The enormous second row from Toulouse, Emmanuel Meafou, might be qualified for the French RWC team in Rugby World Cup 2023. The 6′ 8″ 22nd-ranked Toulouse lock Emmanuel Meafou’s French eligibility could be advanced to the World Cup in 2024. Rugby World Cup 2023 fans can buy RWC 2023 Tickets from our website.

The French RWC team Federation (FFR) is putting together documentation to show the lock is eligible to play for Rugby World Cup. Currently, according to the global governing body’s change in eligibility rules on residency grounds, Meafou, who stands 6 feet 8 inches tall and weighs more than 22 stone, will not be permitted to represent Les Bleus until the 2024 Six Nations, keeping the lockout of rugby’s championship on home soil later this year.

France building for All Blacks RWC 2023
France building for All Blacks RWC 2023

The 24-year-old may, however, follow the lead of Folau Fakatava. Who was last year retrospectively permitted to play. For the All Blacks by World Rugby, work is being done behind the scenes at the FFR. Despite being eligible for the All Blacks since late 2020, the New Zealand scrumhalf never received a cap.

Eligibility requirements for the RWC

After the French RWC team amended its residence eligibility requirements from three to five years in 2022, he unexpectedly found himself out of a Test rugby match. The FFR is attempting to demonstrate that Meafou, who enrolled in Toulouse’s academy in December 2018, meets France’s immediate eligibility requirements for the same reasons.

Meafou, who would be competing alongside Thibaud Filament, Paul Willems, and Cameron Woke for a spot in France’s starting XV, said, “I would love the French RWC team. A lot of paperwork is being completed in the background, but as of right now. I am not qualified to represent France RWC 2023 at the Rugby World Cup.

 I will undoubtedly be eligible for the Six Nations in 2024, but not at this time. However, there is a tonne of paperwork being done with the rule change from three to five years, which is the same [as Fakatava], and we are working to pass that. We will check to see if that alters.

A possibility exists

Meafou, who was a key player in Toulouse’s Champions Cup triumph against the Sharks on Saturday, has sworn complete allegiance to his new country and, in doing so, has rejected the opportunity to play for Australia. Eddie Jones still made contact despite this.

The 24-year-old’s dominant performances caught the head coach of the Wallabies’ attention. Meafou, who was born in New Zealand, stated, “I had a fantastic chat with Eddie. He wanted to retrace his steps and find me. I informed him that because of my dedication to France, this was now my home.

I have almost been here five years, so whether I participate in the World Cup or not, I am devoted to France. All the best to Australia. I grew up there, so I’ll always consider it home, but for rugby and as a means to give back to my country, France, I’d like to represent them on a major scale.

Fabien Galthié, the head coach of the France Rugby World Cup. Simply wants me to keep doing what I am doing on the pitch and working hard off the ball. I am currently focusing on improving myself and doing well in Toulouse. That is where my attention is right now because I believe we can succeed in both the Top 14 and the European Cup.

Approved paperwork of Rugby World Cup players

There is still a lot of rugby to be played before the paperwork is approved, so I will not start thinking about the French RWC team.

Meafou’s rugby career thus far has been about as rags-to-riches as professional journey experiences go, with two of the world’s most powerful nations squabbling over his services. The lock started his rugby career in the league before transferring to the union at the age of 16. Rugby World Cup fans can buy France Rugby World Cup Tickets from our website.

-I was not very good, but when no professional contract materialized in Sydney, the NFL came knocking. Meafou was chosen to participate in a combine and train for three months in Florida in preparation for the draught. However, Toulouse and Meafou’s agent was aware of the lock’s skill with the oval ball and did not want the such enormous potential to go to waste.

France Rugby World Cup 2023 squad
France Rugby World Cup 2023 squad

Meafou offered about contract

Meafou was offered an academy contract, and even though he arrived in France 22 kg heavier than he is now. The lock may go down in history as the first player to lose weight in the France Rugby World Cup players. When I arrived, I weighed 162 kg, Meafou stated. “It’s a never-ending battle! The season had already ended when I was playing in Sydney, and I lacked a contract.

