Prior to their April fight, Jermaine Franklin accuses Anthony Joshua of making “excuses” for his defeat in 2019 against Andy Ruiz Jr and says AJ’s “mind games” won’t succeed. Anthony Joshua and Jermaine Franklin will face off at the O2 Arena on April 1. Anthony Joshua fans can buy Anthony Joshua Vs Jermaine Franklin Tickets from our website.

Franklin believes that Joshua is still using Andy Ruiz Jr.’s defeat in 2019 as an excuse. The American was defeated by Dillian Whyte in his most recent match in November 2022. Despite the fact that Anthony Joshua immediately accepted full responsibility for the defeat, Jermaine Franklin thinks the British fighter is still finding reasons to justify his 2019 loss to Andy Ruiz Jr.

Andy Ruiz Jr., who replaced Jarrell Miller when the latter failed a drug test prior to the bout at Madison Square Garden, handed Joshua his first professional loss. Nevertheless, Joshua later in the year claimed a lopsided victory in their rematch.

Andy Ruiz Jr. is in list of top 5 Jermaine Franklin's heavyweights
Andy Ruiz Jr. is in the list of top 5 Jermaine Franklin’s heavyweights

After suffering back-to-back losses to the Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk, Franklin is once again in a match that will define his career. Franklin, who was controversially defeated by Dillian Whyte in November. Vows to shock the world once more on April 1. Joshua brought up the remark again at the press conference, proving that it had struck a chord. ‘ Observing the opening match between Andy Ruiz and making no excuses,

Although I have never spoken about it, you could tell from the ring walk that something wasn’t right,’ he added.

Aj Vs Franklin

“If people want to survive off that, then they can do that, but watching those fights on TV is different than getting in the ring with me,” I said.

Franklin felt that Joshua was offering an explanation for the loss by bringing up the controversial ring walk in an exclusive interview with Sportsmail after the press conference. As fighters, we are fiercely competitive, and many opponents are reluctant to concede defeat, he remarked.

“Something is constantly wrong, or something is always happening.” They consistently lose for a reason. That, in my opinion, is a component of competition. Joshua Vs Franklin fans can buy Anthony Joshua Tickets from our website.

“I didn’t hear about anything before the loss, and I really don’t enjoy hearing about anything after,” the person said.

It sounded to me like something I see lots of people do every day. No offence intended, but justifications are justifications.

A loss against Ruiz Jr., though, is not something Franklin is afraid of. The 29-year-old listed him among Usyk, Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder, and Joshua in his top five heavyweights, ahead of fighters like Joe Joyce and Dillian Whyte.

Andy defeated Joshua in 2019
Andy defeated Joshua in 2019

Franklin also thinks that Ruiz Jr. still commands respect in the heavyweight division despite only competing twice after his rematch loss to Joshua and victories over Chris Arreola and Luis Ortiz.

I’ll just leave it at that: a lot of guys are afraid of Andy. Since he’s been around for a while, many people won’t challenge him. Of course, Franklin wants to compete for a spot in the top five heavyweights, and he can start that trip by defeating Joshua at the O2 Arena.

Joshua Vs franklin

At the press conference, Joshua argued he had additional objectives. Saying that his comeback bout was motivated by money. Franklin asserts that he won’t be fooled by what he sees as mind tricks and that he will take advantage of Joshua’s flaws in the ring.

He admitted, “I truly didn’t trust him when he said it.” He is already wealthy, therefore I don’t believe he is doing it only for financial gain. But you never know what is going on in someone else’s life. I simply consider it from my own perspective since I remain fervent about it.

I, therefore, do it for both enthusiasm and financial gain if he is only doing it for one reason. You are not allowed to trick me, I’m not very intrigued by it. Sincerely, I have no idea why he said it. Was it done to play on my mind? to imply that he isn’t paying attention? Or is there a conflict between him and Eddie [Hearn]?

Franklin thinks Joshua may have chosen the incorrect trainer in Derrick James, the new trainer. The previously settled Joshua, who was taught by Robert McCracken for his first 26 professional fights. This is once again in a new environment after moving from Loughborough to Texas and parting ways with Robert Garcia, whom he only named as his new coach last year. Jermaine Franklin fans can buy Joshua Vs Franklin Tickets from our website.

