With the Tokyo Olympics behind us, India celebrated its best-ever performance at the quadrennial event, showcasing remarkable talent and determination. Looking ahead to Paris Olympic, India’s Olympic hopefuls, including Saurabh Chaudhary, Jeremy Lalrinnunga, and Nikhat Zareen, are expected to elevate their game, potentially leading to an improved medal count for India at the upcoming Olympic Games.

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India’s Tokyo Success, in the recently-concluded Tokyo Olympics. India demonstrated exceptional prowess, securing a gold, two silvers, and four bronze medals. This outstanding achievement propelled the Indian contingent to the 48th position on the overall medals tally. The memorable event concluded with a magnificent ceremony at the Olympic Stadium, symbolizing the culmination of years of hard work for some athletics while marking the beginning of a new Olympic cycle with Paris Olympic as their ultimate goal.

India’s Paris Olympic Hopefuls

While the Indian medal winners from Tokyo 2020 strive to defend their glory in the French capital, several other athletics have emerged as potential contenders to carry the nation’s hopes in the forthcoming Olympic Games. Let’s take a closer look at a few promising individuals:

Saurabh Chaudhary: Shooting Athletics

Despite the Indian shooting contingent’s underwhelming performance in Tokyo, Saurabh Chaudhary’s exceptional display in the pistol events remains noteworthy. The 19-year-old prodigy secured the top spot in the men’s 10m air pistol qualification, achieving a remarkable total score of 586 out of 600. Additionally, his impressive performance in the 10m air pistol mixed event kept India in contention. While Saurabh fell short during the critical moments, his tremendous potential makes him a strong candidate for a triumphant comeback in three years’ time.

Manu Bhaker: Olympic athletics

In contrast to Saurabh’s success, Manu Bhaker faced a disappointing outing in the women’s pistol event at the Tokyo Olympics. A mechanical malfunction deprived her of a place in the women’s 10m air pistol final, and her performance in both the 25m pistol and 10m air pistol mixed events fell short, resulting in an empty-handed return. However, given her youthful age and growing experience, Manu Bhaker is anticipated to bounce back, presenting a formidable challenge for Olympic medals at Paris Olympic.

Elavenil Valarivan: Paris Olympic shooting competition

At the young age of 22, Elavenil Valarivan entered the Tokyo Olympics shooting competition with high expectations. Having clinched the gold medal in the 10m air rifle event at the ISSF World Cup final and possessing the Asian crown in the mixed 10m air rifle event, she was considered a promising contender. Unfortunately, Elavenil struggled to handle the immense Olympic pressure and was eliminated during the qualification round. Nevertheless, with three years to prepare and the guidance of Olympic medalist Gagan Narang as her mentor, Elavenil aims to make a strong comeback as the Paris Games draw near.

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As India reflects on its impressive performance at the Tokyo Olympics, the focus now shifts to Paris Olympic. With talented athletics like Saurabh Chaudhary, Manu Bhaker, and Elavenil Valarivan leading the charge, India’s medal prospects in Olympic athletics are poised for significant improvement. These determined individuals have ample time to refine their skills, build on their experiences, and leave their mark on the global stage at the Paris Games.

Kamal Preet Kaur: Throwing Sensation ready Paris Olympic

A Discus Throwing Sensation Hailing from the Kabarwala village in Punjab’s Sri Muktsar Sahib district, Kamalpreet Kaur’s rise to prominence has been nothing short of extraordinary. After displaying glimpses of her talent during the age-group stages, she secured a gold medal at the 2019 Federation Cup. However, it was her groundbreaking achievement in 2021 that truly thrust her into the spotlight. Kamalpreet became the first Indian athlete to surpass the 65-meter mark in discus throw, thus earning her qualification for Tokyo 2020. Despite the fierce competition, she delivered an impressive performance, finishing sixth. With her initial success as a foundation, Kamalpreet Kaur’s future in Indian athletics shines brightly.

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Lakshya Sen: Badminton’s Rising Star

Badminton’s Rising Star With a remarkable track record, badminton has become a highly anticipated event for Indian fans at the Summer Games. Among the aspiring shuttlers vying for a spot in Paris Olympic is Lakshya Sen. His entry onto the international circuit in 2020 was fueled by an exceptional run that saw him clinch four BWF International Series titles in 2019.

Lakshya’s journey began with a stunning victory over Indonesian star Jonathan Christie at the Badminton Asia Team Championships, followed by an intense face-off against Danish standout and current Olympic champion Viktor Axelsen at the All England Open. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted his momentum. Nonetheless, the 19-year-old sensation eagerly awaits the opportunity to compete in Paris Olympic and showcase his skills on the world stage.

Jeremy Lalrinnunga: Weightlifting’s Rising Star

Weightlifting’s Rising Hope Expected to represent India in Tokyo. Weightlifter Jeremy Lalrinnunga narrowly missed out on the opportunity due to the adverse impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on his training and competition schedule. Nevertheless, the 18-year-old is poised to become a force to be reckoned with in the years to come. Especially with weightlifting gaining momentum in India after Mirabai Chanu’s remarkable performance at the Tokyo Olympics. Jeremy, a former Youth Olympics Games champion, has consistently impressed in the 67kg weight class domestically. Keep an eye out for his inspiring journey as he aims to conquer new heights in Olympic weightlifting.

