Scottish player Jonny Grey was hurt during Sunday’s Champions Cup semi-final loss to La Rochelle, 47-28. He appears to be out of Scotland’s Rugby World Cup run. After dislocating his kneecap, Scotland and Exeter Chiefs lock Jonny Gray’s participation in the Rugby World Cup is seriously questioned. Rugby World Cup 2023 fans can buy Scotland Rugby World Cup Tickets from our website.

Relatively serious

Exeter Chiefs Rugby World Cup 2023 director Rob Baxter disclosed the seriousness of Scottish player Jonny Grey injury before the Premiership’s penultimate round. Baxter said that while it’s not the worst that might happen, it is still somewhat significant. According to what I’ve been informed, he won’t recover quickly unless the procedure goes exceptionally well.

For the Rugby World Cup, Scottish player Jonny Grey lock is a serious doubt.
For the Rugby World Cup, Scottish player Jonny Grey lock is a serious doubt.

He is quite unlikely to play in the Rugby World Cup, in my opinion. He has a torn patella tendon and a displaced kneecap. The good news for the seasoned lock is that no major ligaments were injured, according to Baxter.

Fortunately, the entire knee’s other main ligaments are stable. A rather complicated patella tendon issue will need surgery this week and a somewhat extensive time of recovery. Given that the Premiership begins late next year and the World Cup comes first, we are confident that he will return early in the next campaign.

The injury to the 29-year-old is a serious setback for Scotland. They were put in the same pool as South Africa, the reigning winners. Ireland, the top-ranked team and 2023 Six Nations Grand Slam champions, will also be a challenge for them. Tonga and Romania complete Pool B.

Scottish player Jonny Grey paid in each RWC match of Scotland

Scottish player Jonny Grey played in each of Scotland’s first five Six Nations games this year and has 77 Test caps for his country. He also participated in seven tournament games for Scotland RWC at the 2015 and 2019 Rugby World Cups.

In Saturday’s Premiership action, Exeter will play London Irish. Both clubs are eliminated from contention for the playoffs, although Baxter’s men might surpass the Exiles into fifth place with a convincing bonus point victory.

Greig Laidlaw: ‘No reason’ Scotland cannot make it out of their Rugby World Cup pool

Greig Laidlaw, a recently retired coach, asserts that there is “no reason” Scotland cannot advance from their pool at the upcoming Rugby World Cup 2023 in France. Scotland Rugby World Cup 2023 squad is grouped with top-ranked Ireland, the defending champion South Africa, Tonga, and Romania in what is likely the toughest group in the competition.

Laidlaw has expertise with World Cups because he participated in numerous international competitions during his 76 Test matches 2019 saw the former captain complete a stellar career by quitting all forms of rugby, including international play.

Scotland RWC team can achieve “something special”

Speaking shortly after his most recent retirement announcement, Laidlaw said he thinks the current Scotland RWC 2023 team can have a memorable season in France. Scotland may get a lot of confidence from the Six Nations performances they made at times.

Simply said, they will need to be consistent. Although it will be extremely difficult, I firmly believe the Scotland Rugby World Cup team can advance from the group. They require it both individually and collectively. Furthermore, they must perform exceptionally well in their two matches against South Africa and Ireland.

They have the players there, in my opinion. There is no reason they cannot break away from the gang and do something extraordinary, albeit they might require a little luck along the way. Rugby World Cup fans can buy Ireland Vs Scotland Tickets from our website.

The most Capped player in the Scottish Rugby World Cup team
The most capped player in the Scottish Rugby World Cup team


After the team’s promising Six Nations run earlier this year, Laidlaw is pleased with where Scotland is right now. The seasoned player thinks that the game goes through cycles, and Scotland is currently dominating one of them. He also praised Gregor Townsend for giving the team togetherness.

Townsend was anticipated to leave his role following the Rugby World Cup because Scotland’s RWC team was supposedly interested in Blues head coach Leon MacDonald. But as of November 1, the former All-Black will be a part of Scott Robertson’s New Zealand coaching staff, which may give the Scotland coach a chance to stay with the Test team.

