Australia, now at 0-5 in 2023, found themselves out of serious contention against one of the Rugby World Cup 2023 favourites. The team was brilliantly led by star halfback Antoine Dupont. Suliasi Vunivalu notched his first Test try, showcasing his active performance as one of the few bright spots for the young Wallabies. Carter Gordon’s errant goal-kicking and an ineffective maul. Coupled with a leaky defence and shaky lineout, raised concerns.

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RWC 2023 Tickets | Wales Vs Australia Rugby World Cup tickets
RWC 2023 Tickets | Wales Vs Australia Rugby World Cup tickets

Ranked eighth globally and expected to lead a weak Pool C. The Wallabies launch their campaign against world No.11 Georgia on September 10 (AEST). Wallabies vice-captain Tate McDermott shared. The solutions are going to emerge from within the group. Coach Jones is doing his utmost for us. But on the field, we’re falling short of our potential,’ speaking to Stan Sport’s Justin Harrison.

Mat Rogers, is a respected figure in both rugby and league for Australia. Expressed his confidence in Eddie Jones’ selection of wingers for the upcoming Rugby World Cup in France. Rogers acknowledged that Jones now possesses three world-class wingers. A positive sign for the Wallabies’ campaign. Suliasi Vunivalu’s breakout performance against France was a particularly encouraging development for Rogers.

Despite a sin-binning during the match, Vunivalu showcased his prowess by scoring his first Test try. His active and confident display stood out amidst the team’s 41-17 defeat. Vunivalu’s journey from NRL success to transitioning into the 15-man code has not been without challenges. His selection for the RWC 2023 initially raised eyebrows.

Eddie Jones’ Strategic Gamble Pays Off for the Wallabies Ahead of Rugby World Cup 2023

His performance against Les Bleus demonstrated his ability to adapt and make a meaningful impact on the international stage. Rogers’ assessment reinforces the notion that Eddie Jones has a wealth of talent at his disposal, specifically in the wing positions. This bodes well for the Wallabies as they prepare to compete in the RWC 2023. Where strong wingers can make a significant difference in the team’s overall performance.

Jones’ persistence with the “cattle prod” project. He fondly refers to it. Paid off as Vunivalu showcased his abilities in his third Test match. Amassing an impressive 97 meters from 13 carries on the field. Drawing a parallel to the 2003 World Cup, Jones assembled an all-code-hopping back three featuring Mat Rogers, Lote Tuqiri, and Wendell Sailor. The coach’s decision to maintain faith in Vunivalu is reminiscent of his successful approach in the past.

Rogers, reflecting on Vunivalu’s performance, praised the winger’s early involvement in the game, which boosted his confidence and set the tone for a standout display. Rogers, speaking on Stan Sport, lauded Vunivalu’s performance and his impact on the match. He highlighted Vunivalu’s athleticism and finishing ability, underlining his knack for seizing opportunities and capitalizing on open spaces. For More Australia Rugby World Cup Tickets.

The winger’s late consolation tries were earned by outfoxing Melvyn Jaminet to catch Issak Fines-Leleiwasa’s high kick. This further illustrated his capabilities as a dynamic and resourceful player. Jones’ strategic gamble in nurturing Vunivalu as part of the Wallabies squad paid dividends in the match against France. The promising performance suggests that Vunivalu could be a key asset for Australia’s World Cup campaign.

RWC 2023 Tickets | Wales Vs Australia Rugby World Cup tickets
RWC 2023 Tickets | Wales Vs Australia Rugby World Cup tickets

Emergence of World-Class Talent Creates Selection Challenge Ahead of RWC 2023

Indeed, Mat Rogers acknowledged the pleasant dilemma that Wallabies coach Eddie Jones now faces due to the emergence of three world-class wingers in the squad. Mark Nawaqanitawase, Suliasi Vunivalu, and Marika Koroibete. Rogers highlighted the strong performances of each of these wingers. Emphasizing that their presence creates a positive selection headache for Jones.

Rogers pointed out the quality of the options available to Jones. Praising Nawaqanitawase’s contribution, including his opening try against France and his effectiveness when given opportunities. While Koroibete was rested for the France match, he is expected to be a key figure in the RWC opener against Georgia. Vunivalu’s versatility adds to the depth of the team, potentially making him a valuable bench option.

 Jones is now presented with the challenge of selecting his top 23 players for the Rugby World Cup, and the strong performances of these wingers. Including Vunivalu, are providing him with ample food for thought. Jones himself expressed his optimism about the team’s improving players. Particularly highlighting Vunivalu’s transition from Super Rugby to Test level.

