Co-hosts ‘not contacted’ over the rumored agreement and Reports of Saudi sponsorship with Visit Saudi. Australia and New Zealand both asked Fifa to ‘urgently clarify’ the situation. The organizations that oversee football in Australia and New Zealand. They have stated that they are “shocked and saddened” by rumors. Women Football World Cup fans can buy New Zealand vs Philippines Tickets from our website

The rumors are that Fifa is getting ready to reveal Saudi Arabia’s tourism agency as an official sponsor of the 2023 Women’s World Cup. Both groups have urged Fifa to “urgently clarify” the circumstance.

As Fifa looks to entice brands to specifically support women’s football. New Zealand Football claimed that it had not been consulted. And neither had Australia, which will co-host the World Cup next summer. Both organizations have joined human rights organizations, such as Amnesty International, in criticizing the potential deal.

Gianni Infantino announcing that hosting rights for the 2027 Asian Cup were awarded to Saudi Arabia
Gianni Infantino announcing that hosting rights for the 2027 Asian Cup were awarded to Saudi Arabia

The World Cup is planned to begin on July 20. And last for a month across 12 cities in New Zealand and Australia. Because of the growing popularity of women’s soccer, Visit Saudi is joining other major international businesses like Adidas, Visa, and Coca-Cola in sponsoring the event. We’ve reached out to Fifa for comment.

After making significant investments in international sport, Saudi Arabia has come under fire for its human rights record and accused of “sport-swashing.” The Public Investment Fund of the country funded both the recent formation of the LIV Golf Tour and the investment in Newcastle United.

Reports of Saudi sponsorship

If these rumors are true, New Zealand Football said, “We are startled and dismayed to hear this as [we] haven’t been at all informed by Fifa on this topic. New Zealand Football and Football Australia, the co-hosts of the 2023 Fifa Women’s World Cup, have written to Fifa to urgently clarify the situation.”

Felix Jakens, head of priority campaigns and people in danger at Amnesty International UK, said: “This latest reported attempt to sports wash the country’s appalling human rights record is both breathtaking and yet entirely predictable. The rolling curb on human rights under Mohammed bin Salman has seen plucky women’s rights guardians. Like Loujain al-Hathloul jailed, tortuous, and then debarred from talking publicly or exiting the country.

“With Cristiano Ronaldo’s acquisition, the purchase of Newcastle. The LIV Golf series and the country’s hosting of other high-profile sports events. Saudi Arabia’s exploitation of sports to try to cover its horrible human rights record is now a depressingly well-established trend.

The rights to marriage, divorce, inheritance, and child custody are severely discriminated against in Saudi Arabia And Saudi women who have ventured to call attention to the need for reforms in the nation have been subjected to lengthy prison terms.”

Group Photo of Head Coaches of Women Football World Cup 2023 Teams
Group Photo of Head Coaches of Women Football World Cup 2023 Teams

Jakens continued, “Players, coaches, and spectators should also protest this blatant Saudi abuse of their sport. Fifa should speak out about the need for human rights reform in Saudi Arabia and not just permit its top women’s tournament to be used for sports washing.”

Women’s Asia Cup 2026

Last month, Saudi Arabia put forward a proposal to host the 2026 Women’s Asian Cup. In a recent article, the New York Times reported that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has a new program to help farmers grow their own food. FIFA Women’s Football World Cup fans can buy Switzerland vs New Zealand Tickets from our website.

In other news, the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) congress in Bahrain selected Saudi Arabia to host the men’s Asian Cup in 2027. As India, Iran, Qatar, and Uzbekistan withdrew from the bidding process earlier, Saudi Arabia decided to host the tournament for the first time.

The Gulf nation is rumored to have a strong interest in hosting the men’s World Cup in 2030. Maybe as part of a joint effort with Greece and Egypt. The current president of the AFC, Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa of Bahrain. He was also re-elected by delegates to a fourth four-year term.

Women’s football is in upheaval before the World Cup.

With four months left until the championship in Australia and New Zealand, players from numerous national teams have come out to denounce managerial tactics, demand better working conditions, or demand equal pay. The sacrifices are paying off.

Corinne Diacre was fired as coach in France on Thursday. As a result of a revolt by some of the best players in the nation, led by captain Wendie Renard. The national team of Canada has threatened to strike over disagreements with compensation, finance, and contractual obligations.

Corinne Diacre is sacked as coach France as a result of revolt by captain Wendie Renard
Corinne Diacre has been sacked as coach of France as a result of a revolt by captain Wendie Renard

The general secretary of the international footballers’ organization FIFPro, Jonas Baer-Hoffmann, claimed that the leadership of the game frequently lagged behind the goals and successes of female players.

“They don’t match what the players ask and deliver on the field and to grow the sport, he told AFP, citing the players’ own circumstances and financial support, coaching settings, and a lack of professional structures in their federations and leagues.”

“No player should have to give up a portion of their career to get what they want, and this demonstrates how insensitive many organizations’ leadership is to actually commit to women’s football.”

Are stars skipping the Women’s Football World Cup?

Spanish, Canadian, and French athletes are hardly the first to call for reform. During Spain’s match against Jamaica in a tournament in Australia last month. Coach Jorge Vilda was photographed by Saeed Khan for AFP/File.

The first woman to win the Ballon d’Or resigned from international competition in 2017. Due to concerns about the disparity in treatment between the men’s and women’s teams by the Norwegian federation.

The US national soccer team filed a complaint against the US Soccer Association. Alleging salary discrimination, backed by stars Carli Lloyd, Megan Rapinoe, and Alex Morgan. In the end, their struggle resulted in a historic collective bargaining agreement last year. That would see the US men’s and women’s teams splitting the World Cup prize money paid by FIFA equally.

On social media, Morgan expressed her support for the French insurgents.

Morgan, a former colleague of Renard’s at French club Lyon, said: “You know it’s bad when the most capped player/skipper can’t support or play” for France.

According to Baer-Hoffmann, there is “a very real fear” that some of the biggest performers won’t appear in Australia and New Zealand.

“We hope that people who have the potential to change those circumstances don’t see this as a power play to fight over but rather realize that the protest comes from a position of a genuine desire to enhance the game and make it accessible for everyone,” the statement read

Spanish B team

The rebels have gained ground in both France and Canada. Diacre was fired on Thursday. While Canada Soccer president Nick Bontis recently announced his resignation. Conceding that the organization’s leadership needs to change.

Canada Women Football Team group photo after winning Shebelievescup
Canada Women’s Football Team group photo after winning Shebelievescup

Since then, Canada Soccer has suggested an equal wage agreement that, according to the organization, will make their women’s team the second best-paid in the world. Yet, these arguments made a lasting impression; Renard has expressed worries about her mental health.

Christine Sinclair, Canada’s all-time leading scorer, told a federal inquiry that she had “never been more humiliated than I was by Canada Soccer’s own president last year, as we met with him to express our concerns”.

But, the players who left after the Spanish Football Federation backed Vilda show no signs of coming back to Spain. The leading scorer Jennifer Hermoso has made a comeback. Although he has essentially called up a B team for the most recent games.

Alexia Putellas, a star athlete who is still recovering from a catastrophic knee injury, is however shrouded in mystery. It is unknown if Putellas won the Ballon d’Or and The Best FIFA Women’s Player for 2022. She will rejoin the team when she is healthy because she has backed the Spanish rebels.

“That is a problem that is getting worse and worse. The players are unable to provide their utmost effort. We must fight daily to attempt to make things better.”

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