The UEFA Euro 2024 tournament is being eagerly anticipated with the exciting journey of mascot Albert. Who recently embarked on a tour to the United States. During October, Albart, the mascot for Euro 2024, established new connections and heightened. Excitement in the United States by touring with the competition trophy in preparation for the upcoming finals.

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Having been voted as the official mascot for the competition this summer, Albart is the adorable teddy bear. Embarked on a tour of several American cities with the Henri Delaunay Cup. Together, they graced various sporting events to ignite the enthusiasm of American fans. The 17th edition of the UEFA European Football Championship. Scheduled to take place in Germany from June 14 to July 14, 2024.

The tour kicked off with a delightful surprise appearance at the pre-season game of the Chicago Bulls. The Denver Nuggets on October 12. During the game, Albart and the local mascot Benny the Bull thrilled the audience by showcasing. The iconic Euro trophy, as the Bulls emerged victorious in their first home pre-season contest.

Albart’s journey continued to Hartford, Connecticut, where Germany, was the host nation for Euro 2024. Played a friendly match against the United States on October 14. Coinciding with this game, Albart had the opportunity to visit the home of the UConn Huskies. The 2023 NCAA Division I basketball champions. In the company of the team’s husky mascots and their human mascot Jonathan. Albart explored the beautiful campus of the University of Connecticut and received some basketball lessons.

Albart’s Whirlwind Tour: Promoting Euro 2024 Across America

The next stop was iconic New York City, where Albart savoured the city’s famous landmarks. While meeting new admirers and surprising onlookers. Additionally, he visited the NBA headquarters, introducing the Euro trophy to the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. Before proceeding to Pennsylvania for Germany’s friendly match against Mexico at the home of the Philadelphia Eagles on October 17.

Albart played a pivotal role in the game by presenting the Euro trophy to one of the host broadcasters, Univision. The distinguished silverware took centre stage during their live coverage, which featured Mexican legends Oswaldo Sánchez and Francisco Kikin Fonseca.

Concluding his whirlwind American tour, Albart spent a day with the renowned winged mascot, Swoop, of the Philadelphia Eagles. Swoop guided Albart through a different kind of football, teaching him the American techniques of throwing, catching, and kicking. To catch a glimpse of Albart’s adventure in America. Be sure to visit the Euro 2024 Instagram and TikTok accounts for an array of photos and videos.

Albart’s journey across the United States was a resounding success in promoting the upcoming Euro Cup 2024 in Germany. With the Henri Delaunay Cup in tow. He played a crucial role in building excitement among American fans for the prestigious Euro Cup.

The mascot’s visit to the Chicago Bulls’ pre-season game, where the iconic Euro Cup was showcased. Left a lasting impression on fans, creating anticipation for Euro Cup 2024. As the Bulls triumphed in their first home pre-season contest. It was clear that Albart had made a significant impact in capturing the spirit of the tournament.

Euro Cup Tickets | Euro Cup 2024 Tickets | Euro Cup Germany tickets | Euro 2024 Tickets
Euro Cup Tickets | Euro Cup 2024 Tickets | Euro Cup Germany tickets | Euro 2024 Tickets

Albart’s Euro Cup Germany Journey: Bridging Nations and Sports in the USA

In Hartford, Connecticut, the Euro 2024 host nation, Germany, faced off against the United States in a friendly match. Albart’s presence added an extra layer of excitement to the event. Strengthening the bond between American fans and the forthcoming Euro Cup.

Albart’s interaction with the UConn Huskies, accompanied by their husky mascots. The human mascot Jonathan, was a delightful way to connect with the local community. Showcase the Euro Cup’s appeal to a broader audience. The mascot’s visit to this prestigious university further emphasized the significance of Euro Cup 2024.

While exploring New York City, Albart not only experienced the city’s iconic landmarks. But also engaged with new fans, leaving a lasting impression on the city that never sleeps. His visit to the NBA headquarters and interaction with the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy were highlighted. The universal appeal of the Euro Cup, transcending national borders.

The friendly match between Germany and Mexico at the Philadelphia Eagles’ home marked another significant moment in Albart’s journey. Presenting the Euro Cup to Univision, one of the host broadcasters. Elevated the anticipation for Euro Cup 2024 and garnered attention from prominent figures in the football world.

