The RFEF has made a severe statement in response to a controversy that has grown within La Roja’s ranks. A spectacular series of incidents that occurred in Spain women Football squad has caused a number of players to declare themselves unavailable for selection. Women Football World Cup fans can buy Spain vs Zambia Tickets from our website.

The national squad is at a turning point going into the last international matches of the year after finishing World Cup 2023 qualifying with two victories earlier this month. A number of the team’s top players have been in the vanguard of an internal movement to bring about change.

And it has subsequently gained significant public attention, prompting a stern reaction from the Spanish football federation (RFEF). What is the situation exactly then? You can get all the information you require on GOAL.

Some incidents that occurred in Spain's women' football has caused players to declare themselves unavailable for selection
Spain’s women’s football players have declared themselves unavailable for selection

Why did Spain Women’s Football athletes revolt?

According to reports, the player uprising was caused by Jorge Vilda and his coaching staff. According to Cadena Ser, the players’ emails of resignation make reference to recent incidents inside the Spanish team that have “seriously” affected their “emotional state” and health.

Several members of the group have already stated their belief that the team needed a fresh start. After Spain was eliminated by eventual champion England in the quarterfinals of Euro 2022.

Vilda, who is supported by RFEF president Luis Rubiales. This is nonetheless adamant about leading the country to the 2023 World Cup. Vilda declared,

“I am more eager and stronger than ever. “I want to keep building a strong team,” said the player.

Spain women Football squad

Team leaders Irene Paredes, Jennifer Hermoso and Patri Guijarro afterwards stated that they had not called for Vilda’s resignation, but had just “expressed the views of the players”, adding that there had been “false leaks”.

We think they can affect some internal characteristics. Although we would have liked it to remain private, some untrue information has leaked. Sometimes, even when it’s unpleasant. Things need to be said in order for them to change “Paredes clarified.

Hermoso further said “We are supporting our group. Each of us is dependable in what she does, and together we convey a message of widespread suffering. But, nothing else is considered when the player steps onto the playing surface.”

Spain was eliminated by eventual champion England in the quarterfinals of Euro Cup 2022
Spain was eliminated by eventual champion England in the quarterfinals of the Euro Cup 2022

Who among the Spain Women’s Football players withdrew?

The 15 players, including injured Alexia Putellas. They have all tweeted a statement expressing their desire not to be selected for the national squad. Women Football World Cup fans can buy Japan vs Spain Tickets from our website.

It states: “In our email to the RFEF, we asked that we not be called until circumstances arose that would have an impact on our performance and, consequently, the outcome of the Selection to undesirable injuries are reversed.”

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The Spanish Football Association has said what?

The RFEF responded to the player mutiny with a statement, issued on Thursday evening, which condemned the idea of players pressing the organisation into making changes to the coaching team, alleging that the behaviour was “far from exemplary and outside the values of football and sport”.

The association promises that it “will only have committed footballers.” Implying that young players from the younger teams may be used in emergency situations, The RFEF has also made it plain That anyone who emailed the association on this occasion would only be given another chance at selection if they apologise.

You may read the entire RFEF statement here:

The Real Federacion Espanola de Futbol announces that it has received 15 emails from senior women’s football players today. All of these have the same exact wording and state that the current situation has “significantly” affected their “emotional state”. And their “health” and that, “as long as it is not reversed. They will resign from the Spanish national team.

Given that they lack the authority to make such decisions, the RFEF will not permit the players to raise concerns about the national coach’s and his coaching staff’s future. When implementing sports policies, the Federation will not acknowledge any kind of player pressure. These actions go against football’s core principles and are far from exemplary sports and are harmful.

“Agreeing to present Spanish law, deteriorating to show up for a national team call-up. This is deliberated a very serious offence that can result in a two- to the five-year postponement. Contrary to how these players act, the RFEF wants to be clear that it won’t push them to this point or put pressure on them.

Spain Women Football Players

The soccer players who do not wish to wear the Spain sweater will not be straight beckoned. Even if they have to play with younger players, the Federation will only have devoted football players ” The issue with this reality has changed from one of sportsmanship to one of dignity. The choice cannot be changed. In the male and female football antiquities of Spain and the world, this situation is extraordinary.

“The national team needs players who are dedicated to the cause, zealous in upholding our flag, and happy to don the Spain jersey. Only if they acknowledge their error and beg for a pardon can the players who have filed their resignations return to the national team’s rules in the future.”

Jorge Vilda spanish coach said that Spanish football is being harmed by this mess
Jorge Vilda Spanish coach said that Spanish football is being harmed by this mess

What has Jorge Vilda, the Spain coach, said?

After revealing his most recent squad, he said the following: “Nobody should experience what I am currently going through, in my opinion. It’s an unfair scenario that no one deserves, and it has greatly harmed me ” I consider it to be laughable on a worldwide scale. Spanish football is being harmed by this mess. It is embarrassing on a global scale.

“This list is my response. I don’t now see any other options. The players I must summon must be fully committed to being here. I never ever considered leaving my job. For everything we have made in the past and are today, it would be unfair.”

What comes next for the RFEF and Spain Women’s Football Team?

The Spain women’s national team appears to be travelling to the 2023 Women’s World Cup without several of its well-known stars. Since October, when 15 players said they were unavailable for selection, the national team has carried on with its operations without them.

When Alexia Putellas returns from her ACL injury, if she chooses to stand with those who aren’t currently on the team, the World Cup will be without the 2021 and 2022 Ballon d’Or winners.

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