So I took a plane back home for another two months, during which time I did nothing but eat. We Islander boys know how quickly the pounds add up! When I stood on the scales when I got here, I shocked myself. 19 years old, 162 kg, yet it is difficult to lose weight in France Rugby World Cup 2023 team.

The dish is simple to swallow. Before moving to France, I had never consumed that much steak, though the foie gras is also excellent. I had never before tasted it. I was somewhat turned off when they explained what it was, but you just have to enjoy it for what it is. In Australia, my rugby career was not progressing. My representative enquired about my interest in visiting France.

Toulouse gave me an academy contract, but I still had a strong passion for rugby and no way to play professionally. I continued to feel that intensity, and I have not turned around since.

‘Orange cards’ to be taken into consideration for France in the Rugby World Cup 2023

Joel Judge, the head of match officials for World Rugby, has stated that the organization is thinking of using “orange cards” for the Rugby World Cup 2023 in France. The concept is comparable to the TMO Foul Play Process, which is currently being tested in Super Rugby Pacific and might be accelerated for France 2023.

I am not qualified to represent France at the Rugby World Cup.
I am not qualified to represent France at the Rugby World Cup.

Orange cards

The procedure might be used in the upcoming Rugby Championship as part of the experiment, and World Rugby might fully use it for the upcoming Rugby World Cup. It enables players to receive a red card for acts of misconduct. The referee does have the option of awarding a yellow. Which the TMO can then assess and upgrade to a red.

The goal of the project is to speed up play, decrease the number of on-field replays of incidents, and deal with difficult decisions like Freddie Steward’s ejection from England’s match against Ireland last month. During the March 18, Six Nations match in Dublin. Referee Jaco Peyper controversially dismissed the England full-back for a risky challenge on Hugo Keenan.

A disciplinary committee, however, later overturned the red card.

Super Rugby is testing this strategy, according to World Rugby’s Joel Judge, who spoke to Midi Olympique. In the event of a tie, the referee may issue a yellow card to allow play to begin as quickly as possible, and the TMO will have 10 minutes to determine whether the temporary expulsion should be converted to a permanent expulsion. We would hand out orange cards.

An illustration of the TMO Foul Play Process in action

The Reds’ matchup with the Brumbies served as a prime illustration of how the approach is put to use. In the ninth minute of the game. Reds lock Angus Blyth tackled Brumbies wing Corey Toole after he kicked the ball from inside his half. After a brief review, referee Ben O’Keeffe sent Blyth a yellow card for making contact with Toole’s head. However, within the allotted eight minutes, the TMO elevated it to a red card. The disciplinary tribunal punished Blyth for his behavior by suspending him for three weeks.

TMO Foul Play Procedure in Super Rugby Pacific

According to the current Super Rugby Pacific TMO Foul Play Process, every instance of foul play that involves risky behavior and is determined to be a Yellow Card level on the field will automatically be assessed by the TMO during the player’s 10-minute time off the field. To choose the appropriate penalty for an incident, the TMO will adhere to current legislation. And law application guidelines for that incident.

The possible sanctions are:

A player who receives a yellow card was allowed to come back at the end of the 10-minute session. Red card punishment involves the player being sent off but given the opportunity to be substituted after 20 minutes have passed since the event.

To give teams enough time to make any necessary modifications and for the player to be able to get ready. To re-enter the game in the event of a yellow card. TMO will notify the match officials of their decision. No later than eight minutes into the 10-minute review period.

good performances of France's player
good performances of France’s player

No foul play event that results in a yellow card but does not involve. Dangerous behavior (such as technical fouls or persistent team fouls) is subject to review. Any participant who is penalized with two yellow cards during a game.

A given a red card penalty, meaning they will be taken out of the game. But can be replaced once 20 minutes have passed since the second event that earned them a yellow card. is the best website to buy Rugby World Cup Tickets. RWC 2023 fans can buy RWC Tickets from our website.