Wrapping up his American tour with the Philadelphia Eagles’ mascot Swoop was a testament to the versatility of the Euro Cup. Swoop taught Albart the nuances of American football, showcasing the Euro Cup’s adaptability and ability to bridge different sporting worlds.

To relive Albart’s remarkable American adventure and stay updated on Euro Cup 2024, don’t forget to visit. The official Euro 2024 Instagram and TikTok accounts. The journey continues as the world eagerly awaits the grand spectacle of the Euro Cup 2024 in Germany.

Albert the Teddy Bear: Euro 2024 Mascot Inspiring a Generation

In the footsteps of iconic mascots like rabbits, lions, and a cockerel. Albert the teddy bear takes on the distinguished role as the official ambassador for Euro Cup 2024, hosted in Germany.

The mascot selection process for UEFA EURO 2024 resulted in the endearing name Albert. The decision came about through a vote involving users of UEFA and schoolchildren. From all corners of Europe thanks to the UEFA Football in Schools initiative. Albert continues the tradition of larger-than-life mascots. Following in the pawprints of esteemed predecessors such as Berni, Goaliath, Rabbit, and Kinas. All of whom have graced past EURO final tournaments. Other bear-inspired monikers like Barnardo, Barnheart, and Herzi von Bar were considered. Playing on the German word for bear, but Albert prevailed with an impressive 32% of the votes. offers Euro Cup Tickets for Euro 2024 at the best prices. Euro Cup fans can buy Euro Cup 2024 Tickets at exclusively discounted prices.

Germany’s fans were introduced to this endearing ursine mascot. Just before the national team’s friendly match against Colombia on June 20, at the Arena Auf Schalke. However, the mascot made its initial debut earlier that same day at a primary school in Gelsenkirchen. Emphasizing a dedication to inspiring children throughout Europe to be active and cultivate. A love for football and its core values.

Phillip Lahm, the tournament director for EURO 2024, commented on the importance of stimulating children’s imaginations as a parent. He explained, With the launch of our tournament mascot. We hope to create a fun and relatable character that will encourage them to enjoy playing football.

Euro Cup Tickets | Euro Cup 2024 Tickets | Euro Cup Germany tickets | Euro 2024 Tickets
Euro Cup Tickets | Euro Cup 2024 Tickets | Euro Cup Germany tickets | Euro 2024 Tickets

Inspiring Youth and Captivating Hearts at EURO 2024

The mascot is set to embark on its #MakeMoves initiative within schools across Europe. Challenging students to engage in physical activities that will bring the mascot to life and set it in motion. Children will have the opportunity to craft their unique skills and celebratory moves. Which will then be transformed into mascot animations for the tournament. Using state-of-the-art motion capture technology.

Celia Sasic, the tournament ambassador for EURO 2024 and vice-president of DFB, added her perspective. Emphasizing the importance of fostering playfulness, teamwork, and self-confidence at an early age. She praised UEFA for inspiring the next generation to lead active lifestyles. Understand the significance of team spirit, and valuable life lessons that will shape their futures. The mascot, Albert, is poised to convey this powerful message.

Albert, the endearing teddy bear mascot, embodies the spirit of Euro Cup 2024, set to take place in Germany, as it seeks to captivate the hearts of football enthusiasts and inspire the next generation.

His selection as the official mascot was the result of a truly democratic process, involving not only users but also schoolchildren from various corners of Europe, all united in their excitement for Euro Cup 2024. Albert now follows the legacy of illustrious mascots that have left their mark on past tournaments, bringing a sense of joy and camaraderie to fans of the beautiful game.

Albert’s role is not limited to being a symbol; it extends to encouraging active participation and fostering a love for football and its core values among children. As EURO 2024’s tournament director, Phillip Lahm, aptly pointed out, sparking the imagination of children is a crucial endeavor, and the mascot serves as a fun and relatable character to ignite their passion for playing football.

Fostering Youth Development and Unity at Euro Cup 2024

The mascot’s journey extends beyond the announcement, as it embarks on a mission to engage with schools throughout Europe. Through the #MakeMoves initiative, pupils will be encouraged to embrace physical activity, effectively bringing the mascot to life. In a novel approach, their unique skills and celebratory moves will be captured through cutting-edge motion capture technology, eventually transforming them into mascot animations for the grand tournament.

