In an informative session at the FEI Sports Forum, the Paris 2024 Organizing Committee’s Sports Cluster Manager, Anne Murac, joined GL Events Equestrian Sport President Sylvie Robert and Equestrian and Para Equestrian Sport Manager for Paris 2024, Jean Morel, to provide an update on the upcoming equestrian events at the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The session was expertly moderated by Tim Hadaway, FEI Games Operations Director.

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Dates and Schedule: Mark Your Calendars for Olympic Equestrian Eventing

Jean Morel kicked off the presentation by announcing the dates for all equestrian competitions, including Modern Pentathlon. He also revealed the names of the Course Designers for Cross-Country (Pierre Le Goupil) and Jumping (Santiago Varela and Gregory Bodo). The comprehensive schedule for both the Olympic and Paralympic Games spans from 26 July to 7 September. However, the timing for Para Dressage may be subject to change based on final entries and participating nations.

Morel proceeded to showcase venue maps for the 11-day competition, outlining the locations of stables, the field of play, warm-up arenas, and Cross-Country start and finish lines. It was emphasized that all plans were designed with the welfare of the horses as a top priority.

To ensure efficient organization, stables will be categorized by discipline, with separate areas for Eventing (first to arrive and depart the venue), Dressage, and Jumping. Close proximity to the stables are dedicated facilities such as the Veterinary clinic, treatment boxes, farriers, and wash areas. Three warm-up areas will be available, which can be split into six if needed.

Course Designers Revealed: Cross-Country and Jumping at Paris 2024

Morel then delved into the details of the Cross-Country course, which spans a distance of 5.3km and has an optimum time of 9 minutes and 18 seconds. The course comprises 25 obstacles, including 3 Water Jumps and 2 Pontoons. All horse inspections for every discipline will take place in a designated area.

Horse transportation was the next topic discussed, with specific details provided for the arrival of horses. Eventing horses are scheduled to arrive on 24 July, followed by Dressage horses on 26 July, Jumping horses on 30 July, and Para Dressage horses on 31 August. To avoid congestion, horse arrivals will be scheduled in designated time slots. The Mortemets Parking will serve as the first security checkpoint, followed by a second one near the Grooms accommodation before the horses proceed to the stables. Notably, Eventing and Jumping horses will not be present at the venue simultaneously, as the Jumping horses will arrive the day after the Eventing horses depart. Get yourself Olympic Tickets to enjoy the prime time of your life.

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Grooms Accommodation: A Closer Look at the Huttopia Concept

Anne Murac took the floor to present the Grooms Accommodation and introduce the Huttopia concept. The Grooms accommodation will be located approximately 700 meters away from the stables, ensuring a convenient distance of around 7 minutes. The allocation process for groom’s accommodation was outlined in the FEI Documents Library.

Morel confirmed various testing activities, including the Cross Country operational test scheduled for August 22 & 23, 2023. The test will involve a Cross Country course walk through Versailles Park on Day 1, followed by a comprehensive Paris 2024 equestrian presentation on Day 2. This presentation will cover the main organizational, logistical, technical, and sport principles of the competitions and will be attended by National Federations, NOCs, NPCs, and other relevant stakeholders.

Test Event Announcement: Previewing the Excitement at Fontainebleau

Sylvie Robert elaborated on the test event for Jumping, Dressage, Para Dressage, and Eventing (Jumping and Dressage) that will be held from 22 to 28 April 2024 at Le Printemps Des Sports Equestres in Fontainebleau. The specific competition format for the test event is yet to be defined. The primary objectives of the test events include ensuring effective team coordination and integration, establishing proper stables and protocols, assessing arena footing, refining results, scoring, and timing systems, integrating technical officials, conducting volunteers’ training, and optimizing veterinary services.

