Enjoy an Entertaining and Educational Event on Iqbal Day in Milton, Ontario

International Iqbal Society, Canada Segment in Corporation with the Consulate General of Pakistan in Toronto, calls you to have a good time on 139th birth anniversary of Allama Muhammad Iqbal (RA). In past, we have celebrated Iqbal Days in Mississauga, Toronto and Scarborough. This year our destination will be Milton, Ontario. We will be holding this Iqbal Day event at the magnificent, state of the art Milton Centre for Art which is situated at 1010 Main Street East. in Milton on the evening of Friday the 11th of November, 2016. The keys tourist attractions include a panel discussion, kid’s performance, a keynote address by a top Iqbal scholar from Canada and whole session devoted to the famous Kalam e Iqbal Music performances by the melodic voices from the GTA. Please spot your calendar for this evening which will be both pleasurable and instructive. As always, this will be a family event and will be free of cost. Tickets and registration will be must. We will announce more the details soon.

Iqbal Day

In 2009, Milton Council permitted the enhanced construction of the Milton Centre for the Arts (MCA), thanks to a $16.2 million investment from the Building Canada Fund – Groups Constituent. This $39.3 million project was backed through regional and federal grants, devoted to community infrastructure projects. MCA is situated at the southeast corner of Main Street and Thompson Road, on the past Milton Hydro site. This site serves as a gateway to downtown Milton and is supported by public transit and ordinary connections.

Iqbal Day

The Milton Centre for the Arts is the leading venue to practise the arts. It is welcoming and handy, and offers something for everyone. The Milton Centre for the Arts will involve, enrich, teach and entertain our residents, guests and visitors by inspiring them to contribute in and experience literary, media, performing and visual arts in a welcoming atmosphere. Each visitor to the Milton Centre for the Arts will appreciate a gratifying and expressive quality knowledge. You can book tickets for this event and many more with help of eTicketing.co with confidence.

Enjoy Khabardar with Aftab Iqbal in Edmonton, Canada

Khabardar is an Urdu & Punjabi comedy television show. The main theme of this program is that a person sitting in the show tells a weird or unusual news and the comedians of the show start joking about it by pointing another comic of the show, or in any other way. First and main part is that in which the anchor person, Mr. Aftab Iqbal, presents a topic of conversation for the show. The comedians also as present themselves as parody guests or perform a short parody. Sometimes, the visitors also contain famous characters, such as, politicians, players and actors. One more segment is that in which an old song is re-performed by singers and musicians present in the show.


There is a section in which the viewers contest a person named Naseer Bhai by singing a part of a famed song. Naseer has to tell the name of singer of that song, the movie from which it is chosen and the name of the director and maker of that movie. If he is not able to identify the song properly, then the contestant wins and is presented with a prize. The song can be dared by both the audience that is present in the studio as well as over telephone. There are some conditions to win the challenge. Another part is that some of the comics of the show present a short parody. These skits normally rotate around the common social troubles dominant in the society. Another segment is called “Movies, Books and People”. In this section, they present info about some well-known movies of the past, the books on the base of which those movies were made and the performers, directors, makers and writers of those movies.


One of the segments is called “Frange-Asfia”. In this sector the host, Aftab Iqbal, presents etymology of a couple of words of Urdu, that changed radically either due to an error of an author or mistake of publisher or due to misunderstanding of hearer. A segment is termed “Ibn-e-Batuta”. In this section the host, Aftab Iqbal debate on famed places of world, that comprise well-known cities, rivers, countries etc.


Now Khabardar Comedy Show’s team is going to perform in Maharaja Banquet Hall in Edmonton, Canada. People in Edmonton can avail this golden chance to enjoy live Comedy. Maharaja Banquet Hall containing three presentation rooms with capacity between 100 to 1000 people, it is exactly planned so that both big and small events can be held and in every circumstance have an optimal condition for show to be truly effective. Every room structures ordinary audibility, complete audio and video kit, projectors and full technical support. Halls are adjustable to numerous seating preparations like u-shaped and board room.