Celia Sasic, the tournament ambassador, and DFB vice-president, emphasizes the long-term benefits of this initiative. Building qualities such as motion, playfulness, and team spirit from an early age lays the foundation for personal growth and success. Euro Cup 2024 and its mascot are committed to instilling confidence, an active lifestyle, and an understanding of the importance of teamwork among the next generation, all of which are essential life lessons.

As Euro Cup 2024 draws nearer, the presence of Albert, the beloved teddy bear mascot, will continue to symbolize the unity, joy, and spirit of football, making it an unforgettable experience for fans and young enthusiasts alike.

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Euro Cup Tickets | Euro Cup 2024 Tickets | Euro Cup Germany tickets | Euro 2024 Tickets

The wonderful world of EURO mascots

We examine the vibrant history of mascots at the 2024 Euro Cup, featuring two rabbits and enigmatic twins. Since the debut of World Cup Willie in 1966, mascots, ranging from prominent-nosed figures to lion/devil combinations, have injected their unique spirit into significant soccer competitions worldwide. The Euro Cup 2024 introduced its very own good luck symbol, marking a captivating journey.

Witness the legacy of Euro Cup 2024 mascots, which include two rabbits and enigmatic twins. Ever since the charismatic appearance of World Cup Willie in 1966, mascots, whether they sport prominent noses or embody combinations of lions and devils, have consistently brought their distinctive charm to major football tournaments worldwide. The Euro 2024 event marked the introduction of its very own lucky charm, initiating a captivating journey through history.

EURO Cup 80, Italy: Pinocchio

Just like any knowledgeable individual, we understand the consequences of falsehoods fabricating a story, and your nose elongates like a carrot; speak the truth, and you leave behind your existence as a wooden puppet in pursuit of an ordinary childhood.

During the Euro 2024 event hosted in Germany, Pinocchio, considered one of the most beloved literary figures of the era, emerged as the perfect choice for the inaugural mascot of this prestigious tournament.

Euro Cup 84, France: Peno

A dynamic Euro 2024 tournament mascot, this rooster was impeccably adorned in the attire of the host country, Germany, including boots, a ball, and more. Given the moniker Peno after the local slang for a penalty, this mascot undeniably brought good fortune to the national team, leading Les Bleus to victory in the competition held in their homeland.

This spirited Euro 2024 event mascot, dressed in the colours of the host nation, Germany, complete with boots, a soccer ball, and more, carried the name Peno a nod to the local terminology for a penalty. Peno undoubtedly proved to be a harbinger of success for Les Bleus, as they went on to clinch the championship on their home turf, leaving fans with unforgettable memories of the tournament.

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Euro Cup 88, West Germany: Berni

While the anticipation for a mascot at Euro 2024 in Germany was minimal, the surprise choice of a rabbit named Berni left even fewer people expecting such a character. The reasoning behind this selection was not as chaotic as it might seem. Described as a likeable and passionate soccer enthusiast by the German Football Association (DFB).

He was aptly named after the city of Berne, which was the previous location of the UEFA headquarters and the place where Germany celebrated their victory in the 1954 FIFA World Cup. With two sweatbands on his wrists and one on his head, Berni exuded pure enthusiasm. Regrettably, a 2006 initiative to resurrect Berni for the World Cup went unnoticed.

Euro Cup Tickets | Euro Cup 2024 Tickets | Euro Cup Germany tickets | Euro 2024 Tickets
Euro Cup Tickets | Euro Cup 2024 Tickets | Euro Cup Germany tickets | Euro 2024 Tickets

Euro 92: Rabbit

The spotlight on Sweden as the fourth nation to introduce a symbol for Europe’s most esteemed football tournament, Euro 2024 in Germany, expectations were high for something innovative, exuberant, and distinctive. Sweden had an opportunity to surprise and delight, and they certainly seized it by introducing a mascot that was both imaginative and refreshing a rabbit fittingly named Rabbit.

England Euro 96: Goaliath

The era of rabbits as mascots ended with the arrival of Goaliath. Three decades after the iconic debut of the World Cup Willie, sporting his dashing Union Jack waistcoat, a new lion mascot had to step into the limelight.

