France Rugby World Cup 2023, World Rugby has released the list of match officials for the upcoming RWC Joy Neville has been named as the first female official to be selected for a men’s RWC, making history. The English contingent of referees will constitute a third of the total officials. Rugby World Cup fans can buy France Rugby World Cup Tickets­­­­­ from our website.

Wayne Barnes, who holds the record for the most Test appearances, will be officiating in his fifth consecutive Rugby World Cup. Along with him, 11 other referees have been selected, including Luke Pearce.

Matthew Carley, and Karl Dickson, will be making their debut appearances in the prestigious event. The 12-person list of officials for the tournament has been announced.

Which includes Nika Amashukeli, making him the first Georgian to officiate at the tournament. The list also features New Zealanders, Ben O’Keeffe and Paul Williams.

As well as referees from Australia, Ireland, South Africa, and France, namely Angus Gardner, Nic Berry, Andrew Brace, Jaco Peyper, and Mathieu Raynal. The list of officials for France.

France Rugby World Cup 2023 announces 12 referees for RWC 2023
France Rugby World Cup 2023 announces 12 referees for RWC 2023

Which is scheduled to start in September this year, and includes England’s Christophe Ridley as one of the seven dedicated assistant referees. Meanwhile, Tom Foley from the RFU has been selected as one of the seven Television Match Officials.

Chris Busby (Ireland), Pierre Brousset (France), James Doleman (New Zealand), Craig Evans (Wales), Andrea Piardi (Italy), and Jordan Way (Australia) make up the assistant referee panel at the Rugby World Cup in 2023 in addition to Ridley.

The list of Television Match Officials for France Rugby World Cup 2023 includes seven referees – Brett Cronan from Australia.

France Rugby World Cup 2023 List

Wales’ Ben Whitehouse and RFU’s Tom Foley are also on the list, and Joy Neville will be the first female official in a men’s Rugby World Cup. While Ben Whitehouse will be following in his father Nigel’s footsteps.

France Rugby World Cup 2023 List
France Rugby World Cup 2023 List

Who were a TMO and an assistant referee during Rugby World Cup 2003? Joel Jutge, the World Rugby High-Performance 15s Match Official Manager. Expressed that the path for match officials leading up to the Rugby World Cup 2023 is not an easy one.

Being one of the few roles that receive such intense public scrutiny. The match officials have faced both successes and challenges along the way. Nevertheless, Judge expressed his pride in the team’s unwavering openness and integrity.

The appointments for the pool phase will be disclosed once The Rugby Championship and Rugby World Cup preparation matches have concluded.

Referee ranked of France Rugby World Cup 2023

Paul Williams While demonstrating notable improvements, this person is occasionally susceptible to committing significant mistakes, especially when it comes to breakdown.

Andrew Brace. Undoubtedly, the most meticulous of the group, this individual tends to oversee matches with many stoppages, causing players to struggle with concealing their frustration. Rugby World Cup fans can buy RWC 2023 Tickets­­­­­ from our website.

Karl Dickson. Despite receiving criticism, this person typically makes correct decisions regarding significant calls. However, minor details tend to negatively affect their performance.

Jaco Peyper. This person must be related to having been allowed to officiate the Champions Cup final. But it is anticipated that there will be a lot of confusion at the breakdown.

Angus Gardner. According to all reports, this referee possesses the most comprehensive understanding of the laws of the game. Nic Berry this individual has made an impressive recovery following the unjust scapegoating by Rassie Erasmus.

Which is encouraging. Wayne Barnes. Regarded by numerous individuals as the best, and undoubtedly, this person’s ability to exhibit bravery. When faced with intense pressure is equally remarkable.

Matthew Carley. This person displays a delightful air of authority, sometimes even appearing grumpy. However, on occasion, they exhibit excessive stubbornness that ultimately proves to be a disadvantage.

Ben O’Keeffe. This individual is an excellent communicator and, unlike many New Zealanders, has a remarkable command of the French language. Which is among the best among non-native French speakers on this list.

Referee ranked of France Rugby World Cup 2023
Referee ranked of France Rugby World Cup 2023

Luke Pearce. Considered the top referee globally two years prior, but currently seems to be feeling a slight decline in confidence. Mathieu Raynal. This individual is among the bravest officials on the list.

France seeks World Rugby to change rules to allow ineligible players to participate in France Rugby World Cup 2023

And it is challenging not to admire their unwavering commitment and fearlessness. Nika Amashukeli. This person is an exceptional all-around performer, and their communication and ability to empathize with others are unparalleled.

France plans to take advantage of a loophole that would allow them to request Emmanuel Meafou’s French eligibility. To be moved forward by World Rugby in time for the Rugby World Cup.

Reports suggest that France will request World Rugby for clearance to select Toulouse lock Emmanuel Meafou for this year’s Rugby World Cup. Meafou’s eligibility is currently set for 2024.

However, France is hoping to have it cleared by the FFR and World Rugby. After joining French club Toulouse in 2018, Emmanuel Meafou. He was born in New Zealand and raised in Australia, making his official debut in 2019.

He has played 70 times for Toulouse since then and is considered one of their most influential players. Now, France coach Fabien Galthie aims to include him in the Les Bleus squad for the upcoming Rugby World Cup.

Currently, Meafou is not eligible to play until the 2024 Six Nations due to the change in eligibility criteria by World Rugby. Which now requires a five-year residency instead of three. Therefore, Meafou cannot be considered for selection for the upcoming Rugby World Cup in France.

Could France Rugby World Cup 2023 bypass eligibility law use a loophole?

The French Rugby Federation (FFR) is said to have discovered a way around eligibility regulations. And is in the process of gathering documentation to demonstrate the lock’s eligibility.

Once complete, they plan to ask World Rugby to approve his selection for Test matches ahead of the Rugby World Cup. Charles Richardson, in his article for The Telegraph.

France seeks World Rugby to change rules to allow ineligible players to participate in France Rugby World Cup 2023
France seeks to change rules to allow ineligible players to participate in France Rugby World Cup 2023

Suggests that the French Rugby Federation (FFR) is hoping to use the case of Folau Fakatava. As a precedent to clear Emmanuel Meafou for the Rugby World Cup.

Fakatava, who plays Super Rugby for Highlanders, was cleared to play for the All Blacks without serving the usual five-year residency. And the FFR hopes to do the same for Meafou.

The FFR aims to demonstrate that Meafou. Those who joined Toulouse’s academy in December 2018, are eligible to play for France right away based on the same criteria.

Meafou opted for the France Rugby World Cup Team 2023 over the Wallabies

This controversy about eligibility arose when the tall lock chose his adopted nation over Australia. It is reported that Australian head coach Eddie Jones approached him about his future, but Meafou declined their offer.

Meafou expressed his desire to play for France and stated that paperwork is being processed to make him eligible. However, currently, he cannot play for France in the Rugby World Cup.

Meafou stated that he had a positive conversation with Eddie and informed him of his commitment to France, as it is now his home. He affirmed that his commitment to France remains whether or not he participates in the Rugby World Cup. is the best website to buy Rugby World Cup Tickets. RWC fans can buy Rugby World Cup 2023 Tickets from our website.