looming ahead, along with other significant events, there are various factors to consider. Hence, we will defer the decision for a later time.

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Why did Mascherano underscore the aspect of commitments? Primarily because Messi’s initial priority was to participate in the Copa America, scheduled to take place in the United States between June and July of this year. He had pledged his dedication to Lionel Scaloni in pursuit of victory at the Copa America, along with the aspiration of securing the international triple or quadruple, if we include a potential final against Italy, the champions of Euro 2021.

Messi’s Potential Participation in Copa America and Summer Games 2024 Sparks Debate

If Argentina advances to the Copa America final, which is anticipated to feature several world champions, on July 14th, Messi’s debut at the Paris 2024 Games is slated for July 24th just two days before the opening ceremony. He would be juggling commitments to both teams for over two months. This scenario would necessitate Miami’s forfeiture of their most valuable and pivotal player for approximately 10 matches.

Paris 2024 Tickets | Olympic Football Tickets
Paris 2024 Tickets | Olympic Football Tickets

Mascherano refrained from discussing the challenges or complexities of potential loan arrangements, a topic often addressed when contemplating the inclusion of senior players, as Messi’s contract with Miami includes provisions granting him the freedom to represent his beloved Argentine national team. It is noteworthy that, given this is not a FIFA-sanctioned competition, clubs are not obligated to release players.

While the possibility exists, caution is advised, as articulated by Javier Mascherano, a double Olympic Paris 2024 champion, coach, and friend. The presence of contractual clauses, Messi’s amicable relationship with his club, the endorsement of his coach, and the unanimous support from potential Olympic teammates, who consider having him onboard in pursuit of a third gold medal as a dream scenario, all contribute to the likelihood of his participation.

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