Tyson Fury declares social media brownout throughout his drill camp starting today for the undisputed Fury vs Usyk heavyweight match. Oleksandr Usyk and Tyson Fury have been exchanging posts on social media. Usyk’s promoter Alex Krassyuk voiced doubt about the mega-fight going through. Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk fans can buy Tyson Fury Tickets from our website.

But Fury has stated the uncontested battle is ‘absolutely a worker’ for April 29. Despite Oleksandr Usyk’s promoter casting doubt on the fight this week. Tyson Fury insists their undisputed heavyweight bout will take place on April 29 at Wembley.

As they try to finalize their potential mega-fight. Which will crown the first undisputed monarch of the division in over two decades. Fury and Usyk have been exchanging barbs on social media over the past week. Usyk, who currently holds three of the four recognized heavyweight titles, was last week offered a dubious financial split of 30% by Fury.

But, he promptly agreed to those terms in exchange for Fury donating £1 million to his native Ukraine.

Fury has started his training for 29 April Fight with Oleksandr Usyk
Fury has started his training for the 29 April Fight with Oleksandr Usyk

Usyk’s promoter Alexander Krassyuk was enraged When The Gypsy King responded on Monday By demanding that the rematch clause in their fight contract be deleted.

Boxing Promoter Alexander Krassyuk

Krassyuk expressed concerns that their undisputed fight will not take place while accusing Fury of shifting the goalposts because he is “scared” of his opponent. Although the April 29 fight at Wembley is “absolutely a worker,” Fury confirmed in a video message on Tuesday night that his preparation camp officially starts on Wednesday.

As entertaining as it has been the past few days to terrorize Usyk and his squad, he wrote in the message that

“tomorrow I’m going to knuckle down into training camp and I’ll be doing a blackout as I always do on social media.”

My Instagram account will be managed by Nav. Who will post updates on my training and overall progress?

“April 29 is unquestionably a worker; I’ll see you all that evening. Be there or be square: tune in. The battle of the century, this is the biggest contest in British boxing history. Two unbeaten heavyweight world champions square up to determine who is the best in the sport. The undisputed heavyweight title is on the line. Good luck to Usyk in his training, and may the strongest man triumph.

Usyk agreed to his 70-30 money share. But Fury then threw another wrench in the works by insisting that they enter the uncontested battle without the protection of a rematch clause. I’ve been talking to the lawyers today. And Usyk’s team is talking about rematch clauses and all the b****cks, the man added.

Usyk After defeating Joshua holding the flag of his country
Usyk After defeating Joshua holding the flag of his country

Here’s one to up the stakes: “Let’s boost the ante totally by eliminating the rematch clause for both of us.” Never concern yourself with the future or how much money you can make once you’ve lost. ‘How about that?’ you might ask. ‘Worry about the fight, April 29, no rematch clause, the winner receives the glory, and the loser goes home with his d*** in his hand. That’s OK, you f***ing b****.

Fury vs Usyk

Usyk was extremely irritated by Fury’s most recent request and retaliated by ordering the WBC champion to stop playing “stupid games” and finish the bout. Tyson vs Oleksandr Usyk fans can buy Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk Tickets from our website.

Krassyuk blamed Fury for the prolonged negotiations during an appearance on talkSPORT and asserted that his team was the ones to originally add a release provision to the deal. As Usyk indicated, Fury’s insatiable belly is still looking for a means to escape. We knew before and know it now,’ he said.

‘There will still be searching for another issue to uncover and withdraw out the fight as soon as Usyk agrees on a no rematch agreement,’ says the fighter. I’ll explain. Usyk called his bluff after he had bluffed. This is the whole truth. He didn’t anticipate Usyk to consent to a 70/30 split.

It’s all meaningless. He is afraid to fight and is ill-prepared. He’ll look for a means to stay away from Usyk for as long as he can. We don’t have faith in him, and we don’t reliance him. I don’t think anyone is going to fight. He will attempt to escape even if you accept this now.

Boxing can now anticipate crowning its first undisputed heavyweight champion. Since Lennox Lewis in 2000 if the April 29 date is confirmed as Fury reports.

Prior to going up to heavyweight and defeating unified champion Anthony Joshua over the course of 12 rounds, Usyk held the undisputed throne at cruiserweight. He accomplished the same thing when he faced Joshua again last year, but Fury will be the hardest test of his illustrious career.

Tyson Fury Fights:

The latter is widely regarded as the best heavyweight in the world. Having defeated Deontay Wilder twice through spectacular knockout while also defeating opponents like Dillian Whyte and Wladimir Klitschko over the years.

Fury is celebrating victory after defeating Chisora
Fury is celebrating victory after defeating Chisora

Who is Tony Bell**opinion *’s important? – Frank Warren attacks Bellew and those who criticized the Tyson Fury v. Oleksandr Usyk purse split in an interview with Simon Jordan of talkSPORT.

Tony Bellew has come under fire from Frank Warren for criticizing the money distribution between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk. Usyk agreed to a 70/30 split for a battle scheduled for April 29. And a historic unification match between the two heavyweights is now expected to take place.

A resolution to the protracted negotiations between Alex Krassyuk’s opponent and Fury’s promoter Warren appears to have been achieved, But not everyone is pleased with the way it was handled. After Fury received more than twice as much money as Usyk, some people, including former WBC cruiserweight champion Bellew, criticized him, asking: “Do you think 70/30’s fair when a man’s got three belts and you have one?”

Bellew added: “I don’t deny [Fury’s star power] that for a second, he is the lead name, but 70/30’s taking the p***. The split should have been 60/40.”

Warren said, “That’s what we secured for him, that’s the agreement,” when such criticism was directed at him on iFL TV.

Remember, Tyson only competes once every 182 days of the year (correct me if I’m wrong), so he has a right to compensation. It wouldn’t be a problem if he went away twice a year. What Tony Bell*** thinks is irrelevant. 

Frank Warren Statement:

” Who cares what he says, these people are the best, they’re hall of famers, and they’re fantastic fighters, so who gives a monkey’s? toeials of o , to,,.,……… Give me a favour.”

Oleksandr Usyk and Alexander Krassyuk before fight with Anthony Joshua
Oleksandr Usyk and Alexander Krassyuk before the fight with Anthony Joshua

Warren also addressed talkSPORT anchor Simon Jordan, who appeared to imply that Fury’s side was impeding talks. In response to claims that a rematch clause could jeopardize the fight, the former owner of Crystal Palace stated:

“I’m not sure why this [new demand] is being made. Frank is probably sitting there gnashing his teeth.”

After some foul-mouthed back-and-forth between Fury and Jordan. Warren clarified that his side was angry over claims that they were looking to end the battle. It sounded to me from some of the recent material that we were attempting to avoid the conflict, but that has never been the case, and I believe Simon has finally realized that and does acknowledge that, so that is where we are.

He explained: “I think the thing with Simon is because everybody keeps saying that he’s [Fury] been holding it up.

“It’s not simple to make these fights, people assume you just turn up and it’s done, but it’s not easy to make them, we do a lot of shows with talkSPORT as broadcasters, and they’re clearly broadcasting this event.”

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