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Nikhat Zareen: Olympic Boxing star hopes for Paris Olympic

Stepping into the Spotlight After playing second fiddle to the celebrated MC Mary Kom for an extended period, Nikhat Zareen is ready to take center stage in the upcoming Paris Olympic cycle. The 25-year-old athlete, a former youth world champion, has amassed an impressive record, including notable victories over Russia’s reigning world champion Paltceva Ekaterina and Kazakhstan’s two-time world championship gold medalist, Nazym Kyzaibay. As Nikhat prepares to showcase her skills at Paris Olympic, she hopes to cement her own legacy and contribute to India’s rich boxing tradition.

As the Olympic countdown begins for Paris Olympic, Kamalpreet Kaur, Lakshya Sen, Jeremy Lalrinnunga, and Nikhat Zareen stand out as rising stars in the realm of Olympic Athletics. These exceptional athletics embody talent, dedication, and the determination to excel in their respective disciplines. Keep an eye on these promising individuals as they strive for glory and contribute to India’s sporting legacy on the grand stage of the Olympic Games.

Get to know Komalika Bari, the reigning youth world champion in archery, and Archana Kamath, a promising table tennis player from India. Learn about their achievements and aspirations for the Paris Olympic Olympics.

Komalika Bari and Archana Kamath are two talented athletics from India. who have made their mark in the world of sports. Komalika Bari, a 19-year-old archer from Jamshedpur, has already established herself as a force to be reckoned with in international archery. Archana Kamath, a 21-year-old table tennis player from Bangalore. Has shown immense potential and is determined to excel on the global stage. With their sights set on the Paris Olympic Olympics, both athletics are gearing up for an extraordinary journey.

Komalika Bari: Olympic Archery

A Rising Star in Olympic Archery Komalika Bari’s exceptional performance at the Tokyo Olympics brought her into the limelight. Representing India in archery, Komalika, along with Deepika Kumari, Atanu Das. And Pravin Jadhav, impressed the world with their individual events. As the reigning youth world champion, Komalika has already proven her mettle on the international stage.

Additionally, she played a crucial role in the Indian women’s team. That clinched the gold medal at the 2021 World Archery World Cup held in Paris. With her sights firmly set on the Paris Games in 2024. Komalika Bari is determined to showcase her skills and make her mark on the global archery scene.

Archana Kamath: Olympic Tennis

A Promising Talent in Table Tennis Archana Kamath has been a consistent performer in the Indian domestic circuit since 2014. And the upcoming Olympic cycle holds immense significance for her. With a ranking within the top 150 in women’s singles. Archana has already established herself as a formidable table tennis player. As a former cadet and senior national champion, she has consistently displayed her talent and determination.

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Archana’s breakthrough moment came in 2018 when she reached the semi-finals of the Youth Olympics. Following her impressive performance. She earned a spot in the national team for the ITTF World Team Qualification Tournament in Portugal. While the Indian women’s table tennis team narrowly missed out on qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics. Archana Kamath showcased her skills and potential. Looking ahead to Paris Olympic, Archana is now fully focused on achieving her next target and making a mark in international table tennis.

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Komalika Bari and Archana Kamath are two young athletics. Who are poised to shine in Olympic Athletics at the Paris Olympic Games. Komalika’s extraordinary achievements in archery and Archana’s promising talent in table tennis have already brought them recognition. As they continue their relentless pursuit of excellence. All eyes will be on these rising stars from India as they aim to leave a lasting impact on the global sporting stage in Paris Olympic.

Indian Hockey Women’s Team’s Inspiring Performance at Tokyo Olympics Sets Eyes on Paris Olympic

The Indian hockey women’s team surprised many with their outstanding performance at the Tokyo Olympics. Despite having little competitive exposure since November 2019. The team showcased their resilience and determination, reaching the semi-finals of the competition. Their remarkable victories over Ireland, South Africa. And Australia garnered well-deserved praise, while their unwavering spirit against formidable opponents like Germany. The Netherlands, and Great Britain won them admirers both within their homeland and abroad. As they look ahead. The Indian hockey women’s team aims to carry forward their impressive run. Setting their sights on achieving glory at the upcoming Paris Olympic Olympics in the domain of Olympic Athletics.

Developing Success at Tokyo 2020:

The Indian hockey women’s team, despite facing a lack of competitive opportunities for an extended period, defied all odds at the Tokyo Olympics. Their journey was characterized by commendable performances and inspiring victories. Notably, their wins over Ireland, South Africa, and Australia showcased their strength and determination.

These exceptional achievements not only propelled them through the tournament but also garnered accolades and appreciation from fans worldwide. Even in the face of tough challenges posed by powerhouses such as Germany, the Netherlands, and Great Britain. The Indian hockey women’s team exhibited a never-give-up attitude that gained them immense respect and support.

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Looking Forward to Paris Olympic:

With their remarkable show at Tokyo 2020. The Indian hockey women’s team has set a solid foundation for their future endeavors. The team has displayed remarkable potential. And their journey in Tokyo has instilled a sense of confidence and belief in their capabilities. As they move forward, the Indian hockey women’s team aspires to carry their exceptional form. And make their mark at the Paris Olympic Olympics. With the aim of achieving success in Olympic Athletics. The team is determined to build upon their previous accomplishments and continue their upward trajectory.

The Indian hockey women’s team’s performance at the Tokyo Olympics was nothing short of inspiring. Overcoming the challenges posed by limited competitive exposure, the team’s commendable efforts led them to the semi-finals of the competition.

Their victories over Ireland, South Africa, and Australia showcased their talent and determination. While their relentless spirit against strong opponents earned them admiration. As they set their sights on the Paris Olympic Olympics. The Indian hockey women’s team aims to carry forward their impressive run, striving to leave a lasting impact in the realm of Olympic Athletics.

Olympic Athletics: A Look Back at the Winners of Olympics 2020 and a Glimpse into Paris Olympic 2024.

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