In the latest clash of the Six Nations 2024, Wales U20 faced off against France U20, igniting an electrifying display of rugby prowess. Here’s the latest update on the match.

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France Have the Final Word – Wales 19 – 43 France (79 mins)

Despite the dwindling minutes, France remains relentless. Seizing the ball from a Wales ruck, they swiftly maneuver towards victory, with Mael Moustin’s try in the corner sealing their dominance.

France Down to 13 for Final 6 Mins (74 min)

Lock Brent Lufau’s yellow card for a high tackle around Louie Hennessey’s neck leaves France short-handed, adding a twist to the final moments of the game.

3rd Try for Wales – Wales 19 – 38 France (71 min)

Wales refuses to bow out quietly, as Harri Houston’s precision pass finds its mark, culminating in a try that keeps the hope for a bonus point alive.

Final Passes Not Going to Hand (67 min)

Despite valiant efforts, Welsh momentum stumbles as crucial passes find the ground, leading to missed opportunities. Ryan Woodman’s squad faces adversity with the loss of Morgan Morse to injury.

France Scores Again – Wales 14 – 38 France (58 min)

Leo Carbonneau’s near miss is quickly overshadowed as loosehead prop Lino Julien powers through for a try, extending France’s lead with Mondinat adding to his impressive tally.

Great Reply from Wales – Wales 14 – 31 France (48 min)

A resurgence from Wales sees Archie Hughes initiating a charge deep into French territory. With seamless teamwork and a dazzling offload by Cam Winnett, Tom Florence breaches the French defense, keeping Wales in contention.

Bonus Point Try for the French – Wales 7 – 31 France (42 min)

France wastes no time asserting dominance in the second half, securing a bonus point through skipper Depoortere’s try. Mondinat’s conversion adds to France’s commanding lead.

Half Time – Wales 7 – 24 France

Stay tuned for more thrilling updates as the Six Nations 2024 continues to unfold, with anticipation mounting for the upcoming clash between Wales and France.

Wales Vs France six nation: Wales vs France – France Dominates with 24-7 Victory, Latest Updates

In a thrilling showdown at the Six Nations 2024, Wales faced off against France in a highly anticipated clash. Here’s the latest update on the match:

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Wales Find Hope with Seb Driscoll’s Try

As the clock ticked towards halftime, Dan Edwards’ precise kick set up a crucial line-out for Wales. A flawless execution saw Seb Driscoll bulldoze over the try line, providing Wales with a much-needed morale boost. Edwards sealed the deal with a successful conversion, bringing the score to Wales 7 – 24 France at the 40-minute mark.

Wales Show Improvement: Wales Vs France

Before Halftime Prior to the break, Wales demonstrated improved coordination between their forwards and backs, pushing into France’s territory and earning a penalty. The momentum was in Wales’ favor as they opted for a line-out, showing promising signs for the remainder of the match.

France’s Dominance Continues: Wales Vs France

Despite Wales’ efforts, France maintained their dominance on the field. In the 21st minute, scrum half Leo Carbonneau darted past the Welsh defense to notch another try for France, further extending their lead to Wales 0 – France 24. Clement Mondinat’s reliable boot secured the conversion, adding to Wales’ woes.

France Assert Authority with Second Try

France continued their relentless assault, with Mondinat securing both the try and conversion in the 19th minute. Posolo Tuilagi’s powerful charge paved the way for France’s second try, reaffirming their control over the match.

Yellow Card Turns Red for France

France faced a setback as hooker Barnabe Massa received a yellow card in the 14th minute, reducing them to 14 men temporarily. However, the yellow card was later upgraded to red, following a contentious incident involving a ruck.

Wales Vs France: Early French Lead

France wasted no time in asserting their dominance, securing 10 points within the first nine minutes of the match. A penalty by Mondinat followed by a swift interception by Captain Nicholas Depoortere resulted in an early lead for France, leaving Wales trailing behind.

French Line-up and Strategic Changes

France showcased a formidable lineup featuring key players such as Captain Nicolas Depoortere and scrum half Leo Carbonneau. Meanwhile, Wales made strategic changes to their roster, with five alterations from their previous match against Japan, aiming to counter France’s prowess.

Wales’ Quest for Top Four

Despite the defeat, Wales remains in contention for a top-four finish in Pool A at the World Rugby U20 Championships, setting their sights on challenging for the championship title in South Africa. Coach Mark Jones made strategic changes to the lineup, injecting fresh talent to bolster Wales’ chances in the tournament.

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Exciting Wales Vs France Six Nations 2024 Match Preview: Wales U20 vs France U20

In an eagerly anticipated showdown, the Wales U20 team is gearing up to clash with their French counterparts in the upcoming Six Nations 2024 tournament. Scheduled for Tuesday, July 4th, the match will take place at Athlone Stadium, with kickoff set for 3:30 pm (UK time). Fans can catch all the action live on S4C.