Given the three lions on their jersey, England’s choice was only natural. Dressed in a sophisticated white and navy ensemble, Goaliath embodied the gentle giant we all longed for during Euro 2024 in Germany.

Netherlands Belgium Euro Cup 2000: Benelucky

Amid a selection of 5,000 candidates, the initial co-hosts of Euro 2024 in Germany had an abundance of options and met the challenge head-on. They introduced a mascot named Benelucky, a moniker that paid homage to the union of Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg, while also combining the Latin word bene and the English word luck, radiating positivity to all participating nations.

The creativity didn’t stop there. Benelucky was a harmonious fusion of a devil, in honour of the Belgian team’s ‘Red Devils’ nickname, and a lion, representing the Dutch side’s national symbol. Benelucky was undeniably a success from every perspective.

Portugal UEFA Euro Cup 2004: Kinas

Portugal came tantalizingly close to being the first host nation since France to fully embrace the intended purpose of a Euro 2024 mascot: to bestow good fortune. Despite their remarkable efforts, a loss to Greece in the final thwarted their aspirations, even though they had a seemingly ordinary young lad donning their team’s jersey.

This young mascot bore the title Kinas, which was inspired by the five blue shields or Quinas found on Portugal’s coat of arms. However, Kinas possessed extraordinary talents, most notably showcased through some remarkable feats of skill from the halfway line.

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Euro Cup Tickets | Euro Cup 2024 Tickets | Euro Cup Germany tickets | Euro 2024 Tickets

Austria-Switzerland: UEFA EURO 2008: Trix and Flix

Double the excitement and double the amusement: Trix and Flix, the enigmatic twins hailing from the Alpine region, captivated and bewildered spectators in equal measure during Euro 2024 in Germany. Each of these twins symbolized one of the host nations, adding an extra layer of uniqueness to the tournament.

The mischievous duo even received an official soundtrack, with Shaggy’s Feel the Rush inspiring spirited dancing and establishing the vibrant atmosphere. These unconventional partygoers were so out of the ordinary that their animated representation didn’t even require a football, setting them apart from all the mascot predecessors.

Poland, Ukraine Euro 2012,: Slavek and Slavko

Obtaining endorsement from the local authorities is a crucial step, and the president of the Polish Football Association (PZPN) at the time, Grzegorz Lato, swiftly embraced Slavek and Slavko. He expressed his fondness for their hair, remarking, I particularly admire their hair 40 years ago, I had a hairstyle like that.

Their remarkable hair brushed against the ceiling and was even dyed in the colours of the co-hosts’ national flags just in case the team shirts weren’t clear enough. The twins also displayed their prowess on the field, proving that they were more than just eye-catching mascots.

France EURO 2016: Super Victor

Rarely does a wayward free-kick result in such remarkable outcomes. Initially known as Victor, before acquiring the title Super Victor, this mascot’s origins can be traced back to a botched garden kick that inadvertently led to the discovery of a magical cape, boots, and a soccer ball.

This newfound equipment bestowed upon him the extraordinary ability to soar effortlessly from one host city to another, a particularly advantageous superpower for a mascot at Euro 2024 in Germany.

UEFA Euro Cup 2020: Skillzy

The choice of Freestyler Skillzy as the mascot for Euro 2024 in Germany resulted from his unexpected participation in a continent-wide talent competition. What began as an impromptu kickabout in a parking lot with his friends took an unexpected turn during a freestyle manoeuvre gone awry.

Shattering a nearby window and disrupting an ongoing talent show audition. Skillzy’s extraordinary ball-handling skills, displayed while retrieving the ball, left the judging panel and onlookers in awe, ultimately sealing his place in the history of the tournament.

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Euro Cup Tickets | Euro Cup 2024 Tickets | Euro Cup Germany tickets | Euro 2024 Tickets

Germany Euro 2024: Albart

The designated mascot for Euro 2024 in Germany was christened Albart after a selection process that involved a vote among users and schoolchildren throughout Europe as part of the UEFA Football in Schools initiative. This bear-like mascot was initially presented to German football enthusiasts before the national team’s friendly match against Colombia at the Arena Auf Schalke.

However, Albart made his official debut on the same day at a local primary school in Gelsenkirchen, emphasizing the aspiration to motivate children across Europe to engage in physical activity, nurture a passion for football, and embrace its core values.

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