According to Laidlaw, who amassed 714 points in 76 games for Scotland and believes that teams go through phases in sports, the team is currently in a great position. The squad pretty much chooses itself when everyone is healthy, and it helps so much. With Gregor as the team’s head coach, the group has a great sense of cohesion.

The opening match of Scotland’s Rugby World Cup campaign is against the reigning champions.

On September 10 in Marseille, the Springboks. The disappointing Scottish player Jonny Grey injury report for Gregor Townsend. Jonny Grey, a forward for Scotland, dislocated his kneecap and now has a real chance of missing the Rugby World Cup. Grey was hurt on Sunday when Exeter lost to La Rochelle, 47-28, in the Heineken Champions Cup semi-final.

According to Exeter RWC 2023 director Rob Baxter, it is not the worst it might be but it’s still rather significant. According to what I have been informed, he won’t be ready for the World Cup unless the surgery goes extraordinarily well and his rehabilitation happens incredibly quickly.

He has a torn patella tendon and a displaced kneecap. Fortunately, the entire knee’s other important ligaments are stable. A relatively complicated patella tendon injury will need surgery this week and a lengthy recovery period.

Given that the Premiership begins late next year and the World Cup comes first, we are confident that he will return early in the next campaign. Grey, a second rower, has 77 caps for Scotland and would be a significant loss for Gregor Townsend’s team if he were to miss the World Cup in France.

Richie will return from their latest injury
Richie will return from their latest injury

On September 10, Scotland will play the defending Rugby World Cup champions South Africa in Marseille. Ireland, Romania, and Tonga, winners of the Six Nations Grand Slam are all in Pool B.

Greig Laidlaw, a former captain of the Scotland RWC team, describes his new position since leaving rugby.

At the age of 37, former Scotland rugby union captain Greig Laidlaw announced his retirement from the game, after a remarkable career in which he captained his nation more frequently than any other player did.  Laidlaw explained why he chose to retire as follows:

Although it has been a remarkable journey, I believe the time is right for me to stop playing and begin the next phase. Even though Laidlaw ended his Test rugby career after the 2019 World Cup, he has stated his desire to continue working with the sport as a coach.

I intend to go into teaching and hope to pass along some of the wisdom and expertise I have gathered over the years to upcoming rugby players. Laidlaw also plans to stay in Japan with his family for a little longer. He might work with Gregor Townsend’s backroom team as the Scotland squad gets ready for the Rugby World Cup 2023, which begins in September, according to sources.

England gets a pool of death in the revised Rugby World Cup draw

The ridiculousness of the Pool Draw for the upcoming Rugby World Cup 2023, which was decided upon three years in advance and appears to be significantly biased, is brought to light by the newly announced World Rugby Rankings. In reaction to complaints, World Rugby has declared that future Rugby World Cup pool draws will take place earlier in the competition.

Scotland rugby ace Jonny Gray Starring in Argentina's win with brother Richie will live with me forever
Scotland rugby ace Jonny Gray Starring in Argentina’s win with brother Richie will live with me forever

Because it is believed that the existing practice of using team rankings at the time of the draw is unfair. The pool draw procedure will alter for the 2027 edition, according to a report by the Mirror. World Rugby claimed that the new “hosting model,” in which the international federation collaborates with other organizations, allows it to make the move.

There is probably no ideal moment for a draw, especially given the configuration of four pools of five teams. Therefore, using the most recent World Rugby rankings, the guys at Egg Chasers Rugby put together their draw for the 2023 competition.

It appears significant when only focusing on the top 10 nations in the world.

The fact that England was given a considerably tougher test in their pool made it extremely different. Watch the full video here.

POOL A actual draw.


New Zealand

POOL A up-to-date draw.



POOL B actual draw.




POOL B up-to-date draw.




POOL C actual draw.



POOL C up-to-date draw.


South Africa

POOL D actual draw.

New Zealand



POOL D up-to-date draw.

New Zealand


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