Before concluding the session, Anne Murac discussed the upcoming NOC/NF visits and outlined the next steps leading up to the Olympic Games:

13 to 19 June 2023: NOC Chef de Mission seminar OLY

23 to 23 August 2023: Operational test – Cross country – Versailles

24 to 30 August 2023: NPC Chef de Mission seminar PARA

April 2024: Testing opportunity – Printemps des sports équestres at Fontainebleau

May/June 2024: Operational test – Equestrian – Versailles

NOC/NF Visits and Next Steps: Preparing for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

These milestones will ensure that the necessary preparations are made and any potential issues are addressed prior to the highly anticipated Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

In conclusion, the Paris 2024 Organising Committee, together with key stakeholders, is working diligently to deliver a memorable and successful equestrian eventing experience for participants and spectators alike. With meticulous planning, attention to detail. And a focus on horse welfare, Paris 2024 is shaping up to be an exceptional edition of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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FEI Eventing World Rankings Update: Top 4 Stable, Tamie Smith Climbs to #5 in Paris 2024 Olympic Equestrian Eventing Race

In a significant development following her historic victory at the Land Rover Kentucky Three-Day Event. Tamie Smith has made impressive strides in the FEI World Rankings, reaching her highest position yet at #5 overall. The accumulation of points from her exceptional performance at Kentucky has propelled her up the ranks. Surpassing her previous eighth-place standing.

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Maintaining their dominance at the top, New Zealand’s formidable duo, Tim and Jonelle Price, continue to hold the #1 and #2 spots, respectively, in the rankings. However, Great Britain’s Ros Canter, currently ranked #3, stands a strong chance of overtaking one of these positions soon. Canter’s triumph at Badminton earlier this month has positioned her favorably in the race (as of May 4, 2023).

Securing a second-place finish at Kentucky riding JL Dublin. Tom McEwen of Great Britain makes a remarkable entrance into the top ten. Landing at #6 overall, a significant jump from his previous 11th place. Additionally, Shane Rose of Australia, the recent winner of the 5-star event in Adelaide, makes notable strides. Soaring from #19 to #9 in the rankings.

Despite experiencing a slight setback, Will Coleman from the United States manages to maintain a position within the top 10. Slipping to #7 from his previous #5 ranking. Joining him in the elite group is Liz Halliday-Sharp, climbing from #15 to #10 on the strength of her impressive performances this spring. Including a crucial podium finish at Kentucky alongside Miks Master C.

The forthcoming FEI eventing rider rankings, to be released at the beginning of June. Will reflect the outcomes of the Badminton event and the accumulation of additional FEI points during the intervening weeks.

British Events Rise to the Occasion in Filling Vacant Entries

In response to the cancellation of certain entries, British events have stepped up admirably to ensure a seamless continuation of the competition. Despite the challenges posed by the unforeseen circumstances. Organizers have risen to the occasion, diligently working to fill the void left by the cancellations. Their unwavering commitment to the sport and the athletes involved is commendable. As they strive to provide an exceptional experience for all participants.

By taking swift action and implementing contingency plans. British events have successfully managed to maintain the integrity and competitiveness of the Olympic Equestrian Eventing qualifiers for Paris 2024. The dedication and resourcefulness displayed by event organizers. Along with the cooperation and support of participants, have been pivotal in ensuring a smooth transition. And minimizing any disruptions caused by the cancellations.

Commitment and Adaptability: British Event Organizers Ensure Smooth Transition

With their unwavering determination, British events have not only showcased their ability to adapt to unforeseen challenges. But have also demonstrated their commitment to the athletes and the sport itself. Through their efforts, they have reaffirmed their status as top-tier hosts for international equestrian events. Setting a remarkable example for others to follow.

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As the competition progresses, it is evident that the spirit of collaboration and resilience within the equestrian community remains unwavering. The collective goal of showcasing the finest talent in Olympic Equestrian Eventing at Paris 2024 continues to be the driving force behind the commitment. And dedication of organizers, athletes, and enthusiasts alike.

Paris 2024: Everything you need to know about Olympic Equestrian Eventing at Olympic Paris.

In the face of adversity, British events have proven that they possess the mettle. And determination to rise above challenges and deliver a truly remarkable experience for all involved. Their contributions to the sport are invaluable. And their dedication to ensuring the success of the Olympic Equestrian Eventing qualifiers in Paris 2024 is truly commendable.

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