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Both teams are fielding strong lineups, with Wales U20 showcasing their formidable talent:

Starting XV:

  • 15 Cameron Winnett (Cardiff Rugby)
  • 14 Tom Florence (Ospreys)
  • 13 Louie Hennessey (Bath Rugby)
  • 12 Bryn Bradley (Harlequins)
  • 11 Harri Houston (Ospreys)
  • 10 Dan Edwards (Ospreys)
  • 9 Archie Hughes (Scarlets)
  • 1 Dylan Kelleher-Griffiths (Dragons RFC)
  • 2 Sam Scarfe (Dragons RFC)
  • 3 Kian Hire (Ospreys)
  • 4 Liam Edwards (Ospreys)
  • 5 Jonny Green (Harlequins)
  • 6 Ryan Woodman (Dragons RFC – Capt)
  • 7 Seb Driscoll (Harlequins)
  • 8 Morgan Morse (Ospreys)


  • 16 Lewis Lloyd (Ospreys)
  • 17 Josh Morse (Scarlets)
  • 18 Louis Fletcher (Ospreys)
  • 19 Mackenzie Martin (Cardiff Rugby)
  • 20 Gwilym Evans (Cardiff Rugby)
  • 21 Joe Westwood (Dragons RFC)
  • 22 Harri Wiilde (Cardiff Rugby)
  • 23 Harri Williams (Ampthill)

This matchup promises to be a thrilling encounter, as both teams vie for dominance in the Six Nations 2024 tournament. With Wales and France renowned for their rugby prowess, fans can expect a fiercely contested battle on the field.

France Dominates Wales U20s: Six Nations 2024 Preview

In a commanding display, France’s U20 rugby team asserted their dominance over Wales in a clash that showcased their physical prowess and tactical finesse. The encounter, which ended in a resounding 43-19 victory for France, saw Mark Jones’ Welsh side struggle to contain the defending champions.

France’s Physicality Prevails

Despite Wales’ valiant efforts, France’s relentless physicality proved too much to handle. The French team, reigning champions, demonstrated their superiority from the outset, leaving Wales struggling to match their intensity on the field.

Wales vs France U20s: World Rugby U20 Championship

The recent encounter between Wales and France in the World Rugby U20 Championship highlighted the gulf in class between the two sides. France’s commanding performance underscored their status as favorites in the upcoming Six Nations 2024 tournament.

Wales’ Challenges against France

While Wales showed glimpses of promise, particularly in their offensive play, they were unable to disrupt France’s momentum. Despite creating several scoring opportunities, Wales failed to capitalize, ultimately falling short against their formidable opponents.

France’s Tactical Brilliance

France’s victory was not merely a result of their physical dominance but also showcased their tactical acumen. From precise kicks to seamless offloads, the French team executed their game plan with precision, leaving Wales struggling to contain their attacking flair.

Looking Ahead to Six Nations 2024

As the Six Nations 2024 approaches, all eyes will be on the rematch between Wales and France. With both teams eager to assert their dominance in the tournament, fans can expect an intense battle on the rugby field.

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Wales vs France U20s: Dramatic Showdown in Six Nations 2024

In a thrilling encounter between Wales and France U20s during the Six Nations 2024, spectators witnessed a rollercoaster of momentum shifts and remarkable displays of skill on both sides. Despite Wales’ persistent efforts, France emerged victorious in a fiercely contested match.

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Wales’ Persistence Pays Off

Wales exhibited unwavering determination throughout the match, with their resilience rewarded just before halftime. Despite encountering initial challenges with their lineout, they managed to find their rhythm, allowing Seb Driscoll to secure a crucial try at the base of a rolling maul, signaling a positive end to the first half.

France’s Swift Response

However, any momentum Wales gained was quickly countered by France at the start of the second half. Within a mere 90 seconds, Nicolas Depoortere capitalized on a precise grubber kick, securing his second try of the match and putting France back in the driver’s seat.

Wales Strikes Back

Yet, Wales refused to back down, orchestrating a well-executed counterattack to narrow the gap. Following Archie Hughes’ impressive break from a scrum, Tom Florence demonstrated exceptional finishing skills, evading French defenders to touch down, and reigniting Wales’ hopes.

France’s Dominance

Despite Wales’ resurgence, France maintained their dominance, with prop Lino Julien extending their lead with a powerful try at the hour mark, showcasing their formidable prowess in the forwards.

Late Drama and Final Moments: Wales Vs France

As the match approached its conclusion, Wales showcased their fighting spirit once more, as Harri Houston breached France’s defense after a driving lineout, keeping the contest alive. However, France had the last word, as Mael Moustin sealed their victory with a late try despite finishing the game with 13 men following Brent Liufau’s yellow card.

Lineup Highlights

Wales U20s:

  • Standout performances from players like Cameron Winnett and Tom Florence bolstered Wales’ attack.
  • Seb Driscoll’s pivotal try underscored Wales’ resilience in the face of adversity.

France U20s:

  • Nicolas Depoortere’s brace and Lino Julien’s commanding presence highlighted France’s offensive capabilities.
  • Despite facing Wales’ relentless pressure, France’s defense held firm, securing a crucial win.

In a captivating clash between Wales vs France U20s in the Six Nations 2024. Both teams showcased exceptional talent and determination. While Wales displayed commendable perseverance. It was France who ultimately emerged triumphant, underlining their status as a force to be reckoned with in international rugby.

England vs Wales Six Nations 2024: Thrilling Encounter Decided by Key Moments

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