Wales agreed to host the Rugby World Cup to change kit for the game against Portugal, a move that was met with applause from World Rugby. Wales’ second pool match of the Rugby World Cup 2023 will be played at the Stade de Nice on Saturday 16 September and the teams have only met once before; during the 1995 RWC qualifying round when Wales won 102–11 in Lisbon.

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The kit change by both teams will part of the steps taken for the Rugby World Cup, with a focus on inclusiveness, safety and fun, as World Rugby rules on color blindness in rugby become policy from 2025. Approximately one in 12 men suffers from some form of skin color. blindness associated with green and red is the cause of most of the problems – the numbers are much lower at about one in 200 among women.

In September 2021, World Rugby published their guidelines for color blindness in rugby, which developed in partnership with Color Blind Awareness (CBA), a non-profit organization that raises awareness of the needs of people with color blindness in society. Since then, World Rugby has taken steps to incorporate its own leadership into various activities and events.

For the Rugby World Cup 2023, World Rugby worked closely with participating unions and the CBA to encourage certain kit combinations to avoid kit conflicts where kit colors appear too similar to those of people with color blindness due to a lack of sufficient color contrast. or design – where possible, taking into account production and commercial considerations.

Uniform Clash Averted

In the Group C match Wales vs Portugal, alternate kits are still a problem as there is not enough difference between colors. The organizers felt that Wales’ alternate black uniform could conflict with Portugal’s basic crimson uniform.

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Both teams confirmed that they would each wear their alternate uniforms in support of the cause, which met with applause from World Rugby as a positive manifestation of the sport’s values. Other participating teams have also pledged to show their support by wearing alternate jerseys in select games including Georgia, Ireland, Tonga and the South.

The Rugby World Cup says: Kit testing done at the same time as broadcast kit testing in early 2023 on each RWC 2023 team’s primary and alternate kits, as well as match officials’ uniforms, to ensure maximum contrast between both teams’ uniforms and match officials . In some cases, the preferred kit combinations have changed due to perceived lack of contrast due to broadcast reasons for all viewers.

“Taking into account the well-being of the players, uniforms were also considered not only from the point of view of fans watching on TV or in the stadium, but also from the point of view of color-blind players and match officials.”

Off the field, steps have also taken to provide sufficient color differentiation in areas such as ticketing, accreditation, venues and directional signs, digital platforms and others.

Wales names first Rugby World Cup squad without any Joneses

For decades, Welsh rugby fans have celebrated the success of their national team, and homegrown heroes with names like Jones, Davies and Williams have set the field on fire. But now Men in Red supporters in the face of a bleak Rugby World Cup may be wondering if the team’s recent decline can blamed on the Joneses no longer keeping up.

Wales Vs Australia Tickets | RWC Tickets
Wales Vs Australia Tickets | RWC Tickets

For the first time in Rugby World Cup history, the Wales squad, named last month, has no Joneses. Five Joneses started the RWC in 2003, but lost them almost two decades later. There have been 77 male Joneses for the national team over the years.

Former captain Alan Wyn Jones remains their highest scoring international with 21 appearances in the Rugby World Cup alone. Jones, 37, has played 158 times for Wales and also made 12 Tests for the British and Irish Lions.

He captained Wales 48 times, including the 2019 Six Nations where he named a Grand Slam player. But Robert Jones, who made 54 appearances for the team in his career, became Wales’ first Jones at the Rugby World Cup, playing in his debut tournament in 1987. For more about Wales Rugby World Cup Tickets please visit our website.

The team had two Joneses in 2019, compared to one in 2015. But there were four Joneses in 2011 and five Joneses selected in 2007 and 2003. In 1999 there was a duo of Joneses: one in 1995 and two Joneses. in 1991. Rugby historian Hugh Richards said that the Joneses have a great legacy in Wales and the Welsh see themselves as part of the team.

The Evolution of Welsh Surnames

According to him, generations will have their favorites. The dying number of people named Jones on the Rugby World Cup team comes amid a general decline. Forebears estimates that the number of Joneses in the country has fallen from 11 percent to 5 percent since 1881.

Wales Vs Australia Tickets | RWC Tickets
Wales Vs Australia Tickets | RWC Tickets

It became popular in Wales when biblical names adopt en masse across Europe and pagan names like Albus and Imbolc replaced by Christian names like John about 500 years ago. And in 1542, when Henry VIII united England and Wales by Act of Parliament, the Welsh had to adopt fixed surnames in order to interact with the British legal framework.

The Welsh used their father’s name to satisfy this claim. Thus, Jones, being a derivative of John, adopted as a surname, leading to a glut of John Jones. Another factor contributing to the decline in the number of Joneses in the Welsh squad is the growing number of foreign-born players who have become Welsh citizens.

This year’s squad includes Taulupe Faletau, born in Tonga, Krist Tshiunza, born in Congo, and Gareth Anscombe, born in New Zealand. Faletau arrived in Wales at the age of seven and has since become one of the most celebrated players in Welsh rugby. He has played in three previous World Cups and has 100 caps to his name.

He was the first Pacific Islander to play for Wales in 2011 against the Barbarians. Faletau called up to the Wales senior team for the first time on 1 November 2010 following the departures of Ryan Jones and Rob McCusker. George North and Henry Thomas also made the lineup, despite both being born in England.

Plunged into spying controversy

Mr Richards told the BBC: It would be surprising if no one named Jones ever played for Wales in rugby again. The Rugby World Cup has plunged into espionage controversy this year over fears that some teams will use espionage tactics in France.

Wales Vs Australia Tickets | RWC Tickets
Wales Vs Australia Tickets | RWC Tickets

It is understood that the top Tier 1 country has approached World Rugby for clarification on sanctions against any team found to be espionage. Any advantage of such tactics could prove decisive in what is expected to be the most competitive Rugby World Cup since 1987.

In addition, The Telegraph reports that there is a perception that international teams have been spying on training in recent years. The World Cup tournament kicks off on Friday when France play New Zealand and ends with the final on October 28th.

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