Franklin remarked, “From what I know about Derrick James, his people are usually bullies. I’m genuinely attempting to understand how that would benefit AJ. Given his size, he won’t be inside trying to find the body.

Aj vs Jermaine

The only way I can see that helping AJ is by making him more assertive. Errol Spence and [Jermell] Charlo are pretty simple, but I’m not sure what Derrick is capable of as a coach.

Jermaine Franklin is astonished at Anthony Joshua's Decision To Hire Derrick James
Jermaine Franklin is astonished at Anthony Joshua’s Decision To Hire Derrick James

They deliver it to you and frequently abuse your body, although they are shorter men. When you are 6 feet 6 inches tall, you will need to reach down to the body. That leaves you open to attack.

Anthony Joshua’s Decision To Hire Derrick James Is In Question, Says Jermaine Franklin

Prior to their bout on April 1, Jermaine Franklin questioned Anthony Joshua’s choice to hire Derrick James, his third coach in as many fights. Franklin was chosen to face Joshua at the o2 Arena in the Londoner’s comeback fight, after losing on points to Dillian Whyte in November.

Since Oleksandr Usyk defeated AJ twice to retain his WBA, WBO, and IBF heavyweight titles in Saudi Arabia, AJ has not competed in boxing in August. Joshua lost to the Ukrainian at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium 11 months prior to that fight, and he had different coaches on his side in each one.

After Rob McCracken left the training facility first. It was revealed that Robert Garcia would also be leaving the club following that one match in Saudi Arabia. Since January, Joshua has been working with James, who is regarded as the top trainer in the business. And is well-known for his work with champions like Errol Spence and Jermell Charlo.

However, 21-1 Franklin is uncertain whether either of them will be a good fit. I’m not sure how I feel about the Derrick James situation, he admitted.

“I don’t understand what more Derrick James can contribute to his game because you’re already somewhat aggressive and he coaches guys that are aggressive. You’re 6 feet 6 inches tall, thus it will be more difficult for you to get down and access the body that way because most of his people are body hunters.

Franklin also advised Joshua to take responsibility rather than find a new trainer. Since he was 12 years old, the self-described “989 Assassin” has trained under head coach Jesse Addison.

Anthony Joshua Coach

Every time you lose, it might not be your trainer’s fault; instead, it might be you, he continued.

“The trainer is not to fault. He has had three different trainers over his three contests. When do you begin to blame yourself instead of the trainer? All trainers can’t be at fault. You can’t be losing because of all your trainers. He might simply be looking for the trainer with whom he feels most at ease.

But whether you win, lose, or tie, I think you and your trainer should have a really strong relationship. These people don’t get compensated when you first start working with them. They’ve been around you for a while. They are well familiar with you. Your relationship might get a little unstable, but how you fix it and make it work is all up to you.

You should be able to speak with your coach and let him know if you don’t like what he’s doing:  I require that you accomplish this and that. It’s okay if you can’t come to an agreement because this is business. Although getting a new coach is OK, I would try to correct the situation first.

Joshua, however, felt the need to mix things up once more as he moves into the next stage of his career, which begins here. This is his first fight since 2015 when he faced Dillian Whyte for the British title. Franklin is informed that Joshua may have a chance to pull off a major upset. While playing away from home if his trainer changes once more.

“I feel like it’s a tremendous chance for me, not because he changed trainers, but because of the other crap we’ve witnessed,” he responds.

Fans are waiting to watch Fury vs Usyk
Fans are waiting to watch Fury vs Usyk

Joshua vs Usyk

The Usyk fight surprised me a little bit, just like footwork. As a fighter, AJ was a different person. I’ve been observing and researching that. I don’t think people see his footwork because he’s such a bully and a dominant figure that they don’t notice some of the errors he makes with his feet.

However, I am faster and have superior defence than the majority of the guys. Right now, we’re just attempting to take advantage of ways to move out of the path and set up specific things based on his aggression.  I’m used to thinking of AJ as a roaring bull. He is dominant despite not being unduly pushy.

But it was strange to see this little guy taking potshots when I was watching the Usyk battles. He is simply touching you and backing away; he is not attempting to knock you out. All of the frustration is obvious. In my perspective, we have ways to attack him regardless of how he fights. For everything, we labour. is the best website to buy all Aj vs Franklin Tickets. Jermaine Franklin fans can buy Aj Vs Franklin Tickets from our website.