The coach praised Vunivalu’s try-scoring ability and his readiness to compete at the highest level, suggesting that the winger’s performance has solidified his credentials for international rugby. Despite the disappointingly one-sided loss against France, Eddie Jones is heading into the Rugby World Cup with an undefeated record. Which could be a cause for concern among Australian fans.

 The Wallabies’ recent performances, including the 0-5 start in 2023. Have been less than ideal, raising questions about their competitiveness and ability to make an impact in the tournament. The match against France highlighted the gap between the two teams, with the hosts showcasing their strength and dominance. To read more about Ireland Reveals Rugby World Cup Squad Excluding ‘Devastated’ Cian Healy.

RWC 2023 Tickets | Wales Vs Australia Rugby World Cup tickets
RWC 2023 Tickets | Wales Vs Australia Rugby World Cup tickets

Jones Faces Pressure Amid Wallabies’ Struggles

led by the exceptional performance of their star halfback, Antoine Dupont. Jones, known for his strong World Cup record, is facing increasing pressure from fans. Who is growing impatient with the team’s struggles? While Jones acknowledged the importance of the scoreboard. He also emphasized that the team has a larger goal in mind. Despite the defeat, he pointed out that there were positive aspects in Australia’s performance that can be built upon.

 Fiji’s unexpected victory over England added to the competitive landscape in Pool C. The Wallabies are now on notice and will need to regroup and focus on their upcoming matches in the RWC 2023 to achieve their objectives.

“We’re not a bad team, we’re not a good team yet and we’re going through the process of becoming a good team. So, we’ve just got to keep believing.”

Eddie Jones acknowledged that the Wallabies are undergoing a period of transition with a new leadership team and a shift in playing style. While the recent results have not been up to par, he emphasized that the team’s focus remains on the larger goal of the Rugby World Cup.

Jones admitted that the current outcomes haven’t met expectations. But he highlighted the team’s longer-term plan and commitment to performing well on the world stage. Despite the challenges and setbacks, Jones expressed confidence in the team’s direction and objectives as they work towards the World Cup.

“There are times when we’re walking. You can’t afford to walk, particularly in the big games coming up. We’ve got two weeks to find an answer for Georgia because they’re a bloody good side. So, we’ve got to make sure we front there and it’s going to start Tuesday when we hit the training paddock.”

RWC 2023 Tickets | Wales Vs Australia Rugby World Cup tickets
RWC 2023 Tickets | Wales Vs Australia Rugby World Cup tickets
France Emerges as Front Runners After Impressive Victory

Tim Horan, a revered figure in Australian rugby, has labelled France. The frontrunners for the upcoming Rugby World Cup after witnessing their impressive performance that included scoring four tries in front of an enthusiastic crowd. The defeat the Wallabies suffered against Les Bleus was their most significant since 2012 and occurred at the same Stade de France venue.

Where they narrowly lost 30-29 under the leadership of former coach Dave Rennie the previous year. Damian Penaud, a standout winger, proved to be a thorn in Australia’s side once again, securing two tries, one of which involved a spectacular chip and chase that ignited the crowd. With a halftime lead of 16-5, France continued to dominate with the impact of their formidable bench players in the second half.

“The board doesn’t reflect it but we put them under a lot of stress Wallabies try scorer Fraser McReight claimed. We just let ourselves down in particular areas. It’s going to be a hard road. We’re going to take the lesson and come ready for Georgia.”

The defeat against France has underscored the challenges and areas of improvement that the Wallabies need to address before the World Cup. They are aware of the missed opportunities and execution errors that prevented them from making a more competitive showing on the scoreboard. Despite the disappointment. The team is determined to learn from their mistakes and regroup for their upcoming match against Georgia. For more about Wales Rugby World Cup Tickets.

Wallabies Seek Improvement, France Gains Confidence for World Cup Opener

The Wallabies recognize the importance of refining their game plan and addressing their weaknesses to perform better in the World Cup. France, on the other hand, is riding high on their victory over Australia and will enter their World Cup opener against the All Blacks with a sense of confidence. The win has showcased their abilities and potential as a tournament favourite.

 The upcoming clash against New Zealand holds immense significance for France. As it will not only set the tone for their World Cup campaign but also provide an opportunity to measure themselves against a formidable opponent.  The Wallabies’ disappointment was palpable as they reflected on the missed opportunities and areas of improvement they needed to address. Despite the scoreline, they recognized that they had moments.

They put France under pressure and were let down by execution in crucial moments. Looking ahead to their next match against Georgia. The team is focused on taking the lessons from this defeat and channelling their efforts into a more cohesive and effective performance. On the flip side, France’s victory has given them a boost in confidence.  They head into a highly anticipated clash against the All Blacks, a match that holds immense significance in setting the tone for their World Cup campaign.

“Now it’s time for the match, we need to increase on every level. We have work to do.”

France coach Fabien Galthie said

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